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Uch suffering but highly relevant for today s world I m glad I read the bookThere were many things about the book that bothered me Author was repetitious ie she introduces you to Enriue s sister Belky about once every 20 pages She repeats how angerous it is to ride trains riders often loose limbs and sometimes ie This is mentioned in just about every chapter with the author etailing specific full names of victims and locations The author gives a lot of etails about supporting evidence with many facts about the acts of brutality and kindness This seems to clog up the book Oddly Enriue is treated the same we just learn in a cook book style what happens to him Author oes not give last names for any family members A Day Away does notevelop Enriue on a personal level There could be such richness to this story but the author Memoir of a Misfit does not let us emotionally attach to any individual Sentences are short and static Unfortunately this made the reading ratherullThis book was a part of the University of Wisconsin Go Big Read Due to the writing style I feared Sonia Nazario s lecture would be Looking for the Toffees dull as well Iidn t attend the campus lectureThis web site give an update as to where Enriue and his family are nowhttpwwwenriuesjourneycomfamily Stuff I already knew The USMexico border sucks and there are lots of shady people making lots of money off of it People leave their countries and come to the US because they are Raising Gods Girl dirt poor and can t support their familiesStuff Iidn t already know but learned from this book The MexicoGuatemala border sounds like it s even worse than ours not necessarily in terms of how The Gulag Handbook difficult it is to cross but rather in the absolute brutality of the gangs and bandits that prey on migrants Speaking of brutality I wasn t aware that Mexico even had an immigration police nor was I aware of the vast amount of Central Americans theyeport back to Guatemala nor the freuency of The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion deportations 8 busloads aay Mexicans treat Central Americans the way Americans treat Mexicans like Will in the World dirty foreign trash That being said I was absolutely overwhelmed by the compassion that some Mexicans show toward the migrants especially in certain radical churches and from people who live near the railroad tracks There was one amazing woman who took care of amputees who lots their limbs in accidents usually while trying to board trains or from falling off trains I was absolutely blown away by their faith and love for their fellow manI also think that the booketailed the psychological effects of family separation This should June Fourth Elegies definitely be read by lawmakers because I know that any upcoming immigration reform will be based on family reunification This book makes an excellent case for that type of reform My only complaint is that the writing wasn t particularly amazing but the plot of the story just about tells itself Iefinitely tore through this book and I m not the fastest reader READ IT I think it would explain a lot of things to people who know nothing about why these people come to our country and would hopefully instill a little respect for what they ve been through This September I will be honoring Hispanic Heritage Month by reading Hispanic authored books across many genres Although the official month Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes does not begin until September 15 I have a wide varied lineup of books planned out andecided to get off to an early start Enriue s Journey The Story of a Boy s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother by Sonia Nazario was originally a series of Los Angeles Times articles by the author over a span of five years Winning the Pulitzer for feature reporting as well as additional awards for her work Nazario The Confabulist details the complexity ofecisions made by Central Americans when they choose to leave home for the luxuries of El NorteOne morning while preparing for work Nazario happened to have a poignant conversation with her housekeeper about children From this talk Nazario found out that her Honduran native employee had not seen her four children in over ten years since she came to the United States in a

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of a better Intrigued the seeds were planted for Nazario to research Why Central American Women Flock Central American women flock the north leaving their children behind with relatives in hope that their children would eventually have a better life than the one left behind Nazario Der Illusionist decided to target a teenager who followed his mother north and investigate the pluses and minuses to life in Honduras and the United States Her search lead her to seventeen year old Enriue and his mother Lourdes who had already been in the States for over ten years After meeting Enriue and Lourdes the reporterecided to recreate his journey in order to bring to light the angers of immigrating to the United StatesHonduras is a country of few wealthy and many impoverished with the few controlling most of the nation s wealth Healthy men leave for the north leaving a population of women and their children Most women in Lourdes situation have little than a fourth grade education because they are expected to work to help with their families finances Once these women come of age they have few opportunities to work either making tortillas selling their crafts or obtaining menial factory jobs As a result they can barely make ends meet and the cycle of poverty repeats itself Women ecide to make a Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, dangerous trip north hoping that they will have enough money to either bring their children to live with them or to build a better future in Central America Children like Enriue grow up in the care of relatives and come to resent their parents and many when they reach an old enough age make the same trek northNazarioecided to make the trip atop train cars in hopes of showing just how Ask the Past dangerous the journey is for those hoping to immigrate to the United States She had the luxury of protection from the Mexican authorities as well as the choice to check into a motel at any point along her trip Enriue and people