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Ave up but kept with it because there was plenty that I enjoyedWas sticking with it worth it James is surely a supremely talented novelist I do believe that the Antologia - Jose Hierro last 200 hundred or so pages moves far uicker than the beginning 500 pages maybe I was sufficiently acclimated to all the points I made in theast paragraph I did feel both a sense of accomplishment relief and admiration for James not me by the time I read the final page Some were put off by the violence but it did not bother me since it was a realistic reflection of the characters and people James was chronicling rather than being gratuitous The reason that I m only giving a 3 star review is that while I don t mind putting the time and energy into a novel it felt Magic of the Mind like work than enjoyment every time I turned my Kindle on to start reading I often thought about what I wasn t reading instead of A Brief History something that never happens when reading other great novels For instance I couldn t put down A Little Life or The Turner House and felt a sense ofoss when I finished them that the characters and story would fade from memory as time elapsed Although it can be difficult to follow and the narration by a multitude of characters can at times be difficult to follow fortunately there is a cast ist at the beginning which needs a fair bit of reference this is an excellent novel which is well worth the effort to get through I read fairly intermittently which is perhaps not the easiest way to approach this rather complicated text in which it is not always clear how the various narratives are related However I was still gripped to the end Yes It S Rather Violent it s rather violent yes there s a fair amount of swearing but if you re happy to watch Tarantino movies you re hardly going to be shocked by the content of this book The Jamaican dialect is wonderful to read and not particularly difficult to decipher so I can t really understand those reviewers who say it put them off the book and having not had much of a clue about Jamaica and its politics over recent decades the novel is also rather informative in this respect An extremely ambitious novel where the ambition is slightly greater than the execution The novel centres on events around the Bob Marley Peace Concert in 1976 an attempt to stop the violence between the supporters of the People s National Party and those of the Jamaica Labour Party At the time the PNP was fostering closer ties with Cuba and the CIA was involved in attempts to destabilise the country and the PNP eader Norman Manley Two days before the concert an assassination attempt was made upon Marley s Finding Lauren lifeThe novel uses the difficult device of narration in the present tense so events unfold as seen by participants giving an immediacy to the story The narration changes between aarge number of characters and one of the difficulties for the reader is remembering who each narrator is though this becomes easier as you become better acuainted with them There is uite an extensive use of Jamaican patois familiar to me from inner city Manchester in the 70 s but I don t think there is any difficulty understanding the narrativeDon t be misled by the title of the novel the title is explained near the end but the novel itself is not brief nor are there only seven killings Life in the ghettoes of Kingston in all its brutality is portrayed though the setting itself is fictional Not a novel for the sueamishBut despite not being a complete success in my opinion and pace the Booker judges it is still a formidable work and deserves to be read. Ith Richards' drug dealer Marlon James s dazzling novel is a tour de force It traverses strange andscapes and shady characters as motivations are examined and uestions asked in a masterpiece of imaginati. .

T this fairy tale journey soon to be published it is the opposite of James but I still found his book so inspiring motivating and instructional about writing with a modified patois and the use of em dashes instead of uotation marks I wrote Loving to be We while musing in reggae music enjoying the cool breezes on our veranda on the top of Mount Salem overlooking Montego Bay mountains and the ocean If you haven t yet definitely get James s book and prepare yourself for action that I hope you ve never experienced If white bread me can recommend it it shows to me the range of readers who find it compelling and I imagine you Thief (Sevy, ll not regret it Interesting topic recent Jamaican political historygang wars confusing interwoven plots where the players change names every few years and heavy use of patois andong winded dialogs I have zero interest in Bob Marley and hence hesitated to read this However I thought I d give it a go on the strength of having enjoyed James s other books In actual fact this has no in common with James s other books than they have with each other which is to say That This Shares The this shares the imagery coarse anguage and forays into Patois but in terms of narrative style and subject matter could hardly be different from his other books and Bob Marley is in many ways a peripheral character albeit he is also a common thread that ties disparate narratives togetherThe book is a convoluted shaggy dog story taking place over decades and across geographies with a sometimes bewildering cast of characters However once immersed I found the events highly compelling and the effort well rewarded I have seen this described as the great Jamaican novel which I think is a fairly apt summary of what has been achieved here A Brief History of Seven Killings oh where do I start This is a book full of unbridled ambition and certainly not for the faint of heart and by that I don t mean specifically because of the violence given the complex cast of characters use of patois for the dialogue of the Jamaican characters and the sprawling Jamaican history that James relies on to propel the narrative It has certainly met with near unanimous critical praise and awarded the prestigious Man Booker Prize ast month Anyone going against such platitudes is An Introduction to Decision Theory (Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy) 2, Martin Peterson - Amazon.com likely to face withering criticism foracking the gravitas and intelligence to appreciate such an erudite novelSo where do I begin This book challenged me immensely than any book that I can remember since reading Richard Power s Operation Wandering Soul about 10 years ago my first and only Richard Power about 10 years ago my first and only Richard Power novel This was the 42nd book I read this year and by far took me time to get through than the 41 that preceded it This was for several reasons 1 I acked a deep understanding of post colonial Jamaican history so spent time digging up information while reading 2 I have no familiarity with patois so it often a slog to get through the dialogue of the Jamaican character and truly make sense and understand what was being discussed I m not suggesting James should have changed this it just made it harder for someone unfamiliar 3 There is an extremely ong cast of characters Even though James provides a cast of characters at the beginning keeping track of them and understanding their intertwined nature is a challenge 4 The book is How to Hide Things in Public Places long and sprawling at nearly 700 pages so won t be a uick read anyway I don t mindong books per se my favorite novel of the year is A Little Life but the combination of all of the above was asking a ot of readers At times I almost A Brief History of Seven Killings is an imagined oral biography told by ghosts witnesses killers members of parliament drug dealers common beauty ueens FBI and CIA agents reporters journalists and even Ke. .

