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Spy and assassin He s a savant a mathematical and musical genius with a photographic memory which obviously made him an excellent choice as a courier and spymaster In addition he appears to suffer from OCD and PTSD and he s prone to sudden trances when he withdraws The Death and Life of Mal Evans into himself and his world of music and numbers Hes widely rud to be both Sikh History 5 (1926-1947) insane and homosexual buts utterly and genuinely dismissive of society s opinion His war time occupations and the horrors he suffered are revealed slowly which works well to The Silver Shadow increase the reader s curiosity and to perpetuate the sense that theres much to this man than meets the eyeSophia Murder on the Thirty-first Floor (Inspector Jensen is also surrounded by a mystery whichs only gradually revealed Right at the beginning of the book Haunted England it s made clear that she s suffered physical violence and has been deeply affected byt As her attraction to Wilhelm deepens she finds The Whores Asylum it harder and harder to confess the truth to him because she does not want to place himn any danger Her father The Second Time I Saw You (Oxford Blue, is up to his neckn debt but his lands are entailed and he The Last Lullaby is unable to liuidate themn order to pay off his creditors He tries to force Sophia to marry one of his cronies the plan being to get her pregnant as fast as possible and then claim the entailed lands through her son although I m not completely sure how this would have worked The Mark and the Void in terms of the legalitiesThe romance between these two damagedndividuals unfolds slowly and naturally as they come to know and gain a sincere appreciation of each other Sophia Cant and Wont intelligent tough and compassionates completely accepting of Wilhelm s eccentricities and comes to esteem him and value him as a person For his part Wilhelm has been so used to being regarded as a social pariah that he The Dirty Game is somewhat taken aback to discover that Sophia sees past the rumors and his oddness But realizing that she sees beyond the gossip and what he terms hisllness gives him the The Big Love impetus to aspire towards making himself a better man for her And hen turn shows Sophia tenderness and affection offering her a happiness and freedom she d never thought to have In that way theirs The Darkness and the Thunder (The Great War, is very much a relationship of euals and I thoughtt was very well written tender sensual and laced with humorThe road to happiness Stadium Chase is not travelled without a few bumps along the way most of which are supplied by the machinations of Sophia s father to force her to return to him and submit to his demands He does not appearn person Dangerous Love in the book until almost the end oft but that works well as his malevolence pervades the story almost always The Tide in the background but always there This element of the storys well executed at an almost breathless pace as Wilhelm hatches a plan to free Sophia once and for all his Machiavellian dealings and maneuverings stretching far and wide as his scheme takes shapeI said at the outset that this was one of those books where The Winter of the Lions it was no hardship to embark on a slightly greater suspension of disbelief than one might normally find necessaryn a romance novel The storyline was very well conceived the characterization excellent and there was plenty of humour and sexual tension between the leads But there were a couple of things I just couldn t The Bestseller Code ignore which caused me to lower my overall gradeFirstly the book proper ends on one hell of a cliffhanger That s not to say that Sophia and Wilhelm don t get their HEA of course they do but we only learn that to be the casen the epilogue I ve always thought that a book should come to a satisfactory conclusion regardless of whether there Nothing Lasts Forever (Battle Born MC Book 2) is an epilogue or not and because the final chapter ends with such a big uestion mark I did feel rather let down and found the epilogue to be an anti climaxThen there was an odd uirkn Ms Densley s writing style which I tried very hard not to notice but which happened so often that The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth in the endt was Daisy impossible tognore Freuently The Asylum if felt as though she was starting a sentence part way through for example Years since he d allowed himself the weakness ofnstead of It had been years since he d allowed himself the weakness of Or Lovely how he seemed content Instead of It was lovely how he seemed content I know that starting a sentence without the first couple of words s not uncommon when one s speaking but n print t looks rather odd and after a while I found Their Virgin Secretary (Masters of Ménage, it uitentrusive There was one page when The River it seemed like every sentence startedn this way and On a Cold Road it wasncredibly annoyingThere were a few Americanisms littered around we don t have faucets we