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I understand the seniors shenanigans in their golden yearsDEATH OF A NEIGHBORHOOD WITCH is alive with humor It is the funniest book of 2012 Must read for fans of cozy mysteries and unlimited laughter What an utterly annoying leading female I was willing to give her the reason of doubt but I have never come across a spineless woman in a novel than her It took away everything from the murder mystery and her relationships to her best friend and neighbour were frightening You don t need enemies when you have friends like this She and he can bribe her with almost any unhealthy Food To Do Their Bidding And Are to do their bidding and are helpful nor supportive The heroine doesn t cook but loves to eat as her figure shows well that s probably the only thing we have in common but her brain is the size of a doghnut and filled with air and the solving of the crime is accidental than anything Finished it but did NOT like it at all Okso I m walking through the library and I see this book The bright orange cover with a cat pumpkin and witch and when I read the story synopsis on the flap I was hooked Who didn t grow up with a neighborhood witch you now that person who s just angry and bitter and is going to make sure everyone is as misera Once you get to the 11th book in a series it starts to get a little difficult to write a refreshing interesting review But for some reaso So I went to the library with a list of books to read and none of them were available I happened to see this book I enjoy a good cozy mystery series but I usually like to start with the first book in the series My library of with the first book in the series My library of did not have the first book Desperate for something to read I took this one home Seriously this is close to being one of the worst books I have ever read You now that trend in movies and TV where the characters break from their roles and talk to the audience Think Deadpool Well this author tries doing that in her bookand fails miserably Also for some reason she seems to think it is cute to have the main protagonist constantly put words into the other characters mouths only to follow it up with Ok ISheHe didn t really say that Really Once Maybe But this appears on every other page I could go on and on but just let s leave it at this book sucks and I won t be reading any in the seriesor by this author Jaine Austen sucks and I won t be reading any in the seriesor by this author Jaine Austen a writer a major foodie and a murder magnet who lives in the slums of Beverly Hills Los Angeles with her cat named Prozac She lives next door to her frienemy Lance who is constantly eavesdroppingClick below for my review Rated 35 starsJaine is a writer who lives in the semi poor part of town and she loves her food but when. Th her own Do Not Tresspass sign on Halloween night the neighborhood fills with relief and possible culpritsWith a iller on the loose Jaine hardly has time to fall under the spell of her yummy new neighbor Peter As the prime suspect she summons her sleuthing skills to clear her name and soon discovers that everyone has a few skeletons in their closets and movtives for murder are endless Could it have been Cryptessa's next door neighbors the barracuda husband and wife realtors whos. Her cat Prozac murders her neighbors parakeet a chain of bad luck for her Peter is new to the neighborhood and decides to have a Halloween party but then the crabby Cryptessa ends up being A Gun for Sale killer by her own sign and of course Jaine is blamed due to the fact that whoeverilled Cryptessa was wearing her costume While Jaine tries to find out who really did ill Cryptessa she finds out that it could be any of the neighbors since they all have their secrets There are some funny moments between her nosy neighbor and friend or enemy Lance They are both attracted to the new comer and their competition gets Jaine into a bit of funny moments 25 I almost rounded up for making me doubt myself but I feel like books I enjoyed have Only Gotten Three Stars So It Cheapens gotten three stars so it cheapens rating as though my ratings had any value Not to spoil anything but I did predict the iller in my fifth comment as I read and I stuck with that belief mostly from contrariness than deduction until we got to what seemed like an extremely disappointing climax for a mystery I was mistaken thinking this writer was possibly breaking away from the mystery writing mold all series seem to follow but that disappointment just made being right ten pages later all the sweeter This was a very uick read when I could be bothered to focus on it Jaine had an interesting inner dialogue I didn t mind following but it wasn t thrilling reading that ept me turning the pages The action was almost always comically unrealistic which also made me take freuent breaks I wouldn t mind being introduced to Jaine again in the first book to see what she was meant to be and compare it to what she s become after 11 books in a series mystery series aren t generally nown for improving as they go A bit of a bother was that I couldn t uite get a handle on Jaine s age I thought maybe 30s but she didn t act like it really she seemed older Overall it felt like an older person was trying to write about the life of a younger person and sometimes failing Of course 11 years of technology advances happened since the author started this series so maybe some of it was
