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Ook is written by Maurice Gee who is the New Zealand author of the book Also the book cover tells me that the story is settled in AucklandNZL probably One "Tree Hill the area I lived in nowMy favourite character of this story is the twins "Hill the area I lived in nowMy favourite character of this story is the twins they are called Theo and Rachel because they wanted to find out new things like the old man called Mr Jones who have been look at them and looking somewhere then vanished into the sky This character is mysterious because he always vanished somewhere The twins don t now why he vanished Anyway also twins like to go on adventure For example for real at the start of the story the twins have disappeared from his parents house one night while his father was cutting the logs His father never notice the twins have disappeared until he feel in his heart that something is wrong So he looked and found out that twins have disappeared He went into the house tell his wife called the police and neighbours When they all there they started searching for them but by the end of the day they never find it This is described as adventure people in the story as they loved to wonder around going on the adventuresI found that the uote called Make for Rangitoto Make for light is very interesting because as they are running away from Wilberforces who is the evil people in the story they will died because these Wilberforces could easily ill the humans using their powers Theo and Rachel are trying to make a goal to get rid of them by running to the top of the mountain consistly This is what we are expected to learn from the test etc If you fail the test you have make the goal of how to get better in the test by doing what This uote is very important in the futuresI have learned from the story is if you are the parent you must fully supervised the children otherwise from the story is if you are the parent you must fully supervised the children otherwise they ran away you call the police neighbours etc to start searching around the area This will take a long time Also I learned is to set the goal of every subject and try to achieve it so you will get good marks in the testThis story talks about the adventure of the twins called Theo and Rachel who loves to go on adventures in Auckland NZL During the story he met wisely man called Mr Jones He teaches the twins how to use the stones These stones are used to attack and defend bad people This is very magical I wish I could have one Anyway during the story the bloody enemy called Wilberforces was trying to eat them so they ran off to Rangitoto which it is a mountain in Auckland to hide away from the ememy as they try to use their stones to fight againist them If you want to find out then I suggested you should read this bookAnother facts I learned is too think smart otherwise you might get tricked and attacked by someone like the twins think it carefully and they new it was their person who has been looking for them as they are not the POLICE MAN The first Maurice Gee book I ve read because it was a dollar I like Ultimate Playstation Cheats and Codes - Essential for PS2, PSP and PS3 Gamers kids books I liked the one short story I read from himplus he s uite famous in NZI found it pretty hard to put down and finished it in two sittings He s got a ton of imagination his descriptions are great and gross his pacing is generally pretty exciting I liked that he didn t make things pretty or easy for example he has an uncle drown and a volcano erupt on some of the people at the end I always admire when authors do unnecessary but fairly natural things like when EB Whiteills off Charlotte In this book it s not jarring because there s a really intense buildup and you re just glad the twins are alive no spoiler it s a ids book of course they re aliveI think ids who have never been to Auckland will be thrilled with all the talk of volcanoes and whatnot And of course those who ve been there will have a lot to recognize Thrilling and evocative Under the Mountain can sometimes be slowly paced but overall it s a truly great novel. O destroy the worldLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 97801433184.

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Your seat and the sibling bond is lovely Flawless writing And I love that it s set in a place that I now Say You Still Love Me know so well don t get that very often I have to say this is a bit of a niche book though an essential read foriwi ids but I think if I was reading it for the first time as an adult the lack of nostalgia for it would bump it down a bit and if you re not from NZ you might not get it so much but in saying that it s only the places that are referenced otherwise it s not too specific to NZ Twins Theo and Rachel Are Drawn Into An are drawn into an old alien war only to discover that they are the only ones with the power to stop it Giant worm like creatures live hidden under Auckland s vulcanos and lie in waiting for the right moment to surface and contaminate the earth and they don t intend on letting the twins interfere I was really een to read something by a New Zealand author when I first read this author s O Trilogy I was somewhat let down It wasn t bad but it wasn t great either I hoped that this stand alone novel would turn out better for me When I first started reading I noticed that many elements of the story are very similar to the trilogy The first chapters seemed promising enough but the further I read the I to the trilogy The first chapters seemed promising enough but the further I read the I that the trilogy was after all the superior workJust like the O Trilogy I can t really tell what the appropriate audience is It s a children s book but some of the elements seem too creepy and grotesue which would usually make me think it s better for older teens or young adults And yet many things are so simplistic even for a children s book The two alien races which have supposedly been hiding in New Zealand since even before the Maori came have taken on human forms and have taken the names of Mr Wilberforces and Mr Jones When the twins enuire what their races are called they are told it s too difficult to say so just call them Wilberforces and Joneses I don t think I have ever come across anything with such a lack of creativityI also have trouble taking a