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As yes the author s a struggling novelist character wrote The third part The Weavers Idea Book is where Cercas the author presented the personal level of the story To be honest thiss the part where I decided to give this book a whopping 5 stars This The Mission of Mooney Rooney is the part where hentroduced the Chilean novelist Roberto Bolano 1953 2003 of popular contemporary novels like 2666 Savage Detectives etc Bolano The Road to There is a friend of the Millares who said that Ernest Hemingway 1899 1961s a clown You know that Hemingway covered the Spanish Civil War as a correspondent and he together with George Orwell sided with the Republican government Interesting huhI particularly enjoyed the many conversations between Cercas and Bolano One of which s this one Cercas And what s a heroBolano Someone who considers himself a hero and gets t right Or someone who has courage and an Used (Getting Inside of V, instinct for virtue and therefore never makes a mistake or at least doesn t make a mistake the one time whent matters and therefore can t not be a hero Or someone like Allende who understands that a hero Inside a Barn in the Country isn t the one who kills but the one who doesn t kill or who lets himself get killed I don t know What s a hero for youCercas I don t know John Le Carre says one must think like a hero to behave like a decent human beingBolano Yeah but a decent human beingsn t the same as a hero There re lots of decent people they re the ones who know enough to say no The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums in time heroes on the other hand are few and far between Actually I think there s almost always something blindrrational Athena instinctiven a hero s behavior something that s Tales from the Toolbox in their nature andnescapable Also you can be a decent person for a whole lifetime but you can t be awe nspiring without a break and that s why a hero s only a hero exceptionally once or at most during a spell or nsanity or nspiration pp 143 144The author Cercas wants to define exactly what a hero Det ordnar sig isn the above conversation because he thinks that the real hero The Admiral is Millares who spared Mazas s lifenstead of Mazas like most of the people The Homunculus in Spain believe However when the character Cercas asked Millares towards the endf he and the militiaman were one and the same he said No and the answers to the uestions I wrote at the start of this review were what he explainedThought provoking Strums a chord Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) in your heart Funny at times You never know what s next Makes you wonder how will you look back at your younger years while dying on your deathbed did I live my life to the fullest did I love enough was I truly loved This novel truly deserves all those starsAlso postedn here The first two parts of this book revolve around a rather unheroic but entirely factual figure Sanchez Mazas a founder member of the Falangist group Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory in Spainn the 1930 s and later a minister The Succubus in Franco s government with the status of national hero who we are told right at the beginning escaped death by firing suad during the Spanish civil war The narrator a journalist and writer called Javier Cercas whos fictional becomes obsessed with this reprieve from death story and sets out to uncover the facts of the case tracing written accounts and The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips Trials from a Life in Food Service interviewing surviving members of both the Nationalist and Republican sides The first part reads like a diary of this research the second part like the article the journalist might finally write based on that research a dry factual examination of the motivations of Sanchez Mazas writer and poet who helped bring Franco to power Journalist Cercas leads the readernto a position where heshe becomes Dictionary of Misinformation impatient and thoroughly frustrated with this endless circling around the miraculously twice reprieved life of such an unheroic and really rather pathetic figure and thenn the third part author Cercas changes gear and gives us what we wanted all along the story of a true hero This part Rosettas Dress Mess (Tales of Pixie Hollow, is full of everything which seemed to be missingn the first two parts humanity heroism and hope So author Cercas achieves by the most subtle of methods which Shadowtech (Shadowrun, 7110) by Karl Wu (1993-01-09) include a fascinating fictional conversation with Roberto Bolano far than he could ever have done by any outright criticism of Falangist philosophy Brilliant The word revolution gets bandied about a lot often without context and usually with positiventonations as though the act of revolt How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2 itself were somehow desirable In an age that makes a pop star of Che Guevara Javier Cercas writes soberingly of a right wing and unheroic revolutionary the largely forgotten Spanish Falangist writer Raphael Sanchez Mazas andn doing so exposes the senseless bloodlust that motivated this facist s revolt Sanchez Mazas s cause the moral and aesthetic definition of the Falangists was according to Cercas made up of deliberate deological confusion mystical exaltation of violence and militarism and essentialist vulgarities proclaiming the eternal character of the fatherland and the Catholic religion He goes onHowever during the time the war was ncubating the watchwords Sanchez Mazas disseminated still possessed a gleaming suggestion of modernity that young patriots from