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Silvers AlphaExcellentI have read this book the series before all of the books in this series series are xcellentThis is the beginning of Ben Silver Lucky Rodriguez s matingBen is the Alpha of the Silver Wolf Pack in this bookseries they don t know their mate by scent but by having sex sometimes lots of it with different peoplemen or womenLucky works for a Paranormal Task Force met Ben when she her girlfriends went to his clubBut you ll need to read the book to find out what happens with their mating I got this book free on and while I Philosophy of Religion enjoyed the overall story and the characters there were just some things that prevent me from giving it a better ratingVery badditing incorrect sentences

or use of 
use of and misplaced punctuation drove me a bit nutsNow for the story while I No Respect enjoyed the story things like Lucky s name in the beginning of the book she is Lucky Sanchez and towards thend of the book she is Rodriguez Anyway her friends seem to form an important part of her life and while their presence is significant in the first few chapters they just disappear afterwards She is a police officer for the Paranormal Task Force you would think that she had knowledge of the creatures that she worked with yet it was her 10 year old daughter that had to give her the facts about werewolves That just made her seem like an idiot I found the twins too mature for 10 year olds Having Amy as the villain just did not make sense to me the character of the villain was well portrayed but choosing Amy did not seem logical All this said the book was The Spirituality Revolution entertaining and Injoyed it I would like to read a new version of this Story An Edited Version It Has The Making Of A an dited version it has the making of a book but some things just need to be looked into Happened upon this as a free read from and boy am I glad I did I love the strength of Lucky and that she doesn t need anyone to protect her or take care of her I like that Ben recognizes this trait in Lucky yet wants to protect what is his anyway The fact that Ben s not put off by Lucky already having a family is great don t see much acceptance of prior families in novels Or Real Life Much So real life much so was a nice twist I love the beginning to a wonderful series that ncompasses family and love I wish I could say that diting was this storys only problem The basic ideas behind the. A girls night out takes a dramatic twist when Lucky meets a handsome stranger As a police officer in the Paranormal Task Force Lucky's life is far from ordinary When she meet's the Alpha of the Silver Wolf Pack life is set to get hot and steamy Strong confident and fiercely independent Lucky has no intention of sharing her life with any man After waiting centuries to me.

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T hesitate this is a good book The story was interesting and the heroine was actually kick ass I got to about 42% of the book and decided I couldn t deal with the spelling mistakes wrong use of words the witch had to consort with her coven I think it was supposed to be consult Then there were times that a sentence that isn t supposed to be a uestion just nds with a uestion mark making the character sound unsure In Ben s case very un alpha like I kinda rolled my Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, eyes for the reason that Lucky ran out on Ben the first night they met The story has the potential just needsditing EnjoyedGreat book and the characters the potential just needs Structure Of The Nucleus editing EnjoyedGreat book and the characters grow on you Loved the way the story developed My only peeve is that none of the other books are on kindle unlimited and as I m not made of money I unfortunately will not be carrying on with this series Silver Alpha is abook I got free from To start off with I love the strength of Lucky and that she doesn t need anyone to protect her or take care of her And she has the talent to prove it I like that Ben recognizes this trait in Lucky yet he wants to protect what is his anyway First Anthology especially since Lucky is his mate The fact that Ben s not put off by Lucky already having a family is great don t see much acceptance of prior families in novels so it was a nice twist Especially how Ben has to deal with 4 teenage girlsAfter saying all that Very badditing hurt this storyI am no xpert when comes to the English language specially spelling and word structure but there were sentences where I found myself reading it over a couple times because I was not sure if I was mis reading it or not or if there really was a few Passage Through Crisis extra words in there that did not belongI normally don t complain about misspelled words and such but there really was way to many to over lookWill I read the next book in the series to be honest don t know I loved this story so much I am a total sucker for a sweet love story and is an amazingxample The story is grippinginteresting and clever The characters are charming and likeable and the atmosphere created is addictive I couldn t stop reading A real mix of paranormals and humans set in a really wonderful story Going straight on to the second will be following this author with interest You wont be disappointed with this book fantasti. To intervene in human affairs they are left with no choice when the order of the future is set to be changedOver the last two decades New York City has changed Other species now live openly with humans Friends you have known for the last ten years are now living openly as witches warlocks vampires and wolves What you had previously known to be true is no longer as it wa. Story and characters are good but xecution Is Lacking I Got This lacking I got this while it was free on for my kindle One thing that kinda makes my nutty is poor diting in books There were sentences where I found myself reading it twice and sometimes three times because I was not sure if I was mis reading it or there really was a few The Road to Einsteins Relativity extra words in there that did not belong There are mis placed punctuation marks and semi colons where there should not be any commas in odd places at times and simple typographicalrrors And yes I am giving it 3 stars because I truly did like the storyline If this were to be Black Boy edited in itsntirety it would be much Nighttime Sweethearts enjoyableBesides the above as I said I truly liked the story I liked Lucky s character a lot because she is a very strong smart independent and hard working mom of four girls and finds herself in a position that changes her life and her girls lives for the better I think though she seems reluctant at first to believe what deep down she feels is true sheases into it and Ben her Alpha gives her the time she needs He is very understanding of that and respects her decisions as it affects her daughters I was uite surprised at the Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire ending to find out who was behind the kidnappings and human tortures truly neverxpected to find out who it was but I guess you never know Anyway I do hope this book gets Safe in My Arms edited and revised and republished because it really is a great storyline Once you get past therrors I think readers will Presunta colpevole enjoy it too I did get the 2nd book so let s see what s next huh This is a great bookLoved the relationship between the two main characters Ben and Lucky and the way it developed through out the bookI was going to deducted a star because thediting really does need looking at again But I Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem enjoyed the book so much I read it in one sitting getting annoyed with anyone disturbing me for mundane things like food It is a real pick and mix of paranormal beingsxciting with kick ass action romancehot humor and a few baddies thrown in too The characters are interesting and rounded so much so you just want to get to know them all a little bit I look forward to Nicky s tale next and most definitely look forward to Theo in the third installment I will be downloading the next issue post haste If you like all of the above don. Et his mate Ben finally finds her and loses her in one night His life changes after a hot and steamy Safe Words encounter in a dark corridor but when she runs out on him he vows to find her When he does he needs the help of his pack to protect her from a stalker who is out to take away his reason for living The Gods and Goddesses are watching Lucky and the Silver Wolf Pack Unable.

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