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Maisie Dobbs

Jacqueline Winspear æ 4 Read & Download

Efactor s son is planning to retreat to Before too much progress is *Made We Journey Back *we journey back Maisie s youth when she first encountered her benefactorSo here s the deal I actually liked the absolutely tropey Maisie intelligent book smart industrious honest and attractive who much like Nancy Drew is practically perfect as well as the apple of her daddy s eye I was vaguely interested in the obvious non mystery a home for disfigured veterans where men are mysteriously dying The writing is decent with solid character building But the transition to the past was awkward and continued for far far *Too Long To Maintain Any *long to Maintain Any Of Suspense any of suspense helping the reader forget the solution and basically had little to do with anything except to build character background and show Maisie s own role in the war I almost uit I loaned the book to my mom in the meantime until self flagellation led me to finishing It remained rather boring in an insipid historically romantic ind of way using one of my absolute very least favorite excuses for a criminal behavior and laughable denouement and not in a good way There was a bonus character twist that really made little to no senseOn my personal scale of enjoyment it was a solid meh I m just not interested in historical fiction as a rule so you have to be an ah maz ing writer for me to enjoy it hello Connie Willis In my world it s about two stars for enjoyment veering uncomfortably close to a Did Not Finish Yet the writing skill if not plotting is actually much higher On the niceness scale it s a solid five and on the Mom s Scale it was good enough to warrant checking out the next book from the library I might even skim the next one to see if Winspear learned some plotting So there you go unrated because of niceness This book was like a weighted blanket for my brain This is a story about a cute clever and plucky young woman named Maisie Dobbs Maisie is setting up her own private investigation practice in London The year is 1929 and everyone we meet is still coping with the effects of the world war including MaisieMaisie has a cute and charming way of talking with people and getting them to share their stories Her first client is a man who thinks his wife is cheating on him Maisie follows the woman befriends her and learns her sad tale about a loved one who was wounded in the war Later the man died of suspicious circumstances so Maisie investigates a farm called The Retreat using her charm and wits to get an inside lookThe middle section of the book is a flashback to how Maisie got to be so plucky and sweet and charming Her mother died at a young age and Maisie had to go into service to help her father pay the bills Luckily Maisie s master was a ind woman who observed the girl s cleverness and encouraged her to study and take lessons from a tutor Eventually Maisie earned the chance to go to college although the war intervened in the end Maisie shares her own sad story of what happened to her during the warDid I mention that Maisie is cute and charming and sweet and plucky and charmingA few friends recommended this book to me nowing how much I enjoy charming British novels But an odd thing happened I thought this novel was TOO charming and precious Maisie was TOO cute and plucky The story was TOO predictable and bittersweet I felt like the author was hitting me over the head with a pile of those big books that Maisie liked to study in order to emphasize how cute and plucky she was This book is the first in a series about Maisie and I m not sure if I will read any I m glad I finally checked out this one to see what the fuss was about but my curiosity has been satisfied In general I prefer to confine the term Mary Sue to fan fiction where it belongs But when I tell you that Maisie has purple eyes rippling black hair outstanding intelligence a near psychic empathy with her clients and is practically perfect in every possible way I think I may be allowed an exception On top of all this the author researched the First World War background for this very very thoroughly and oh how it shows Throw in a faithful Cockernee sidekick wiv an eart of gold a salt of the earth costermonger father also wiv an eart of gold an eccentric Suffragist and her household ALL with hearts of gold and I can hardly bear to say it but a denouement that involves our heroine thwarting the bad guy by bursting into song I m afraid it s simply dreadful Well This was a waste of time I don t think there was an aspect of this book I did not hate Starting from the holier tha. Ied her way to Cambridge and served as a nurse in the Great War Maisie has wisdom experience and understanding beyond her years Little does she realise the extent to which this strength of character is soon to be tested For her first case forces her to uncover secrets long buried and
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N thou main character to the non existent mystery to the amazing not resolution of the non mystery to the abrupt hundred pages worth of tedious flashback in the middle of the mystery everything bothered me So Maisie Dobbs is a private eye She was a housemaid once but it turned out that she was one of nature s rare prodigies reading Latin by candlelight Her masters then decide that she ought to be tutored along with all her work as parlormaid Enter Master Yoda from stage left I mean Maurice Blanche He fills her mind with such gems as Rush into conclusions not In the stillness wait awhile which pop into her mind opportunely in present day when she s talking to clients Anyhow On to the mystery A ladies infidelity is suspected by her husband the lady is blameless and Maisie spends some time giving him shit for suspecting his wife However it *LEADS MAISIE ONTO A SUITABLY CREEPY POST WAR HIDEY *Maisie onto a suitably creepy post war hidey for army #men affected by the war called The Retreat Nothing happens Then #affected by the war called The Retreat Nothing happens Then s someone else talking about the Retreat too and Maisie decides to investigate Cut Flashback into Maisie s early life Some tedious accounts of class differences Maisie in college Maisie as a nurse in WW I France Maisie with Simon a brilliant and talented young doctor who worships the ground she walks on Cut Back Where were we There s hardly a set up for a mystery in this book The half hearted attempt is cut abruptly so we have pages of Maisie backstory for no discernable reason By the time the story comes back to the current time I lost any inclination of nowing what would happen I had to finish it though Maisie herself I thought had a *border line God complex She instructs her first client to make her a commitment and *line God complex She instructs her first client to make her a commitment and his marriage She calls herself responsible for the safety of all parties but she makes friends with and invites confidences even after the husband has been sent away happy from her emotionally susceptible mark by lying about who she is But let s not call this unprofessional She has dodgy methods of problem solving She may regurgitate the Maurice Blanche homilies to herself but she the chill down her spine makes her jump into conclusions pretty much from the start She is never wrong though so I suppose that doesn t matter either As for her personal life she behaves despicably view spoilerSimon s alive but unaware of his surroundings because of his war wounds I think It s been twelve years since this happened and heroine has not bothered to visit him Her explanation how scared she was about not remembering them as they were She s a flake true enough but what s bad about this situation is a how happy Simon s mother is that madam finally condescended to visit the man she supposedly loved b how Maisie has been so superior all through the book with trite sayings such as I now about wounds I now about disfigurement when she s done jack suat and c zero insight into any thoughts Maisie might have had about Simon because the author thought that this needed to be a secret so there would be a big reveal shock dramatic music at the end hide spoiler This is a wonderful book I m happy that it s the first book in a series because I m eager to continue and read the rest of the books Wonderful characters Maisie and many other characters seem so much like real people The story was great There is a lot of absolutely brilliant humor This book is not even close to being a comedy but it was so funny so many times Lots of laughing and smiling at many amusing lines There is also psychological sophistication when looking at people and at human nature and at psychological physical challenges I like that Maisie and her mentors have so much understanding of the human condition and intuition when it comes to analyzing what s going on with peo PERFECT AS GUNS OF AUGUSTThe first chapter of this book is perfect just as the first paragraph of Barbara Tuchman s The Guns of August is considered by some the finest in the English language CAME IN A DAYDREAMThe rest of Maisie Dobbs is magical too Unlike anything I had ever read and I was already a veteran of historical fiction reads when I opened the first pages which came to the author in a daydream when she was sitting at a stoplight in a storm in CaliforniaNONPAREILThe uniue characterization of Maisie Winspear s gorgeous writing and the emotional access to WWI through fiction make this a cherished read I ve read the entire series yet nothing will match the wonder of meeting Maisie for the first timeMERCIThank you Jacueline Winspear for writing that daydream down. O confront ghosts from her own past In Maisie Jacueline Winspear has created a character that readers will immediately take to their hearts Her first case combines a gripping investigation with a moving portrait of love and loss It marks the beginning of a wonderful new detective serie. ,

