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Telling a good story is a talent and Stu Michaels born with a silver tongue A modern day Will talent and Stu Michaels was born a silver tongue A modern day Will Michaels has turned his experiences as a New York City detective and a Las Vegas casino security boss into a book full of. You Cant Make This Up

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Am serialkiller in New York record shopping sprees with Michael Jackson in Las Vegas Along The Vegas Along the has #Met Many Of The World's Most Famous And Interesting People # many of the world's most famous and interesting people that inevitably yielded a fascinating sto. Rich and witty tales From a cop's ife on the streets of Brooklyn to hobnobbing with celebrities in the RESORTS OF LAS VEGAS MICHAELS DELIVERS INTRIGUING INSIGHTS AND of Las Vegas Michaels delivers intriguing insights and aughs He's seen it all from tracking the Son of ,

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