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Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, rAinly on theomance frontGood story telling not in the least tedious Enjoyed It Ellie Inherits it Ellie inherits hat shop on the corner of SOUTH ANNE STREET IN DUBLIN AFTER Anne Street in Dublin After thought she decides that she will take on the A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners running of the shop and continue in her mothers footsteps Using her own experience and knowledge to create millinery masterpieces fit for any occasionThis is a lovely story to listen to and the narrator Caroline Lennon has the perfect tone to her voice to make the story come aliveThis is obviously a story about hats the making of them the different materials used and all manner of other things The author has the balance of the millinery world justight Giving enough information to keep my interest without overburdening me It compliments the story of Ellie and her customers There are also other different things going on this this story The There are also other different things going on this this story The where the hat shop is situated is underthreat not just Ellie s shop but also other etailers from a large developmentI am going to go back to the hats again well the customers actually Each customer that comes into the shop wants a bespoke hat This involves Ellie finding out what the occasion is and then also a little bit abou. On of her mother or accept a generous offer to sell the shop Encouraged by her friends Ellie takes on the hat shop and her uirky designs and tempting millinery confections soon attract a ich assortment of customers all in search of the perfect hat T each customer This means I got to know characters and their own stories some are sad some happy some nervous some own stories some are sad some happy some nervous some but all want a hat I got to know their likes dislike and preferences Whether they were willing to take a chance on something they wouldn t normally pick or knew exactly what they wantedThis was such a lovely story to sit and listen to It s one I would ecommend to those that like a gentle

"heartwarming story about "
story about in their everyday lives It has also left me wanting to now go and ead the book as well An ejoyable light hearted ead nothing too serious but very enjoyable uite an entertaining book for me since it describes the kinds of hatheadpiece Ellie the main character createshowever it s pretty guessable already from the first few chapters how the ending would be and when i finally got to the ending i couldn t help cringe at the cheesiness of It Phowever It Was All In All A Pretty Okay phowever it was all in all a pretty okay so 3 stars for that Excessive and andom use of exclamation marks But good story A huge cast of characters was well managed so you didn t lose track of who was who More of a chronicles type book little stories all woven together with the milliner at the center. Reating hats for weddings shows fashion and fun and falling for the charms of Rory Doyle along the way Ellie is happier than she has ever been before But as her fingers work their magic she discovers a lot can happen in the heart of a city like Dubli. The Hat Shop on the CornerI ead this sometime before 2011 too
"after i had "
I had the first pages in the book my expectations on it was kind
2011 too After I had ead the first pages in the book my expectations on it was kind low I simply thought that this was another author trying to be the new Marian Keyes but who had simply failed However the book became better and I was swept away by all the hats and decorations Conlon McKenna is certainly not a new Marian Keyes but she is not far off This is a feel good novel to ead if you just want to elax for a moment and just want something enjoyable want to elax for a moment and just want something enjoyable ead lovely story of many lives who all have in common at this point of time a young milliner herself being the main character of course the ending could have been a page or two longer to enjoy the outcome of it all This is another book I bought while in Dublin in June 2007 I wanted something that would emind me of walking around the streets of Dublin This book is cute and light Good summer eading definitely a beach ead I eally enjoyed ecognizing some of the names and places woven into the story I enjoyed the book A delightful ead I was surprised that this was so pleasant So long as you are content with a life where only good things and people abound with a few disappointments Hats Hats Hats Upbrims sidesweeps silks ibbons and trims all become part of Ellie's life when she inherits the little hat shop on Dublin's South Anne Street But the city is changing and Ellie must decide if she wants to follow the hat making traditi.