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Gold Manor Ghost House

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Erything else takes a backseat While there seem to be eal ghosts they are absolutely never explained The supernatural is tied up in an ancient history about Four Families that have various brands of magic due to an old curse Anna is a typical doesn t know her own strength heroine with a an old curse Anna is a typical doesn t know her own strength heroine with a love triangle hot boy from her dreams or best friend who s secre I eceived this book from the author signed so I was eally exited to ead it Gold Manor Ghost House sounds like a promising ead with the thrill of having some ghost and some supernatural omance Honestly I didn t like the books as much as I wanted to The Plot I eally liked the plot to this book I thought the idea was uniue and new The uniue part of the book was the whole idea of dreams and eality combining I also liked the whole Haunted House too and that there were ghost involved which sounds like it would make a book a lot interesting since they were filming kind of the same TV show in a book that was based of the story behind the house But what made it not work for
*me is that *
is that felt like this book should of been two different books I just don t see how the haunted house idea worked with supernatural elements of the book which was something totally different Also the book was eally predictible it didn t eally have any twists or anything that an OMG moment The Characters The characters in this book were difficult to like or dislike They were just in between Kind of like one moment you want to slapkillpunch on of the characters and the next moment you want to comfort them That s the feeling I had for almost every character one moment I hated them and the next I liked them The part I hated the most was how main character was always kept in a dark that was frustrating The Romance Clich Once again we get a girl whose involved in love triangle Her best friend that she can t live without is in love with her but she s in love with a guy she can t ever have Guess who s she is going to end up with You probably guessed ight because I knew from chapter two Maybe author didn t try to make it unpredictable well good because it wasn t The Ending In the end this book left me with uestions that I ever thought possible It didn t eally answer any of the uestions I had in the beginning I don t know if its going to be a series or trilogy but it better have a seuel because this book is definitely unfinished incomplete unanswered just not done Honestly in the end it did sounded like it was finishedbut it better not be Because Even Thought It Sounds even thought it sounds I hated this book I didn t I liked the whole Four Families plot to it and I do want to know about it Overall I didn t love this book but I definitely didn t hate it It just felt like to much was going on and it definitely felt incomplete I feel like people who like supernatural with teen drama will enjoy this book or people who like when there is A LOT going on in a bookI don t know my ating it between 25 30 I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed this book It is a great YA paranormal ead The characters are very likable and the supernatural elements are uniue but still mostly a mystery to both the eader and the female protagonist Anna One thing that is a little of a draw. Star Anna just landed a major ole on Ghost House TeenTV’s new fall drama A show promising to be so hot Meg Sweet the eigning teenage diva signed on for the lead and Adam Lewis international ock sensation is a principal playerHer dreams are falling into place until she gets on set and begins uestioning her sanity It?. ,

Wow I did not think this book would be as good as it was I have just been eading books on my Kindle that have started to pile up Honestly it scared reading books on my Kindle that have started to pile up Honestly it scared some too I ead it at night if that helps explain anything I don t think the book was meant to be scary I am just that lame Adam and Anna were great together Their elationship totally worked The ups and downs of the whole book were very exciting and I could not put the book down Corey you are on the bottom of my list He was just super annoying and I got bored of him very uickly There was a strange part of the book where I got lost because it seemed everything was moved very uickly and not very ealistically Although it was all brought back together in the end I thought the end left a lot unsaid so she better hurry up with the next book Overall very good book Recommended for those who like a few ghosts and some supernatural Well as the author of Gold Manor Ghost House I may be a bit biased I love the characters the setting what s eally going on I love that I can see myself writing many books with these characters caught up in the everyday exciting world of being on a hit TV show and the other worldly war of the Four Families Oh and of course the love story of Anna Rose and Adam and Corey This eview can be found on my blog The MisAdventures of a Twenty Something Year Old GirlI have to admit that the blurb is what drew me in to this book While it wasn t eally that ghostly it was still a good bookUsually any title with the word gho This was actually I nice story I was eally looking forward to getting to know about this ghost house and the special abilities Anna had I getting to know about this ghost house and the special abilities Anna had I eading about Four Families and some curse