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Pack Up the Moon yOne treating her like a kid that would have driven me mad Bumping this up to a 3 12 star rating I still like this book but I still feel the same as the first time I read this oneThis is a hard review for me because I love Laurann Dohner I love her stories I love her style of writing and I always get wrapped into her world 4 45 starsThis was a really good story I loved Beauty and Shadow and really enjoyed their story This one has made it to my second favorite of this series I can t help it Valiant is still my fave Beauty is a NS New Species people that were made in a lab with human DNA merged with animal DNA female but also has the misfortune of being a Gift female the NS females that were made smaller and weaker than most NS and given away to the financiers of the lab that created them This meant she was put through some really bad stuff by a man that saw her as a possession Fortunately for Beauty she was rescued and taken to Homeland a compound owned by the freed NS people where she recovered and learned to live free The problem is that since the Gift females as seen as weak they re highly protected The NS males aren t even allowed to talk to them and their movements even within the compound are very restricted Most of the Gift females don t mind because they have no interest in males but Beauty is different Beauty is trying to get over her past abuse and wants a relationship with a male Kind of hard to do whenou re not even allowed to talk to them One night when she s feeling very restrained by her circumstances she leaves the women s dorms and goes for a run not expecting to get tackled when she s mistaken for a human Shadow is a NS male and has been through a rough past in the labs which has him avoiding females intimately He has been working with the human task force that goes out to capture the fugitives still out there wanted for crimes against the NS people and also saving any NS people that discovered being held captive He s best friends with Wrath and envies him his mate but doubts he ll ever be able to want a female human or NS or ever have a mate Things change when he captures what he thinks is a human intruder in Homeland and she ends up being a Gift NS female instead When Shadow captures Beauty there s a bad storm that comes up and as he s trying to get her protection from the rain he takes them to a storage shed in the area As soon as they get inside hail starts up and it s too dangerous to go outside for a while When it s safer Shadow wants to go call a female NS officer standard procedure with a Gift female but Beauty doesn t want him to leave She s interested in the big NS male and convinces him she d be too scared if he left her alone a bit of an exaggeration so he wont leave They start talking and share a bit of themselves During this time Beauty brings up her feelings of feeling captive by the rules set in place to keep her "safe This is unthinkable to the NS because they were kept captive for so long " This is unthinkable to the NS because they were kept captive for so long tells Shadow how lonely she is and would like for someone to hold her and sleep with her in their arms While the storm still rages outside Shadow decides he ll give her the night in his arm it s only platonic though The next morning they re found as they re waking up together and since being alone with her is really against the rules Shadow has to go with Security and account for his actions Breeze goes to talk to Beauty and finds out what happened and also Beauty s need for than she s allowed by the rules around her Breeze brings this issue to the attention of the NS leaders and they decide that Beauty and Shadow should spend some time together Shadow and Beauty are given a chance to bond by being sent to Reservation another NS compound and they have 2 weeks together in a secluded cabin Beauty is interested in Shadow but is very shy and wont make the first move Shadow at first is rather pissed that they sent him there without actually asking him but does finally admit his return interest in Beauty The problem lies in the fact that Shadow doesn t know a lot about females and because of what he was put through in the lab he s afraid he might hurt Beauty if he does try to share sex with her Things don t go well at first but eventually Beauty takes the bull by the horns and get them her Things don t go well at first but eventually Beauty takes the bull by the horns and get them which eventually leads to other thingsthing that work out very well between them There are a few stumbling blocks but everything starts going pretty well between Beauty and Shadow Things get disrupted when mercenaries manage to get on to Reservation hired by Beauty s previous captor and sent to bring her back to him They cause a lot of problems but things do get handled and Beauty shows some real courage in handling herself and not being the weak female they all thought her There s a little stress at the end until Shadow and Beauty are able to talk things out after the danger has been handled and all but they do talk Beauty showing courage in not being afraid to speak up for what she wants and decide they want to stay together They become mates and start their well deserved HEATHIS WAS A REALLY GOOD STORY was a really good story loved Beauty and Shadow and seeing them work through their pasts to be together It was a very good romance but I also liked the story it told about Beauty overcoming how she s seen both by others and herself striving to be and showing a lot of courage when facing danger both physical and emotional Shadow did well too but I felt Beauty handled it better than Shadow overall LOL I can t wait for book 10 Moon s book I 3 Moon I d recommend this book 2 thumbs up D note I listened to the audio version of this book The narrator did a very good jo. Nd revulsion For Beauty it was enslavement and ridicule Two lonely souls who have never known a lover’s touch together in a cabin in the woods Each touch every discovery brings them closer to a life they never thought possiblebeyond even their dreams.