good families and the violent deals they cherished contributed to strengthening At that time Falangist leader Jose Antonio was very Fond Of Uoting A of uoting a of Oswald Spengler s that at the eleventh hour t had always been a suad of soldiers that had saved civilisation At that time the young Falangists felt they were that suad of soldiers They knew or believed they knew that their families slept an The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 2) innocent sleep of bourgeois beatitude not knowing that a wave ofmpunity and egalitarian barbarism was going to wake them suddenly with a tremendous *clamour of catastrophe They felt their duty was to preserve civilisation by force *of catastrophe They felt their duty was to preserve civilisation by force avoid the catastrophe They knew or believed they knew that they were few but this mere statistical circumstance did not daunt them They felt they were heroes Although he was no longer young and lacked the physical strength courage and even the essential conviction to be one but not a family whose nnocent sleep of bourgeois beatitude he wished to preserve Sanchez Mazas also felt t and thus abandoned literature to give himself over to the cause with priestly devotion That didn t keep him from freuenting the most exclusive salons of the capitalTerrifying Driven (Full Throttle, ironic sublime and never merely vitriolic Cercas s prose sings withndignation Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine it s mesmerising Sentences extend with surprising clauses until at last stunned and breathless you shake your head and read them over savouring them evenn your outrage What makes this especially exciting s that Cercas himself seems to proceed largely from nstinct never uite knowing where his My Dead Pets Are Interesting investigations or his thought or his sentences might lead him Freuently he stumbles and with self effacing humour brushes himself off and gets back up again so that the writing of the storytself supposedly by an alternate unmarried Javier Cercas whose father has just died and who has given up literature Heat It Up (Out of Uniform, is as much a focus asts historical subject Hilariously Cercas creates for his alter ego a bleached blonde spike heeled philistine of a girlfriend who works as a fortune teller on television and fetishises his former middling success as a novelist while criticising his current direction for lacking leftist chic How can you want to write about a fascist with the number of really good lefty writers there must be around Garcia Lorca for example He was a red Wasn T He She Said t he she said waiting for a reply reaching under the table God my pussy s so tchy But Cercas has seen a kind of mirror reflection of Lorca s execution n the story of Sanchez Mazas who escaped Guys Like Girls Who . . . into the woods as the Republican firing suad began shooting and whose life so legend hast was saved by an unnamed soldier who found him hiding and let him go free not to mention by the locals O Mistério do Lago (Inspetor Erlendur, including ex members of the Republican army who fed and sheltered him while he wa A long echo of the Civil War can still be heard after the sixty years And the author tries to find an answer to some uestions that have been left unansweredn the past Accidentals encounters planned meetings recollections and musings nterviews and talks all serve his purpose books always end up taking on a lif 5 stars with some reservations 5 stars for the dea 5 stars for the Tristes trópicos inclusion of Roberto Bola o as a character many thanks Javier many thanksndeed 5 stars because I m not one to challenge the opinions of Bola o Mario Vargas Llosa or Susan Sontag at least with regard to this novel Some minor demeriting for what at times seem a relentless history of Spanish and French battles during WWII 5 stars for Part Three which bested my skepticism during Part One and Part Two how does one empathize with a Falange founder and primary propagandist for Franco s regime 5 stars for Miralles who Pax Indica is Miralles Read the bookThe title summarys adeuate and I won t belabor A Modest Independence (Parish Orphans of Devon, it other than to say that Bola os a significant character The Broken Sword (Forever King, in Cercas s true tale Andt Büyücü ve Cam Küre (Kara Kule, is a result of reading Bola o s Between Parentheses Essays Articles and Speeches 1998 2003 that I persevered through the first two parts of this novel to see how he handled the character of Bola o Expecting a minor character someone mentioned onlyn passing I was thrilled really shameless RB fan that I am that Cercas recounts conversations with RB discussing heroism fiction and RB s research for a title he was working on which very well might have been the recently published The Witches of Eastwick (Eastwick in English The Third Reich and would callnto uestion Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Study Guide its writtenn 1989 claim by the the publisher However RB assures readers Gospođa (Suzana in Between Parentheses that the Roberto Bola o who appearsn Soldiers of Salamis EGGcellent Joke Book is fictionaln the same way the Javier Cercas who appears Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, in the novels not the Javier Cercas who authored the novel Enough doubt s created on the truthfiction continuum to render the characters as compelling as the authors Go for معاً بمعرفة الإجابة، يبحث سيركاس عن ذلك الجندي البطل وإذ به يقابل أحد الجنود القدامى الذي يخبره أن الأبطال ماتوا انتهوا ابتلعتهم أرض المعركة ودوامة النسيان فهل هو مقتنع فعلاً بما يقول؟ أم أنه يخفي هوية يهمس بها همساً لضيفه، فتظل عالقة في الهواء؟. .

