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In my book Hope Edelman can go no Wrong Presenting A Broad But Presenting a broad but view of motherless daughters is a nearly impossible task but when I read her books I often feel like they re talking right to me about me I wonder if every motherless daughter gets that when they read

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as well me I wonder if every motherless daughter gets that when they read her as well this is full of insightful little paragraphs from hope and thoughtsfeelings from women at different stages in their motherlessness It was a valuable way to revisit the insights of Motherless Daughters without getting bogged down in that big but helpful book Brilliant idea Hope This book consists of letters written to author Hope Edelman after her publication of Motherless Daughters The letters are mostly from women who lost mothers as girls or teens and are divided into segments based on the recentness the loss I think this is an excellent book to give teens who have lost a parent or older women who lost a mother as a child or teen However I did not find as much here for mature women grieving the loss of a mother as I did in the original Motherless Daughters Therefore I recommend this book for teens struggling with the loss of a mother and the original M Being early in my grief I m looking for people who I can try to relate to From what I read I abandoned it due to it not fitting my purpose right now this book was not it The majority of the women s moms died of cancer and most all of them view their mom in a very loving no baggage way I can definitely see the benefit of this book ust not for me The 11th anniversary of my mother s death is this week and I figured it was time to finish this book that I started last year around this time It is a follow up to Motherless Daughters The Legacy of Loss which I loved and appreciated than I could express In this new book Hope Edelman compiles letters she received in the 20 years after Motherless Daughters was pub. Revisiting the profoundly important subject of mother loss Letters From Motherless Daughters is a compilation of real letters written by women in response to the ground breaking New York Times bestseller Motherless DaughtersWhen Motherless Daughters was first published in 1994 author Hope Edelman through research interviews and personal experience helped women across the country deal with the pain of losing a mother Finally they felt free to discuss and try to understand the. ,

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Letters from Motherless Daughters Words of Courage Grief and HealingIed my father I realized I was born after my brother during a separation between my parents My mom had a friend go with her to the hospital and did not allow him to go there They married again soon after and then divorced for the final second time soon after that Some of the stories in the previous books addressed this issue Only one letter in this book seemed to address being motherless in this situation with a note from a woman This book is an emotional type of read and Really Touches On My touches on my stringsThis would be an emotional genre with words of encouragement grief and healing I highly recommend this book Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about this book and 9 others I recommend to those whose mothers have died EdelmanLetters from Motherless Daughters Words of Courage Grief and Healing I did enjoy this book and I m glad that I read it The first seuel to the Motherless Daughters book It was comforting to hear others stories I haven t been interested in the several other seuels although I might have been if my life experiences had gone differently Each of Hope Edelman s books created break through moments for me This one in particular made me realize that I am not by any means the only women without a mother I was sitting at a coffee shop imagine that and half way through one of the letters I forget which I looked around the other women sitting by me and in an instant I lost my udgement my anger my belief that they all had what I didn t a mother How did I know what there stories were I couldn t neither could they It was a beautiful moment to let so much anger drain right out of me on the
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below A times a year I find myself on *my living room floor sitting in front of my book shelf and re reading the letters from * living room floor sitting in front of my book shelf and re reading the letters from who are complete strangers to me but good friends I am never alone in my Motherlessness that is comforting. Re divided by the number of years since mother loss and each addresses the significant issues of that stage Hope also includes information on starting or oining a support group and offers suggested reading for motherless women The words of these brave women illustrate the profound pain the astounding strength and the undying perseverance to live on but never outlive the need for one's motherof police barricades the razor sharp line between life and death the unforgiving cha. Lished and writes of the patterns she sees based on how long ago the writers lost their mothers The timelines are as follows Adjustment and Acceptance The First Year Searching for Meaning One to Five Years Pain Turns to Longing Five to Ten Years Experience Turns to Insight Ten to Twenty Years Lives Shaped by Loss Twenty Years and BeyondAs noted I fall in the 10 20 years category but was affected in some way by each letter in this book Reading letters from women who had recently lost their mothers this book Reading letters from women who had recently lost their mothers me of the shock and pain I went through in the early years I recalled how I adjusted to life without my mom realizing that I was no longer the same person I had been before For a long time I thought I even looked different in pictures and was surprised that others couldn t see that I wasn t who I had been before Now I feel as one daughter described The pain has never subsided completely it never will but I no longer wear it on my sleeveI have completely marked up this book and Motherless Daughters and will continue to return to both as needed I am thankful to Have Discovered These And Would discovered these and would them again and again It was so incredibly helpful to read these letters It helped me realize that losing a mother is never easy and that it will likely be the most profound death any woman will ever mourn I felt comforted that I am not alone in my grief but was also saddened to realize that I will always miss my mother with such powerful longing I picked up this book after reading two others Motherless Mothers and Motherless Daughters The books were helpful to me in sorting out why I have a difficult relationship with my own mother to this day Though not in the traditional sense of loss my mother checked out after her first marriage imploded ending in her having a nervous breakdown and losing custody of her own children for a time She met and marr. Ir uniue form of grief and perhaps most importantly they felt that they were not alone in their lossThe overwhelming number of letters she received in response to Motherless Daughters prompted Hope Edelman to publish Letters From Motherless Daughters Reaffirming her precious link with motherless women across the country Hope presents these moving honest and often hopeful letters along with her own insight and offers readers a chance to further learn from this loss Chapters ,