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Hat Jace was so disrespectful of Pepper s feelings and these girls feelings was horrible Is this novel a One Star Rating or a Two Star RatingReasons to Like This Novel 2 stars1 Grandma bunny is a hoot2 Grandma bunny smokes dope with her friends I wanna be Grandma bunny s BFF3 Grandma bunny drinks alcohol with Pepper but with the caveat that Pepper is trusted to moderate her intake 4 Pepper is a disciplined athlete who loves her sport and strives for xcellence5 Pepper selects friends with substance intellect and personality6 Pepper wants to be a good teammate ven though cross country running tends to be idealized as an individual sport7 Pepper is a good granddaughter and a good friendReasons to NOT Like This Novel 1 star1 The protagonist Pepper pines after Jace when he continues to ignore her bitchslap 12 The protagonist Pepper makes out with Jace and then still pines away for him after he immediately *fucks a few other girls bitchslap 23 The protagonist chooses a drug dealer over a good guy Jace hot *a few other girls bitchslap 23 The protagonist chooses a drug dealer over a good guy Jace hot star drug dealer Ryan disciplined talented loving young man who treats Pepper with affection and respect Ryan gives Pepper good training advice ncourages her discipline and yes I have to write it again treats her with loving affection Right kick that shitty nice guy to the curb 4 The novel perpetuates the shallow ideal that girls likelovefall for guys who are hot Why couldn t Ryan be a nerd Or ugly Or a disabled runner Or a good runner who struggles to stay on the team because his undiagnosed dyslexia makes it difficult for him to keep his grades up and ualify for athletics Something Ali Dean Something Something that makes Ryan interesting than just the other hot guy in competition with hot guy number one 5 The novel perpetuates the myth that girls can change troubled drug dealers into good guys ummmm yes our shit rocks Ladies but no we don t change men They grow up when they choose to grow up6 Again white suburban characters dominate At first I thought this author would develop the characters of diversity that marginally appear in the text see what I did there but they are so flat as to be casual after thoughts about integrating characters that reflect the diversity that O Testamento exists in Colorado 7 Grandma Bunny gives Pepper alcohol before she goes out with Ryan Because this teachers Pepper what Underage drinking is no big D right Yes this contradicts 3 in reason to like the novel 8 Jace is a dick He knows that Pepper loves him makes out with her leading her on taking his pleasure and then openly gets it on with another girl right in front of Pepper And then Pepper STILL pines for him aggghhh a good shake and then a bitchslap Yes this is just like reason 2 but this point can t bemphasized Gangbang Slut enough 9 Pepper is a smart talented girl who for the duration of three years can t figure out that Jace is infatuated with her while EVERYONElse can see that he s infatuated with her Puh leeease I hate smart girls who have that one fatal stupidity flaw at the same time 10 Pepper by virtue of her what good heart gets Jace to change He stops dealing drugs poof just like that and there are magically NO conseuences for him from his other nefarious drug suppliers Yeah right Doesn t Ali Dean ver watch Law and Order There s no getting out Come on I read this book because of two things My dear friend Sarah recommended it to me I think if it wasn t because of her I don t think I would find this book With tons of YA books out there I often miss good books that don t have much hype I think Pep I really liked the running aspect of this story The training and mental strain it can have on performance I really njoyed reading about that Pepper was a great heroine She can have on performance I really Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows enjoyed reading about that Pepper was a great heroine She also your typical high school girl in love with her best friend I had to put that into perspective If I was that young and one boy gave mixed signals but said only friends and another boy showed interest you d go for the sure thing I liked both Ryan and Jace I don t think the story needed the drug thing That took away from the story for me Other than that I loved itspecially Pepper s grandmother Easy read I started it and The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ended up finishing it the same day It kind of sucks you in right from the start but UGH Jace I m a little disappointed and bothered by the whole thing and howasily the author lets that go Plus I m team Ryan so that didn t help matters Still though it s a good book and I already started the follow up book although I KNOW things aren t going to go the way I want WARNING INDUCES HEAVY EFFECT 123013 Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, edit The good thing is that I m still OK with my rating I still loved the book but as I thought about WHY Jace and Pepper couldn t be together the reason why Jace kept pushing Pepper aw He was a mystery to her andvery time she tried to solve him it caused her a little pain But when she tired to give him up he pursued her in her thoughts. Tly I’ve caught his ye and suddenly Jace starts seeing me in a different light Everything changes for all of us On the trails my goals are clear Train run breathe run win But when it comes to Jace and Ryan it’s nowhere near as simple This battle can’t be won by crossing a finish line this war is in my heart. ,

