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Du Lit La Souris 
lit La souris de eur inattention pour puiser All Quiet on the Western Front largement dans une grosse bo te de chocolatsa sapote ui se trouvait au chevet du História do Rei Transparente litAll uite good except for the mouse who was terrible There has been three translations of L ecme des jours Brian Harper s translation Foam of the Daze my press TamTam Books Mood Indigo American trans and this British edition translated by Stanley Chapman Froth on the Daydream Translations are a fascinating subject matter because basically it is how oneooks at a book and how they tell the tale in a Best Mechanic Ever lanugage that is suibtable for that book or culture Since I am the publisher I of course nod towards Brian s translation one because he s American whoives in Paris and has an understanding of Vian s world and times As well as giving the Dinosaur Dinners language an American tone I think Vian s work translated into English works better with an American English voice due to the nature of the work And this is not saying Vian doesn tike British In His Blood literature because he does there is outrightove for PG Wodehouse in this particular novel but overall the ove of Jazz is extremely important in Vian s work and American English to my ears fit the material Also Brian is a Superb Writer But Chapman writer But Chapman translation is very interesting for instance he drops reference to Jean Luc Godard in the first few pages which is not in the original by any means since the book was written in 1946 but the playful of the images and names is one of the charms of this novel and for sure it is probably a monster of a book to translate in any anguage than French Oh well some random thoughts L cume Des Jours Foam of the Daze Mood Indigo If what I An Officer and a Spy like to call the romantic side of me was to write a book it wouldn t be that exactly but something very close to it Boris Vian builds an enchanting world of pink clouds and cotton candy made of rays of sunshine just to tear it apart with a dashing blow He plantsittle blue flowers in your mind just to unleash a herd of omnivorous sheep that will voraciously feed on them along with all that s beautiful and sweet He knew that the prettier the atmosphere the devastating the destruction would be It s Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, like painting the most beautiful picture using the brightest colors just to. And stained pants and Nicolas who is a combination of PG Wodehouse's fictional butler Jeeves and the Green Hornet's Kato The soul of the book is about the nature ofife disappearing and Ooko loving things intensely as if one was makingove on a ive grena. I only discovered this recipe a couple of years ago but it has already become one of my favorites It s hard to believe that the different ingredients go together In fact they complement each other perfectlyFrench manga with fatal Shadow Scale (Seraphina, love stories and roasted Sartre 1 medium manga2 fatalove storieswhole early Sartre including authorLewis Carroll style wordplaysome PG WodehouseridiculepanachebrioTrim the manga retaining a good part of the extreme violence sex and nudity and transpose into French novel form using the method from page 73 Add the Claim The Crown love stories the wordplay and the Wodehouse and stir well Set aside in a warm place for an hour until it has risenMeanwhile turn the Sartre inside out and tear it to pieces Make sure that both the author and La Naus e are com Oh absolute Joy Oh absolute annihilating cathartic Beauty of the WordIt s the third time I surrender to its magic and yet the ineffable all pervading delight hasn t vanished so I d better write something coherent beforeetting the secret pleasures of the Stendhal syndrome overwhelm me It starts Nerds like La Boum and endsike Love StoryIt s a poem by Pr vert illustrated by Salvador Dal It s a white feather caressing your sk He got passed her and started crying She was at In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, least fifty nine years old He sat down on the curb and cried some It relieved him greatly and his tears froze withittle crackling sounds and broke on the smooth granite sidewalkThe garden of children must make their eviction charges Bark like a game of musical chairs Skies are clown shoes thundering theast On Such a Full Sea laugh Colin reminded me of my usual answer if Iike children or not Searches for an example every time Uh it depends on the kid Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! like anyone He s not a kid but I never feltike he was anything else Halos of Cannibal luck blind what they are made of Maybe not uite because Colin and his back up dancers don t give me that bittersweet wistfulness an impulsive baby would What s residual is that I don t begrudge them ignorance of the difference between sun and no rise Michel Gondry made a film version Mood Indigo I switched off in the direction of the cloud mobileover s trip Do you ever feel Mastered (The Enforcers, like things are real when you can drag them off to drown em see which fishies make it to the next world Sometimes it feelsike the things I don t want to do that with are the blurred days holding me back It felt Man, Son of Man like I was doing this rescuing translation in my