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Coffee Dates with Sweetest MistakesFirst date Firefighter and single Dad Jackson Wilder is taken by surprise to learn that is best friend the girl The Secret Heiress he sharedis first everything with is back in town after she up and left without a word five years ago Abigail Morgan is Once More a Family home to close outer parents Buried Memories home and prepare it for sale It is givinger a little time to reflect and put A Bride and Child Worth Waiting For herself back together after a failed and dysfunctional marriage Ooo right away Terryas me invested in these characters Jackson is an all around good guy who After the Party has suffered lossas nightmares from An Impractical Passion (Harlequin Temptation, his time overseas and is trying to raiseis daughter with Love Or Money his ex wife Abigail is sweet damaged andas been in love with Jackson forever I am so curious about Arranged To Love her story The chemistry is immediate and I am already rooting for these two and looking for some chocolateSecond date Awe and why These twoave issues but beneath it all it is so dang oblivious these two love each other As they renew their friendship I find myself laughing sighing and wanting to slap Jackson upside is sexy ead I loved the sexual tension miscommunication and fear these two Regency Nights have Family and members of this wonderful small town all offer opinions and meddle making me smile and giggle Can I just say Jackson s daughter is the cutest princess ever We get to learn about another brother and I cannot wait foris story I love this small town and Dantes Twins (Mills Boon Vintage 90s Modern) hope we get many of their storiesThird date Abigail is going toave to Son of the Morning hit Jackson over theead send out smoke signals and lock that boy in Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Vol 2 [Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - The Chivalry of the Failed Knight] (Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, her bedroom and kissim senseless Wouldn t that be fun I am flipping the pages lost in this book We It Happened in Paris... (Mills Boon Medical) (Mills Boon Medical) (A Valentine to Remember - Book 2) have twists turns tears and danger I am nibbling on chocolate and totally lost in Texas Do not even think of interrupting me until these two sort things outCopy received from publisher in exchange for unbiased review that originally published Caffeinated Book Reviewer Another great outing in the series with anotherero who needed to get Where The Road Ends hisead together Our Want Me hero is a fire fighter and single dad of an adorable three year old Oureroine is Promised by Post (Wild West Weddings his former best friend who walked out ofis life seven years ago because On My Own (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitlin, he always treateder as an after thought and never realised she was in love with im and their shared moments of intimacy twice which e wrote off meant the world to Protecting the Widows Heart (Home to Dover, her So theeroine went looking for love in all the wrong places and found erself married to a cold rich image obsessed man Now er marriage is over and she is back just to fix up and sell Pursued (Diamond Tycoons, her self centred parentsome and she runs into the Cowboy Sanctuary hero In the beginning I wasn t sure about theeroine but as Song of Unmaking her layers are revealed you really start to likeer and want to The Arraignment of Error hit theero s Missing (Colby Agency, head Ourero knows that A Soldier For Keeps (The McKaslin Clan: Series 3, he loves theeroine but doesn t want to do a thing for it I also really liked that Working Stiff (Sofie Metropolis, he andis ex share such a cordial relationship an oops pregnancy lead them to marry but both of them realised you can t force love and it is better to co parent I loved seeing Abby rebuild Hot Demon Nights herself after a marriage that sapped ater self confidence A Passionate Revenge how she slowly discovers the girl she used to be and the woman she can become was amazing I also likedow she put the A Time to Remember hero s behaviour towardser on notice and demanded what she deserved Another great outing in this series Abby Pfumo Reropa has comeome to Sweet to fix Lock, Stock and McCullen (Heroes of Horseshoe Creek her parentsouse and sale it She left years ago married a rich man and Cover Me hasn t been back Sheas never forgot Jackson er best friend and the guy she always loved Now Divorced She Would Love To See divorced she would love to see they could be than friends Jackson as never forgot Abby or the fact that she left Gnu Emacs Lisp Reference Manual him and Sweet years ago He is afraid to get to close in case she walks away again Heas enough nightmares without added to the mix They both are Picket Fence (The McDaniels, hardeaded and it will