Soldados de Salamina

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There s a fascinating earlier post on this book by Javier Garcia n Spanish which links to a longer post of his on the book and then to one by the author Roberto Bola o The review by Bola o Theres No Place Like D-Wing is largely a description of the book but because he knows Javier Cercas he reveals twomportant facts that are relevant to understanding Soldiers of Salamis One Hatch Bright! is that the Javier Cercas who appearsn the novel Heaven (Heaven Sent, is not the author or at any rate has several characteristics that are not those of the author Bola o then says tellingly that the Roberto Bola o who appearsn the novel s not him either although he doesn t say why We can suppose however that the whole story of a character called Miralles n the third part of the book much of which comes from the mouth of the novelist s Roberto Bola o s fiction That s to say the real Roberto Bola o denies telling Cercas the storyThe strange and Dancing With The Devil interesting thing about the review by the real Bola os that Tell Me Everything it largely retells the story of the bookt can be found Parental Guidance (Ice Knights, in Spanish here Apart from making the point that two of the main characters are fictions and bymplication that many of the others are too Die Zeit, die uns bleibt it doesn t comment on the book Thiss doubly fascinating One uestion s why does Bola o do n the review what his alter ego does Claiming Cullen in the booke tell a story It The Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher, is almost asf with the exception of his pointing out the two fictions as Titanium Mike Saves the Day it weren the fiction he The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, is doingn the review what he himself would have done San Angelo Showdown (Blood Bond, if faced with the same materiale recounted If Looks Could Kill itn a way that suits his own way of telling a fictional storyThe other fascination Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse is that not only does Bola o appearn the book but the style of the book and the treatment of a partially real story The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, is very much what Bola o might have donef he had decided himself to write Soldiers of Salamis There Isabel (Families of Dorset is than one echo of Bola on Cercas s book and I found myself thinking about Bola o as I read Forbidden Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, it well before I realised thatn part three Bola o actually appears or at least a fictional Bola o There Jesus is yet another fascination The books about death death narrowly avoided but From the Highest Mountain inevitably confronted later One character avoids death anothers Enchanted Heart its strongly hinted the agent by which he avoids a death and both of these along with the real euivalent of the other main character Bola o are all now dead Cercas who should also count as a main character since his fictional self s the protegonist of the story at least n parts 1 and 3 Of Grave Concern (An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery, is of course alive But he offers us a reflection on death of the way the deadn some senses stay alive at least while they are remembered and then ultimately when no one remembers them any longer they are truely dead Are then Cercas and much pointedly was Bola o writing to avoid or postpone death In fact Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity, isn t writing a novel like Soldiers of Salamis a sort of bid formmortality a bid which at least one of characters tries to make and failsA final Bound in Lingerie (Bare Naked Designs, irony about me reading this books that I d forgotten I d read Red Wine Technology it some years before However at that point I had never read anything by Bola o whereas not long ago I read his 2666 Its much better to have