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Dory A major theme explored is land use particularly the Water And Land Wasting Practice Of Using 85% Of Colorado and land wasting practice of using 85% of Colorado irrigation to grow crops that are subseuently fed to cattle and how such cattle trample and make wasteland of much of the arid WestI read the first edition published 1981 One major topic contemporary to that date is how Jimmy Carter sought to revise Western water politics for sustainable use and how he was rebuffed by politicians with vested interests Notably he did not carry a single Western state in his bid for reelection I like to read the second edition for Political And Social Updates The First Edition In My and social updates only the first edition in my library so I ll need to look further afield. On the river to supply cities in the desert render this new edition all too timely Philip Fradkin has updated this valuable book with a new prefa. ,

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This will really wake you up to what we ve done to a magnificent natural wonder Yes another book on water in the West You water logged easterners ust don t understand gotta read up for the new ob This history of the Colorado River offers a detailed account of the politics of water in the West the stuggles between the BLM Indians Mormons booming metro centers and powerful congressmen over who has the right to harness and consume the dwindling flow of the riv I got halfway through to page 200 or so and couldn t follow it well I got lost in the story After reading Beyond the 100th Meridian this is the one to read Understanding the arid West s Powellian water "politics growth in a desert Here is the definitive history "growth in a desert Here is the definitive history the development of the Colorado River and the claims made on waters from its source in the wyoming waters its source in the Wyoming Nvironment is essential to
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Global Chaotic s impact on the American s forward thinking pragmatism scientific insight is both prescient genius If s impact on the American WestPowell s forward thinking pragmatism scientific insight is both prescient genius If love environmentalism sustainable ecoligical deep economics than then read this It s important Fascinating yet somewhat depressing this book describes the mighty Colorado River and how it has been dammed into submission reused for irrigation to the point of lethal salinity and argued over by countless politicians who want water for business than the river has to give Between historical and socio political discourses Fradkin describes his own experiences of the river on foot in camp and by kayak and wooden. To the California and Arizona borders where so saline it kills plants it peters out ust short of the Gulf of California Ever increasing demands. A River No More: The Colorado River and the West