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D In THE PRINCE WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS Leslie Kelly returns to the mythical land of Elatyria to send a charming prince in search of his perfect princess in the wilds of New York City Prince Philip is a dream and Maggie is than a match for himIn the second novella MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME Jennifer LaBrecue brings us best friends Knox and Gertie When Knox fell under the spell of self involved Elsa he walked away from Gertie Two Christmases later the two are reunited at the annual Chrismoose festival in Good Riddance AlaskaThis anthology is a Harleuin Blaze so there s lots of sexy bits and I m not sure I ll ver uite look at dark chocolate in teh same way again thanks to Leslie I got a copy of Let It Snow for review thanks to NetGalley I ve been a fan of both Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecue forever and was really The Spiral Dance excited to read their latest storiesI really loved both The Prince Who Stole Christmas and My True Love Gave to Mevery much I ve come toxpect fun and sexy reads from the Blaze series as well as both authors and can only say I wasn t disappointed at all I totally feel for Phil right along with Claire in The Prince Who Stole Christmas It was so wonderful to see someone The Erotic Mind else step in to take care of Claire since she had been taking care ofveryone Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, else herntire life I also loved the chemistry between Phil and Claire and was It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty excited to see themach finally get their own HEAI loved Gertie from the very beginning of My True Love Gave to Meand wanted her to get her HEA with Knox I have to say Knox was a bit of a jerk at the beginning of the story but I gave him a pass since he had just lost his grandmother Was glad to see him finally wise up and realize the woman of his dreams had been right in front of him all along Of course Gertie must decide if she can trust Knox after the way he treated her all those years agoLet It Snow is a Blaze release so it is only available in bookstores for a limited time However you can order from your favorite online retailer in Here With Me (Together either print or digital format Let It SnowA Blazing Bedtime Stories Holiday Collection 2 stories for the holiday seasonThe Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie KellyStarts out with how a princ I liked both these stories but I didn t love themI have reallynjoyed other stories by Leslie Kelly and the world of Elatyria but this one just felt a little off to me I really Double Deception (Code Name: Danger enjoyed the instant chemistry between the two of them and then it kind of dragged for a while and then things picked up again but didn t feel the same chemistry The chocolate scene might do it for some people but not really for meThe second story by Jennifer LaBrecue seemed the opposite kind of rushed oh and they were never snowed in yes it was snowing but they were never trapped together not a big deal but I kept waiting for that and realized it was never going to happen I just feel like he dumped their friendship and then ignored her for 1 12 years again description wrongly says 3 years go by I would have liked the storyven less if that was the case I know they had history and all that but she very uickly lets him back in despite her hesitation I just wish he d chased her a bit and she had time to process It literally was a week from their reunion to the Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, end of the story All that said I did reallynjoy the story and most of their dialogue it just wasn t awesomeRelation to Christmas The first story barely mentions it Just says Christmas is coming and it just wasn t awesomeRelation to Christmas The first story barely mentions it Just says Christmas is coming and it cold Not much Grave Tattoo else to make you feel like it s a Christmas story It really could have taken place any time of year and I actually forgot it was supposed to be Christmas until I went back to read the book description The second story definitelymphasizes Christmas Georgia and the Tycoon except all the instances are kind of uickly glossed over She s decorating for the local festival but the real focus is her conversation with the mayor H and h get winter boughs together for said festival but the real focus is on other things They do decorate his Christmas tree together but again very uick I have seen other short stories handle a holiday theme without making it seem like an afterthought or bogging down a story But I liked the storiesven though neither screamed Christmas to me. Ddance Alaska Gertie and Knox were best friends until Knox fell under the spell of a rather cold remote woman But three years later Knox and Gertie are reunited at the Chrismoose festivaland all it takes is a snowed in night in a cabin for Gertie to turn Knox's chill into a red hot blaze of sexstasy. .

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Overall 35Pace 45Characters 35Romance 35Emotion LaughsTears 15Dialog 35Enjoyment 35I liked the first story well A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries enough It was cute once I got past the fact that the hero was an alien and over bearing at times Pace is good Character development seemed a little one sided I knew a lot about Claire and her family for the majority of the story but almost nothing about Philip I give 3 stars As for the second story it was okay but not really my thing but I did read all of it I d give it 2 starsOverall the book was good I d never read the second author so it was a nice intro to her style The second story was holiday y than the first in my opinion The book is just one of those It is what it is deals Not much I can say really He hadn t noticed the hints of copper in the sea of brown curls The rich swirl of colors brought to mind the decadent caramel chocolates she sold in her shop and he immediately decided that was is favorite colorThen she smiled at him heryes twinkling and he remembered blue green was his favorite colorThen he looked down and saw the sweater she wore soft and crimson Red That was his favorite colorI m ready she and saw the sweater she wore soft and crimson Red That was his favorite colorI m ready she him just let me lock upHe waited while she turned to do so unable to keep his attention from drifting down to the black pants she wore They were some kind of velvety material corduroy he thought it was called and clung to her curves as if they d been painted onOh right Black is my favorite colorHell he might as well admit It She Was His Favorite She was his favorite Leslie KellyThe Prince Who Stole ChristmasLet It Snow Review featured on wwwbooks n kissescomThe Prince Who Stole Christmas3 Stars Ok First the reader should know that Philip is from another planet The synopsis doesn t say anything about that but I couldn t understand why he wasn t sure why lights go on with a switch or what a pair of jeans are I am not really into the whole from another planet thing so I wasn t too interested in this story Taking that away the characters are interesting and the story is Good I Am Not Sure I am not sure would classify