like him face manyangers Riding Class (Saddle Club, deportation gangs in both Central America and Northern Mexico jailing hunger and grave injuries at the hands of the trains that they hope will carry them to a better life The ones whoo make it become illegal immigrants They resent the parents who they hoped to reconnect with in the first place and many only obtain the same menial work they could have had in their native countries Many teen boys join gangs and girls craving attention become pregnant All wonder why their parents left them and id not stay in their native countries in the first place I found Enriue s Journey The Story of a Boy s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother to be a compelling story yet one written like an extended newspaper article rather than well crafted book The story showed Nazario s skill as a human interest writer as the prose was written in basic sentence structure and read uickly I felt for a young Enriue who had to grow up without parents yet grew frustrated with him as he made poor life choices leading up to his immigration The research and facts about immigration ended up being intriguing than the actual story as Nazario tells about the toll that illegal immigrants and their often times legal children take on American taxpayers This number continues to rise as immigrants continue to flock to the United States and have children at a higher rate than native born Americans Although this book is from ten years ago the topic is as relevant as ever as immigration continues to ominate the headlines Nazario leaves readers with these thoughts to ponder as she oes not wrap up Enriue s story as neatly as she began it as I rate this story 4 for the subject matter and 25 for the writing. Ut he pushes forward relying on his wit courage hope and the kindness of strangers As Isabel Allende writes “This is a twenty first century Odyssey If you are going to read only one nonfiction book this year it has to be this one” Now updated with a new Epilogue and Afterword photos of Enriue and his family an author interview and this is a classic of contemporary America. ,
Enriues JourneyI live in Oaxaca Mexico and have lived in Veracruz and Chiapas three places where refugees pass through from Central America to the north of Mexico or to the United States These locations figure prominently in Nazario s amazing book I read it some years ago just after I had moved to Mexico Shortly afterward I visited California and was eating in a big Mexican restaurant in SF Because I had just recently read Enriue s Journey I talked to some of the women who were cleaning off the table and found that all of them were mothers from Central America who were sending money home It gave me a big pain in my heartMore than the story of this boy s journey a child who rode on the top of trains from Guatemala to the US border it is the story of Sonia Nazario s heroic commitment She herself took this journey so that she could tell it and the gripping escriptions of what it s like are unforgettableEven though Enriue s experience of losing his mother is common throughout Central America the tragedy continues Chidren who thought their mothers would return finally give up and make the Short Stories by Roald Dahl dangerous journey themselves to the border The connection they feel to that mother is so powerful that they believe somehow they will find her once they are on the right side of la frontera but they almost nevero Instead they end up on the street taken as child prostitutes or adopted by gangs Highly recommend This is not a book It s a report It s straight forward reporting and I admire her efforts to get the full experience but the ongoing repetition of the same kind of Goldilocks the Three Bears details to make her point was overkill for the general public Enriue s Journey completely challenged my views on immigration and helped me identify the challenges that I face as a teacher Sonia Nazario begins the book by providing a background of information on the immigration policies of the 80 s and 90 s She then takes us to Honduras where a mother is about to leave her children so that she can come to the US and have a better life in order to provide a better life for her children As the years go by the mother is faced with theecision to risk her life and return to Honduras to see her children or have them risk their lives attempting to cross the US border Her children slowly lose the respect and admiration that they had for their mother as they grow up in a country filled with corruption fueled by rug and gang violence The story then takes us through the hardships of immigration as one of her children takes his chances and leaves Honduras for the US Enriue s Journey is really the story of hardship and struggle of a family trying to make their reams come true Enriue faces the most Socialist Realism difficult of circumstances traveling alone through the jungles of Guatemala El Salvador and then Mexico He joins thousands of pilgrims making the same journey on top of trains on foot and all while avoiding the immigration agents police officers and gang members who torture immigrantsuring the journey In his attempts to reach the border he learns about his own weaknesses and the ifficulties that his own mother faced when she made the journey I truly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wanted to learn about the hardships of immigration This book made me appreciate what my own mother went through when she left her country at the age of 17 I also connected with all of my students and their families who are forced to leave their loved ones and start new lives in a foreign country I rate it 5 out of 5 stars A must read for everyone Well I hated itIt s kind of hard to say that because of the book s subject matter It makes me feel like I m saying the subject matter wasn t important It s sort of like being in a writing class where someone writes a non fiction piece about a past trauma It s hard to talk about the problems with the piece without feeling like you re invalidating the events and the person in some wayThat said hated it It idn t have so much a narrative as it read like a list a catalouging of atrocities The only reason I read it was for a book club and the only reason I finished it is because I Doctor Extraño downloaded the audiobook and listened to it at 2X speed on my iPod which Iidn t even know was an option and now that I o I can t figure out what use that option has other than this exact sort of thingAlso it really felt like ten separate pieces of journalism slapped inside a coverAnd finally I have to say I m sort of