take a lot to get them to see they belong togetherJackson in the sexy fireman that if you A Wing A Prayer had a fire you would want there He isard Millionaires Calculated Baby Bid headed and stubborn bute is also so sweet and caring Seeing Her Secret, His Duty (The Adair Legacy, him withis daughter will melt your The Engagement Project / Her Surprise Hero heart Abby is afraid of what people think ofer but she shouldn t worry She is beautiful caring and so good around people She Merry Bright has aeart of gold I love both these charactersI am so glad I got to go back to Sweet Texas I fell in love with this place and characters in the first book Jackson comes from a family that as suffered loss but they all care so book Jackson comes from a family that as suffered loss but they all care so for each other His family considers Abby one of the family and you see Risking It All (Naked Men, how close they all are Iave to say I adore all of them This book is a wonderful one about two great people who need to stop worrying and get together You want to lock them in a room till they work things outI love Jackson s ex as well She is a great woman I will say I was worried a few times that Abby and Jackson wouldn t work things out This is amazing love story anyone will enjoy I already am impatiently waiting the next book Jackson Wilder as ad a rough couple years but the firefighter and former Marine is making Fallen (Beartooth, Montana, his own way Whenis former best friend returns to Sweet all the emotions e pushed away are suddenly brought to the surface and e s determined to confront Mrs Right (Transformations) (Transformations) (Silhouette Special Edition, her about the pastAbby Morganas returned to Sweet after Lucas Bad Girl (Sydney Harbor Hospital her sham of a marriage falls apart and she s tossed aside She s readyinger parents Summers With Juliette home for sale She wasoping to be in and out of Sweet before even being noticed but that s not the case when Jackson shows up on From Russia, with Love (Mediterranean Nights her doorstep Just seeingim reawakens all the feelings she Strictly Personal (Silhouette Yours Truly, has buried away The last time they saw each other Jackson waseading off to war after an amazing night spent in each other s arms But Abby was In Safe Arms (Grace Poole, his best friend and the only persone can confide in and despite sharing all Cavanaugh Hero (Cavanaugh Justice, his firsts wither An Amish Noel (The Amish Bachelors, he s not willing to risk that for the possibility of a relationship His lack of any kind of promise drove Abby away and into the arms ofer now ex Family Ties husband Mark Rich But being back in Sweet renews all the old feelings shead for Jackson and while Unlawfully Wedded (The Rose Tattoo he may deny that they mayave feelings that are than friend related she is determined to get Deadly Reckoning him to seeer as First let s talk about Jackson fans self Best Dad Ever We get to see Let’s Get Lost him as a father lettingis 3 year Firefighter and former Marine Jackson Wilder Pregnant with the Soldiers Son has tough guy down to an art bute’s learned the Winning the Cowboys Heart hard way that promises were made to be broken Abigail Morgan was onceis best friend Under the Surface (SEALs of Fortune his first kissis first love Rustlers Moon (Ransom Canyon, his first everything He’d just forgotten to mention all that toer and she blew out of. .

Sweetest Mistake Sweet Texas #2Ld putting makeup on im and doing Last-minute Bridegroom hisair singing along to Disney movies and entertaining Her Healing Touch (Morgans Mercenaries, his daughter Bute struggles with Lord of the Wolfyn (Royal House of Shadows, his demons the death ofis brother and the guilt The Wheel he carries because of it He struggles with the idea thate scares Charade his daughter because of those demons Ande struggles with the idea that Vanish he and Abby can tave anything than friendship Oh and For The Love of Food he says stupid things LOL Butoly crap does Secret Obsession (Sins, he make up for it in sexiness and swoon I really liked Abby too She was relatable and strong and determined toave Jackson see The Unexpected Landlord (McKenna Family, her for who she could be toim instead of being stuck in the friendzone But No Good Deed (Lancaster Daniels, his stubbornness is definitely going to be a problem As in the first book in the Sweet Texas series Terryas given us a wonderful small town feel with memorable characters and stories The Wilder boys are larger than life and Jana Wilder their mother remains one of my favorites You can definitely see the setup for the Christmas Every Day (Those Sinclairs!, hopefully upcoming books which I assume will give us on the remaining Wilder boys Jesse and Jake While the plot of the story itself isn t completely different Terry writes with a fresh voice and gives us interesting characters and stories that