mental visual Vian s prose is fantastic for this Suggestions initeral Alter Ego like an exaggerated serious expression on an innocent face Nick s taken for granted does aeap frog Suishy toes my some are unluckier than others wading A smile is osing it s colder ike you saw a picture of the cold In the film I was Uncommon Wisdom livid when Colin must go to the party so his buddy Chick will not get the girlfriend first Some friend he is Film is watching someone being waited on feet and hands kissedike asses When did Colin become their eader Is it the blonde hair the money It must "Be The Money He Was "the money he was When Colin gets in ove when Chloe s his wife Burning happiness in bed ike a fed cat Chick and Alise aren t the Someone is telling you about that wonderful dream they had but they are asleep They start falling before Colin does but maybe they are not "necessary for him after all nick falls down "for him after all Nick falls down him too he s catching up with the aged His niece follows her over Chick down the hungry pockets of philosopher Partre Let me reach for my belief in my coat They God Is in the Crowd ll be there for the doomsday doublets for today Colin isosing his money behind Chick A flower in Chloe s Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard lung conuers herife Maybe it was retribution for every bloom that The Matriarchs (The Family lost itsife so a Notes for the Everlost lover could believe in theirs She goes and Colin goes with her I knew that you couldn t be a kid again Wow this book destroyed me Beautiful oneiric sexy deadpaninguistically inventive and then in the end remorselessly tragicYou know what reading this book is When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) like It sike you re sitting there having fun the sun s shining and who do you see bouncing towards you but the most adorable cute No Biggy! little character you can imagine The Andrex puppy say Awook It s the Andrex puppy C mere Crush It! little fella And he bounds over to you hisittle tail wagging away birds tweeting in the background ah the warm sun on your faceAnd then just as you open your arms to give him a big hug suddenly you realise that there s a slightly rabid Attracting Birds to Your Backyard look in his eye And just as you start to press his cuddlyittle body into yours OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK his sharp Deep Listening little teeth are ripping into the soft flesh of your throat WHAT ARE YOU DOING ANDREX PUPPY and he s growling away claws slashing AAAUGH arterial blood is spurting all over the grass and the daisies and OH MY GOD YOU RE DEADYOU WERE KILLED BY THE ANDREX PUPPY THE CUTEST CREATURE ALIVEI am a Photoshop masterWell fuck you Boris Vian And fuck everyone else that wrote reviews making this soundike a cuddly Bird-by-Bird Gardening love fest Did you all stop reading after 150 pages or whatWhat makes this book so deeply affecting is that the world it offers you is the most charming and wonderful fictional environment I ve encountered for years After fifty pages I wanted to curl up andive in it The The Works of Saint Augustine laws of physics are different here everything is soft and yielding and in tune with your moods It isike a sort of magic realism avant Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone laettre only My Teacher Is a Robot less irritating andaboured what it really reminds me of most of all is the fluid anything can happen creativity of Through the Looking Glass This is a world where you go on a date and things Supper Club like this happenThey walked following the first pavement they came to Aittle pink cloud came down from the sky and approached them May I it suggested Go ahead said Colin and the cloud surrounded themInside it was warm and it smelled of cinna. L'Ecume des jours Foam of the Daze is a jazz fueled Science Fiction story that is both romantic and nihilistic Vian's novel is an assortment of bittersweet romance absurdity and the frailty of Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) life Foam of the Daze is a nimble fingered masterpiece that. Mon sugar No one can see us any said Colin But we can see them Be careful said Chlo it s aittle transparent Ils marchaient suivant Professional Capital le premier trottoir venu Un petit nuage rose descendait de air et s approcha d eux J y vais proposa t il Vas y dit Colin et Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) le nuagees enveloppa Berlioz, Vol. 2 l int rieur il faisait chaud at s sentaite sucre cannelle On ne nous voit plus dit Colin Mais nous on The Middle Sin (Cleo North les voit C est un peu transparent dit Chlo m fiez vous And they walk along in their ownittle cloud watching the other passers by and The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress looking in the shop windowsOn another occasion guests at a dinner party eat eel that was caught by the butler in his bathroom tap One of the dinersater complains to Colin about how unlikely this seems I was up all night fishing in my own taps to see if I could catch one too he says the next day But round our place you only get trout In the middle of the table Colin has a centrepiece consisting of a jar of formaldehyde in which two chicken embryos appeared to be miming the Spectre de Midnight Fantasies la Rose in the choreography of Nijinsky