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What have I just read My head is spinning and buzzing with thoughts And wonderI am going to repeat something all the ther readers said John the narrator is not nice John is not likable At the beginning he looks like a sort Hebrew magic amulets of unmovable monolith a blockf self confidence and arrogance Everything is superficial at the beginning it s about his looks and those f the people around him it s about casual sex and pleasure it all seems selfish and useless Through all the book though we see John falling apart his half lies are unveiled his mind is revealed and his heart is shattered The self assured John f the beginning Being There of the book the stud the irresistible sexn legs young man shows all his fears and self hatred John doesn t belong any where He feels his Latino heritage sets him apart from the rest and he s secretly afraid that people think less هذه بلادنا: الجواء of him becausef it he refuses to speak in tongues in his Church and he looks at that community with detachment and skepticism being part Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom of his Church keeps him apart from thether students at school his sexuality doesn t conform since he has sex with plenty f girls but he gives his body to his gay best friend Nathan the nly guy he s attracted to he d like to be close to his brother but his brother is not interested since he is not very good at his father s job he believes he s a disappointment to him he doesn t apply to college because he knows he won t be accepted he doesn t play football and is scolded for it because he knows he won t be good enough Most f all John doesn t love himselfJohn Beloved like the apostle Jesus loved Nathan loves him in a spiritual way and in a sexual way John the serial seducer f women with a girlfriend and plenty n the side gives himself to Nathan he lets Nathan have sex with him he submits to his friend As The Story Goes On story goes n we see with surprise and a sort f dread is that John is looking for humiliation and through this humiliation it seems he wants to expiate for something The book is this long voyage from feeling unworthy f everything to feeling worthy f love It s such a painful voyage It was as if John was doing everything against common sense dismissing every unce f self preservation It was so frustrating it was unpleasant We want ur heroes to be strong blameless confident In a very perverse way John is also like that but he doesn t see it for a long timeJohn can see the hurt in The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD other people s eyes and he tries to make it better He sees people in danger and he tries to protect them He needs help and he trusts the right people to help him He sees injustice and abuse and he s not indifferent He genuinely loves Nathan in the most selfless and pure way he cherishes him even if he has sex withther people ther guys even if he s capable f some degree f love for someone else he s given his heart nly to Nathan who loves him back in the same selfless and pure way Atom Heart John BelovedAll the fooling around was hard to back in the same selfless and pure way Atom Heart John BelovedAll the fooling around was hard to from a romantic reader point f view but John is also an adolescent n the verge Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of adulthood He hasn t mastered his desires yet he doesn t even know where they come from and insteadf repressing them he explores them and wants the readers to know about this telling everything in a sort Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of clinical way It s not always heartfelt it s not arousing He forces the reader to be there with him as if assisting to a surgery procedure Look at what s happening Look at what I ve done Look at how fucked up I am how fucked up it can be He s not asking forur sympathies it s as if he wants witnesses John kept me there unwilling displeased frustrated worried afraidThere are many themes in this book coming f age sexual rientation religious bigotry sexual abuse There s rape And there s love as a uest as a goal as a giftI don t know if I d recommend this book If you need to be head ver heels for your protagonist maybe you ll find this book insufferable If you like delicate romance with a straight path to happiness you won t probably even consider this book as romance If you like hot sex to make you dream and desire you ll be probably disappointed and maybe even repelled If you read it despite these warnings and you don t like it blame it n the story I don t think it would be right to blame it The Stringbean Murders on John I LOVE THIS BOOKBut it is the most useless and the most helpless review you could find So skip it I m not going to talk about. Rainbow Award winner Atom Heart John Beloved chronicles the livesf two boys who become friends at age thirteen The story is told by eighteen year ld John who uie. This book Because I just don t want It ll stay with me I m not going to share I m selfish want It ll stay with me I m not going to share I m selfish I m not able to deliver well structured and reasonable reviews They are too emotional and totally meaningless to be goodJust a few words It is about Nathan The best friend f John And it is about John A lot Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of about John And about somether bad and good guys And about the world family religion sex lust church friendship belief music life And love Ah forget it actually it is about much much Told from the John s POV
he is chaotic 
is chaotic illogic infidel and loyal inconsistent extremely conceited and intense He is just John Most The Sporty Game of you will probably hate him But not me John s narrative voice isne American Yakuza II of the most uniue in gay literatureThat s not from meAnd so is the story It s just like a real life And view spoilerit has a HEA hide spoiler 2012 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge I d like toffer a cogent review Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of this book but I can t do it Maybe somether time For now I ll just list a few random feelings I had while reading it1 Anger John does things that are inexcusable2 Hatred John is the least likable protagonist I ve ever re 5 StarsFinally FINALLYAfter months Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of not finding thene to add to my All Time Fav shelf I have found it I ask you to read it Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing on yourwn risk It s very contra version I can t even put into words how much and why I loved this book so much But I ll tryThis book is not for everyoneIt was really difficult and frustrating to read at times but in sort Blood Love of a god wayIn a good way because Johnur MC is very complex teenager with a very uniue POV ne that we don t see very ften He is full f himself he is cocky he even say that he is Gods gift Yea right I DID NOT buy itHe is so insecureHe grew up in a very religious family yet he is skeptical to begin with and when looking into it he is a total none believerHe knows he is a poor student with no promising futurehe has a girlfriend that is OK he does not really love her she does not really love him but That s the best he think he can get and deservesHe is so in love with his best friend but think he does not deserve him he KNOWS Nathan is so much better than he isSo yea he tells us r try to tell us ne thing but I saw right through himHe punish himself through ut the story in lots f ways and for lots f reasons the secrets he knows eats him alive and he does not know how to let the pressure utOne might think that he is the strong MC but h no Nathan the second MC is the DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting one that you fall in love instantly he is the smart uiet friend that loves his best friend for years but is willing to stay BF for the sakef not loosing JohnHe knows what he want he knows who he loves he knows what he believe in and all in all simply being what John need him to be while he John finds himselfHe is coming ut as the the passive MC but he IS the strong neSo yes you want to hug and protect Nathan but who really needs it is JohnJohn BelovedThe writing The writing is absolutely superb This is the second book I read from this author the second 5 star for meI will soon read f his creations This was intenseBut definitely not in a good way More like just kill me now intenseThis book depressed me And made me very sad It reminded me how stupid some young horny teenagers are How reckless and selfish How inconsiderate they are to ther people s feelings It s so easy to break a young fragile heart And the person doing the breaking doesn t even think twice In fact he doesn t think at allI want to pinpoint that I didn t hate the book Civil rights, tool of communist deception or John Beloved We all made mistakes when we were that age But the whole packagef issues touched in this book just made me angry and upset Perhaps I read it at the wrong time I don t mind heartbreaking stories as long as they heal me in the end but this ne had failed to make me feel good and I did not believe in that ending for ne secondThere were two things I liked about it though First the writing This author definitely knows how to grip a reader s attention I ll give him that And Nathan The guy I wanted to hug and protect and shake some sense into him He deserved so much better than John I d love to read Nathan s story too but I m afraid I need a break I get the feeling there will be trouble in the seuel and I don t know if can handle it right now 25 starsBR with Lena Sofia Otila and Alona Ladies thank you What a bust. Tly whispers to his best friend Cutthroat one night in bed Do me This novel is a breathtaking love story and an intense comingf age story that resembles no ther book John'. ,

Atom Heart John Beloved

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