have taps for example and at times the author used completely the wrong word choice For example Today she d been clearly outshined when the correct useage Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment is outshoneAndn one of the love scenes we re told that Sophia braised her teeth over Wilhelm s shoulder As far as I know braising Two Children Behind A Wall is a way of cooking meat which I m suresn t want the author Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends, intended to conveyDespite those things however I thoroughly enjoyed Song for Sophia Ms Densleys clearly a very talented author and she has crafted a compelling entertaining and emotionally satisfying story featuring a couple of very well drawn and engaging protagonists I will definitely be on the lookout for of her work although I strongly hope that her next endeavor might receive a thorough proof reading before The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas its release It s true you are the most clever woman I know Then which man of your acuaintances clever Touch He chuckled You are by far the cleverest creature I have ever met man woman or animal What a lovely book I found this book by accident but when I read that the hero was autistic or rather had Asperger s syndrome I knew I had to read The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, itmmediately The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies is one of the few other books I ve read where the hero has Asperger sn a historical setting Song for Sophia did not disappoint with The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop it complex characters sharp humour and the amazing relationship between Sophia and WilhelmSophia escapes the abusive and tyrannical rule of her father and goesnto hiding she disguises herself as a lowly house maid n Wilhelm s household But when Wilhelm who has never felt any desire for a woman sees her a new obsession begins Sophia goes from maid to governess to Lady Devon to be uite honest this all happened so uickly my head was spinning but t honest this all happened so uickly my head was spinning but t t hinder my enjoyment of the story at all His breath uickened and his lips parted as he "Stared An Effective Manipulation I "An effective manipulation I look away and now I have this embarrassing urge to lick you His voice sounded low and smooth with a hint of flirtation like chocolate liueur I love a book with a good villain and Sophia s father definitely fit the bill With him doggedly trying to get Sophia back nto his clutches no matter the cost bribery and deceit were all Night of the Living Dead Christian in a days work for him But with Wilhelm he d met his match I loved how dedicated and protective Wilhelm was of Sophia If you enjoy the strong protective yet caring hero you ll love WilhelmI can t wait to read about the rest of the Rougemont me. Ned to his country homes also the source of his talent for composing music When a new housemaid The New World Order is hired at Rougemont Lord Devons perplexed to find himself fascinated by her He knows the exuisite beauty King Solomons Carpet is keeping secrets but her siren's voice draws him ever closer and he can't resist thentoxicating scent of danger surrounding her. Song For Sophia

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Wilhelm the mad and Ann Sophia the jinxed Sophia s a lady on the run from her psychopath of a father after he beat her bloody She takes a position as a maid The Big Snuggle-Up in the household of Wilhelm to hiden obscurity but she Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is too beautiful for that Wilhelm who has been a long time recovering from the atrocities he saw and committed during the Crimean War finds himself enamoured This storys so OW free that there are rumours that Wil bats for the other team Actually there are a lot of rumours surrounding Wil and his wartime job The story Trauma is pretty straight forward She needs his protection from the big bad father who has no scruples and will stop at nothing to get her back There s some fun side characters and I loved the chemistry between the MCs Wilhelm s character was particularly awesome He s a large sexy genius with some strange uirks But most just think him madHonestly I would have given this one 5 starsf not for the The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, imho unnecessary violence It seemed that someone was constantly at death s door andn explicit detail too You couldn t really fast forward through those scenes either because there were Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy important details that you d miss I did like that even though the plots very straight forward the Happiness the Mindful Way intrigue was well thought out and generally less predictable than I was expecting The writing was clever and I look forward to reading by this authorThe audio reader Heather Wilds was great Song for Sophia by Moriah Densleys an historical romance sparkling from page one with mystery sensual tension and clever repartee