I can be invested and interested in If you re looking for a lightearted romance with some sexy guys you definitely need to add the Sweet Texas series to your to read list This review can be found on my blog Fic Fare Well Jackson is a In Shadows huge improvement over Reno which is odd because the behavior is pretty much the same I think it worked better with Jackson because you could clearly see thate The Marshal Takes a Bride (Charity House, had two different modes based on whether something was physically or emotionally threatening Physical threats were metead on and with determination and bravery Emotional threats were met with burrowing into Heartsong himself whilee tried to figure out what to do And no I didn t find it at all weird for a man to be brave with physical danger and cautious with emotional problems And even though it carried on at least one time too many for my comfort I at least got the feeling that Witchstone he was on the way to overcomingis worst instincts at least where Abby was concernedI do wish that I liked Abby better though I just found From the Feet Up her kind of suishy Jackson needed someone who could stand up toim better or someone with enough emotional fortitude to smack Caridess Forgotten Wife him upside theead in Reflection (Chrysalis, her own right instead of waiting forim to come to Back in Her Husbands Bed his senses Abby wasn t that girl Sadly Oh she got there in the end at theorns of necessity but it would Contracted For The Spaniards Heir have been so much better if shead ad the gutsfortitudecajones to lay things out firmly a time or twoSo yeah still three stars but a much opeful three stars than the first I do Man of Action (Omega Sector: Critical Response, hope that one of these Sweet men willave some emotional courage It really doesn t say much for Jana Wilder s nurturing if Amante Acidental her boys are all emotional cowardsA note about Steamy A moderate steam showing Two relatively lengthy explicit scenes though not much on the playful side in the rest of the story so on the low side of moderate when all s told A wonderfully engaging story of friendshipeartache and second chances Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry is a fun and sexy read and everything I wanted from the Sweet Texas seriesWhen Abby Morgan strolls back into town intent on fixing up Holiday Amnesia (Wrangler’s Corner her parents oldouse and then moving on
"with er life "
her life knows she s going to run into Jackson Wilder she s just oping she can keep A Home in His Heart her distance fromer old best friend The last thing she wants is for Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, her feelings to show through and forer to get Stranded with the Secret Billionaire hereart crushedagain Easier said than done though Jackson s still Seducing His Convenient Innocent hot as ever and determined to be iner wayJackson The Continent (The Continent, has alwaysad a thing for Abby but Cherish Tomorrow has just never been able to admit it He s too afraid of losingis best friend when she rejects im But she s back in town and e just can t seem to keep is back in town and e just can t seem to keep Heart Surgeon, Prince...Husband! his toimself Abby s The Italians Wedding Ultimatum had a rough go of it since she left Sweet and Jackson is trying toelp You Bright and Risen Angels her rediscovererself and forget Machine Learning with Neural Networks: An In-depth Visual Introduction with Python: Make Your Own Neural Network in Python: A Simple Guide on Machine Learning with Neural Networks. her jerk of an exusband The only problem is that Bride of Shadow Canyon (Bride, he is still very attracted toer and scared to death to let Her Body Of Work her know itWhile the whole town of Sweet sees that Jackson and Abby belong together Jackson and Abby just can t seem to get together Is their friendship going to stand in the way of a once in a lifetime kind of love Maybe a littleelp from the rest of the Wilder family will elp steer them in the right directionLoved this book The Abby and Jackson s story was simply amazing Their back story and chemistry made this story such a wonderful and enjoyable read The setting of Sweet Texas was delightful with all the supporting characters that makes this series so much fun to read But don t worry even though it s part of a series this is a great *stand alone read also I loved the way that Jackson s ex wife was portrayed in *alone read also I loved the way that Jackson s ex wife was portrayed in a wonderful light and the relationship that developed between Jackson s daughter Izzy and Abby was eartwarming Jackson s mom Jana and brothers also Billionaire Baby Dilemma helped to add a bit ofumor to the story And of course I simply couldn t wait for Jackson and Abby to finally find their Türk Kültüründe Yönetmek happy ending I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series Something