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Anglo RepublicDe Anglo Republic Inside the Bank that Broke Ireland by Simon Carswell is a thoroughly satisfying and compelling read Carswell documents the rise and all of the bank demonised by the Irish medi To me the strongest point of this book does not lie in the unearthing of the nitty gritty details of how the the massive Anglo collapse came about per se but in the detailed way in which it Traces The Social Mechanisms That Led To It While Clearly the social mechanisms that led to it While clearly of his subjects the author does not neglect to show the compassion necessary to make the reader understand why they did what they did and Importantly Why They Thought That It Was The Right Thing why they thought that it was the right thing do The act that the story itself is gripping is of course supportive in the endeavor of writing a Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, fascinating book While I personally saw myself expecting to be less interested after theirst half because I mainly picked it up to learn about the culture that created the degree of detachment Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue from reality that is a preconditionor the kind of institutional Mistress failure as observed here to happen Iound myself being almost as invested in the story of Anglo s ultimate demise The reason Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) for that is simply that the individuals responsible are interesting as characters and not onlyor their actionsWhile it is always difficult to judge how true an author is to reality when his reporting has to rely as heavily on personal reports as is necessary in this case the book clearly demonstrates that the sheer A Ranchers Redemption factual knowledge represented here is impressive. Ireland's downfall He paints a vivid and disturbing picture of life inside Anglo the credit committee meetings the lightning uick negotiations with property developers the culture of lavish entertainment and of the men who presided over its dizzying rise andall Sean FitzPatrick David Drumm Willie McAteer and many others This is not only the A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby firstull account of the Anglo disaster; it will also be the definitive one.

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The collapse of the Irish
Reads like a thriller novel detailed I didnt know of how bad the crisis was in Ireland during the GFCOf note was the act that until the very end the bank reported very good numbers with low bad debts and decent provisions But high end the bank reported very good numbers with low bad debts and decent provisions But high in a small economy with overseas unding and the loan book overexposed to largely a particular sector property was enough of a yellow signal to stay awayAnd therein lies the problem when you see a good ROA institution growing well and available or what is called cheap one thinks of it as A Bargain But Financial Institutions Are Special bargain But inancial institutions are special its a great cautionary taleLuckily the book Capital Returns alerted me to this storyIn the end the swiftness of its demise was not covered well by the author what really caused such an erosion in asset value Th In 2006 Ireland was riding on the back of the Celtic Tiger phenomena The country was booming The sky was His Pregnant Christmas Princess full of cranes unemployment was the lowest in Europe everyone seemed to be driving a new car and shopping trips to New York seemed normal Fastorward to the end of 2011 and the country is in a very different place One of the biggest banking busts globally led to the country being bailed out by the troika of IMF ECB EU and the effective loss of economic sovereignty Unlike most of the rest of the global Through the Language Glass financial crisis that started t Excellent read If 50% of of it is true that would still be pretty hard to stomach Any retributionor the mess these guys ma. E of the euro Now or the irst time the ull story of the bank the Sunday Times described as 'a building society on crack' is being told by the journalist who has led the way in coverage of Anglo and its many secrets Drawing on his unmatched sources in and around Anglo Simon Carswell of the Irish Times shows how the business model that brought Anglo twenty years of spectacular growth was also at the heart of its and.


Enormous insight into the mechanics of a real estate bubble Even though we got used to banking mismanagement since 2007 the total lack of risk understanding or a moral compass of the Anglo Irish bank senior executives is without comparison How Sean FitzPatrick did not end up on the wrong end of a pitchfork is beyond me Simon Carswell does a great job incorporating all the aspects Of The Anglo Disaster Ie The Involvement Of The Financial the Anglo disaster ie the involvement of the Financial and of Ireland s richest and most clueless man into a ascinating page turner Five stars Not the best book on a inancial crisis but a great Not the best book on a Sanctuary financial crisis but a great into how out of touch a management team can be with reality At one stage they had nearly bankrupted the Irish economy but weren t sure the bank couldn t continue trading Probably won t have any explosive revelationsor anyone who s been Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, following the Anglo story but has a good level ofirst hand accounts Friendfluence from the inside of the debacle The story is zipplily told in a chronological manner and is easy to read A tough reador me although I enjoyed learning what caused the One Part Woman financial demise in Ireland Iound it hard to Stranger follow all the names of the many players in the book Plus my lack of understanding of theinancial infrastructure made reading very slow and arduous However I m glad that I spent the time to read it as I learned loads and ound However I m glad that I spent the time to read it as I learned loads and ound information intriguing and uite shocking actually Mandatory Reading to understand why the Irish Banking System needed to be bailed out and led to. The Number 1 Bestseller The definitive history of the bank that brought Ireland to ruin As late as 2007 Anglo Irish Bank was a darling of the markets internationally recognized as one of the astest growing inancial institutions in the world By 2008 it was bust The Irish government's hopeless attempts to save Anglo have led the state to ruin culminating in a punitive IMF bailout in late 2010 and threatening the utur. .

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