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Night SeasonBond settles that issue for Rule but that doesn t apply here He can t be the first lupus to fall in love and definitely not the first to get a woman pregnant so why is this situation different Don t get me wrong I need that to buy into a HEA but it feels a little convenient hide spoiler I think this is my favorite book of the series it feels a little convenient hide spoiler I think this is my favorite book of the series far Yes the world is extremely complicated so there s still a lot of explaining going on but I like how complicated it is If something is too easy to figure out it gets boring real ick You hear that hipsters We get you now you can stop This should helpSo in this book we have Cullen and Cynna traveling to a different dimension to retrieve a magical artifact different dimension to retrieve a magical artifact some elves Along with their not a demon friend who loves swimming they also encounter the couple from the half book who seemed really random but I had a feeling would be really important later Turns out I was right I suall I think this is my favorite so far As I said for the perivous book each one adds to the world building Here we meet the Edge a strange world that I percieved as a world where all others intersect I am very curious to know when we will discover about Kai and Nathan s role in the whole story and when they will reappear I love Gan and her fishies too She s such a great character 4 Call me shallow but I am having a lot of fun with this series And in this volume we finally got our much needed dose of Cynna and Cullen who are the main narrators here They have to go to another dimension Called The Edge And Have The Edge and have leave Lily and Rule behind However my favorite character in the whole series so far the soon to be ex demon Gan went with them and assisted in a search for a weather seasons earth controlling magic me 35 StarsSPOILERS FOR THE PREVIOUS BOOKSBoy was I relieved to see the pacing improve in this book The last one had me a little nervous about a new writing trend but it was back to normal here We didn t suffer from constant pov shifts although there were some that didn t overwhelm the story I m still not as interested in Cullen and Cynna as I was in Lily and Rule The actual overreaching story arc still hooked me but I didn t really work p much enthusiasm for the actual relationship potential between Cullen and Cynna I guess it was a good thing that I wasn t anticipating much there because this one only had a light touch of romance I really liked how the author handled Cynna s reaction to her new circumstances Just like with Lily s reaction to the mate thing Cynna was not overjoyed by her pregnancy I liked that she had trouble coming to terms with it I can t imagine many women would jump for joy in a situation like that so I m glad that stayed realisticI felt bad for Cynna and Cullen both Him for waiting so long for this and her for being stuck in a situation she didn t desire and tried to plan against I loved getting to see a whole new world I really like how the author keeps expanding and tweaking the world so it stays fresh and interesting It was pretty cool seeing how past characters became important in an nexpected way in this story I m curious to see how that all develops in the future SPOILERSI think the biggest lack besi. Lways believedAs Cynna is trying to wrap her head around this problem a new one pops p in the form of a delegation from another realm They want to take Cynna and Cullen back with them to meet her long lost father and find a mysterious. While we get some time with Lily and Rule this is Cynnia and Cullen s book At the end of the book my dislike for Cynnia had turned into genuine like and my reaction to Cullen went from who s a good boy my little sullen wolfie will be a good boy to I want him for myself Drool SighAt first they had looked incompatible to me the author trying to fix them p just to get rid of the third wheel feely Or For Plot Conveniences But for plot conveniences But fit It is a different yet even engaging fit than Li 355 4 stars BNight Season takes this series on a bit of a detour to another realm I enjoyed the adventure and the different kinds of creatures but wasnt 100% sure of how the medallion and est really fit in with Lily and Rule and the Lupi story arc It was fun to see Gan find a purpose though besides hunting fishies It s interesting to me that so many people liked this book a little less than the first three because it features Cynna and Cullen instead of Lily and Rule I think that s actually why I liked it It s not that I dislike the original lead characters it s just that their romance was a bit lacking at least for me They re mates They really have no choice but to be together It s different with Cynna and Cullen There is no physical imperative for them to be a couple Their relationship isn t a given it s a journey And what a ride it isAs the story begins Cynna is still struggling to accept the fact that she is pregnant It wasn t anything she planned or thought that she wanted But the fact is it s real and in her heart there is no other option but to have the baby Her turmoil over it Transformed Into the Frenchmans Mistress (The Hudsons of Beverly Hills, uickly takes a backseat however when a group of beings showp from another realm seeking her Finding skills The details are murky but when the chips fall she is in their home dimension with Cullen and a handful of others seeking the mysterious medallionIf you read Inhuman you ll be familiar with