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Hine and forced to watch porn while they stole his semen to sell to people who wanted to make species babies for pets He is afraid to touch a woman doesn t know how he will act if he has flash backs Then he meets Beauty and he has never wanted a female Shadow was sweet sexy and very protective I loved how he was always dropping to his knees to talk to her so they were eye level He opened himself up to her made himself vulnerable It means Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond you shouldn t say that to me unlessou really mean it I d keep Henry and June you in my bed Beauty You don t need to worry about me with other females I already avoid them You re the only one who tempts me to the point where I d face anything to touchou I was afraid I might hurt Dry Skull Dreams you but I ve wantedou since the moment we met He hugged her tighter to him I m damaged and was worried that would cripple me when it came to sharing sex His fingers stroked her arm glad she relaxed There isn t a damn thing pathetic or lacking in My Names Friday you Beauty I want to I need to tasteou I crave it He took a heavy shuddering breath Open up for me and stop thinking Just feel Trust me Beauty Beauty I loved Beauty she was so brave She was scared but she wasn t going to let that hold her back She knew what she wanted and went for it She was a fighter and I loved that She found her back bone and spoke her mind even when she was embarrassed I m just a woman Shadow I m getting stronger every day and I refuse to be locked inside a box while The Gate of Heaven you and everyone else toss away the key I might not be as physically fit as our women but that doesn t make me less You re smaller than me and I worry I d be too rough if I put my hands onou You re touching me right now and Tutoring Lady Jane you re being very gentle She swallowed hard Maybe we could help each other get over our pasts I m not themou know She swallowed I don t want to have different sexual partners I m not opposed to dating ou Her gaze dropped to his chest and stayed there her embarrassment showing again in her cheeks That is if ou want to try out being my boyfriend I d prefer to have a monogamous relationship I loved them as couple They were strong for each other being the others support They were sugary sweet I loved breeze in this book too I want her to get her own book so bad I enjoyed the plot in this one liked the fact that it was her master that was the bad guy Laughed so much over the way everyone was all up in their sex life and when they had sex I was waiting for them to get a Hallmark card I love sex she admitted obviously content to lie there with him curved around her I love sex with American Poetry you he panted brushing another kiss on her throat Was I too rough He worried he might inadvertently harm her frailer bodyI loved this book it was another great one for the New Species Series I am on to Moon Below I leave my favorite moment from the book Why doou call Shadow that Toga "Boy It Annoys Him "It annoys him she laughed I ll never forget what he looked like wearing that flag It was kind of hot Jealousy surged inside Beauty He s mine Dark eyebrows rose and Breeze grinned Feeling possessive You just hissed at me I m sorry Beauty was surprised by her unexpected strong reaction He s all Every Good Girl yours I can look but won t touch All our males are impressive if I say so myself and I do Is he feeling possessive ofou as well She grinned Never mind He will It s who they are I feel things for him How is the sex Beauty hesitated but then answered Amazing She blushed but refused to look away It s so much better than I ever suspected Score points for toga boy Breeze chuckled I m glad Please don t call him that You have to notice how that muscle in his jaw twitches every time A Sixpenny Christmas you say it I know It s cute isn t it Breeze stood It s good for males to be teased It reminds them not to be serious all the time What doou have to eat around here Beauty has spent her life in captivityOnly brought out of her basement dungeon when Master needed her to please him sexually brought out of her basement dungeon when Master needed her to please him sexually guards referred to her as Mud But she was a Gift Gifts were New species that were genetically altered with animal DNA They were developed to be sexual companions and they are beautiful Beauty was created with Primate DNAThe Gifts that have been rescued are treated like fine china They are not allowed to interact with any males and not are not even allowed to work as all other New Species do Beauty often hears the other species having sex thru the walls of her dorm but instead of fear she feels a longing She longs to be free to experience life and not to be protectedOne rainy night when Beauty can take the oppression no longer she goes for a run in the rain only to meet her destinyShadowShadow is on patrol one night when he spots a female running in a thunder storm so he chases her Shadow was not prepared for Beauty s strength nor for the emotions he felt towards her His instincts took over and he immediately wanted to protect and keep her safeShadow suffers nightmares from Last of the Few years of torture and breeding by his captives He has never had consensual sex and is afraid to attempt to be with a female But Beauty is a temptation that he is unable to refuse These two were so perfect for each other She d wanted him to kiss her Her head tilting back and her lips parting while she d closed her eyes had been a good indication There was only one problem He d never kissed a female before I ve never loved before but this has to be it You are everything I want and need You make me complete and havingou in my arms is the most right thing in my world Every thought involves My Darling, My Hamburger you and how to keepou close re read after another re read I think I would rate this a 4 now I don t know how Beauty felt with every. Dumbfounded He has a Gift pinned under him a big no no But Beauty is fascinated and wants to know Shadow a lot better She is full of newly discovered unreuited passion and