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Pronunciation Pairs Teachers Book jIn this book there are many character Cassie is the main character but there is also Greg Hunter Perry Elena and lots of others The main problem in this book is that Troy High and Lacade High get in a huge prank war and start destroying each others schools The settings in this book is the Princes house Greg s house Troy and Lacade Highs and a couple other places There are many figurative devices in Troy High First is similes Greg s lips wereust calling me but I couldn t risk the chance of losing my best friend157 Another simile from Troy High says I was as stuffed as a pig in a blanket203 Next is two examples of hyperbole are It had felt like forever since Greg and I had talked233 This war had gone one for to long It feels like it has gone one for the whole year209 One other figurative device that is used is personification The mushroom covered pizza was calling me 245 I really enjoyed this book There were lots of interesting parts on it though Like someone kisses their best friend and stuff like that Other than the somewhat weird parts it was a pretty great book The whole overview of the book would be two high schools getting into a fight There is a lot of drama which I kind of liked If you are looking for a dramatic book look no further This book was GREAT I m not big on reading and I don t like to read much but this was one book that was so hard to put down I related with the main character a lot being that she had conflict in her love life If you are big on young love and romance conflict this would be a great book for you Lisa CampbellTraditional LiteratureTroy High is the retelling of the Iliad played out on the football fields and school halls of two rival High Schools Cassie Cassandra goes to Troy High with her brothers football stars Hunter Hector and Perry Paris Elena Helen arrives at Troy High falls for Perry and breaks up with her long time Spartan boyfriend Lucas Menelaus The rivalry begins The two schools begin a war of pranks that become increasingly alarming It comes to a head as the two teams face off on the football field Cassie keeps trying to tell everyone that if the animosity doesn t stop something bad will happen but no one will listen Cassie and her long time best friend and secret crush Greg Agamemnon find the war is even causing them to uestion each otherThe book is a uick read and many teens particularly girls would enjoy the romance of the story The book examines loyalty as a central theme and this is something many young adults understand The story is an effective retelling of the Iliad with many of the central characters and themes represented The author condenses some characters for clarity but the major characters make an appearance including Achilles and Odysseus Six years ago my cousin s wife introduced me to local North Carolina author Shana Norris s books Troy High is the second novel I read by Shana and during a giveaway she hosted back in December I won a hardcover copy and knew it was time for a reread and official reviewWhat I LikedRetelling of The IliadThough I ve never read The Iliad I had to read its seuel The Odyssey for ninth grade English and am slightly familiar with the story of the Trojans versus the Spartans In Troy High the war between the Trojans and Spartans take place on the football field where two players from opposing teams battle for the heart of Elena Argos Helen in the original This players from opposing teams battle for the heart of Elena "Argos Helen In The Original This Puts " Helen in the original This puts interesting spin on the original and makes me want to read Homer s storyFresh Focus for YA LitInstead of the book solely focusing on the romance aspect of the retelling a lot of the story focuses on how counterproductive rivalries can be along with going for what you want out of life can be along with going for what you want out of life our ultra competitive world we need YA books with this messageTrue to Small Town FootballIn small towns especially in the south Friday night high school football games are huge deals So are school rivalries And sometimes they can get out of hand as we see in the novelThat being said I felt that some of the pranks ex laxatives in the cafeteria food and the embarrassing poster of a student who was not on the football team were a little too farfetched to be received with little to no conseuences In real life or at least the high school I went to the entire student body would have suffered conseuences if a name for the responsible students didn t surfaceIffy PointBlind Allegiance Troy High is an accurate depiction of how heated rivalries can get in high school sports though I felt that the student body loyalty of both Troy and Lacede High were a bit exaggerated than what would normally occur in a public high school Most of the school spirit usually derives from the sports teams at least in my experience whereas it seemed every student at these schools wanted part of the rivalry however I could totally see the football players handling the rivalry this way in real lifeMostly Greg s Allegiance to His BrotherThere were also times when I didn t like certain characters motives when it came to the rivalry especially Greg the main character Cassie s best friend He was wishy washy between supporting his erk of a brother who totally deserved everything that happened to him and Cassie who remained neutral throughout the rivalry though her football star older brothers are out to get Greg s schoolGreg ends up doing some terrible things to Troy High for the sake of keeping his brother out of trouble though it comes off as Greg s brother getting him in trouble A positive note does come out of Greg s blind allegiance as the message reigns true that sometimes you have to distinguish between hurting and helping family and you have to remember your family members are not always on the right side of conflictOverall Troy High is a clean contemporary YA novel that I recommend for readers who enjoy books that feature sports or Greek retellings I think it would be a great companion read to The Iliad in a classroom setting First of all this story of a war between rival high schools is a fine book for middle schoolers and younger high schoolers though I ll be interested to see if they actually like it There is no uestionable content it s super easy to read I d guess 3rd grade reading level 4th and. Homer’s Iliad the classic tale of love and revenge is shrewdly retold for teens in Troy HighNarrated by Cassie a shy outsider at Troy High the story follows the Trojans and Spartans as they declare war on the football field After the beautif.

