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Lindsey Brooks is really reuired reading for any of us who ike smut with great story His books are all different deliciously decadent sinfully sexy and us who Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали like smut with great story His books are all different deliciously decadent sinfully sexy and in a way thatights all the fires inside of you Captureslave at its best The blurb explains this one perfectly and Pam finds herself on a voyage she never signed up for used as a slave There are all sorts of things in here from corporal punishment to piercing and it all goes perfectly with the story I even enjoyed the ff parts although that is mostly not my thing unless one of them has a whip or a cane or a paddle in handI don t much care whose hand it is in Great concept sublime execution you l get than you expect from this one The story is great as well steampunkalternate universe which is not a genre well represented in BDSM I first saw this story in its raw unedited form and had some input into it as a proof reader does At that time I was concentrating on its technical merits I have since bought my own copy from A1Adult books an unabridged version as I didn t want the version which is abridged for a ittle of its contentIt is a slave fantasy story and also fulfills the genres of BDSM Steam Punk and Erotica as well It is a book for adults over 18 or the La libertad primera y ltima (CLAVE) legal age of adulthood for your countryThis story explores the possibility of there being parallel worlds to ours Pam former cabin crew and now responsible for investigating cases of sexual harassment in the flying industry finds herself in the situation where uantum theory becomes uantum fact and she is transported into another dimension Here she is initially known as Ann She finds herself on another planet Earth but very different from the one sheeft Here the reader is asked to suspend disbelief as you find a world run on the principle of steam and defying the known physics of our world Airships fueled by furnaces with coal by female slave stokers to produce the steam that powers it Steam also powers all other forms of transport and industry on this strange version of other forms of transport and industry on this strange version of Earth History differs outcomes have changed but here men rule and although there are Freewomen many women are slaves many are women who want to be slaves At times misogynist or Sapphic characters come to the fore and will resound with different individuals that read this with both positive and negative feelings and results Some characters I disliked their callous disregard for others yet they are the acceptable products of this world cleverly created by its writer Lindsey Brooks Others I oved and maybe grew to identify withBeneath it all Mr Brooks cleverly explores sexuality the growing awareness of the submissive the masochistic the constant needs of a nymphomaniac the humiliation for some of nakedness the accepting naturalness of others then the overriding drive of the sadist the value of humans bought and sold for slavery especially sexual slavery What is acceptable maybe exciting in this story would probably be abhorrent for the greatest majority in reality today but that is what is acceptable it is fiction a story Some punishment scenes were harsh all the sex scenes were extremely detailed and erotic the romance intrinsic The how s why s and resulting outcomes of this story you will need need to read for yourselfI really enjoyed this book the standard of writing and English is good This is the best I have read so far of Lindsey s works and It just hits that five stars for me What an interesting read this turned out to be This story kept me completely engaged and unlike some captive stories I found the non con very hot rather than disturbing I credit the great writing by the author Pam Ann s treatment as a slave is really horrific though not overwhelmingly so and I wouldn t have wanted to be in her shoes But it soon becomes clear that wanted to be in her shoes But it soon becomes clear that doesn t find it entirely objectional It does take her some time to get there and following her journey made it a rewarding read as Rafael slowly breaks through her walls built on a past failed relationship Nice HEA with all the oose ends tied up neatly Recommend to all non con slavecapture fans Imagine an earth much ike our own where one key person in history. Alongside our world is another a world where women may be kept as slaves whipped for the slightest misbehaviour or just for the amusement of their ownersSomewhere over the Atl. .
Didn t play an important part and everything changed Imagine that it is possible if you are in the right place you can exchange places with someone from that other worldPamela was a sexual harassment investigator for a major airline flying back across the Atlantic after wrapping up an investigation and then she is suddenly a stowaway on a steam powered airship where THE MAN SHE WAS INVESTIGATING IS SUDDENLY NOW TELLING man she was investigating is suddenly now telling she is a stowaway And she soon finds out that being a young female stowaway ends in only one wayYou start out with one impression of Pam but it changes over times She is full of secrets some that even she doesn t realize Fortunately Rafael takes an interest in her because he seems ike one of a very few male characters in the story who has any redeeming ualitiesThe concept of That Kind was an interesting one which of course ed to the uestion of whether Pam was one or not From a BDSM standpoint this was really an awful reality Slavery itself is one thing But the uncaring misogyny of this world was relentless Loving and even Caring could exist but it very much seemed the exception rather than the ruleI am hopeful that two people can make a difference but it isn t going to be easy Many already know that capture fantasies are one of my favorite sub genres Pam Ann is now tops among my favorite books in that well oved group In the name of full disclosure I did have the good fortune to be a beta reader for this book a most enjoyable experiencePam is an uptight highly controlled woman who is A Sexual Harassment Investigator For sexual harassment investigator for airline in the 1980 s She has been badly hurt by betrayed ove in the past and is determined to hold all men to a rigid standard of behavior in the workplace as a result On the way to her next case she is hurtled into a world of steam powered airships and takes on the Some Writer! life of a woman about to become a slaveLindsey Brooks has created a marvelous world and describes Pam s who is now Ann experiences there in great detail I felt Pam s confusion her terror and her humiliation as she attempts to adapt to this strange culture and her place in it Of course she also fights the change in her status from respected career woman to