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Was becoming a little uncomfortable by his recent habits of grabbing her from behind to cop a feel she told Bill to cut it out but that only seemed to make him do it It was one night that Bill had been drinking a little too much when things changed dramatically when Bill her room While She Was Sleeping she was sleeping the Bill ntered room while she was sleeping in the to show his little girl what daddy had been thinking about lately whether Tiffany wanted it or notWord count 6000Story contains scenes of pseudo incest forced sex lost virgini. Daddy Dont

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Daddy Don't Tiffany was nineteen and living alone with her step dad Bill It had been like that for uite a few years she never really did know why her mother had left as it was hard for Bill to talk about it but Tiff knew it was probably with another man as she could see that her mom was a little loose when she was around other men Living in a small town things GOT AROUND AND SHE COULD HEAR around and she could hear other people had said about her motherBeing alone with Bill for so long Tiff was pretty comfortab. .
Le around him and it wasn't unusual for them to be half naked around ach other form dressing in the morning going to the bathroom and swimming down at their pond it wasn't like they didn't get their share of seeing ach other nude lately though of seeing ach other nude Lately though turning 18 had been staring At Her A Lot her a lot taking notice of how much she had developed Tiff was a late bloomer and ven though she wasn't well ndured she was still a knock out Tiff never had a problem with Bill seeing her naked but. ,

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