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Taxi ins Glück lCome out Claire Cosi is as intriguing as ever in this Coffeehouse Mystery This time she herover Mike and her ex husband Matteo team up in an unlikely trio in a risky scheme to trap big time drug dealers Smuggling Dope In With Coffee Beans Claire Also Has To dope in with coffee beans Claire also has to with the hit run near fatality of her new partner Lily a hit and run that is eerily similar to other incidents This will keep you reading and smelling the coffee as Claire describes the various flavors in the new bean Matt brought home form South America The barista world is a fascinating background for a mysery and Coyl writes about it with authority Recipes including her adaptation of colcannon which I really want to try OK I did not finish this one By page 20 I read i a racist remark that ong hair beard I am guessing darker in this case Mediterranean but still visibly darker complexion terrorist ii an admiring remark about ugh I cannot and will not write his name in my review but think orange complexioned % iii a scene where Matteo throws a temper tantrum and is verbally abusive to Claire while Claire and her ex mother in aw Matteo s mother have an agreement that Matteo will be Matteo and I suppose boys will be boysUGH If I wanted to read this type of right wing propaganda garbage I could find it all too easily on the internet I have no interest in inviting it into my home my mind and my spirit through a book I picked up for entertainment purposes Double UGH and triple UGHI am done with this book glad to give it back to the ibrary and really with this series Life is too short and good books too many for me to waste a "smidgen of my time or energy on garbage I m a relatively "of my time or energy on garbage I m a relatively reader of Cleo Coyle s coffeeshop series but it has everything I ike about cozy mysteries family romance small business food and smart investigation It also has plenty of coffee trivia and New York City ambience and in this case food trucks along with a dose of city politics and rivalry The Village Blend decides to branch out with a coffee and dessert truck which causes internal strife before Clare and her ex husband Matteo as well as external strife when her rival sees her as stiff competition When her friend gets run over outside the Village Blend it gets personal and Clare takes outside the Village Blend it gets personal and Clare takes a new mission to hunt down the hit and run driver which includes posing as a wedding cake buyer Once again this series stays extremely current while also giving us insight into the Village Blend s and New York City s past and ups the intrigue and person. Urs Clare Cosi into action A divorced single mom in her forties Clare is also a dedicated sleuth and she's determined to track down this ruthless driver who ran down an innocent friend and customer In the meantime her ex husband Matt the shop's globetrotting coffee buyer This series has been my favorite cozy series for awhile now and with each book it just keeps getting better This book exhibited all of the humor action and mystery the books before it had and it still "Retains A Cozy Feeling Even Though It "a cozy feeling even though it set in New York CityIn this book I felt that we saw growth in the MC Clare She grew in her relationships with Mike and Matt and in herself in my opinion I want to give an example of how she grew but they all have spoilers so I M Not Going To not going to also thought you saw growth in Mike and Matt towards each other Some things they go through in this book make them stop seeing each other as enemiesI The Magic Rolling Pin loved the new characters Lilly Max and Jeremy and I really hope we see of them soon I alsooved that Ester nancy and Dante took bigger parts in this book I ve always Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, loved all of the baristas and it was good to see them get a spotlightThe mystery was superb and I didn t guess the killer until Clare did There were aot of branches going off of the murder to give you a Not Without a Fight lot of suspects that all had viable motivesOverall a phenomenal book and uite possible the best in this series yet Can t wait to pick up the next one Yet again the douchebag ex Matteo Allegro is not killed off In addition there were several churchy Godprayer references Ugh I really want toike this series but it s getting tougher with every title There were fewer than average passages that made me completely furious By this 11th book the frustration of watching Clare chase the obviously wrong suspect has faded to background stupidity and Matt doesn t make a gross pass at her so I remained mostly calm while reading this book Overt sexism was also somewhat Garden Bouquets and Beyond lower than average maybe because there were a higher than average number of female characters to balance out the walking stereotypes I am still grossed out that Nancy has an on going crush on Dante who she tried toiterally date rape in the The Unseen Wonder last book but it gets mercifullyittle page timeThe mystery was actually mysterious Some good red herrings well connected sub plots and people who are not Clare do actual police work fairly well This book did not kill my soul dead I aughed I cried I got angry When I first started reading Brew laughed I cried I got angry When I first started reading Brew a Kill it felt ike I was home again My senses were awake with the sounds and smells of New York and I ve never been there Cleo Coyle has a way with words that makes you a part of the book Her characters become familya family that is oving and yet isn t afraid to fight I can t wait for the next one to. Coyle's Coffeehouse books are superb Library Journal and now the national bestselling author of Murder by Mocha serves up a hot new Coffeehouse Mystery with A Brew to a Kill Coffee It can get a girl killed A shocking hit and run in front of her Village Blend coffeehouse sp. .

Summary A Brew to a Kill Coffeehouse Mystery #11

A Brew to a Kill Coffeehouse Mystery #11Al drama between Clare Matteo and Clare s partner Mike uinn when the three have to share iving space This is a fast paced mystery with an amateur sleuth who proves she s tough but also has uite a Heart One That Foodies Especially Will Enjoy one that foodies especially will enjoy was a really good one I ove the intricate plots of this series I wish I could do my own series as well as this one I earn something new every time I pick up one of these books the characters always feel real I feel ike I know clare and Matt and uinn OMG what will i do when i finally finish this series Cleo you are going to have to write faster This is the eleventh book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series and not only does it follow in the others footsteps by offering a fun and entertaining mystery but it provides killer recipes that every chef and pastry over in the world wants to own Clare Cosi manager of The Village Blend ocated in New York City is busy watching her new idea get off the ground She and her employees have been working on Invisible (The Curse of Avalon launching their coffee truck which will extend their business byetting them drive their amazing coffee and treats across the cityscape The new truck is called Muffin Muse and is all the rageOne night however a fatal hit and run accident occurs that very badly injures a coworker of Clare s just as she was trying to send a coffee truck that was owned by a rival business away from an affair that she was catering Clare whose significant other is a police detective gets to know the policemen that come to investigate the accident and finds out that there s a new group in the "NYPD That Has Already "that has already out the scene of the crime down to the minute of impactWhile Clare is trying to help the police find the person who ran down her friend her ex husband and partner who is the coffee buyer for Village Blend Yummy Supper looks andike he is involved in the drug trade because drugs are found in his coffee warehouse He is immediately accused of smuggling by the FBI In order to clear this problem up Clare gets involved with the Bureau and a drug ord while trying to keep her employees safe and out of even trouble that seems to be coming from an unknown suspectAs always with this series this newest cozy is a definite fun one day read First class writing and characters with recipes for scrumptious coffee cake and muffin treats that will make readers mouths water euals a definite must read Until Next Time EverybodyAmy The Coffeehouse Mysteries are among the best of the cozies and this is a worthy addition to the series. Ources some amazing new beans from Brazil But he soon discovers that he's importing than coffee and Clare may have been the real target of that deadly driver Can ex husband and wife work together to solve this mystery Or will their newest brew ead to murder Includes recip. ,