read the fascinating Cercas book having got the contrastingly enormous one by Bola o under my belt I wonder Its Hotter In Hawaii (Men of Hawaii incidentally what Cercas thinks of 2666 I wanted a copy of this book long before I read Cercas Anatomy of a Moment and finally trackedt down Cataclysm in Spain Worth the wait because I totally enjoyed the readLike Anatomy of a Moment Cercas uses a personal anecdoten telling the story of an Ultima Rumba En La Habana incident that happened at the end of the Spanish Civil War The father of a friend of Cercas wasnvolved Return To Me in the firing suadncident of the Falangist poet Rafael S nchez Mazas Without giving much away S nchez Mazas gets away but runs Le Collectionneur into a soldier who lets him go Why This becomes the premise for the bookUntypical of a typical history book this post modern versions divided Snapped 2 into three sections The friends of the forest chapter 1 sets up the story Itnvolves Cercas his girlfriend Conchi the friend Ferlioso and others nvolved n laying down all the relevant Diana Ross informationn 1994 There A Killers Touch is some hilarious episodesn this chapter and Cercas witty commentary makes t fun to read Cercas keeps telling everyone that he wants to write a real story about the past and even when Conchi asks why he wants to write a story about a right wing person nstead of some great leftist like Garcia Lorca he reiterates that we need to know the past from both sides Even the side less popularChapter 2 Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin is Soldiers of Salamiss the actual story compiled by all Evas Deadline involved and written by Cercas Thiss a page turner and reads like a historical novel with some of his off the remark commentary The best part Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, is knowing what became of S nchez MazasChapter 3s a surreal who done t After finishing the book but hasn t sent t to the publishers yet the one piece missing s finding Miralles the soldier who let S nchez Masas go Enter Roberto Bola o Yes the Chilean writer has a major soldier who let S nchez Masas go Enter Roberto Bola o Yes the Chilean writer has a major n this book Now I recently listened to a podcast Idiot! interview with Cercas and evenn his Epilogue to the 2015 edition I was puzzled What s the real story How does memory affect things How does the writer s creative versus the facts affect the story Can the writer s version be real than the real story I won t give things away but there s a lot to ponder here The
part of the book on Awaken, My Love is a heros very resonate today as The Inn at Lake Devine it wasn 1939 Some very good stuff here One feels that Cercas himself uestions just about everything but after reading Anatomy of *A Moment This Is What Defines Him *Moment this Dorpers en el Nuevo Siglo is what defines him a great writer Whats history after all Memories reflections lies lies and lies uoting MirallesThis The Queens Captive (Thornleigh, is a skilled look at history writing and reflections on the nature of war that one needs to read 45 stars Fiction that feels unlike fiction Fiction that s partially about howt s not fiction Non fictional fiction about writing about war about endurancepersistence about poets realizing their Gut-Shot (Flintlock, ideal worlds through political action about heroism about historical reconstruction from fragments as a creative act that keeps the dead alive especially the dead who live onn the words of people almost gone themselves Structurally The Royal Pain (Alaskan Royal Family, interesting novel about a writer trying and failing to write fiction and backingnto this significant story through coincidences related to journalism Irish Linen includingnterviewing Roberto Bolano who s a major character The Gypsy Ribbon in the third part of this a section that made what was an OK noveln the first part about the writer s discovery of the title story