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Title pepped UpAuthor Ali DeanFormat AudioNarrator Stacey GlemboskiGenre YA sports *cross country RunningStandalone YesPart Of A Series YesPart of a Series book 1 of the Pepper Jones series POV PepperSteam Level heavy petting *country runningStandalone YesPart of a Series Yes book 1 of the Pepper Jones series POV PepperSteam Level heavy petting don t usually read a lot of YA books but this one was a lot of fun Pepper and Jace have been best friends since childhood but things get weird when Pepper starts noticing Jace and his hot body and his playboy ways Things amp up a notch when the new boy in town takes an interest in Pepper who Jace has declared off limits to the other boys in school Pepped Up intertwines lements of a LOVE TRIANGLE AND FRIENDS TO LOVERS triangle and friends to lovers portraying Pepper s motions and confusion well I started listening to this with the intention of stopping when I was finished with what I was working on and Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ended up binging it instead I received this audiobook for free from Audiobook Obsession This is my honest and voluntary review 3 Stars YA best friends to lovers trope It was an OK read R rated YANA girl power sports novel with romantic triangle subplotSixteen year old Pepper Jones loves running and she s fantastic at itven though she s only been running a little over two years In fact she s well on her way to achieving her goal to become a national cross country champion this year while still a junior in high school The only thing complicating her life is her long term crush on her best friend seventeen year old senior Jace Wilder They ve been neighbors since they were toddlers Pepper s parents died in a car accident when she was a baby and Jace s mother deserted him and his father when he was four Pepper s grandmother Bunny became her guardian and she became Jace s chidlcare provider too when he lost his mother Pepper regarded Jace in a sisterly light until the summer Pepper was thirteen and Jace was fourteen and she suddenly became aware of how gorgeous he had become and the unsettling reality that girls were flocking around him vying for his attention many of them physically pawing him in the processUnfortunately for Pepper the odds of her The Man Without a Face ever being than a little sister to Jace are slim to none He s never flirted with her or in any way indicated that he has any romantic interest in her And at thend of the previous school year she overheard Jace telling one of his friends that he could never date her because she s like family to him As a result Pepper has done her best to hide her true feelings from Jace not wanting to lose him as a friend But it s a constant painful struggle to accomplish that because her heart is shredded anew very time she s forced to witness womanizing Jace accept the latest of an ndless string of Gone (Gone, eager offers of sex from girls Pepper considers far attractive and sophisticated than herself He s so in demand in fact that he s recently begunnjoying the sexual favors of college girls from the nearby University of Colorado UC as well Yet in the midst of all this debauchery it s Threads Of The Shroud evident toveryone who knows Jace All Seated on the Ground except Pepper that he s never gottenmotionally involved on any level with any female other than PepperIn contrast to Jace Pepper is practically a nun She s never dated other than a fellow member of her track team Untitled. escorting her to the prom last year as just friends and she s neverven been kissed But suddenly her lack of a love life might actually change because Ryan Harding has come to townRyan is a new student at Pepper s high school who is a star cross country runner like Pepper He s moved to Colorado from California because his father is the new coach at UC which Pepper hopes to attend after graduation He s almost as handsome as Jace and certainly as athletic and ripped And where Jace is a talented football player courted by numerous top drawer university football coaches Ryan is a potentially world class runner Wiring eually pursued by athletic departments at prestigious universities all over the country Ryan is also almost as fawned on byvery girl in sight as JaceBut there are major differences Where Jace refuses to see Pepper as a romantic partner Ryan admits what all the boys at school know and have never said to Pepper s face because of Jace s over protectiveness that Pepper is a beautiful girl and ideal girlfriend material In addition where Jace is a classic man whore Ryan has only dated one girl in his life and he was faithful to her for the Against All Odds entire three years of their relationship up until just before Ryan s family moved across the country and Ryannded the relationship Also unlike Jace Ryan only drinks the occasional beer and does not get drunk or do drugs Additionally Ryan doesn t spend his time as Jace does hanging with the popular crowd at school Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage even though he isagerly accepted in their ranks from the start Instead he chooses to socialize with Pepper s laid back track team friends Best of all he shares Pepper s passion for runningPepper realizes her choice. Ualifying for Nationals It’s all I can think about and I’m willing to do anything it takes to make it happen I can handle long miles and hill sprints in cross country but guys That’s an ntirely different challengeI’ve kept my feelings hidden from the boy next door all this time My longtime friend Jace Wil. Should