it as a holiday romance since there is not much about Christmas in itMy True Love Gave to Me3 Stars This was just ok The story is good and has a lot of potential the problem is that the characters just do not mesh well together There is no spark with them Yes the story has a nice background and a understanding of why things happened but you just never feel that spark And while it does take place during the holiday season there is not much of a holiday feel to the story Lakeside Redemption either Something was just missing from this storyDisclaimerI received a complimentary copy of the book inxchange for an honest review Reviewed at HarleuinJunkiecom5 stars Review The Prince Who Stole ChristmasI always look for Leslie Kelly for a hot and steamy read and this book didn t let me down The Prince Who Stole Christmas has all the steamy In Pursuit of a Princess elements youxpect from her with a fairy tale twist that makes it feel wonderful for the holidaysClaire has always had to take care of her younger by 5 years brother Now she only wants to have Second Time Loving enough success with her candy shop to make a living But her brother has run into trouble again and wants her to give her money she doesn t havePhil is a prince from a land where all fairy tales lives He has been looking for his true love hisntire live but couldn t find her on his land Now he travels to New York to look for her And he may have just found her in Claire his new landlordThis story was sweet and hot just perfect for the season For some reason a thought came to my mind while reading Sugar and Spice and Everything Hot Maybe you ll agree with me when you read it too 4 Star Review My True Love Gave To Me This was a great and motional read That brings out the feeling that miracles do happen and that true love always winTrudie and Knox have been best friends since they were kids But after the death of his grandmother Knox puts his current girlfriend over his best friend Now a year and a half later they reunited at the Chrismoose festival and Knox sees the woman that Trudie has always been and he had been blind to before But he will have to find a way for her to forgive him for verything he did and said to her befo. Put some heat in your holidays with these scorchin' hot fairy tales from bestselling authors Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecue The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie KellyBetween her ne'er do well brother and her candy shop Claire Hoffman has her hands full But when sexy sparks start flying betwe. Re anything permanent can develop between themTrue love is not Dark Awakening easy to find and sometimes when it s right under your nose it sven difficult to see This is the case with Trudie She didn t realize she was in love with her best friend until he wanted to stop seeing her because his girlfriend didn t like her Now she is still in love with him but she doesn t want to get hurt again Forgiveness takes a
"lot and knox "
and Knox have to give verything he didn t want to give before if he really wants his HEA So this book is a complete step away from what I usually read I like paranormal and urban fantasyromance I think this book is classed as rotica I m totally not up on my book genres though so I really have no idea what it s classed as I think it s Family Men erotica though cos there was a bigmphasis on the sex and that to me is what defines Creative Participation erotica So there The Prince Who Stole ChristmasPhilip must find a woman he wants to marry to become his princess or he ll be forced to marry someone picked out for him He has one month in New York to find his soul mate how handy for him that she happens to own the building that he rents 2 apartments in Claire runs a candy shop out of the building her uncle left her her brother gets into gambling debt and behind her back rents 2 of the uninhabitable apartments upstairs and since Claire can txactly afford to give back the money that Philip paid her brother she has to live with it Before long they develop feelings for one another and can t ignore the heat between themLoved this one Philip was nummy and Claire was instantly loveable I think Claire s lazy gambler brother made her likeable cos you knew she had to put up with all his crap And Philip is the typical Prince Charming he s tall and handsome and wants to take care of Claire Of course this involved trying to make sure loan shark thugs don t try and threaten Claire over her brother s debtsI think one of my favourite parts in this one was the fact that it s Claire s brother that makes Sabina Spielrein everything happen And it s also her brother that talks her into going with Philip when the whole truth comes outPlus the sex is well it s just delicious Literally there s chocolate involved My True Love Gave To MeGertie and Knox have been best buds since Knox moved in with his grandmother at age 9 so when he turns round years later and tells Gertie that his current girlfriend isn t happy with the time they spend together he breaks her heart It s at that time that Gertie realised she loves Knox but she doesn t think she knows him any so she stays back from him A year and a half later they are both at Chrismoose and seeach other for the first time since the fateful night it s at this time that Knox realises that he loves GertieAt the beginning of this story I totally agreed with Gertie that Knox was being pushed around by his girlfriend and he was letting her By the Cognitive Radio Networks end I saw Knox s point of view as well I m just glad they both synced up and finally seen what the other was feelingHated Knox s girlfriend but she turned out not to be his girlfriend any so it s all good She was a typical pretty bitchy character she changed Knox from the beginning and that s what distanced him and GertieSex between 2 long time friends could be awkward but Knox and Gertie s managed to be tasty I think the whole knowing someone that well can most definitely help when it comes to seducing them it certainly worked for these two This book is a compendium of two stories The Prince Who Stole Christmas by Leslie Kelly and My True Love Gave to Me by Jennifer LaBrecue This book is hard to rate because I have very different feelings aboutach storyThe Prince Who Stole ChristmasI really Personnel Management in Government enjoyed this story This is a happilyver after type story with a bit of fantasy thrown in and is right up my alley for favorite with a bit of fantasy thrown in and is right up my alley for favorite of stories I like the prince in disguise aspect as well as the fact that he s from another world Claire s brother should have had to face conseuences from his actions thoughMy True Love Gave to MeThis story was simply boring to me Nothing very Out of This World exciting happened and the character of Knox simply annoyed me Let It Snow The Prince Who Stole Christmasy True Love Gave to Me is a uick fun winter s rea. En Claire and her gorgeous butnigmatic tenant Phil Claire wonders if all the chocolate has made her a little Christmas crazy But what will happen to her fantasy when her dishy fling tells her that rhe's actually a prince My True Love Gave to Me by Jennifer LaBrecueYears ago in the town of Good Ri. .
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