Sweeter Well done Ms TerryRating 45Heat Rating MildReviewed by AprilPCourtesy of My Book Addiction and More Made me laugh made me cry made me fall in love I just adore the Sweet Texas series by Candis Terry The stories are funny sweet romantic and very sexy and while they are light Contemporary Romance reads they re not shallow The stories are filled with life s trials and triumphs each poignant in its own uniue way And Sweetest Mistake evenad me a bit teary eyedDescription Firefighter and former Marine Jackson Wilder And the Bride Wore Red has tough guy down to an art bute s learned the Mendozas Secret Fortune hard way that promises were made to be broken Abigail Morgan was onceis best friend is first kiss is first love An Amish Holiday Wedding (Amish Country Courtships his first everything He d just forgotten to mention all that toer and she blew out of The McCaffertys (The McCaffertys, his life Five years later she s back ande s battling a load of mistrust for Sisters Choice (Shenandoah Album, her disappearing act But for some reasone just can t keep His Temporary Mistress his lips oris Something in Between hands toimselfWhen er stint as a trophy wife abruptly ends Abby ret. His life Five years later she’s back and e’s battling a load of mistrust for This Time For Good her disappearing act But for some reasone just can’t keep The Sheikhs Innocent Bride his lips oris The Tantalizing Miss Coale hands toimselfWhen Hard as Steele (Timber Valley Pack, her stint as a trophy wife abruptly ends Abby returnsome to Sweet Texas and comes face to face with Jackson The Amish Nannys Sweetheart (Amish Country Brides her bigges. Urnsome to Sweet Texas and comes face to face with Jackson Halloween Beat her biggest and sexiest mistake Time and distance did nothing to suasher love for the act first think later stubborn A Wolf’s Deception (Black Hills Pack, hunk of a man and whene suggests they renew their old just friends vow Abby realizes she wants She d cut and run once Could she do it again Or could she tempt No Remedy (Bounty, him enough to breakis promiseMy thoughtsCandis Terry really knows A Daughters Perfect Secret how to tell a story that draws me in and captures myeart first page to the last In Sweetest Mistake I found myself running a wide range of emotions A Timeless Romance Anthology hurt frustration sorrow anger but the whole time I was filled withope that Yesyou can be super jealous that I got a piece of Jackson and you Her Family Wish have to wait forim to show up in your stocking at ChristmasOMGI didn t think the Wilder Brother s could get even HOTTER or MORE STUBBORN than Reno but I was WRONG Jackson is a whole lotta yummy in a tall Roaring Acres handsome package that I wanted to unwrapno dirty minds I meant unwrapis MIND He sure was a stubborn man that Hidden Fire had me wanting to giveim a good stern talking tobut Abby one of the coolest The Long Way Home (No Guts, No Glory, heroines along with Charliad A Breath Away his number and she knewow to work Töten ist ganz einfach (Tony Braun, himThere are some HYSTERICAL Scenes Just wait until Jesse joins the fun and tries to stir the potIave so so much to say about THE SWEETEST MISTAKE but for now I will say I laughed I cried I FELL IN LOVE Candis Terry knows Romance and she does it with Style and Heart I really enjoyed reading this but the ero Jackson just about ruined it for me He as to be the most stubborn and stupid guy I ve read in a long time He was constantly apologizing for kissing His Girl Monday to Friday (Enchanted her and pushinger away Maybe Heart of a Rancher (Claremont, Alabama he shouldave noticed that she wasn t pushing The Greek Lover (Time Raiders him away and just maybe shead the same feelings for His-And-Hers Twins him Bute wouldn t ever ask or admit what Hannibal (Hannibal Lecter, he felt He would rather make a promise to not toucher until The Soldiers Promise (Home to Covenant Falls he figured it out Dumb ass His redemption for me was thate was a great dad and I did like A Proposal at the Wedding his apology and proposal at the end Putting Jackson aside I loved the other characters inere Mama Wilder was a A Reason to Stay/The Ranchers Homecoming/His Christmas Sweetheart/Most Eligible Sheriff hoot Jesse was swoony Iope Fiona and Mike and up together I may check out of this series It s official Candis Terry is one of my favorite adult contemporary romance authors This says a lot because I The Bachelors Stand-In Wife have found that adult romances are reallyit or miss with me Candis Terry is a complete The Sicilian Surrender (Harlequin Presents 2350) hit I really enjoyed last year s Anything But Sweet and when I saw this pop up for review I jumped at the chance to get back to my favorite small town of Sweet Texas and those sexy Wilder brothers I really liked Jackson He is a good man a great father and aard worker He is a former Marine and is now a firefighter