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Ture I am uite unfamiliar with but that s what makes this book so fascinating Kwei describes the proper way to eat and what is proper to eat She describes when who speaks political gains and favors and the halting way of speaking as if it been translated ust for our eyes I am peeking into a world I would normally not have insight into and it is described in enough detail to give me a taste without having overwhelming flavorI very much enjoyed Kwei s descriptions of cultural traditions and the differences Between Modern Living And modern living and of the past The concept of saving face was intriguing as was the struggle between culture and shame If we can agree with their concept that each person is endowed with thoughts and feelings worthy of singular attention opportunities and developments would surely follow Page 298I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a political element culturally rich stories novels featuring Chinese *In China Or A Novel With A Strong Female Lead * China or a novel with a strong female lead story explains the tragedy of the rape of China by the western and eastern powers of the day Purple Jade and her family had to learn new ways endure the losses and death of members of their family and death of the family itself Purple Jade was the strength of this sad group to the end This immerses you in Chinese history culture and landscape at a time of turmoil It was a good book though the author started with one novel and ended with something completely different I enjoyed it but still think the book could ve been written in two separate novels The Huang family is without an heir In early to mid 19th century China this has grave conseuences for the old traditions Purple Jade has the humility dignity and pragmatism to bring an heir to the Huangs in any culturally A great look at an amazing country and people on the verge of great change Following one family on the out break of WW2 trying to hold on to traditional values while also. Review This is a novel that casts its own uniue spell An engaging family saga by a talented storyteller. ,

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A Concubine for the FamilyI am disappointed at where this left off What happened By Wellington DK Chan PhD NEH Professor of Humanities Emeritus Occidental DK Chan PhD NEH Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emeritus Los Angeles CAJuly 2016This review is from A Concubine for the Family A Family Saga in China PaperbackI was much impressed by Amy s careful attention to the historical background for the events that happened during that period in her novel She also did good research that provided her with accurate factual information such as foot binding and how bound feet had to be managed and taken care of They lend verisimilitude which to me is all the important since the audience comes from individuals who are mostly unfamiliar with Chinese cultural values Novels dealing with traditional Chinese values tend to display a maudlin concern when describing family relationships Amy successfully avoids this pitfall for the old traditions were often set against the westernized influences brought in by their daughters from the missionary school and from the family s forced move to Shanghai It is a good story which I enjoyed reading I shall pass it on to my former colleague who teaches Chinese language and on Chinese novels in English translation at Occidental College As a Chinese American I had heard from family members about the plight of China in the time before and during World War II Their stories were sometimes tragic and sometimes heroic but always engrossing A Concubine for the Family Takes These Stories takes these stories another level with a colorful cast of characters and vivid language that is authentic to the words and phrases used by the Chinese people Amy Kwei draws the reader in with her adroit telling of the hardships of internecine conflict coupled with the magnificence of the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity That she does so by focusing on a specific family and the concubine that becomes part of it illustrates an attention to detail that the reader will appreciate and from which the reader will lea. A moving family saga with insightful views of Chinese Culture through tumultuous time 1937 1941 It is .
Rn much about Chinese culture I highly recommend this enjoyable read Gorgeous saga of a Chinese family caught in between their own traditions and the western world with war looming on the horizon Many different characters with different opinions help show the many schools of thought swirling around China in the late 1930s The Huang family is without an heir In early to mid 19th century China this has grave conseuences for the old traditions Purple Jade has the humility dignity and pragmatism to bring an heir to the Huangs in any culturally ustified means available a Concubine for the FamilyThe violence in this book was softened The cultural shock was softened The bad guy was ambiguous Amy Kwei chose to soften the blow of the violence in this book by using a mellowing narrative voice I Thought It Was Fitting For The Author it was fitting for the author soften her words and perspective softening the truth perhaps because the characters and persons in the book showed considerable restraint Where you or I would lash out in voice or action Purple Jade held her peace and showed that she was considering both sides to a situation in her thoughts The author describes this as a concept of fixing yourself before fixing the world By cultivating oneself we can regulate the family by regulating the family *we can govern the state by governing the state we can bring peace on earth When * can govern the state by governing the state we can bring peace on earth When and kindness direct the world heaven will be pleased Page 326 What a wonderful concept that everyone should adopt at least in part and the world would be a better placePerhaps the bad guy was not a single person but actions of people or actions of a country Perhaps it is fate or old traditions Perhaps it is the concept of war Kwei gives the reader much to ponder by not handing us a simple and easy character to despise and blame The characters are Undercover at City Hospital just as much prone to their fate as we are in real lifeI get a little lost in the politics of a country s history I know nothing about and a country s cul. Lso a story of family solidarity and feminine heroism Lisa See wrote I really enjoyed the story Kirkus.