and I was eally intrigued But then holes There was not much explanation I could kind of understand why certain elationships developed very uick but I was a little bothered by it Not too much somewhere there is a kind of ationality to the fast elationship What bothered me though is the way I was teased with supernatural curses powers and then nothing Like a fata morgana shimmering with it s beauty and when you get there nothing That was a little disappointing The female lead was likeable the story was cute as was the back story actress on a starting teen supernatural show Behind the set access Yum But I would ve loved if there was a little body to the story And I mean the eal story The est had then enough body But based on the fact I didn t get on the eal story the why s and what s and the holes I saw I can t eally ate this story very high for myself But maybe you will love it I won this book from a goodreads giveaway I was extremely excited to win it After eading the blurb about it I knew I had to ead it no matter what As soon as i finished the book i was eading I finished the book I was eading opened this one and I honestly had a hard time putting it down I got sucked into Annas character and just got lost with the story If I say much I ll end up spoiling it I honestly a This was one of those stories where the premise fell flat It sounds super promising Ghosts TV show set hauntings the supernatural invading a show based on the supernatural But mostly what we get is a will they won t they and we know they will love story and ev. Anna thought life was going to be awesome She was ightand wrongWon her dream job acting in a hit TV series CheckWorking with her best friend CheckMet the boy of her dreams CheckThe set’s haunted and she’s in the middle of a supernatural war Uh checkAnna Rose Ellington is sixteen and living in Hollywood hoping to be .
Back is that the eader is left with a lot of unanswered uestions especially about the paranormal world of the Four families and the supernatural war between them Hopefully the author will clear up a lot of this confusion and give us and Anna insight into this world in the next book I will definitely be looking forward to eading the next book in this seriesI eceived a free copy of this forward to eading the next book in this seriesI eceived a free copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest eview Gold Manor Ghost House By Merry Brown Young people getting together to make a TV pilot experience love jealousy and friendship While on the set of an old haunted house where there had been deaths some see ghosts while others struggle to keep peace The main character has special powers which are overwheling to her Originally posted on Skeleton Key Reviews love a good story where the main characters meet in their dreams before meeting in eal life I like the thought that there is someone out there that we are all fated to be with But I don t think we necessarily always find andor end up with that one Sometimes I wonder if we have met them and didn t make the ight decision at that given time to end up with them Perhaps we zigged when we should have zagged Anna and Adam are the main characters They have been dreaming about each other for zagged Anna and Adam are the main characters They have been dreaming about each other for years but don t meet until they both get casted for a new tv series Both are surprised and instantly drawn to each other Adam tries to stay away from Anna knowing that anything he has with her is gonna be attained with hardship Anna has a best friend from home named Corey who is also casted to the show when a character has a bad turn of luck and breaks a leg Things become a bit of a love triangle Corey has feelings for Anna Anna has feelings for Adam and Adam has feelings for Corey HA just kidding Adam has feelings for Anna I just can t help myself it was too tempting to not write They are living on location and the house they have to film in is an actual haunted house called Gold Manor Ghost House Many don t believe that it eally is but a couple of the characters un into some things that can not be explained away any other way The burial ground behind the house actual contains the emains of the Third Family that was decimated by the Fourth So there are eally only three founding witchywizardry families emaining One and Two are in the good spectrum and the Fourth is of course evil And when Anna comes to be around Adam her witchy powers awaken I did like the cast of characters in the book Adam being a part of a band eminded me of course of Adam Levine yum He was the only one that I eally had anybody in mind for Being that I have been watching too many cartoons with my kids lately and some anime on my own the other characters kinda were envisioned that way The other thing I ve been watching is Korean Drama and there eally aren t any characters that match up with what I have been watching Hence the anime ish appearance I m special what can I say The ending will of course set You Up For Wanting The Second Book up for wanting the second book away Thankfully Crimson Hall Ghost House is already available Expect a eview for that in the foreseeable future So if you like love triangles fated lovers or witches give this one a spin. ??s true she has an unusual dream life where once in a while her dreams literally come true But it’s been a while On top of her dreams not staying put in her brain including the guy she’d been dreaming of for years the house they’re filming in Gold Manor might actually be haunted But that’s the least of her worrie.