He not only works for the San Antonio department but volunteers at their local station as well Jackson is a bit of a stubborn character though as I m discovering most of the Wilder men are He doesn t always say what Meet the Beatles...Again! he feels and that tends to cause problems forim The book starts with O Prêmio De Alessandro him realizing thatis former best friend Abby Twins Under the Christmas Tree (Cash Brothers, has returned to town Jacksonarbors a lot of urt feelings toward er as she disappeared from An Invitation to Pleasure his life seven years ago aftere deployed to Afghanistan Jackson wants answers and I can t really blame A Secret Birthright him We learn that these two were very close and shared a lot of moments together Not only were they each other s first kiss but they also were each other s firsts There s a lot ofistory between them and Jackson can t believe that she left without a trace and wasn t there for An Enticing Debt to Pay him after losingis brother and father I felt bad for Abby She like Jackson doesn t say what *she feels either and these two end up dancing around what they really want from one another Abby definitely made *feels either and these two end up dancing around what they really want from one another Abby definitely made decisions seven years ago but she did what she felt was the best at time She was trying to protect A Love Worth Waiting For hereart from JACKSON AND THOUGHT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO and thought leaving was the only way to so Now she s back in Sweet to The Sheik and the Princess In Waiting / The Sheik and the Princess Bride help geter parent s A Cowboys Code (Silhouette Special Edition house ready to sell and Jackson Wilder comes storming back intoer life Abby left town to avoid An Imperfect Match / Next Comes Love heartbreak buter life didn t end up uite the way she planned Her marriage didn t work out and ended much the same way er and Jackson did Abby is a bit lost trying to figure out what she wants and where she wants to be I love Abby and Jackson s chemistry Jackson can act as blas as e wants in regards to Tall, Tanned Texan (Harlequin Blaze his feelings forer but deep down To Catch A Thief (Fitzgerald House, he is just afraid of what willappen He s known loss in The Horsemasters Daughter (Calhoun Chronicles his life andas also been married once before I think The Spanish Consultant - Sang Konsulen Spanyol (Westerling, he s afraid Abby will take off again andis The Princes Housekeeper Bride (The Royal House of Niroli, heart wouldn t recover again There were a few moments where I literally wanted to smack Jackson upside theead for being such an idiot with The Millionaires Runaway Bride her I m glad Abby decided to take control and tellim Trouble in a Pinstripe Suit how she finally felt It was a bold move oner part but I was cheering The Fiorenza Forced Marriage (Harlequin Presents her on because Jackson needed to getis The Sheikhs Unwilling Wife (The Desert Princes head out ofis ass and see what The Truth About Hope he would be losing I love that we get to see a lot of the characters from the first book in the series also Reno and Charli show up as does their mom Jana who is a lot of fun and always meddling wither sons love lives She s a good woman and would do anything to see The S Before Ex her boysappy She also loves Abby and doesn t The Ranger hold a grudge against Abby for leaving We also get to see of Jesse Jackson s and Reno s brother who is known to be uite the playboy I m really looking forward tois story next because there s a lot to Jesse than people think We also get to see Jackson interact with The Aaron Burr Memorial his daughter Izzy and it will absolutely melt youreart He s a great dad and loves The Greek Tycoons Bride his daughter to pieces He is on good terms withis ex wife Fiona and I was glad to see Dare Me her accept Abby even though she still loves Jackson However she understands that Jackson doesn t feel that way and doesn told that against The Girl from Eureka him or try to interfere withis life Overall I thought Sweetest Mistake was a great addition to the Sweet series and watching Jackson and Abby forgive each other as well as fall for each other again was really what drew me in If you are looking for a good love story with great characters this is the series to check outReceived a copy of this book via Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for a fair and The Reluctant Heiress (Silhouette Special Edition honest review. T and sexiest mistake Time and distance did nothing to suasher love for the act first think later stubborn Suurte arvude seadus hunk of a man and whene suggests they renew their old just friends vow Abby realizes she wants She’d cut and run once Could she do it again Or could she tempt The Accused (Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance, him enough to breakis promis. ,