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The Lighthouse Keeper's WifeSs At the nd of her life Connie Small felt she had the best life possible full and beautiful uplifting Connie Scovill Small s memoir dealt with the nearly three decades she spent on different lighthouses in Maine with her husband I ve visited several of the lighthouses mentioned and I always tried to imagine what an isolated hard life the keepers and their families lived before the automation of lighthouses occurred Connie is very forthcoming and honest about her life her initial hesitation to take on the isolated and the many mini housekeeping disasters she ncountered I Was Particularly Moved By particularly moved by close relationship with her husband They clearly dearly loved one another and depended greatly on one another due to their choice of occupation and because they never had children I also was moved by the great work thic both Connie and her husband possessed Even after retiring and her husband s death Connie went on to work at a college and stayed very active writing this memoir and traveling giving talks and lectures on lighthouse keeping Connie s life was both simple but rigorous she makes light of her hardships including ferocious storms that threatened her life if the Coast Guard can t reach your island for several days you know it must be bad intense isolation on her island homes and the loss of family friends and pets but the reader can sense her deep Soft Focus emotion beyond her words This book made me sort of sad to know that lighthouses no longer have keepers and good honest people like Connie Small I read this book while spending time in Maine It is the story of the lighthouse keeper s wife It is interesting to learn about the lifestyle and the hard work that lighthouse keepers did They took tremendous pride in their work and in their lighthouse This story is informative yet rambling The author would have benefitted fro. Istorian Andrea Hawkes whoxamines Connie Small's life story as an important source for understanding New England history and the study of women and places it within a tradition of American women's autobiograp.

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Wonderful insights into the daily lives of keepers on the Maine coast An interesting perspective too on women s roles in the 1920s through 1960 It wasn t the most polished prose but it had an immediately uality to it along with an innocence The author comes across as a uiet gentle person with an inner strength The lighthouse xperiences were fascinating to me Her devotion as a wife Might Turn Some People turn some people but I thought it was honorable She took her role as wife as seriously "as any career woman would take their career path In that capacity "any career woman would take their career path In that capacity willingly made some sacrifices that perhaps did not actually turn out to be much of a sacrifice I picked this book up because our book club has an annual outing at a lighthouse now turned into a Bed and Breakfast I plan to donate the book to the B B Perhaps some visitors will njoy it as I did Simply story Easy read Rather interesting Faker especially having just been in Bar Harbor and taken light house boat tour Someone once told me that the reason we read autobiographies is their relevance to our lives Not that I can compare with this woman sxperience but her strength is certainly inspiring the woman was 85 when this book was first published Connie and her husband Elson spent 28 years on lights along the Maine and New Hampshire coast She tells us about sharing the lighthouse keeping with her husband messaging to other lights using semaphores lighting the kerosene lantern when her husband was gone or ill ringing the fog bell when the mechanism didn t cooperate and target shooting Elson s first assignment was Channel Light Lubec the only way to Lawbreakers Suspense Stories enter the light was from anxposed ladder She tells about that first visit So with him behind me telling me to look up and never look down I made it To this day I have kept his words with me and when I d get discouraged I would think of them A great read you Connie Scovill Small writes about her twenty HIPPO IN THE GARDEN eight years of lighthouse living and service along the Maine and New Hampshire coasts with her husband Elson Now in her late nineties Connie continues to be an inspi. L long to visit the lights along the coast after reading Connie and Elson s adventures Injoyed this It s not particularly thrilling or anything It s just like reading Connie s journal or memoirs which I guess is xactly what it is I found "the details about living on and keeping a lighthouse very interesting I love to see her relationship with "details about living on and keeping a lighthouse very interesting I love to see her relationship with husband They really were best friends I loved this book so much I kept tearing up while reading it One of the main reasons aside from the absolutely beautiful relationship between Connie Small and
her husband was 
husband was fact that I lived right in this area and have met many of her family still in that area The Lubec Channel light affectionately r ferred to as te spark plug was at the nd of our road and the first thing we saw when turning onto our road The Spot Is Breathtaking So Picturing Her And Her Husband Climbing is breathtaking so picturing her and her husband climbing ladder onto this light was Shadow (New Species, extra vivid for me As I mentioned the relationship between Connie and Elson Small was the kind that mowt people dream of having what the romance novels arerally about but never find in reality Connie sacrificed her personal interests in favor of being a constant support to Elson in his job as a lighthouse keeper and in today s world a woman outting her own interests aside for her husband is not considered cool or desirable mostly so the relationship may seem very old fashioned to many But beautiful Moving A lesson in inner strength and care and what it takes to be real soulmatesThe other amazing aspect of this book is the insight into such a life Many of us have a romantic idea about lighthouse keeping but it is a challenging and at times harsh way of life The beauty and ruggedness of the Maine coast comes alive in 細味人生100篇 er account Connie Small dwcribewverything down to the smallest domestic detail of what it was like the challenges the losses and the fullne. Ration to all who meet her This new The Gathering (Darkness Rising, edition of The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife presents Connie's text with many additional photographs from the author's collection The book also includes an interpretivessay by