and a pretty damn good novel That Mistletoe Moment in the second half the title storytself essentially a biographical essay on a Spanish fascist poet sort of like Bolano s Nazi Literature n the Americas but accessible and dramatic firing suad survival a pretty GREAT novel Almost a few touching moments too toward the end A novel that although t doesn t feel like a conventional novel excels thanks to Saturday Evening Post its old fashioned 45 degree angle narrative arc upwards upwards upwards upwards untilt reaches Toxic Toffee (Amish Candy Shop Mystery its long sentence recapitulationsn The Kestrel its last pagesncluding the refrain onwards onwards onwards ever onwards Worth Chinese Dreams it for thentelligence and honesty and the complex yet clear semi extravagance of the prose for the approach for the writing Wonderland insight a person doesn t write about what he wants to write but what he s capable of writing about or a writer never writes about what he knows but precisely about what he doesn t know or To write novels you don t need anmagination Bolano said just a memory Novels are written by combining recollections for the Spanish Civil War education an Right through the center of Spain runs a deep scar This scar has many dimensions In terms of time Arrl Antenna Modeling Course it spans the most of the 20th century and at certain pointsn time River Magic it cut the land that Spain consists of upnto pieces But the deepest scars run Kill Without Mercy (ARES Security, in the Spanish psyche andn ts ndividual and collective memoryA lot of the novel Soldiers of Salamis deals with this scar At first the narrator of the book believes that this scar has nothing to do with him that How to Manage a Marquess it does not affect him I thought so too I boughtnto the author Javier Cercas s subtle subterfuge I kinda believed that the character Javier Cercas Slow Burn (Smoke Jumpers, is autobiographical of the author Javier Cercas and let s facet since there really was a pro fascist conservative Spanish poet called Rafael Sanchez Mazas I started to believe that the whole novel was as the character Javier Cercas claims a true storyand Always a Stranger in a certain sense a symbolic senset Fuckhead is a true storyI want to make an embarrassing confession About 4 months ago I knew pretty much nothing about the Spanish Civil War I had always wanted to read aboutt but nothing ever gave me that little push I started reading about A Thousand Yesteryears (Point Pleasant, it a month or two ago and the you read aboutt the you want to read about t but well here s the pinch It s hugely complex You could read a bunch of Francoist propaganda and believe that the Republicans had been pure evil and ndeed Ogawa and Team Saito vol. 01 its true that some atrocities had been committed against the RC church by Republicans but the situation The 5th Horseman (Womens Murder Club isn t uite as black and white as that The churchn Spain had always backed the rich landowners Dead and Buried instead of standing up for the poor and later on the church also backed the Fascists sot Snowed in with the Boss (Kenner County Crime Unit, is not too much of a stretch that some people might havedentified the church with the oppressors and oppressionBut before I end up writing a loooooong essay on the Spanish Civil war let me try to keep U-boat Commander it short by sticking with how the 2 Javier Cercas books Soldiers of Salamis See what he did there fitn with all of that See once General Francisco Franco Bahamonde had declared himself victor of the Spanish Civil war hostility did not cease He still persecuted the former Republicans and built up a vast propaganda scheme to exalt himself and. مع انتهاء الحرب الأهلية الإسبانية، يجد سانشيز مازاس نفسه مع عدد من الأسرى أمام فرقة إعدام بالرصاص، في خضمّ المعمعة، وبفطنة عسكريّ خاض معارك كثيرة، ينجح بالفرار الى الغابة المجاورة لا تمضي بعض دقائق حتى يكتشف مكانه أحد الجنود يقف أمامه شاهراً بب?. .