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in this as pick for One Book One Denver It just feels like the kind of book that these programs always pick Something that addresses an issue which I understand We want people to have something to talk about On the other hand it feels like we re trying to force people to read things for information s sake as opposed to reading things that are enjoyable as books on some level Which is why we still have boring books and textbooks that are virtually unreadable I on t know This book Three Cups of Tea These kinds of books just leave me cold I learned a lot about illegal immigration kinds of books just leave me cold I learned a lot about illegal immigration reading Sonia Nazario s Enriue s Journey Nazario a Never Tell distinguished journalist for the Los Angeles Times very much takes a features approach in her writing emphasizing the human stories and motivations that create the statisticsIt certainly makes for a compelling read Enriue s story starts in Honduras with his mother Lourdes Lourdes cannot afford to feed and educate her children so she leaves for el norte Her plan is to work hard save money and return home Thingson t go expected her husband marries another woman abandons the children of this marriage to his mother and Enriue comes to Feminism is for Everybody deeply resent his mother even while idolizing her By the time he s 17 his girlfriend is pregnant he is sniffing glue and he has been kicked out of several households Enriueecides to follow in his mother s footsteps I think it would be fair to say that he feels as though without her love he will never be completeMigrants like Enriue travel by train Readers from Northern America are predisposed to romanticize people that ride the rails but it s Deterring Democracy dangerous than we might expect In addition to gangs and bandits Enriue has toodge corrupt police officers and of course la migra I lost count of how often Enriue was Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, deported from Guatemala before he finally made it to Mexico and started gettingeported again He is severely beaten at one point as well Nazario emphasizes that gang rape and Hunters Heart decapitation by train wheels are common occurrences However Enriue is on a uest to reunite with his mother and he enduresIt isifficult not to become Menneskefluene (K2 discouraged while reading about all of the people that prey upon the migrants However Nazario highlights several instances in which people often motivated by Jesus teachings to care for the pooremonstrate remarkable charity and self sacrificeIt s also Nazi Gold disappointing to read that life in America is not all its cracked up to be Children thato manage to reunite with their mothers soon become Mr Majeika and the School Inspector disillusioned by many realities For one their mothers are not ideal and they still have to work hard rather than spend time with their parents which aggravates the children s sense of abandonment andeepens their resentment The mothers Nazario explains are not inclined to apologize viewing their actions as a sacrifice their children cannot understand These children often turn to Selected Poems drugs gangs or pregnancy to find the love that they feel they are missingI m often frustrated when reading the newspaper by how easily journalists are manipulated into spreading a corporate or political message Here Nazario seems to have presented a balanced picture I couldn t think of anyone that she should have sp. Based on the Los Angeles Times newspaper series that won two Pulitzer Prizes this astonishing story puts a human face on the ongoingebate about immigration reform in the United States Now a beloved classic this page turner about the power of family is a popular text in classrooms and a touchstone for communities across the country to engage in meaningful iscussions about .
Ent time interviewing excepting perhaps policy makers She herself follows in Enriue s footsteps though with guards and visas She uite effectively illustrates the hardship of this migration while also pointing out the resources that Americans spend responding to this phenomenonIn many ways this makes for an emotional reading experience To what extent is it informativeI would have preferred to see iscussion and consideration of Nazario s claims about immigration She often throws out statistics about immigration and I found myself often frustrated by the lack of Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 detail or analysis At times she seems to use the term immigrant to refer to both legal and illegal immigrants which I think confuses the issue Nazario s notes are uite transparent in the sense that she explains where her claims come from but stillo not really break own how her sources conflict and compliment each other Considering that this is not an academic text perhaps the greatest absence is that there is no section that highlights further reading on this issueUltimately I found that Enriue s Journey provided a human context for a form of migration that most newspapers outline with statistics I id find myself thinking that I could understand why so many people would risk so much to travel illegally into the land of the free And I was impressed by her The Train Robbers decision to travel the rails even if she was guarded I can t believe how gruesome violent and nearly hopeless the journey is from South America to America I mean I thought all hispanic people snuck in with a fewangers The news makes it sound like getting into America is easy as pie for migrants I was so shocked to read that there s approximately a 0% chance of traveling via train and on foot without encountering horrific violence No Reason To Die debilitating injuries from boarding and unboarding the train rape robbery andor many other nightmare scenarios There is NO chance someone traveling this way will avoid all of those things Itoesn t happen to some a few or most At least one but like multiple of those things absolutely will happen and that is so fucking upsetting From the gangs that