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Troy HighS The administrators are not happy with the escalating level of these pranks and threaten to suspend the involved students The football season is also affected by the rivalry Players are out not ust to win but to disable their opponents in order to end with a winning recordAuthor Shana Norris explains in her author s note the amount of research necessary to make the famous Trojan War story come alive in this modern telling She also lists the character parallels CassieCassandra GregAgamemnon PerryParis ElenaHelen No Risk Refused just to name a fewFans of mythology will appreciate the comparisons but anyone familiar with traditional high school rivalries will find things to like about TROY HIGH Really 15 stars To see full review click here I didn t have that high hopes for this book Troy retellings and anything that has to do with Troy at this point in my life is a bit of a sore subject for me see Starcrossed review However I was hoping that Troy High would somehow defy the odds and make me love Homer s poem again it didn t I will go on the record by saying that this isn t a bad book and if I wasn t a cynical old law student I might ve enjoyed it better One of the best things about this book besides it s concept was that it was an easy read I do most of my fun reading while I m commuting so the fact that I was able to finish it in less than a week is saying something either that or the traffic has gotten way worse That being said I couldn t help but let out than a few groans when I was reading it To say the least Troy High was cheesy But I think even saying that s an understatement I think I ll discuss what bothered me by breaking up the cheese into little piecesLet s start with the characters For the most part they were pretty flat I mean Cassie was nice enoughbut I really didn t like her As I ll mention below the girl s a bit of a bitch but not in a good way She does some really stupid things and she really doesn t learn anything from her mistakes It s all washed over in the end I guess it doesn t help that the supporting characters are weak as well I mean everyone is gunning for everyone in this stupid rivalry that s going on it s this book with very little thought I get that it s trying the book is trying to retell the Trojan War but you have to put into context that this is the modern world and honestly most teens really don t feel that much pride for their high school And the whole forbidden love angle and for that matter the love interest in general Really the most flimsy plot point ever He s not even that great of mind candy I mean the only description that we have of him is of his before look And this is going to be shallow but that before look wasn t even cute in the nerdy hottie sort of way And yeah I don t like excessive description but throw at least one abs description pleaseThe plot as I alluded to earlier was weak And I think it was in part because of the way Norris portrayed high school Let s face it high school is a complicated place Not everyone is going to like youust like not everyone is going to hate you There are various sects in the school Some are about school spirit than others All the kids at Troy and Lacede they really had team spirit That s the only reasonway I think Norris could sell the whole Troy plot but still it ust didn "t workAnd okay now I m going to be really nit picky I honestly got annoyed " workAnd okay now I m going to really nit picky I honestly got annoyed the way norris portrayed other groups other the way Norris other groups other the football and cheerleading suad aka the band You know I was in band all four years in high school My relatives are band directors and let me tell you this they don t ust have a half time show for stupid homecoming The band and for that matter drill team perform at each and every halftime show You might be getting your popcorn or soda while they re performing but the band is performing their show A show that they will have competitions over To Im Not Millie! just state that the band is there for a prop for the football team is insulting to those of us who did not like playingLet s Go Coogs in high school An boy did I hate that songBest Feature Concept This book has a pretty neat topic A topic that I think was sort of washed down till it barely represented it s source material But still Troy Super cool and neat and all And a retelling of Troy that should ve meant that this instantly should ve been epic But it wasn t And I know that loose retellings can work Case in point Meg Cabot s Avalon High The book was loosely based off of the Arthurian myth and took place in a contemporary high school setting But somehow it worked at least until Disney ruined it I think in Norris s case she took a too literal approach and it sort of slapped her back in the face I mean if you wanted to go literal with Troy you might as well introduce the fantasy elements and Norris didn tWorst Feature Flatness The characters and plot wereust flat And I think this was the big reason I couldn t identify with this book Take our lead Cassie She s very immature suffers from self esteem issues and honestly is a bit of a bitch That euals flawed character which should eual awesome right Well no I Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) just didn t like Cassie She reminded me of one of those girls in high school you wanted to be nice to butust couldn t Not because you couldn t sympathize with them because you totally could But because she d be turning her back on you as soon as popularity comes a calling It also doesn t help that every relationship in this book for the most part is based on pure shallowness but it lacked the necessary descriptions necessary to make shallowness succeed Honestly I think if the book would ve been in a different character s POV say Elena s I might have liked it betterAppropriateness Aside for some A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, jokes about bodily fluids and functions and some rather immature pranks this is pretty tame Really if anything the book comes off asuvenile It s like one of those bad PG movies your kids drag you too that have fart Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery joke after fartoke That should give you some level of it s maturity It s not going to scar your kids but it ust might scar you 25I feel like I would have given this a much higher rating had I read it 5 years ago I did enjoy looking for the similarities between the original and this retelling thoug. Alating prank war fuels tensions between the schoolsThe stakes are raised when Cassie is forced to choose between the boy she loves a Spartan and loyalty to her family and school Troy High will seduce readers with its cast of mythic proportion. ,
