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Katherine Grey has been having a great few years lately ust a bit unfortunate that this comes nearly five hundred years after she had a fairly unhappy life Given that previous to around 2011 the only reason Ladies Katherine and Mary Grey had really only clung on to the historical record as Lady Jane Grey s sisters this is uite a weather change Leanda De Lisle s book The Sisters Who Would Be ueen seems to have lit a spark that started a real old bonfire and so the forgotten Grey girls are creeping out into the limelight Alison Weir attempted to retell their story with A Dangerous Inheritance but it was all a bit tedious I had better hopes for Elizabeth Fremantle after ueen s Gambit but I felt like Sisters of Treason was a bit of a disappointmentI have a strong love hate thing going with historical fiction I love history but I hate it when people who I find interesting are written badly I don t actually mind if they re made into a villain but I really do feel fed up when Philippa Gregory cranks out yet another book about where the women giggle and simper and flounce about batting their eyelashes The only way I got through The White ueen was because I had done my back in and the mental pain of reading Gregory s dreadful prose was a comparatively pleasant distraction from the physical agony of a lower back in spasm Elizabeth Fremantle s book is nothing like as dispiriting as anything Philippa Gregory puts out but given how much I enjoyed ueen s Gambit I had really hoped that I had finally found an author of historical fiction to admire It wasn t that I hated Sisters of Treason it ust left no real impressionGiven that this is my third time reviewing a book about the Grey sisters I feel slightly guilty retreading the plot of their lives Sisters of Treason kicks off with a bang with the execution of Jane and this scene was in many ways the most successful of the novel Jane is steeled for martyrdom and is far composed than her mother and although it was perhaps something of a stretch to imagine a last minute reunion before the axe fell Fremantle engineers it in a way that is credible Less believable is Frances Brandon s baffling francophilia Frances Brandon is another character who has gone through something of a personality transplant rather than being the cold blooded harpy who ordered her daughter to her death over the past few years her behaviour has been re evaluated favourably and now she is a terribly good sort of woman who loved her daughters but was manipulated by her ambitious husband uite why Fremantle chose to extend this re evaluation by making her launch into French phrases mid sentence was unclear Given that she only ever used simple phrases which the average non French speaker could understand it did not feel in any way natural And every time the Grey girls referred to their mother as Maman it grated I know that they could not exactly call her Mum but Maman ReallyAs with its predecessor ueen s Gambit Fremantle has done her research and stirred in a few extra real life people last time it was a famous playwright and a royal physician This time she has summoned up portraitist Levina Teerlinc and imagined for her a connection with the Grey family The narration of Sisters of Treason was split between Katherine Mary and Levina but I felt that the latter could have been safely dropped Levina s story did not catch me as much as Nicholas did in ueen s Gambit hers was the ancient work vs family debate that has plagued women since time immemorial but Levina s family life felt ill defined and vague Other than occasional flashes even her apparent religious principles felt out of focus I Nicholas loyalty to Katherine Parr in Fremantle s last and I believed in it It ust seemed a bit of a stretch to give credence to the notion that Levina de Teerlinc would sacrifice her family s well being to run after the Grey girls that she was so close to them that she was present at Jane s death managed to smuggle herself into the Tower to visit Katherine and befriended Mary too To be frank what with her Great Artistic Talent her Loyalty and Warmth etc etc Levina felt a bit too Awesome for comfort she felt like a Mary Sue My favourite Grey sister has always been Lady Mary and for me the effective parts of Sisters of Treason were those told

In Her Voice Mary Grey 
her voice Mary Grey to have suffered from some form of dwarfism and had a crooked back throughout her life It was intriguing to imagine her function for Mary Tudor like a living doll Mary Grey is called to sit upon the ueen s knee She hopes to be excused from this when the ueen appears to be expecting a baby and it is with sullenness that she stumps back to her duty Mary is the Voice of Reason in Sisters of Treason with her outsider s eye as someone who looks neither to marriage or renown she sees to the truth of those around her and this is sign posted early on when the departing Jane leaves no word for her youngest sister becaus she says that Mary reuires no advice But all of that does not stop Mary from having a warm heart and being a dear soul The final section did make me want to rejoice for herI think though that what I found disappointing was Katherine s story It felt Rebellion in Black and White jumbled first of all there is the notion that she and her first husband were sexually active Then Fremantle introduces the idea that Katherine was actually bisexual and experimented with her future sister in law Jane Seymour niece of the one who was Henry VIII s third wife All of this does rather diminish her love story with young Edward Seymour Reading Katherine s love letters to her lost husband in The Sisters Who Would Be ueen I really felt for that poor girl who had loved loved loved her husband and the children she had by him and had been separated from them I felt as though Fremantle had read A Dangerous Inheritance and wanted to avoid repeating Weir d book she is not focussing on one of the most potentially compelling elements of her story and itust seems peculiar I do feel that Fremantle is a hugely talented writer and Katherine Grey s life story has all the elements of an operatic tragedy but it feels as though Fremantle herself never uite bel. Early in Mary Tudor’s turbulent reign Lady Catherine and Lady Mary Grey are reeling after the brutal execution of their elder seventeen year old sister Lady Jane Grey and the succession is by no means stable Elizabeth Freemantle brings these young women to life in a spellbinding Tudor tale of love and politicsNeither sister is well suited to a dangerous life at court Flirtatious Lady Catheri.

