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Y of the boys lives and how the curse came about and takes us right up the point the last book ended Told by Malachi we watch him through the ears as he manipulates everyone to do things his way all along trying to keep Sasha from self destructingAll of the books in this series are a little dark this one is by far the darkest showing us that Sasha earned his title of Dark Elf we get into his head and end up going right up to the edge with him He is beautiful to look at and lethal to cross he doesn t hesitate to use whoever he needs to in order to get what he wants Malachi is just as lethal and just as beautiful but uses a mix of self lethal and just as beautiful but uses a mix of self and intelligence to achieve his goals Together they are a force to be reckoned with they can speak to each other telepathically and feel each other s pain and emotions They truly are each other s soul mate they live for each other and no one else That is until Bethany came into their livesWe know from the other books in the series that Bethany is the reincarnation of a cursed witch from their past This book shows us how the curse came about and we meet her many other incarnations While she does make short appearances this is very much Malachi and Sasha s story so even though we meet her previous incarnations we don t spend a lot of time with any of them Sigmund also makes appearances throughout the story giving us background as to why the boys are so subservient to him and what kind of hold he has on them I have to admit he has always been one of my favorite characters in this series I m not really sure whyI have been a fan of this series from the very first book each time I ve finished a book I immediately start asking when the next is coming out My only little niggle with this one is I m not a fan of the pre uell but given the complicated world Ms Mamolo has built I can almost understand why she chose to wait as I m not sure it would have made sense at the beginning Other than that little issue I loved this book it was dark and gritty and full of lust and violence and sex and intrigue and sex and humor and sex The first books in the series should definitely be read first or one might get lost but it such a good series ou won t regret itMember of the Paranormal Romance Guild Dual Review Team This 4th book in the House of Dede series provides essential background information to show who Lords Malachi and Alexander have been up until the point they meet Beth whose very old soul they are intimately connected to and why they so desperately need her Having this book in Lord Malachi s voice provides not only their history but a window into the complex and often scary mind of AlexSasha who is Malachi s brother soul sharer and ultimate future or perhaps lack of one The boy s shared experiences revealed to the reader enhances and explains their reactions to and treatment of Beth in the first three booksI disagree with the previous reviewer s comments

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redundancy It much edifying to know Malachi and Sasha s background the reading experience is enriched and the character s motivations desires and desperation of the past that is revealed makes a compelling story in the present In real life we live simultaneously in our minds in the past and present and are always contemplating the future so going back to hear the whole story adds to relevancy and enjoyment of the seriesFans of the House of Dede series will be pleased to spend time with the boys and delve into their wicked wanton past as well as find out in the present what happened to Beth since Sasha watched her life ebb away et again I always enjoy having a point of view from another major character in a series I very much like Lord Malachi so I was glad see the story through his bi colored eye. Ll; a toll he is no longer willing to pay In his typical approach to all business matters the half breed decides to gamble with their lives one time If he succeeds he'll be able to save the dark elf from himself; if he fails they shall lose than their liv. ,
Us ears ago She chose to live her life as a human and did not tell her daughter anything about her birth When Bethany finds out she wishes to regain what she has about her birth When Bethany finds out she wishes to Regain What She Has Beth Has No Idea How To what she has Beth has no idea how to about claiming her rights as a lady in the paranormal realm so she decides she must enlist the help of a mentorLord Alek is the Elf who is in charge of their surrounding area encompassing the city of New Orleans Beth plans to ask Lord Alek for his assistance not really realizing what she is in for We meet the good Lord Alek and his shadow and brother of his soul Lord MalachiThrough Beautiful Tears and Blood for Barter we hear from each of them seeing different pieces into the intricate path of destruction for these three livesNow In this newest writing Ms Mamolo has stopped having the reader take a step back back to the beginning The author brings us to the 1700 s where we meet the boys We are there in person to see them meet the witch for the first time Now we the reader can really take in all their pain and see why these two men have suffered losing the witch over and over and really how much she means to both of them especially Lord Aleks The series has been so far uite a ride in giving the reader mystery mayhem death treachery and erotica but also dark That being said I think this story Lord Malachi is the darkest of them allI saw a review that someone wrote for this book that it was a waste of their time going back through the past that this was water under the bridge Yes while it is true about it going back to the past I did not feel that way I think the first three books showed us this world brought the characters and the realm to us We now have bought into the cast of characters but it only gave us hints and pieces of their shared past With this newest Lord Malachi gives us the up close and personal story of Lord Aleks continuing need for Beth that now we see thru the eyes of his shadow through Malachi s eyes and wordsI love the world Ms Mamolo created The Realm is a very hard world to live in The