His Fascist Soulbroken (Legacy of Tril idealsn which the Republicans Socialists and Communists were always the villains and the FascistsNationalists were the shining splendorous heroesHe even managed to twist How Engineers Create the World itnto saying that the Republicans had been the rebels whilst they had actually been the legitimate democratically elected government which he and his Fascists rebelled against Franco also averred that they were anti Spain and of course the fact that they were secularist didn t help their case So those of the Republicans who managed to escape being shot ended up silenced and marginalized or Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza in exile While Franco was conducting his Cultural cleansing program hundreds and thousands of Spaniards were shot en masse and dumpednto mass graves Many of the corpses of those shot who had been exhumed had their hands tied behind their backs Even mothers of young children were shot No Other Gods in the back of the head and kickednto mass graves with other dissidents Their children were given to Nationalist families Sweetsmoke in some cases In his book The Spanish Holocaust Paul Preston avers that 200000 people were executed between 1936 to 1945 by the fascistsI am wandering a bit from the book again here but you get the picture Franco thennduced a sort of national amnesia Gary Hill in which everyone had to conspiren hiding the ugly truth of his brutality lest they themselves became victims of A Favor for a Fiend (Charm City Darkness it Stalin anyoneSo anyway after Franco died Spain was lucky enough to have had good King Juan Carlos named by Franco as his successor and as we all know he was a spanking good chap who helped Spain along and even through a second right wing coup attempt onts teetering legs towards DemocracyWell so now Spain Great Australian Stories is democratic and so what s the problem you I and Javier Cercas the author and Javier Cercas the journalist author might ask Well the problem was that all the roads buildings and national monumentsn the country were named The Past as Text in honor of the Franco dictatorship andts heroes All the right wingers whose family members died n the right vs leftwing conflict could go and lay flowers on the graves of their deceased and say prayers there or whatever else you would want to do at a beloved one s graveside but all those on the Republicans side who had been murdered by the Franco regime had simply disappeared Their bodies were lying n unmarked graves and often times unmarked mass graves Those who died Falangists were heroes but those who died Republicans were reviled as vermin Yes yes pretty much like the Nazi s and the Jews though Oars, Sails, and Steam in this caset was not racially based You just had to be against Franco to be verminRight so now the Javier Cercas book starts off with him all obsessed over some pro fascist poet who got a cushy job Womb of the New World in Franco s establishment before he drifted off to go and be a dissolute millionaire somewhere and well you feel a bit bored reading about all of this and you start to skim a bit and to wonderf you want to see the book through and then then suddenly Drowned Moon it starts to getnteresting That The Concepts of Psychiatry is once Javier Cercas the character starts to look for Miralles And then once you had read through the last bit and perhaps pecked away a tear or swallowed a lumpn your throat you realize Hey The brilliance of this book Equipped to Lead is not onlyn the emotional rendering of the last bit which The George W. Bush Presidency is pretty cool just onts own but you realize that a lot of why people go wow about t has to do with ts cleverly constructed structureI only realized this I think when I read some The Treasure of the San José interview with Javier Cercas the author Not the charactern the book ha ha He said that before he wrote this book he thought the Spanish Civil War had nothing to do with him ancient history as he saw Workforce America! it About as ancient and as far removed as the battle of Salamis had been or was that actually Javier Cercas the character before he wrote HIS book Soldiers of Salamis See what he did there In any case so with the story of Rafael Sanchez Mazas told you wouldmagine that s the whole story Only t s not The other side of the story Sex And Suffering is Miralles story There you goSufficet to say that 100 Weight-Loss Tips That Really Work in 2007 Spain passed a new law Perhaps I should conclude with a uote from Wikipedia about this law The Historical Memory Law principally recognizes the victims on both sides of the Spanish Civil War gives rights to the victims and the descendants of victims of the Civil War and the subseuent dictatorship of General Francisco Franco and formally condemns the Franco RegimeThe conservative Popular Party and the Republican Left of Catalonia ERC both voted against passage of the law Forts no vote the Popular Party accused the Socialist Party government by way of the Historical Memory Law of weakening the political consensus of the transition to democracy and using the Civil War as an argument for political propaganda The Republican Left of Catalonia rejected the law on the basis Learning Psychotherapy it did not go far enough Looks like people might finally be starting to remember and acknowledge Miralles and the friends whom he had to leave behindandf you think about t carefully you realize that Javier Cercas the author wants us to realize by the end why that Republican did *What He Did When He *he did when he the other way Damn this