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Sisters of Treason The Tudor Trilogy #2Ieves in Katherine and Hereford as lovers He remained single for almost twenty years after her death I think there can be little doubt that he loved herMore than The Sisters Who Would Be ueen or indeed A Dangerous Inheritance Elizabeth Fremantle seems to be telling a story about women whose very existence was a treason Mary Grey wanted than to simply sit on the ueen s knee Katherine Grey wanted than to flirt and frolic They wanted to live to love to have a home to be than the simple sum of their family Mary Grey s simple plea was to be allowed to keep the tiny crumb of happiness she had found herself but by the simple fact of their royal blood their sovereign could take no chances Yet when the sovereign shows you no kindness it is hard to resist the urge to rebel Still the final chapters felt rushed Fremantle skips huge chunks of her heroines lives and with this being my third book on the subject it annoyed me even than usual With ueen s Gambit a hit and this is a miss I think we shall have to call this a one all result so far for Elizabeth Fremantle and I shall look out for her u I will state right now that Philippa Gregory has SERIOUS competition Elizabeth Fremantle is by far the best historical fiction writer I have come across in yearsIn Sisters of Treason she tells the story of Lady Jane Grey s two younger sisters Katherine and Mary Katherine who was a serious contender as Elizabeth I s heir and Mary who suffered the curse of the Plantagenet s scoliosis are often ignored by historical fiction writers in favour of their cousin Mary ueen of ScotsInterwoven with the story of the Grey sisters is that of artist Levina Teerlinc a reknowned miniaturist whose work is held in the VA amongst other placesKatherine and Mary are interestingly portrayed Katherine as a woman lead by her emotions and Mary as one lead by her intellect Indeed from what we know of Mary she was considered as precocious a scholar as her older sister Jane and her cousin ElizabethBeautifully written and enthralling Elizabeth Fremantle is a writer to watch I ve read two of her books and am keen to get my hands on her other two all she has written so farHighly recommended to all lovers of historical fiction Made it Dwarfism just over 100 pages in 111 to be exact There sust no narrative to this There are 3 POVs Katharine a whiny self involved girl who goes from crying over a boy to suddenly a lesbian bisexual Mary a younger girl who is either lamenting her deformity or being treated like a baby by the ueen and Lavinia an artist who ust talks about hiding how she s not a Catholic None of the POVs are engaging and I don t care about any of the characters The best historical fictions find the story within the past and make it come alive but this is ust sadly putting me to sleep The Tudors have been written about so much in the past several years that I ve found myself having a desire to bypass most of them This novel was different in that it looked at the Grey girls who really have been omitted almost entirely from the Tudors history It was refreshing in a bitter sweet way to find out about the lives of these girls that were cursed with Tudor blood Well written and easy to read this novel gave a very good glimpse into who these girls may have been and the read this novel gave a very good glimpse into who these girls may have been and the life they led 45 stars After finishing ueen s Gambit I knew that I had to read Fremantle s take on the unfortunate Grey sisters Contains historical facts that may be spoilers to someI love the fact that this story is about Katherine and Mary and their lives after the execution of their sister Jane rather than the much told story of Jane s life While I love Jane s story and think she had amazing potential this story was uniueThe novel is told from the POV of each of the sisters and artist Levina Teerlinc I enjoyed the sisters and their personalities that were so different but Levina never grew on me Katherine was the flighty emotional and selfish girl that she is often characterized as but she also had a deeper side She would wish for a simple life and try to be less selfish but couldn t help falling back into her impetuous and thoughtless ways Yet somehow she is loved by all All except the bitter and ealous ueen ElizabethMary is of a deep thinker maybe because so little is expected of her She buries anger over her disabilities lack of future and mockery that she endures but every now and then it bubbles to the surface She often thinks of her sister Jane and wonders what she would do in order to keep herself on the right pathTogether the sisters are tormented by Elizabeth who denies them freedom love and any kind of real life Watching beautiful Katherine go from being full of life and passion to a broken yet still young woman was heartbreaking Poor Mary is forced to continue to serve the cruel ueen even as she knows that her sister is in need with nobody to help her I enjoyed the development of the sisters and their courage to attempt a stand against the self absorbed ueen Though I knew their story I was captivated by Fremantle s storytelling I have yet to read a story that makes me think anything positive about Elizabeth and wonder why so many revere her Mary and Katherine couldn t be different but both suffer for nothing than Elizabeth s fear of their Tudor blood A very worthwhile and satisfying read I look forward to great novels from this author I was awarded this book by NetGalley the morning I got the approval email it had been archived and I could not download it I sent an email to the publisher they allowed me access I am SO happy they did I enjoyed this book As much as I have read about E1 and family I only knew a little of Lady Jane Grey and nothing of her sisters Katherine and Mary It wasn t until the chapter named Kitty Mouse that I thought about their nicknames that way I liked thatI really loved the character that Mary was given there was not much about her written in history Elizabeth Fremantle Fleshed Out The People In Fremantle fleshed out the people in book so very well I would most certainly read another of her books Well written interesting in a period historical book many characters to love There was not as much about ueens Mary or Elizabeth but this was not. Ne thought to be the true heir cannot control her compulsion to love and be loved Her sister clever Lady Mary has a crooked spine and a tiny stature in an age when physical perfection euates to goodness and both girls have inherited the Tudor blood that is curse than blessing For either girl to marry without royal permission would be a potentially fatal political act It is the royal portrait