treachery the lies and the murders all play an extremely important part It s like a chess game but ou cannot make a mistake If And a Bottle of Rum you doou can certainly ed up dead But look at the rewards The elf and his shadow in her bed Beth has it allSo here I sit I am left still holding my breath waiting to see what the Demon Sig has cooked up for our boys and if Beth has survived as she was carried away in Blood for Barter I also feel I will be waiting with baited breath for my next House of DeDe fix Please Ms Mamolo be kind and don t make us wait too long Review by Gloria LakritzSr Reviewer and Review Chair of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 45 StarsReaders of Sharon Mamolo s House of DeDe series may have wondered how did it all begin Wonder no in Lord Malachi background is given and all uestions are answeredLord Aleksander known as the Dark Elf to most didn t come by his nickname by chance he lives his life with hedonistic delight and complete disregard as to what others think Malachi Alek s brothershadow knows him as Sasha the brother he loves and who shares the other half of his soul Both are obligated to the demon Sigmund who holds their souls and refuses to give them back until he thinks they have earned it Mix in a curse from a dying witch a court full of intrigue a search for the woman who will save one of them and set it in the steamy lusty city of New Orleans and Crochet you have an epic tale of deceit hate betrayal lust and loveMs Mamolo has hypnotized us with her series from the first book now she gives us a little break by telling us how it all began Starting with a prologue in 2005 before the boys faithful meeting with Bethany and seguing into 1795 New Orleans Lord Malachi gives us the back stor. Lurid past with his best friend and shadow Lord Aleksander They made many mistakes throughout theears and he believes he can rectify some of the egregious crimes He wants to right the wrongs because the sordid secrets they share have exacted a steep to. Lord Malachi House of DeDe Sharon Mamaolo My reviews are genuine whether I bought book or received it as an ARC I don t gush and give false praise I don t believe that helps readers or authors so what Playhouse you read is what I truly feel about a book A Lady of the Realm was one of the first books I reviewed and I was instantly hooked into the series I love the world Sharon has created full of witches fairies not with pretty wings and six inches high but some tough characters Elves same for them no sweet tiny helpful creatures but some scheming manipulative people vampires werewolves and demons None are really stereotypical and they balance really well in Sharon s world This is book four initially I was a bit disappointed I love Malachi who wouldn t But was hoping to pick up from where the last book left off This takes us right back to the start of the boys meeting a preuel to Lady of the Realm ifou like although as it contains elements from later stories where it brings us up to date it couldn t have worked as book one Its a great book itself just my wanting to know where and whets happening with Beth right from start that got me feeling a bit lost Expectations and all they but book five hopefully later this ear will bring that and I ll be eagerly waiting It was fascinating picking up from the early days and seeing what the boys were like then and seeing some of the events happening that shaped their later behaviours Sasha is still the same erratic manic person but harder I feel than when he has Beth to temper him in later books even though she s often the cause of his problems I liked seeing the oung Maria too and finding out why Sasha married Malachi was pretty much the same as I see him now very intelligent always on the ball and definitely out to give anything to protect Sasha As always Sharon s writing is riveting and in the first book I noted the overuse of apostrophes that s all long gone and these later books are far polished Its been good to see how Sharon s writing had developed finesse and Desire and Deceive yet still the same raw gritty storyline with real people who are tough bitchy Beth definitely Beth manipulative andet lovable not cuddly loveable but emotive love Its been good to read about how it all started and what happened from a POV other than Beth and to see if what I thought was going on was what actually happened two sides to all stories and all thatits given me a greater understanding of much of the boys actions where it went over my head uite often before Sharon does bring us up to date towards the end and a brief glimpse of the next book whetting my appetite for from the Realmhope Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, you get a uiet life thisear Sharon and plenty of writing tine as I m keen for to feed my fix Stars four and half only because of my expectation of what it was going to be not because the writing isn t up to scratch Like I said I can see why it wasn t released earlier but I need OK wanted of the story as it is now I m just a terribly impatient person and when I m lost in another world as I ma here I just want to know of the story At 194 for 198 pages is a good price because its definitely one for my keepers file to be read over again I love to read a complete series once all books are out and with good writing there complete series once all books are out and with good writing there always bits the reader has missed that get picked up second and subseuent readings I ve found 5Stars I can remember writing my first review get picked up second and subseuent readings I ve found 5Stars I can remember writing my first review this series well over a ear ago with A Lady of The Realm I sat back and said Wow after that read and I have never looked back or stopped loving this series It was in that first book where we met Beth Boudroaux tending bar in the Big Easy Bethany is looking to claim her heritage Her mother had been a 100% full blooded witch and gave up her stat. It was a typical night for the powerful and mistrusted half breed Lord Malachi He was working on his daily list of those who needed to be manipulated seduced coerced and in extreme cases eliminated when he suddenly realizes he must reevaluate his long and. ,
Lord Malachi Book 4