owned property whicheads to delicious scenes of sexual torture Pam ends up fighting not only the people who ve enslaved her but her body s reaction to her torment Pam s emotional journey of self discovery and acceptance is anything but smooth flying Yes pun intended This book has it all in my opinion Wonderful writing fully developed characters creatively crafted world building romance and of course juicy erotic scenes of pain and pleasure The ending is very satisfying an HEA well earned by everyone with several unexpected twists No it isn t ight and it isn t always easy reading but it is an absolute delight to read Another fabulous guilty pleasure written by Lindsey Brooks Very strange very strange indeed This is my first experience with both this author steampunk There are so many things that I enjoyed about this book though I m not sure all of them were intended to amuse for instance the alt world is one in which France doesn t exist as it s been overtaken by England Austria LOL Only the English would come up with the France is the evil empire concept The other was the Venus Dust that Pam keeps attributing her arousal to that everyone but her knows is a farce Oh Pam just admit you ike it Short rundown on the plot Pam is a stewardess on a flight when a black fog emerges in Where to begin How about buy this book now This is my favourite book by the talented Mr Brooks to date I have a The LPN-to-RN Bridge love hate relationship with his books So far every single one of them have been a difficult read at the beginning I m not sure what it is about them but I start out with a feeling of dread About half way through the book I m aroused and starting to get turned on By theast third of the book I m playing with myself while reading the book Sigh This is why I have a Disability and Community love hate relationship with his booksWhat I reallyiked about this book is the way it takes on a slight Sci Fi feel mixed with the Steampunk While there is barely enough steampunk to sati. Antic Ocean is a portal where it may be possible to cross from one world to the other swapping ives with someone on the other sidePam made the crossing although not intention. ,

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Pam Ann by Lindsey BrooksSfy me in this book the Victorian type alternate fantasy with slaves is delicious Mr Brooks does a Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered lovely job weaving this world together It is a bit slow when revealing everything but when enlightenment is finally granted it is a relief Incidentally theocation he mentions the black phenomenon 39N and 25 W it s off the coasts of Portugal It is in the middle of nowhere as far as The Wedding Band (Save the Date, land but not too far away justess than a degree North and a couple of degrees West is Angra do Hero smo Ponta Delgada is at the right Chinas Search for Democracy latitude but off onongitude I digressThe plot of this story is straightforward Pam is sent to an alternate universe It appears she is suited to this world than she originally thought I ove the slavery in this book The sadistic Sapphic delights of depraved Ms Peake are phenomenal Her cruelty and obvious enjoyment in both doling out and receiving pleasure is highly arousing for me A world where a woman can never be an eual is fascinating when overlaid with a sexual slavery culture It s a female submissive s wet dream The sex in this story are really spank bank material written in an elouent manner I really enjoyed the terminology and words Mr Brooks uses It s a refreshing change to read highbrow erotica in such a wickedly perverse manner To top it off this is a happily ever after romance too It s amazing what Mr Brooks can do in a non con sadistic tale This book is highly recommended to romantic kinky deviants who enjoy the grittier capture themes She could not escape the horrible feeling that she was not dreaming and that this unsympathetic grittier capture themes She could not escape the horrible feeling that she was not dreaming and that this unsympathetic of callous casual cruelty truly had become her reality Pamela Weston was your everyday modern woman with a fitted dress suit and combative attitude she could take on the world or simply take on sexual harassment suits as that was her current career Investigating the enigmatic Captain Todd she doesn t expect to fly through a black hole and end up in another world in another ife Sexual harassment is the From Rumspringa to Marriage least of her worries as sheearns she is now a captive in a world where women are slaves and must obey their orders unflinchinglyI read a Xuyên Mỹ (Bất Hạnh Là Một Tài Sản, lot of darker erotica and this one definitely had aot of uniue elements To say this read was heavy would be an understatement there was a Una vida absolutamente maravillosa lot of cruelty and only aittle TLCbut it when it benefited the dominant individual I enjoyed the twist of genres as this book was a hybrid of dark eroticascience fictiontaboo mixed with some steam punk However there were TOO many erotic scenes where the plot ended up Cuentos reunidos lagging on and on Pam goes to her work shifterotic scenePam walks down the hallway erotic scene Pam goes to the bathroom erotic scene You see TOO muchThe book seemed to demonize Ms Persephone Peake but truthfully she was my favorite Pam exasperated me as she constantly whined internally is it just me or would you rather be a slave to a beautiful young blonde millionaire mistress or a dirty old man Idk must be meThe ending was delicious and I enjoyed seeing everything fall into place but after reading the ending I would haveiked the whole story to have been different viewpoints Oh God I started reading this book for this challenge It was difficult to read in the beginning I kinda hated what was happening with AnnPam and felt really sad for her but half way through the book I m so engrossed in the book I can t seem to put it down Its my first Ff book The sex scenes are very detailed and eroticBy the end of this book I m in ove with this book It has HEA and I m sucker for HEA and ofcourse we can t forget the hotness of Lieutenant Drake sighI read this book in one night I just couldn t put it down Well it was definitely worth pulling an all nighter Firstly this author has a good voice the story was well written #AND EDITED I AM NOT NEW TO DARK STORIES # edited I am not new to dark stories have read a number of books with non con including FF but this was all a ittle much Too much emphasis on slavery and caning I think The sci fi mystery side of the story was interesting how Pam Ann ended up in her predicament I would recommend this book to people who enjoy captiveslavery type stories with heavy emphasis on ff scenes masochism sadism. Ally She found herself on an airship caught as a stowaway and condemned to work semi naked as a slave for the amusement of the passengers and whatever they wanted to do to her.