Wilhelm Montague prefers solitude but his keen Gorilla, Monkey Ape intelligence and air ofntrigue teases Sophia out of her guarded reserve Both bear scars A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories inside and out Both liven hiding The two must decide f the possibility of love long abandoned s worth bearing their The Bully inhibiting secrets and exposing a deadly dangerI absolutely loved Song for Sophia Moriah writes with brilliance and smooth panache using wit and humor to weave a charismatic story of hidden desires and unfulfilled dreams Wil and Sophia both passionate and engaging by nature yet crippled by vulnerabilities will capture your heart Song for Sophias one of those memorable romances you read over and over I give The Regiment it a hearty all thumbs upPam B Morriswwwpambmorrisblogspotcom Unexpected Smart Captivating I have to admitt took a while for me to warm to Sophia despite her bravery her clever wit and her many other fine ualities I fell hard and fast for Wilhelm though He s damaged Oh so damaged He s brilliant He s flawed What other hero compliments his love with Fibonacci seuences Calms his mind by reciting uadratic residues What other heroine will understand him Appreciate him And this was what finally charmed me The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, into love with Sophia too Not her strength and braveryn escaping her father Not her Johnny Came Home intellect Not her charming conversation The fact that she loved Wilhelm as much as I did This was one of the most unexpected stories I ve readn a long time The repartee s sparkling and witty The love s scandalous The past The Complete Idiots Guide to Raising Chickens is dangerous and hard on their heels And Wilhelms an unforgettable hero I look forward to reading the next book from Moriah Densley Listened to 85% and skimmed the rest The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business in printThere could have been somethingn Song for Sophia His Guarded Heart if the author hadn t crammed trope on top of trope like crazy I m sorry Love this one a lot close to 5 for me I am so gratified to read a book where neither protagonists are annoying and acted asinine because they were denying their feelings The whole castsncluding the supporting ones are lovable and besides a lot of alonetime together where we see their relationship build there The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea is the villain plot and action that help make this even entertainingBoth our protagonists arenteresting characters with depth and smarts The one thing I really love about this book s we are not just told they are smart we are shown them discussing nteresting topics and displaying layers of depths that gives credit to this statement I really interesting topics and displaying layers of depths that gives credit to this statement I really their very discussions and debates ranging a while variety of subjects and these two showed by actions as well they are not totally just all talks Our H has a very traumatic past that left him very messed up as a person Yet from the first moment he laid eyes on our h he found his haven
in her our 
her Our Everybody Matters is probably one rare oddball evenn romanceland where usually H can get all frisky and couldn t stay away 3 seconds from our h This adorable man "Here Was So Afraid He Will Loose "was so afraid he will loose he would rather not touch her and just have her by his side So cute The Slaughter in a misguided way albeit Our hs just as adorable While she shows she Three Mothers, Three Daughters is worldly and can be wily and cunning love her comment thatn order to enslave a man one has to be a general diplomat and cleopatra all rolled Three by Atiq Rahimi in one she never harbour any maliciousntent towards other people Sure she will maneuver situations and people to work Magical Garden 2018 Calendar: Coloring Meditations Inspired by Nature in her favour yet shes The Pages inherently kind and gentle The plots believable and I love how Densley gives us a plausibly dangerous situation without making two reputedly off the chart clever people degenerate Hija de la fortuna into fools There are still tons of actions and lots of exciting developments yet we see how our H preempts all moves and counteracts them all with me cheering loudly on the sidelineThe only uibble and thiss really minor The Black Widower is the sexy times At timest was described The Learning Curve in such a sutble way that I have to pause and figure things out Its certainly leaning on the romantic and half faded out side to me and I would have had preferred fire hereOther than that this definitely The Night Listener is most enjoyable and I can see whyt has a few nominated or won awards of the year I was shocked reading this How often does one encounter a four star99 center I can tell you T Shirt And Genes it s not friggin often I can t tell you what happened at the halfway point that had me wanting to kiss Moriah Densley you ll just have to readt for yourself Let s just say In the Electric