he’s just what she needs to satisfy her curiosity For Shadow sex means pain Ooo this guy s name is Shadow That makes me think of a mysterious dark haired man who is a brooding and uiet Like thisBut that is completely wrong Our guy named Shadow is tan blonde hair in a military cut blue eyes easy going and funny Like a bro not a shadowIt just seems kinda deceiving But these New Species pick out some weird names sometimes There is one named Book one named Creek and another named Moon I mean I get that they all picked things they like but come on If we were going to name ourselves random items we like I would be called Cake or Bed Most of my dreams are cake relatedA cake bed the best of both worldsSo we have Shadow our bro New Species doing guard duty at the compound one night when he spots Beauty one of the female Species who had been used as a sex s Good thing Beauty was a bad ass because Shadow could not get it together It really was a sweet and fun book I loved the way the NSO came together to support them It was beautiful Very good book like all the others I m really in love with all the guys of the serieShadow is cute with beauty and very protective and even if she s shy about sex things she try not to be the victim she was when in captivityLove their HEA Now I want to read the following books Moon Vengeance and Leo now I know he has a tail Well I don t know about everyone else but I loved this book Beauty was awesome the right blend of uiet and strength And for some reason I don t know why I have discovered an obsession for Leo I really don t know why since he is only mentioned about three times in this book but I adore him He is mine do ou hear me He Is Mine Valiant has warned them sternly to avoid this area He keeps them in control for the most part Leo is also good with intimidation He s a wild bastard though Who is Leo Is he a danger Another feline He won t come after the Gift I d worry about him playing pranks but he s got heart He s sane but doesn t follow rules He enjoys giving the officers headaches Ok and maybe its the fact he has a tail How cool is that We finally have a species with a tail Almost like Valiant but not uite as crazy And he s single Or was mine nowIt definitely took some surprising turns for me but I really enjoyed it Beauty was uite lucky with the man she was gifted to so I understand she was not uite like Tiny or Half pint which is disappointing because I really enjoyed reading about a Gift female Doesn t seem likely Tiny and Half pint will get a book Maybe a different Gift female Though I don t think we ve heard of may others Maybe a Gift with a Task force guy That d be a cool twist DI was slightly happy that Moon s book was next loved him ever since Slade but I thought it wouldn t be as intense as the others because of how relaxed he is Hah well that s all ruined now Can t wait for his book Being shot with a dart that practically turns them feral Didn t see that one coming Moon promises to be interesting Perhaps after Moon she will do Ven I hope so his story seems like it will be very interesting Then Jericho I really want to read his book too I d also want her to do leo but that would mean giving do Leo but that would mean giving up to a Species or human and there is no way I m doing thatWhy is it when I finally decide to hate someone in her books she makes them seem not that bad Looks like there is a lot to Kit someone in her books she makes them seem not that bad Looks like there is a lot to Kit we thought Someone has some hidden issues But she s still not well liked by me Obsidian is my second favorite male and he was clearly taken when she hit on him Ven was annoying until we learned his story Kit s story might be really sad but she s still a bit of a bitch Gonna have to work hard LD to make me like herMoon can t come out fast enough No release date for it et damn Soon hopefully I m dying to see how and who solves the drug problem I thought a doctor at first but probably not The girls are already taken right Trisha and Ali Maybe a Species Maybe a human Who knows It will have to come put uickly so when can find out and get our next NS hit hint hint I loved this one I wasn t uite sure how I was going to feel about the pairing with Shadow Beauty but I must say these two are just beautiful together I loved that this one is about a Species Female pairing this time and not our past books in this series where they are all about the Species Males human femalesWhat do Our Island Guide you need Tell me It sours Shadow sighs Just because Beauty is alot vulnerable than her female species counterparts does in no w I can t wait to read Shadow s book I heard on Laurann s blog that Shadow will be with Beauty a gift female Both have been hurt and it will be great to read how each of them overcome their insecurities 4 I just had sex StarsSpoilers I m really not I m scared all the time but I m afraid of wasting the life I ve been given by never taking chances I have enough regrets So Shadow is the 9th book in the New Species Series Beauty is sick of being called gift Everyone treats her with kid gloves Men aren t allowed to even talk to gift females It s like a prettier prison and Beauty is sick of it She wants a life love and she just wants to be treated normal One night while running in the rain to feel free and alive she is tackled by a NS male She isn t afraid of him She feels drawn to him He is so big and sexy She is going to have him and a life Now she just has to figure out how to go about getting what she wants when everyone treats her like a child That s what Gifts are to all of ou right Children Why did ou bother to save us It s a prison without abuse but it s still captivity Sunshine nicer living conditions and food aren t enough Shadow Shadow is messed up While imprisoned he was hooked to a masterbation mac. Beauty resents being labeled Gift Species Everyone is way too overprotective males aren’t even allowed to speak to her and so far true freedom eludes her Then a big sexy Species officer mistakes her for the enemy and takes her to the ground Shadow is. Shadow By Laurann Dohner

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