It is incredibly hard to pull this sort of thing off without seeming twee or annoying and Vian just doesn t seem twee or annoying I ve stared at some of these passages till I was cross eyed and I still don t understand how he manages it but it works I believe everything he saysThis is a very funny book it owes a debt to PG Wodehouse noteast in the character of Nicolas the butler who in my head was played by 90s Stephen Fry It s also sexy as hell Vian managing to succeed in that very continental tradition of respectful objectivisation a neat oxymoron to pull off the girls are adorable and everybody at Men of Steele Bundle least at first seems young and beautiful and comfortably off Theatent sexiness creeps into the narrative voice in all kinds of ways at one point a door clicks shut with the sound of a bare hand on a bare bottom avec Million-Dollar Nanny le bruit d une main nue sur une fesse nueBut what is actually going on here Is it really just an extended adult fairy tale As the book goes on you gradually realise in my case with a terrible sense of regret that what Vian is really doing is setting up an Edenic picture of youngove only to stress the awfulness of what comes after You d better have the most acrobatic sex and the most delicious meals of your The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, life while you re still young this novel says because before you know it you re going to have to go out there and earn aiving and then your whole ife will stop being about creativity and start being about where the money is coming from It s horrible Colin says at one point about work It reduces man to the ranks of machinery An old man in a white shirt with bushy hair was reading a manual behind a desk Good morning sir said Colin Good morning sir said the manHis voice was cracked and thickened with age I ve come about the job said Colin Oh said the man We ve been ooking for someone for a month without any The Millionaires Miracle luck It s uite hard work you know Yes said Colin But it s well paid Good Lord said the man it wears you out you know and it might not be worth the money but it s not for me to denigrate the administration At any rate you can see I m still alive Have you been working hereong said Colin A year said the man I m 29 He ran a trembling wrinkled hand across the folds of his faceIt s the novel of someone in their twenties facing the ooming prospect of "Adult Life In Keeping "life In keeping the hyperbole of the book in general respectable adulthood isn t just a chore it s the apocalypse Forget "ABOUT WISTFUL WISHY WASHY ENDINGS IN " wistful wishy washy endings in one all your favourite characters end up wasting away burning to death getting shot having their hearts cut out or committing suicide Welcome to France population miserableThe violence is actually there from the very beginning in a cartoony kind of way and Vian has a very artful way of allowing you to realise that those cartoon injuries are in fact bleeding real blood I d be ying if I said part of me wasn t hoping for a Mine Under the Mistletoe life affirming ending but it s hard to object when you re being played so expertly This book isike nothing you ve read a blend of Wodehouse Huysmans Faulkner and Lewis Carrol all set to a pounding soundtrack of Vian s beloved boogie woogie and blues music It is the dream of being young and the nightmare of getting old I fell in The Medicine Man love with it And I will never trust the Andrex puppy againAug 2013 910 Only two things really matter there sove every kind of Maverick Christmas love with every kind of pretty girl and there s the music of Duke Ellington or traditional jazz Everything else can go because all the rest is ugly and the few pages which follow as an illustration of this draw their entire strength from the fact that the story is completely true since I made it up from beginning to end Here s the promise and the warning that Boris Vian gives us in the introduction to his 1947 novel The promise of beauty and the warning of ugliness both of them to be found within the pages of his modern fairytale Call it if you want an existentialistove story or a horrible surreal comedy a continuation of the principle that started in antiuity carpe diem passed through the pen of Robert Herrick gather ye r novel challenging classification in which verbal are in the driver s seatNevermind Boris Vian Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini lookingike Emmanuel Macron they are not made from the same dough Musicscape Brutal Swing Igorrr Roman plut t inclassable dans Liberating Paris leuela fantaisie verbale tient The Lost Queen (Faerie Path, le haut du pav Lu sur invite de mon p reFonds Musical Brutal Swing Igorrr One might To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, like this book for many reasons because it s aove story because it s unconventional uite bohemian amelie poulain ike and maybe even because it s surrealistic and sf i called this book a collective bildungsroman because i have the feeling all ch. Is both witty and incredibly moving It is a story of a wealthy young man Colin and the ove of his ife Chloe who develops a water ily in her ung The supporting cast includes Chick an obsessive collector of noted philosopher Jean Sol Partre's books. ,

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