Eden it s nice to read work from someone whosn t a naive ninny The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey in regards to violence I wasn t a huge fan of Sophia I thought her reluctance was extremely misguided but since she eventually came to her senses I m forced to forgive her any transgressions Shes for the most part a likable heroine with an unfortunate history and some trust The Reckoning (Maeve Kerrigan, issues Wilhelm on the other hands all that Wiggins, Sherlock et le Mysterious Poison - collection Tip Tongue - A1 dcouverte - ds 10 ans is awesome He s cute and weird and smart and deadly And loving He s basically my sort ofnsane dream man I got the feeling Densley was going for a kind of Savant syndrome for Wilhelmthere were shades of The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie here that were thrilling And the greatest part of all was that Wilhelm wasn t a reluctant moron He saw Sophia knew he wanted her and acted accordinglyA refreshing read with a good plot and enjoyable characters I would give this a few stars The Enchanted Wood (The Faraway Tree, if I could It was refreshingly different from anything I have readn a while This book made me laugh made me cry and everything The Soul Stylists in between The charactersn th. 2012 National Reader's Choice Award Winner 2012 RWA Golden Heart Finalist To win a man's heart a woman must have the mind of a diplomat a general and Cleopatra all Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC, in one Desperation has led Anne Sophia Duncombe to a life of exile Still shes always just one mistake away from capture and a marriage she would rather die than endure As ,
Is story were just wonderfully fleshed out that there was no hesitation 35 Stars rounded up this time but only because of the adorable hero Song For Sophia The Virgin Soldiers is full of flaws Flaws that have earned other books less stars But oh wow after a long tedious soul destroying and almost tablet smashing drought I ve finally come across a book where I fell for the hero again and actually really liked the heroine as wellWilhelm Montague Earl of Devons 35 a former spymaster suffering from PTSD loving uncle and nephew a virgin and autistic whose uirks lead him to meet the newly employed chambermaid Anne Sophia Duncombe who Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is on the run from her evil father and hides at Wilhelm s estate under a false nameWilhelm oh Wilhelm Such a lovely mischievous charming flawlessly flawed and sometimes a little psychopathic man This book had me when Wilhelm and Sophia start communicating via books left on a nightstand forged letters to dear old aunts and overseen smudges on mirrors before they actually meet Whatever the flaws of Song For Sophia the storys Game On (Aces Hockey, immensely emotionally satisfying as we watch Wilhelm and Sophia s romance unfold Wilhelms the true star of this book From the moment he meets Sophia he The Empress is obsessed with her notn a caveman kind of way although he The Celestial Necklace isn lust with her of course but Part-Time Gods (DFZ in the first third of the book Sophia keeps wonderingf Wilhelm Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook Special Edition is notndeed gay as the old rumours suggest Just because he lusts after her doesn t mean he s all over her from the moment he sees Sophia Whenever the POV switched to Wilhelm I was glued to the book The little things he does for Sophia how he speaks to her yearns for herso sweet And funny at times Wilhelm stood at the wall Eat That Frog! in his room banging his headnto Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, it Thud thud thud It felt better than when he stopped and unwelcome thoughts filled his mind Thud thudSomeone knocked at the door Wilhelm my dear Yes Aunt Louisa Thud Are you uite all right Cannot a man strike his head on the walln his own house Go ahead Wil t s fine Just do what you feel necessary I ve fallen for you anywayThe romance between Sophia and Wilhelm was pure and simple adorable After her true dentity The Complete Idiots Guide to Decluttering is revealed and with a little coaxing of Wilhelm Sophia agrees to marry him Sophias the worldlier character having lived her whole life The Pregnancy Encyclopedia in a dysfunctional family a maniac for a father What happens nexts Sophia and Wilhelm both virgins adjusting to their new lives There was no Big Misunderstanding just two wounded and Heartland insecure people trying to handle the sensations a marriage brings along When challenged with conflicts within their marriage they are mature careful and tender They talk things through Obviously not always due to theirnsecurities but even those are overcome with care and leaps of faith on both sides Loved Todo Mafalda it lovedt loved Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master reinforcement and deep reinforcement learning using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow itSo where did the book fall short First of all the writing was a little off or weird It seemed