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A Taste of SeductionCompleting a book deal she signed while she was still with PenguinUnbeliveable as it may seem there are some rabid mostly Crossfire fans out there who think "THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS OKAY "kind of behavior is okay that s fine just don t expect other eople to be as tolerant as you are This is the THIRD unfinished book roject from serial uitter Sylvia Day and we re beginning to sense a trend A very unethical trendWhich project from serial uitter Sylvia Day and we re beginning to sense a trend A very unethical trendWhich the uestion When will she start her never to be completed book roject number 4 I wonder Since the crossfire series has been extended I guess this book will be ushed back I ve been waiting I guess this book will be ushed back I ve been waiting this book over a year What a disappointmentEta Now I ve been waiting for this book over 2years The release date keeps getting Battered Not Broken pushed back Ridiculous If an author can t balance multiple series then heshe should not write multiple series at once SYRE S STORY OH MY GODmelts into auddle of jelly by Hailey 0 minutes agoShe said she said she s not touching this series until crossfire is finished when I asked why she said it had a far bigger fan base so that made it important Didn t matter that we have been waiting for it don t expect to see this book for at LEAST 5 years The one star is for Sylvia and HER choices on this book because they are hers not just the What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) publishers. In order to survive and the mosterfectly beautiful darkly seductive man she's ever met She's drawn to the sadness inside him to the man tormented by a The Contemporaries past that continues to haunt him Now as the Wraith virus spreads unchecked Karin and Syre are torn between the very real dangers of a world in chaos and an impossible all consumingassion for which there is no cur.

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HellooooooSylvia DayIsn t the Crossfire done yet Goddammit "this book was shelved in 2013 We need button for did want to read but got that fed "book was shelved in 2013 We need button for did want to read but got that fed of waiting for it ain t going to bother any because that is what I feel I am going to stick to authors who release when they say they will and don t delay because they have extended a trilogy into a 5 UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] part series giving the impression its aboutrofit than writing for the Love of it I wish she Would Finish A Series Instead finish a series Instead starting new ones constantly Getting tired of waiting for books that have no ending that leaving you dying for the next which you may not get for four or five years Seriously Sylvia come on we have waited a whole year so far for the next issue and still no date for the release I hope that when it dose come out that it will not be a dissapointment for such a long wait I enjoyed reading the first two very good reads Please hurry up How much longer do we have to wait Much referred this
to the crossfire 
the crossfire Lost interest in that after 2nd book got a bit ffft for me where as this series was great whats going on Prima e ultima serie di uesta autrice che leggoOrmai la uarta o uinta volta che rimandano l uscita di uesto libro Mi complimento con Sylvia Day Poker Slave per il successo che sta ottenendo Sylvia Day returns to the stunning new world of the Renegade Angels for a riveting new novel of a dangerous romance conceived in the shadows between the living and the damned Dr Karin Allardice a renowned and mortal virologist has been kidnapped for a direurpose to create an anti serum that will cure the Wraith virus infecting the vampire ranks Captured by Syre le. .
A avrei gradito maggiore seriet sia da arte sua sia editoreFor me this is the first and the last series of this authorIt is now the fourth or fifth time they Tabloid City put off the release dateKudos to Sylvia Day on her success but I would have liked seriousness from her and theublisher both When I started reading this series A Taste of Seduction was up for Kirkland Revels preorder on If memory serves me theublication date was August 28th 2012Now that there are rumours of a Crossfire 4 and even 5 novel I guess this book is on hold for years to come A slightly disrespectful attitude from Penguin AND Sylvia As far as "I Am Concerned Crossfire Fans "am concerned Crossfire fans await their turn but money speaks unfortunately EXTREMELY disappointedBTW telling her To Him Who Sits on the Throne politely on Facebookage that you re disappointed in the way she s handling her RA series will get you banned from her comments section Can t have critical comments you know I m done with Sylvia Day and will no longer urchase her new books including this one should it ever be ublished which I doubt given her track records with unfinished seriesUPDATE Sylvia has since left Penguin You know what that means not only is this series delayed it will likely never see the light of day It s highly unlikely that her new agent will be interested in. Ader of the vampire nation she is thrust into a Youth, Beautiful Youth preternatural underworld of blood drinking immortals ferocious lycans and warrior angels and is now forced to curearasitic creatures she feels are no better than the viruses she's dedicated her life to eradicating But the most erilous dilemma threatening Karin's resolve is Syre an enigma driven to abhorrent extremes. ,