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First Anthology lMe I frankly just skimmed Iove the author but this volume seemed a bit thin to me A short book best enjoyed slowly in my opinion At this volume seemed a bit thin to me A short book best enjoyed slowly in my opinion At the weather focused theme here was ike a pulse that beat constantly steadily throughout the book Then at other times I would think it started bordering on being too confined and too constructed with this constant repetition of the same note the weather the weather the weather But overall I thought it was creative and had some ife moments I could really relate to that were the best parts for me of this Passage Through Crisis little book thatike a sudden summer suall packs a surprising punch The Is Pretty Solid But #is solid but problems with becoming so meditative as to Science, Technology and Culture lapse into being boring That s one of the reasons I had to read it so slowly I would read and admire the writing but then find my attention wandering and my head nodding Great book for going to sleep to and I mean that in the best possible way. Vides unexpected opportunities for self discovery change and renewal The perfect entertainment for anyone whooved Toth’s previous books on travel and memoir Leaning into the Wind offers engaging and personal insights on the delights and difficulties of Midwest weather Susan Allen Toth is the author of several books including Blooming A Small Town Girlhood 1981 My Love Affair with England 1992 England As You Like It 1995 and England for All Seasons 1997 She has contributed to the New York Times the Washington Post Harper’s and Vogue She The Road to Einsteins Relativity lives in Minneapoli. This was aovely reflection of Black Boy living in a place with such severe weather It s a beautiful poetic version of every conversation I ve ever had about the weather Theast chapter veered off into the religious which others may appreciate but I skipped it 35 stars Interesting view of Midwest weather Everyone s Nighttime Sweethearts life is affected by weather If you happen toive in the midwest you ife through cold and snowy winters severe storms in the Spring hot and humid summers On a particular day in Minnesota the temperatures can vary over 50 degrees Midwest weather can be extreme and Toth does an excellent job of capturing the nuances of it Leaning The Wind Is A #the Wind is a memoir where Toth tells story within twelve essays The focus of the book is her ife amidst midwest weather Toth grew up in Ames Iowa Met and married her first husband in California AND THEN MOVED TO MINNESOTA WHERE THEY BOTH HAD then moved to Minnesota where they both had positions She raised a daugh. Midwesterners Safe in My Arms love to talk about the weather approaching the vagaries and challenges of extreme temperatures deep snow and oppressive humidity with good natured complaining peculiar pride and communal spirit Such a temperamental climate can at once terrify and disturb yet offer unparalleled solace and peaceLeaning into the Wind is a series of ten intimate essays in which Susan Allen Toth who has spent most of herife in Iowa Minnesota and Wisconsin reveals the ways in which weather has challenged and changed her perceptions about herself and the world around Ter and remarried a architect named

Stageburg He designed and built a Presunta colpevole lovely weekend house in WisconsinToth compares her turbulent first marriage to Minnesota storms in one essay She writes about gardening and her hatred of bugs of all sizes She writes about how every day the first thing she checks in the paper is the weather and when she mentions the daily forecast to her husband he seems ambivalent She writes about weather from the different stages of herife She includes excellent uotes at the beginning of each essay She writes thoughtfully and creates a visual picture with her words about weather Toth will make you augh and she will make you think about how weather has been an important part of #your ife I wish there was 25 star for this #life I there was a 25 star for this A series of essays Safe Words loosely strung together by topics having to do with weather Some of the essays I found enjoyable the one about wishing oneived somewhere else and so. Er She describes her ever growing awareness of and appreciation for how the weather marks the major milestones of her His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, life Toth explores issues asarge as weather and spirituality in “Who Speaks in the Pillar of Cloud” and topics as small as a mosuito in “Things That Go Buzz in the Night” In “Storms” a severe thunderstorm becomes a continuing metaphor for the author’s troubled first marriage Two essays one from the perspective of childhood and one from The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, late middle age ponder how the weather seems different at various stages ofife but always pro. Leaning Into The Wind A Memoir Of Midwest Weather