to me that the author used the show not tell approach to a point where certain situations were confusing enough for me to flip back a page or two to re read Who was talking to whom What st about Where are they now It took the flow out of the storySecondly and Simple Cake importantly I had to suspend my disbelief uite a few times because of plot holes and the unwillingness of the author to sharenformation about the characters or circumstances Had she done that t would been comprehensive Which takes me to the subplot that ncludes Sophia s evil father I didn t really care for Captain Marvel Little Golden Book it The author had done such a great job giving me an emotionally satisfying romance and then a subplot that had gaping holesn What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? it Fornstance Wilhelm Eat. Cook. L.A. is also a former assassin and kills effectively and very uickly asf he had some sort of James Bond training Yet when fighting Sophia s father 7 Lessons from Heaven it went on and on and on and no James Bond moves were seen And this only a very minor example that left me thinking This makes no sense But anyway back to Wilhelm and my swooning over him A hero who openly cries when he thinks he ll lose the love of his life who needs almost forced seduction by his wife because he wants to protect her and doesn t think with his cock for 90% of the book Yes please Song for Sophias a thoroughly entertaining and generally well written romance which features a pair of engaging and unusual protagonists and a well crafted heroine I Am Dumbo in peril plot Lady Anne Sophronia Dunscombes on the run from her violent and abusive father there do seem to be rather a lot of those Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us in historical romances these days and has disguised herself as a housemaidn the home of the eccentric and rumoured Wounded Planet insane Wilhelm Montegue Earl of Devon Hes The Parade immediately aware that his newest member of staffs no housemaid and Moving Violations is bothntrigued by and attracted to "her determined to find out what could possibly have happened to a young woman of good "determined to find out what could possibly have happened to a young woman of good to have made her enter domestic serviceHistorical Romances T. S. Eliots Dialectical Imagination in which the lord of the manor becomesnvolved with a servant even when the servant Smilodon in uestions actually an aristocrat The Fall of the Romanovs in disguise always reuire a certain stretching of one s credulity asn reality the paths of those at the top of the social strata and those at the very bottom would hardly have crossed But by the time the enigmatic earl and his new housemaid begin to Otherworldly Politics interact I was already sontrigued by them and drawn n by the mystery surrounding Sophia that I was prepared to accept the premise and keep readingsophia literally stumbles across her new keep readingSophia literally stumbles across her new one evening while on a late walk n the garden but has no Wholly Unraveled idea of hisdentity A few days and another accident prone meeting serve to apprise both of them of the other s position Bicycle Utopias in the household and master and servant very uickly fallnto an Management Planning for Cultural Heritage irreverent banter and game of one upmanship That Sophia supposedly trying to hide awayncognito should so uickly respond to Devon s teasing does reuire rather a large suspension of disbelief but the dialogue A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat is witty the sparks are flying and I ve never before come across a flirtation conductedn uite the same manner which made the whole thing so delightful that I was able to suspend my disbelief uite happilyIn fact Epistemology as Theology it uickly became clear that this was going to be one of those books which was going to reuire a number of similar suspensions but which was captivating nonetheless because of the depth to the characterisation the way the romance developed and the uality of the story overall Another factor that contributes to the book s successs the sense which leaps off the page of Wilhelm s larger than life personality his almost overwhelming self confidence and the fact that he doesn t give a damn what anybody things of him In the first few chapters Ms Densley draws a portrait of a truly fascinating man who despite massive flaws Fire Horses isncredibly attractive and utterly compellingWilhelm Edoardo Sanguineti is a tortured soul whose particular gifts were pounced upon and heavily used during the recent warn the Crimea where he served as Last resort to remain hidden from her former life Sophia attempts a radical scheme; a life of humility and disguise Rumor has Dkfindout! Space Travel it Wilhelm Montegue the Earl of Devons Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn (PENGUIN CLSICOS) insane A tormented war hero haunted by scandal hes only tolerated because of his brilliant mind and swarthy good looks His unmentionable condition which keeps him confi. ,