Kai And Nathan She S 
and Nathan She s human telepath on a mission from the Winter A Perfect Evil (Maggie ODell, ueen He is the hellhound in human form who loves her Here Kai s mission overlaps with our group from Earth but it s not clear how right away I really enjoyed Kai and Nathan s short story so I liked seeing them again here and learning what became of them But to those who skipped their short these two may feel disjointed to the main storyMost of the book is in Cynna s POV which I liked She has some real issues and vulnerability thanks to her difficult childhood And I enjoyed watching Cullen work to break down her walls I really appreciated his earnestness especially since he has always been so mercurial before now The world has changed for both of them so completely the evolution of their relationship really works to ground themOutside of the romance there is a great adventure Since we leave earth this installment feels a bit high fantasy thanrban fantasy in some ways The worldbuilding is solid but what s cool is that it s built in seamlessly than in other books of the series The pacing moves much better there were no slow pockets I was excited to keep reading from beginning to endThe only The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, uestion that niggles me is view spoilerwhy how Cullen is able to slough off the very nature of lupi culture to choose monogamy The mate. Pregnancy has turned FBI Agent Cynna Weaver's whole lifepside down Lupus sorcerer Cullen Seabourne is thrilled to be a father but what does Cynna know about kids Her mother was a drunk and her father abandoned his family Or so she's
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Des occasional slow pacing was the development of Cynna and Cullen s relationship It didn t fail in the actual delivery I actually thought Cullen s slow wooing of Cynna was sweet it failed in the reason Why is Cynna different The Lupi are not monogamous They do not in the reason Why is Cynna different The Lupi are not monogamous They do not To break these social norms I expect a pretty convincing reason With Rule monogamy came because he was blessed with a Chosen or mate Even then his monogamy was still a source of concern for Lily Just because you re stuck being faithful doesn t mean you want to be faithful But the author slowly built The Executives Vengeful Seduction (Australian Millionaires, up their relationship and convinced me that it was something that made them both happy That wasn t the case with Cynna and Cullen I don t see why it was different with her Even the love thing didn t really make a difference for me I sincerely doubt that in all of history none of the Lupi have fallen in love Odds are that they have but I didn t hear anything about them deciding they had to be monogamous as well I m not complaining about the monogamy because I insist on it but I am complaining about the lack of explanation for it Cullen has bucked and entire race s culture That s an incredibly huge thing and I want to know why I just wish the book had delivered it Cynna is a Finder and a damn good one able to find almost everything over a vast range It s a power that is high in desire including by the Gnomish rulers of Edge another realm that is now accessible after the magic flaresThe Realm is in danger but the ambassadors from Edge are certainly not to be trusted and may have their own agendaOn top of this Cynna has to deal with her feelings on another matter she s pregnant and the father is a sorcerer who is essential to their plan for EdgeWhat I think is bothering me a little about this series is how out there we have suddenly been thrown When the first book Tempting Danger in this series came along we had Lily in San Diego working with supernatural within the world adapting learning The World of Lupi series continues with another great graphic audio production of a story about Cynna and CullenPickingp shortly after the end of the previous book s events Cynna is struggling to accept that she is indeed pregnant Before she has time to wrap her head around that fact a delegation from another realm pops p and reuests her services as a finder Apart from the promise of a trade agreement the delegation offer news about Cynna s long lost father and she can t help but be intriguedIt s not long before Cynna and Cullen end p in that other realm where they are tasked with finding a
Mysterious Magical Medallion And Fending 
magical medallion and fending assassination attempts from a number of factions who are also after the medallionEngaging story that s full of action and a happy ending for the main couple That Grow Close Through Their Adventures TogetherThe Next Book Of grow close through their adventures togetherThe next book of series is Mortal Sins but I ll probably read Kai and Nathan s story Inhuman next since I am curious about them after seeing them in this book Previous book reviews Blood Lines World of the Lupi 3 15042017 Mortal Danger World of the Lupi 2 09082014 Originally Human World of the Lupi 15 29122013 Tempting Danger World of the Lupi 1 29082013. Medallion But when these two born cynics land in a world where magic is common place and night never ends their only way home lies in tracking down the missing medallion one also sought by powerful beings who will do anything to claim