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Mostly the days he was in some kind of conflict His mercy and human relationships including family relationships are covered in this book What makes him the leader of the last religion as a person beyond the mosue Read this boo. Dents and sayings the Prophet's life decontextualize them and

"abuse them to "
them to their perverted ideologies The extensive evidence in this book will not life decontextualize them and abuse them to serve their perverted ideologies The extensive evidence presented in this book will not dispel many myths about the life and message of the Noble Prophet but also show how through compassionate efforts he conuered the hearts of people around him and turned them from die hard enemies to devoted faithful friend.

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The Messenger: Prophet Muhammad and His Life of CompassionGreat read Even my 5th Enjoyed It Want To Say This Book Is enjoyed it I want to say this book is and I did not read like it beforeI think The book serves life of prophet Muhammed perfectly thank youresit haylamazwe need your books a lot please go. This book narrates the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Shedding be upon him shedding upon segments of his life that are either neglected or glossed over in conflict focused biographies The narrations in this book revolve around the Prophet's various strategies of diplomacy and reconciliation to avoid conflicts In narrating these events the book helps the readers broaden their perspective on the li. On This book is a True Depiction Of Prophet Muhammad depiction of Prophet Muhammad the religion of Al Islam and the Prophets magnificent character This book approaches his life from a whole different perspective We only know a few days of his life and. Fe of the Messenger of God and better capture the ethos of his life Indeed both Muslims and non "Muslims may benefit from this understanding at a time when violent "may benefit from this understanding at a time when violent groups such as ISIS are causing carnage with their brutality while dressing their totalitarian ideologies in Muslim Garb The Book Exposes The book exposes hypocritical and willful deception of these radical groups which cherry pick inci.