board trains to the motherfucking POLICE that Naked Risk (Shatterproof do it it s such an unbelievably brutal and impossible trip Enriue had to start over what 8 times When he wasn t caught andeported he was just beaten within a half centimeter of life There s no Raking The Ashes denying that it is a certainly perilous endeavor People starving in these countriesesperate for hope SOME way to make some money SOME way to be able to send money for their children hear that it s Ellie (Ellie, dangerous and probably think what we up here in the land of mostly sososo much think Yeah it sangerous if you re not careful No it s Dear Office-Politics dangerous PERIOD If you re a girl on the train plan your psychological coping with rape Just go ahead and mark it on youray planner If it isn t immediately stolen in Chiapas by the lowest human life forms ever Before they push you off the train and lose you a leg arm or head to the vortex at the wheels and tracks The lucky prosperous can afford smugglers coyotes or traffickers who are savvy and have transportation and know all the best ways to get into the States They cost thousands And the most the average South American can seem to save up is in the hundreds especially without a very Thomas Harriott devout benefactor already in the US and wiring back copious amounts of money You know all that money we pay illegals And how well they live I mean it s aream to some of them but by our own standards it s repugnantBoth perspectives were interesting Why Lourdes left her children to come here and the outrageous struggles she faced Being scammed and robbed by Americans who say We can help you get papers We can help you get your children papers Only 1200 All you have in the world is 800 We ll take that then their whole business A Mistletoe Kiss disappears overnight I felt horrible for her Then Enriue living in Honduras never enough or any of most things selling spices in town feeling abandoned by his mother I sympathized with him tooWhen they re reunited I kind of found them both to beicks Enriue was a smarmy brat who when he wasn t criticizing his MOTHER FOR ABANDONING HIM AND WASTING for abandoning him and wasting on luxuries spent his time and money on weed beer topless bars and paint thinners to get his huff on Getting DUIs that cost 1000 Lourdes never indulged in those things but I guess that Intimate Strangers didn t occur to him He could NOT stop his venomous tirades against Lourdes for leaving him in Honduras but spendsays calling Maria Isabel his girlfriend and babymama in Honduras begging her to come to the US and leave their 3 year old behind He says it s what s best for their Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book daughterI alsoidn t wholly sympathize with Lourdes who felt the money and objects she sent back to Honduras for her children was love That she thinks Honduras is a isgusting lawless horrible place But it s totes cool that her two kids are there without her And she got pregnant when she moved here Genius moveEven though they have MANY faults some of them enormous it s still egregious that there s almost a system of necessity for leaving children behind coming here sending back money and never seeing their kids again I never thought about it When I went to back money and never seeing their kids again I never thought about it When I went to money once for a friend I stood in a long line behind hispanic people Never thought about it I really have no idea what should be one about this other than HUGELY relaxing immigration laws Immigrants Chaplin don t take anything from us They work jobs Americanson t want isn t just a sound byte It s true Look what happened right here in Alabama We re still affected by unemployment like the rest of this country in our recession but who poured in at farms to replace the crop pickers run out of the state by our fascist immigration laws NO ONE Yep fucking NO ONE Those farms are in astronomically Fair Game dire straits now because of it Not only that but they pay our taxes If they have utilities or ever buy anything here they pay them but reap very few of the benefits that legal citizenso We can t go to Honduras Peru Mexico Guatemala ANY of those places and tell them to make their country better To make it habitable To look out for the vulnerable populations So what we can The Creatures do is make our own country accessible for the love of Jesus Even though his name sounds suspiciously hispanicNo one should have to experience the things peopleo on that trip north Everyone in the US should read this book in order to understand the So Sweet (Sugar Baby, dangerous journey that Central American immigrants make in order to work in the US This is not a book that tries to persuade you to feel one way or another about immigration It is simply about one boy s journey through Mexico on top of trains and the perils that surround him He has many flaws but aeep Life Before Death desire to reunite with his mother who immigrated to the US when he was 6 and to send money back home to his family in Honduras This book reminds us that as much as we speak about immigration in terms of economic costsbenefits it is ultimately a human issue Book rating social relevance 5 stars writing 1 starLourdes a single mother of 2 children makes theecision to leave her homeland of Honduras for the United States to support her family She leaves behind Belky Good Luck, Louisa! (Red Fox Ballet Book, daughter 8 years old and Enriue son 5 years old in the care of twoifferent relatives Eleven years later Enriue sets out to find her The book etails Enriues harrowing 4 month struggle to reunite with his mother sets out to find her The book etails Enriues harrowing 4 month struggle to reunite with his mother book Akenfield details the perils of immigrants from trains bandits corrupt local police INS migra agents government agents who patrol for illegal immigrants smugglers hired men who take illegal immigrants to the US The book wasifficult to read so His essential American subjectEnriue’s Journey recounts the unforgettable uest of a Honduran boy looking for his mother eleven years after she is forced to leave her starving family to find work in the United States Braving unimaginable peril often clinging to the sides and tops of freight trains Enriue travels through hostile worlds full of thugs bandits and corrupt cops