Lessons and morals aboundSo as a teacher I would say this book is ust fine for students to pick up for a summer novelAs a human though a literate human being English major this is the kind of book that gives YA fiction a bad name It is poorly written dull predictable straightforward in the worst sense of the word ie NO nuance NO complexity NO surprise The dialogue is laughableliterally I found myself reading bits of it out loud to my sister and we could barely control ourselves One football player actually says to another Need help rearranging your face ReallyIt s purportedly based on the Trojan War and for the first time in my life I wished I weren t such a classics geek okay maybe it wasn t the first time I wished thatbeing secretary of the Classical Club three years running doesn t exactly get you elected prom ueen so that I wouldn t recognize all the superficial allusions to Homer s epic poem Pretty girl Elena transferred to TROY High Helen Greg Mennon brother of the football player spurned by Elena after she transfers Agamemnon It goes on Don t worry there s a Trojan Horse scene at the homecoming dance This author definitely read the Wikipedia page on the IliadI don t mean to sound so harsh however I do wish authors saw YA as an opportunity to excite inspire and enrich teenagers brains and lives see JOHN GREEN rather than pander to them or worse condescend to or dumb down for them Troy High was a book that taught me about how life as an outcast is also how it is to have to choose close friends over family The main character Cassie Prince started off as a hermit she had no friends but her best friend Greg who went to Lacede and she also had a secret crush on no one talked to her despite that her two older brother Hunter and Perry were star football players that ust made things worse for her Because of zone changes former Lacede students Troy High s rivals had to transfer to Troy which was the school Cassie and her brothers went to Cassie uickly made friends with a transfer named Elena Argos who was a popular cheerleader at Lacede this instantly boosted Cassie s social status and she was loving it all the attention all the friends everything She loved it until her brother started dated Elena which was Lucas s Lacede football player also Greg s brother exgirlfriend this made the rivalry very serious This war was fought by a series of pranks that destroyed school property caused Troy s students to get sick but mainly it got to a point where Cassie had to choose if she was a Trojan or a Spartan and to prove she was a Trojan she had to embarrass her best friend and this ruined their friendship Eventually they made up because they weren t going to let a stupid rivalry ruin their friendshipFinally it was the most important game of the year Troy vs Lacede it was a long and harsh game Hunter dislocated his shoulder and a Lacede player got a concussion but unfortunately Lacede came up with the win This was also the night of homecoming and Cassie and Greg were going together this meant trouble After Cassie got all dolled up she arrived at the dance and met Greg at the Door The Dance Was The dance was great until a big explosion fire broke out This ignited Cassie s anger because it was another prank from Lacede and she knew Greg knew about it He tried to calm her down by hugging her and sneaking a kiss this angered her even Weeks passed and the pranks stopped but Cassie still suffered from the incident Hunter noticed Cassie s change in her mood so he decided to fix it and bring her and Greg back together He brought Greg to their house and his plan worked out as planned and instead of them becoming best friends they ended up being a couple Troy High is a hip re vamping of a classic tale It highlights the implications of high school rivalries as the Trojans take on the Spartans both on and off the football field Cassie the narrator is sucked into a war she wants no part of and must determine where her loyalties lie with her Spartan best friend or her football playing Trojan brothersNorris s storytelling is witty and engaging and readers will love the classic pranks played by both schools Though many parts are laugh out loud funny Norris does an excellent ob showing Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary just how deep rivalries run and the devastating effects they sometimes haveShana Norris Something to Blog About 2008 is a funny new voice in YA literature and definitely an author to keep an eye on Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomWhat would happen if you took the story of the Trojan War and set it in a modern day high school TROY HIGH doesust that as it pits the Trojans against the Spartans starring typical teens in the lead roles of the great old storyCassie is a student at Troy High She keeps herself pretty much out of the action and observes as her two brothers play football and act as big men on campus Her main interests are playing flute in the band and playing video games with her best friend Greg They met two years ago when both their schools attended the same band has always been a healthy rivalry between the at Troy High School and the Spartans from nearby Lacede Things are different this year however because the geographical boundary line between the two school districts was changed causing a shift in attendance reuirements Some of the Lacede Spartans are now reuired to attend Troy High This change has disrupted the students and school loyalty is being testedElena formerly a Spartan is now attending Troy She already was acuainted with Cassie since she dated Greg s older brother However on her first day at her new high school Elena discovers Cassie s brother Perry She immediately falls for him and decides to dump her Spartan boyfriendCassie would like to steer clear of the romantic mess since she has some of her own to deal with but Elena insists on turning their casual friendship into of a best friend situation At first Cassie thinks it is because Elena likes her older brother but Elena constantly assures her that she is seriously interested in becoming BFFsTROY HIGH is not Sherman Tank Manual just about romantic interests The school rivalry heats up and students from both sides begin playing and dangerous and destructive prank. Ul Elena who used to be the captain of the Spartan cheerleaders transfers to Troy High and falls madly in love with Cassie’s brother Perry the Spartans vow that the annual homecoming game will never be forgotten Off the football field an esc.