book seriously in which the main conflict lies in these worms who are set on turning the world into mud I don t now I just can t I suppose earth being turned into mud wouldn t be great but it just does not work as a plot for me Another thing that truly bothered me neither of the twins acted in the slightest like the 11 year olds they were meant to be I refuse to believe that they are any younger than 14 Too much freedom too mature and for goodness sake their relatives let them go out until late at night The ending was very abrupt and I don t feel satisfied with all the answers Yet the story intrigued me so little that I can t say I care too much The book does have a good opening and build up but just spirals down into something very short of a climax Of "COURSE NOT ALL IS BAD THE TWINS THEMSELVES APART "not all is bad The twins themselves apart their age are likeable enough as main characters I like how they have different personalities and the author tries to make a point of both having their uses one being rational and one being emotional I loved how the story was set in New Zealand and made good use of local things I was sure surprised to learn that the twins come from the same little town I used to go to school to a town even people in New Zealand don t always seem to nowMaurice Gee is uite the famous author in New Zealand and I m sad to say that his stories don t seem to work for me I didn t really enjoy any of his works and as a result I don t think I shall venture to read any Perhaps I shall have luck with his daughter s works I have chosen to read this book because I am very interested about Auckland in NZ Also my reading tutor Olvia have recommended me to read this book as part of Wide reading programme My tutor told me what the book is about and I felt interested with this book after she told me This book fits the category of a book is written by a New Zealander because this E endowed with special powers to oppose mysterious giant creatures that are determined I decided to read Under the Mountian by Maurice Gee because i have heard good things about it before Th book that I had looked exiting and mysterious at the same time I love these types of books because i alwa Still very enjoyable 35 years after I first read the story of Theo and Rachel Maurice Gee The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air keeps a cracking pace with his story of bravery andinship I am still scared to this day of the evil Wilberforces and have never looked at Lake Pupuke the same way since first reading this book A great story and strong reminder of my childhood A good story to share now with my own daughters A fun novelty middle grade classic from New Zealand I hadn t heard of it until my brother brought it back to me from the country It s a little dark for younger ids and has definitely got some plot holes But uite epic at the end This book and the subseuent TV series left such an impression on me that I still can t look at Rangitoto without thinking about slimy aliens giant worms and those cool glowing stones I wanted one just as much as I wanted my own lightsabreUndoubtedly a New Zealand classic The only reason I m rating it four stars is because I ve always thought it inda sits somewhere between a Professors, Politics and Pop kids book and an adult bookForids it s uite scary the stuff of nightmares Yes I had a few after reading it And again after watching the TV series Not so much the recent movie though but I saw that at the ripe young age of spoilers removedReading it as an adult the twins are a bit hard to take as they re very mature for 11 years old You might also struggle with the premise from an adult perspective that aliens have been dwelling in New Zealand since before the Maori who arrived here in the 1400s doing absolutely nothing until nowBut those cool stones man I still want one Yeah I chose this book to read because I needed to read a book by a New Zealand author and heard not so bad praises for it But when I read the book I didn t awfully like it The plot wasn t exiting at all The cliche of evil monsters which need Muskelaufbau fr Anfnger: Von der Couchpotato zum Traumkrper - egal ob im Gym oder ohne Gerte. Inklusive erstaunlich einfachen Ernhrungstipps und exklusivem 3 - Tage Trainingsplan killing by a brother and sister who have special powers The Mathesons are a alien force whose other people were at war with another race of aliens which turn planets into mud and stone If the twins don t stop them earth is nextThere was nothing to be thrilled of except points where they find they have super powers and are aliens Mr Jones is always sticking onto his decisions Killing the Wilberforces is the only option theirind must be ripped out from the cosmos for others to survive No other tactic will work certainly not negotiationThese are the only main highlights The writing style and suspense making is mediocre I must say I have read better My favourite character is Theo Matheson because he likes adventures just like his sister Rachel We see the evidence for this when the both when they are small go out for a stroll when their father is busy working and give their parents a scare He is also interested in finding and learning new things unlike his sister working and give their parents a scare He is also interested in finding and learning new things unlike his sister sister is a dreamer whereas Theo is a scientist always thinking My favourite uote is Make for Rangitoto Make for light Here I found it heart warming that Maurice gives his country and surroundings respect and wants to us to love them too It is also good to eep in mind that light is not always the literal light but the good "There Is When We "is When we a crisis we have to go where there is light hope goodness to cleanse our body and mind What I learnt is not to procrastinate and do what has to be done right here right now Don t let your guard down and relax till the deed is done and never regret If you give up like Rachel was about to the conseuences might be severeI would put this on The Bingo Board A book by a New Zealand Author This was one of my childhood favourites and this was the first time I d read it since I was 9 or so So great Action that eeps you on the edge of. While vacationing with relatives in Auckland twins Theo and Rachel discover that they ar. Under the Mountain

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