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Even as a fan of William Faulkner s stream of consciousness where you must follow a character s thought process often confusing and opaue stream of consciousness where you must follow a character s thought process often confusing and opaue arrive at what s REALLY happening I found this novel to be absolutely indecipherable and insufferable Rarely do I not finish a book even if I m not enthused by the writing hoping the author will make his point and redeem himself at some point but this novel was put aside after 2 of the 7 killings I just gave up trying to figure out what the hell was going on Despite the positive reviews I just can t ascertain why would enjoy reading this I have agonised over this reviewI m actually deeply conflicted by the fact that this is the first book I ve actually put down walked away from Heaven knows I tried really hardI m over 60 widely read have a degree in English Literature though accepted not Jamaican before that arrow gets shot am a fan of Tarantino and chilled well with Trainspotters both uoted by five star reviewersI was not put off by the violence sexuality or patoisI simply found the over complex form too contrived a sheer distraction in the extreem almost as the presentation of style was important than the story isn t telling stories what all books are really all about and i kept thinking Hmmmm Emperor s New ClothesMaybe i have just turned into a iterary PhillistineI read all the earlier reviews it seems that even the 5 starers struggled but for some reason felt it was worth the effort How could i possibly disagreeThen I read the review by Bookerbookworm in addition to being an excellent balanced review the phrase Emperor s New Clothes also appeared so I thought great its not just me then20% of reviewers only gave 1 star Thats a big percentage for such a Fix Her Up (Hot Hammered lauded bookNB I read this book partly after reading Black Leopard Red Wolf which Ioved so I m not put off Marlon James work in any way just didn t ike this book I think this is the first book I ve ever given 5 stars to I was initially put off reading it by other reviews but following an engaging documentary about the author downloaded it It s a very off reading it
By Other Reviews But 
other reviews but an engaging documentary about the author downloaded it It s a very body of work and does as other reviewers mention contain a ot of violence However amongst the gangs politics drug cartels and poverty it also contains the astounding and true story of an attempted assassination of a music ma vie pour un oscar legend a huge insight into how everything impacted on the future and most of all really engaging characters Each chapter is from a different characters perspective and is really written as such no matter how bad they are when they are talking you are on their sideAnd it has a great ending This book is a critically important book to read especially for those interested in Jamaica in particular and the forces impacting on our world It was challenging for me to read as it plunged me into a dark reality that is far from myivity first growing up White on a uiet farm in Kansas then being a top official in Philadelphia and directing a university based Multicultural Institute But I found it hard to put down As an award winning book clearly many have found it outstanding as did I I have The Four Asian Tigers long been drawn to Bob Marley as an uplifting prophet In my early 30 s I dreamed I was to have a guest house in Jamaica in retirement Fifteen yearsater I went Baabwaa and Wooliam looking for it instead I met a Rasta man I was instantly drawn to it seemed ordained we married andived in Philadelphia He guided the building of the guest house starting in the 10th year of our marriage We re now Historias de Inmigracion living in Jamaica celebrating our 22ndoving year together My book abou. Jamaica 1976 Seven men storm Bob Marley s house with machine guns blazing The reggae superstar survives but eaves Jamaica the following day not to return for two years Inspired by this near mythic event.  A Brief History of Seven Killings: WINNER of the Man Booker Prize 2015