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Ew process itself These chapters are just as golden as the technical ones Interviewing is about just solving the problems They want to see who you are as wellAnyways definitely check this book out if you wish to get extra practice for programming interviews Yes this book is full of interview uestions However the criteria the authors used to pick the uestions is uite academic and may not be

very pragmatic it 
pragmatic It ard to believe that any of today s interviewers would ask some of the uestions in the book within the Average Interview Session Time interview session time of 45 minutes IMHO than 50% of the problems in the book fall into this categoryFurther it lacks of short reviews in the chapters Some short summary of the topics in discussion would be much useful for the readers Readers may find it difficult to jump right into the problemssolutions so uicklyAlso the solutions are often too succinct It would be useful to give some guidance on the conceptsapproaches than giving solutions directly While Cracking The Coding Interview from CareerCupcom قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ has been overdoing it this book is in want of betterintsguides to Resilient help the readers to form their thought processOf there are also errors and ambiguity in some of the uestions A coding interview prep book in C This is actually a good book and I found it toave a much better content than another popular book Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle This book contains a really good collection of interview uestions It s pretty comprehensive in its coverage However the explanations were a bit terse at places they could use pictorial explanations. Ts of interviewing including common mistakes strategies for a great interview perspectives from across the table negotiating the best offer and much This book is the best compilation of programming related problems I ave seen It is a great resource for a diverse set of topics when preparing for technical interviews as a uick refresher in a subject area or when you are just looking for a brain teaser to challenge yourself Shashank Gupta Scaligent formerly Engineering Manager com Senior Engineering Manager Yahoo Manager of Software Development Cisco Syste. Ause seriously WTFminute ratio is way too igh for C versiontl dr Great selection of uestions Not so great execution too Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book high for C versiontl dr Great selection of uestions Not so great execution explanations and code uality readability Elements of Programming Interviews is the best collection of algorithmic puzzles and exercises that Iave seen Whether you are preparing for programming interviews or simply want to جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها hone your algorithmic skills this book is for you With concise explanations asymptotic analysis and optimised code this book offers a great reference to the self learners In a course for design and analysis of algorithms the book can also complement the standard textbooks like CLRS Dasgupta Papdimitrou Vazirani Kleinberg Tardos as assignment problems as standard textbooks stop at pseudocode level but knowing the nuances of implementationselps in practice This book is most effective for self improvement of algorithmic thinking if you code the solutions yourself and compare with the analysis and solutions offered Overall a great book to ave Must read for interview preparation This should become the de facto book on interviews It is loaded with great problems and puzzles The solutions are very comprehensiveHowever don t buy this book thinking that it will
teach you about 
you about or binary search trees It merely contains a few paragraphs for each topic and then goes straight to the problems You ll need another book to learn about the data structures and algorithms that go with them I d recommend CLRS Intro to Algorithms but many others will do like Sedgewick or SkienaThis book also contains a few chapters devoted to the intervi. They are representative of the uestions asked at interviews at the most exciting companiesThe book begins with a summary of patterns for data structure algorithms and problem solving that will elp you solve the most challenging interview problems This is followed by chapters on basic and advanced data structures algorithm design concurrency system design probability and discrete mathematics Each chapter starts with a brief review of key concepts and results followed by a deep and wide set of uestionsEPI concludes with a summary of the nontechnical aspec. Elements of Programming Interviews

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Fated Betrayal (Twisted Destiny Saga,
It s a good book and for a change it s in C Finally something not in JavaIt contains many good uestions There are though many uestions that were silly or it didn t stress a concept that you need to learn I am not a fan of textbook style representation Thick textbooks reuire skimming skill which I personally find painful when reading technical materials I either skip Thick textbooks reuire skimming skill which I personally find painful when reading technical materials I either skip important details or stay on some trivial matter too longEPI keeps it lean and clean the book is by no mean for beginners but if you need a comprehensive yet succinct book to revise and enhance your Algorithm knowledge this is what to get Everyth As good as Cracking the coding interview if not better Solutions in C Twice as many problems and solutions than CCI However unlike CCI it doesn t ave enough review before each topic You need to check out another source there are plenty for thatI would love to see a similar book for Python I ave pretty much read the whole book I m saying pretty much because there are waaaay too many m saying pretty much because there are waaaay too many and there s no way I try To Solve All Of Them solve all of them you genuinely solve all the uestions in the book I d say you re pretty much set for a software engineering job This is a bug in today s software engineering recruitment it doesn t matter if you know good practices design patterns maintainability readability etc Just pick a mainstream language and memorizesolve as many uestions as possible Back to book explanations were not that clear and most importantly the code was incredibly ard to read I think there s a new Java version now so I d say just go read that one bec. New Java versions of all C programs in the book at 8 1/2 http bitlyepi programs Get a PDF sampler of EPI fromttp bitlyepi samplerHave you everWanted to work at an exciting futuristic company Struggled with an interview problem that could Health and Healing for African-Americans have been solved in 15 minutes Wished you could study real world computing problemsIf so you need to read Elements of Programming Interviews EPIThe core of EPI is a collection of 300 problems with detailed solutions including over 100 figures and 250 tested programs The problems are challenging well motivated and accessible.

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