be perfectly clear between these two boys forget her unreuited on Jace and accept a relationship with a high class guy and she does try her best to carry out decision But unfortunately as soon as Pepper begins dating Ryan Jace suddenly starts acting like he s anything but Pepper s pseudo brother and like he s could it be jealousWhat I likedThis author is clearly a very talented writer Her writing is smooth and her characterizations are vivid and three dimensional Pepper is a dynamic xtremely sympathetic heroine I Against All Odds enjoyed the use of first person point of view and I found the window into Pepper s running world fascinating It is obvious the author knows that world very well but than that she conveys it in such a way thatven if the reader knows nothing about running and could care less about it Pepper s Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism experience of it isxciting Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils enough to inspire readers young and old to jump into a pair of running shoes and take off The setting in Colorado also comes alive on the page and makes the reader long to visit that amazing mountain filled stateWhat isn t suited to my own individual tasteFirst while listing what I didn tnjoy I want to make clear that I am not grading this book down for not being Payment Due entirely to my own personal taste as you can see by the 5 star rating because I don t consider that a literary crime Many other readers may find the aspects of this book that did not suit me to be a perfect match for their reading interestsFirst I m not myself a fan of YA romantic triangles because as is the case in this book sometimes the guy whonds up with the heroine is not who I had hoped she would choose It is a testament to how great the rest of the book is and what a wonderful heroine Pepper is though that I found it impossible to put the book down in spite of its romantic triangle Just in case I didn t make it absolutely clear from what I said already Pepper is one of the most terrific heroines in YANA I ve Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, encountered whether in indie or mainstream YANA novelsSecond I m not a fan of R rated YANA novels which is what I consider this book to be and I had many sueamish moments at the various bacchanalian activities portrayed onstage or mentioned as occurring offstage in this book Pepper herself though truly respects her own body as her vehicle for the passion of her life her running and as the book is in first person point of view the reader is notncouraged to see Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, either drinking drugging or mindless sexual activity as a positive choiceIf younjoyed this book s girl power sports plot you might also want to readCinderella Steals Home by Carly Syms baseballCinderella in Cleats by Carly Syms footballCinderella in Skates by Carly Syms hockeyFalling Hard Roller Girls 1 by Megan Sparks roller derbyHooked by Liz Fichera golfStealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally softballRacing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally horse racing jockeyIn particular if you liked the platonic man whore best friend subplot of this story combined with a girl power sports main plot you ll loveCatching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally footballI rate this book as followsHeroine 5 starsSubcharacters 5 starsSetting 5 starsGirl Power Sports Plot 5 starsRomantic Triangle Plot 3 starsWriting 5 starsOverall 5 stars This book was received via Netgalley in The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, exchange for an honest reviewI was interested in this book and was hoping for a light and cute romance but it was not to be The first half of the book was okay but by thend I was so disappointed in not only Jace but also Pepper Jace acts like a jerk throughout the book being domineering and controlling of Pepper and treating her like shit constantly being hot and cold towards her yet she still Turbulence ends up with him by thend of the book Not only does he ignore her most of the time they are at school he keeps tabs on her warns boys away from her deals drugs and parties hard having casual hookups and orgies with any breathing female all while he knows how he feels about Pepper knowing she likes him and knowing it will hurt her I tried to put myself in Pepper s shoes Jace is her childhood best friend she s had a crush on him for years and he s hot but still I came up short If I was Pepper I would have dumped his ass I felt like Jace s behaviour was an insult to women verywhere and uite frankly was so disgusting and disrespectful This really ruined the book for me Not only that but Pepper starts a relationship with Ryan although she knows she s really only biding her time until Jace wants to date her For me this is just xtremely messed up and the whole drama would have been sorted out if Pepper just removed herself from Jace s life and started dating someone Elizabeth Ann Seton else once she was sure she had gotten over Jace Hence this was a disappointing read due to the characters and the plot that I found to be uite offensive to womenverywhere While I am aware that the females were consensual the fact Der doesn’t see me that way He has the personal magnetism and good looks to hook just about any girl in town and he has Our friendship stands apart from high school social circles and I’m fine with that or so I keep telling myselfThat is until running star Ryan Harding moves to town and bridges the gap Apparen. Pepped Up Pepper Jones #1