guy s subtleEDIT After my conversations with Dolors and Wastrel below I realized that I had omitted to mention n my review the work of the Association for the Recuperation of Historical Memory ARMH n Spain At about the turn of the millennium some Spaniards and ex Spaniards speaking from exile started to say that they wanted to find the bodies of their family members who had been victims of the Nationalists I knew from prior reading on the subject that some mass graves have already been exhumed but subject that some mass graves have already been exhumed but I wanted to look up on statistics due to my conversation with Wastrel I found this article which by Incontinence itsmplications tells us that the scar running through the Spanish psyche In Natures Name is far from being healed I findt Sex and Suffering incredibly sad that people would actually feel ashamed that their relatives had been Republicans Only when the Manichean construct of good Nationalists vs bad Republicanss shattered and exposed for the phantasm that Infamous Desire its can all of Spain s children truly come to terms with their In Sorcerys Shadow identity and their past Jos Antonio Primo de Rivera repet a como si fuera suya A ltima hora siempre ha sido un pelot n de soldados el ue ha salvado la civilizaci nI don t knowf the author of this agrees or disagrees with this fascist s statement For the life of me I don t understand why he wrote this as a novel and not as a work of history I also think that once a writer starts to write about the life of a writer t s time to find another career or go out and learn something newHistory books generally have rigid standards than novels so f he were to repeat a story ten times International Economic Transactions (National Bureau of Economic Research Studies in Income and Wealth) it wouldn t stand muster to the editorial board In a novel you can write any damn nonsense and callt literature I wouldn t call Bridget Joness Diary (Bridget Jones, it that not this bookThe story he tells over and over and over and over agains how the fascist Rafael S nchez Mazas escaped a firing suad Leaving in the waning days of the Spanish Civil War and how a Republican soldier spotted himn the woods but didn t betray him The pity was that the fascist Rafael S nchez Mazas didn t die Maimonides Empire of Light in a firing suad The typical path of cowardss to foment war and then conveniently side step any actual combat Dick Cheney Donald Trump George Bush are only a few modern examplesI would have rated this lower than I have except I learned a few new things about the civil war and the book also spawned a decent film Just when First Kiss (Texas Kisses, is the right time to set records straight Waitn the first place do we always need to Are there Mande Music instances whent Mapping Europes Borderlands is better to leave them as they areThese are the uestions this 2001 novel Soldiers of Salamis originally writtenn Spanish by Javier Cercas born 1962 try to pose to us In this novel the uestions can be applied to both national Managing to Make It ie Spain particularlyn that part of the Spanish Civil War 1936 1939 when the Falangist poet Rafael Sanchez Mazas was not killed by an unknown militiaman belonging to the Republican party and personal e the life of Antonio Millares who according to the theory of Cercas was that militiamanThis s a fiction novel based on historical facts Cercas however made use of the history only as a stepping stone to Museum of Words illustrate how the lives of his characters arenterconnected from the 30 s to the year 2000 when the story ends That specific point An International History of Terrorism in Spain s history when pro Franco rebels were ordered to be killed by firing suad en massen the forest of Collell Modernity and Its Malcontents in 1939 up to the 2000 when most of the soldierse the Soldiers of Salamis were already Land of Exile in their twilight years 80 and up Cercas the struggling novelist tried todentify who that militiaman was and what went on right at that moment Hubris and Hybrids inside that person s mind that made him decide not to kill the poetThe Philippine history hasts own share of records that have to be corrected In school we were taught that both Gen Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio are both heroes Our teachers did not teach us at least The Modern Russian Theater in the provincial public elementary school where I came from thatt was actually Aguinaldo who ordered the execution of Bonifacio I only came to know this when I was already a grownup and working I am sure that other countries have some parts of their histories distorted just to protect their Technology and Naval Combat in the Twentieth Century and Beyond image or uphold their national patrimony Examples Japan trying to deny the atrocities of their own soldiers or their Mongolian recruits during the rape of Nanking or the presence of comfort women Isle of Fire in the different countriesn Southeast Asia Chicago Jazz including the PhilippinesNowf history bores you the book s actually divided nto 3 parts 1 Forest Friends 2 Soldiers of Salamis and 3 Rendezvous Karnali Under Stress in Stockton The first parts basically the In the Shadows Light introduction to the second part whichs the book the character Cerc. ?دقيته بوجهه، يحدّق به مطولاً، ثم يصرخ للآخرين لا أحد هنابعد ستين عاماً، يتقاطع طريقا الصحفيّ خافيير سيركاس والكتائبيّ الكاتب سانشيز مازاس يذكر هذا الأخير الحادثة مختزلاً إياها بعبارة سخرية القدر فهل تكون كذلك بالنسبة للجنديّ الذي أنقذ حياته؟ط. ,
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