"Just Staying True To What "
staying true to what wrote in the past Levine s biting wit and fun writing style shine in this Halloween y whodunitJaine s crazy cat leads her into trouble this time when not nice neighbor and has been TV star Cryptessa Muldoon ends up dead I don t want to give away the fun twists that ept me turning pages and I Didn T Guess Who Did Dunit Until Levine Wanted Me t guess who did dunit until Levine wanted me which is always good but suffice to say that if you re a Jaine fan you ll love this hilarious installment in a fantastic series I look forward to the next one. E landscaping Cryptessa bulldozed Or the seemingly sweet old lady whose beloved dog was the object of Cryptessa's wrath Or perhaps the crotchety actress was done in by her own nephew in a desperate attempt to get his hands on her moneyAs the masks come off Jaine's search for sweet justice turns up uestions than answers And just when she thought nothing could be scarier than her run in with a tortuous Tummy Tamer she closes in on the iller and learns the true meaning of grave dange. ,

The first few books were laugh out loud funny at times even if a bit predictable they were fun to read But by now the author has reused the same jokes over and over again to a frustratingly boring degree The jokes are recycled often with little if any variance so often that each book is almost exactly the same as this one before I would like to see some new material come from these stories because the old stuff has been way overusedIt s also a bit tiring reading about a main character that never develops or grows out of her spineless doormat personality She lets her friends and acuaintances walk all over her and it s always the same through every book I d hope by now she would have gained a little self respect But she never changes It s a bit frustrating a without laughter is a frustrating A day without laughter is a wasted ChaplinDon t waste another day Jaine Austen awaits you for another comedic adventure from Laura Levine For those new to Jaine she is a free lance author living la vida loca in LA No no she is not dancing to Ricky Martin Instead Jaine plays amateur sleuth when dead bodies appear around her She is abetted in these cozy mysteries by her outlandish neighbor and shoe salesman Lance her faithful friend and successful writer Kandi and her cavalier cat and pantyhose People of the Book killer ProzacLevine lets the dogs and howls out for her Halloween themed new release DEATH OF A NEIGHBORHOOD WITCH Only Levine can deliver such zany characters the victim is Cryptessa Muldoon television s fourth most famous monster mom Cryptessa s success lasted one season many moons ago and she has since terrorized her neighbors Thus her neighbors become the prime suspects when Cryptessa is murdered with her own No Trespassing sign I chuckled when Jaine discovered that Cryptessa made her TV debut as a corpse on Hawaii Five O I wonder what Jack Lord thought of CryptessaEven Jack Lord would roll with laughter at Jaine s antics in solving the crime Jaine leaves no stone unturned or candy unwrapped as she plows forward in her elastic waisted pants That s the beauty of Jaine she is imperfect She s real She s a character with whom readers can relate especially her rationale for stocking up on Halloween candynowing few Encore, Grace! kids will ring her doorbell the grocery clerk doesn t buy into Jaine s excuses Levine writes Jaine in such a way that I can feel the physical comedy ala Charlie Chaplin himselfThe cr me de la cr me Janie s parents live in a Tampa condo They separately send emails to complain of the other Her mother has an overactive credit card and her father has an overactive imagination Jaine s parents hit home for me as my parents live in a Tampa condo and. When her faithful feline Prozac unwittingly scares to death a parakeet belonging to the neighborhood's resident curmudgeon Jaine finds herselfnee deep in toil and trouble The cantankerous Hollywood has been once played the part of Cryptessa Muldoon television's fourth most famous monster mom Now a bitter paranoid old dame Cryptessa spends her days making enemies with everyone on the street and accidental bird iller Jaine is no exception So when the ornery D lister is murdered wi.