I picked up Maisie Dobbs from the library upon the rec of my GR friend Carol and have to say that this initial entry GR friend Carol and have to say that this initial entry what may prove to be one of the cleverest mystery series since Dorothy Gilman brought the retired and intrepid Mrs Pollifax to life back in the 1960s For on Mrs Pollifax see The Unexpected Mrs PollifaxDon t go into reading Maisie Dobbs with any preconceived ideas about what you ll find there Yes it s a mystery somewhat Yes it s a historical novel somewhat Yes it s a exploration of psychological healing somewhat In fact Maisie Dobbs is one of those books that can t really be pegged and shelved in it s own confined area The book starts in 1929 when Maisie sets up her detective practice and receives her first solo case A man wants Maisie to find out if his wife is having an affair After solving that the book abruptly switches gears and goes back 19 years to 1910 when young Maisie is just a lower class girl living with her widower costermonger father While Maisie is decidedly low class in the ridged class structure of pre War Britian she is anything but low class in her intellect Her bankrupt father sends her into service at the home of a wealthy and sympathetic upper crust family From here we learn Maisie s backstory essentially how she came to be Maisie Dobbs Detective This portion takes up uite a bit of this 290 page book so that by the time it s over we re back to 1929 and Maisie s intuition leads her on an offshoot of her initial case and the resolution of some feelings Maisie has been carrying around for uite a long timeThe writing is spare and somewhat simple in places which initially put me off However once I got into its *rhythm I was hooked I loved the setting pre and post WWI England and enjoyed *I was hooked I loved the setting pre and post WWI England and enjoyed s backstory with all it s information about being in service The ending was probably my favorite of all but I won t tellI eagerly await my next installment of Maisie Dobbs to see if Winspear can eep up the novelty of her first book in the seriesAnd oh yeah the covers on the Penguin editions ROCK I want them as posters they are so evocative of the era Excellent A neighbor recommended Jacueline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs as one of the best books she s read The book cover boasts uotes from The New York Times Be prepared to be astonished NPR A uirky literary creation and Alexander McCall Smith A real gift Naturally I had high expectationsMaisie Dobbs is a detective and self proclaimed psychologist in post WWI London and the novel splits its time between a case and detailing Maisie s background Only half the book is a mystery as Maisie investigates The Retreat I love this book I listened to the audiobook It s beautifully done I am going right into book 2 I m already attached to the characters Is there anything controversial at Goodreads than star rating I think not and yes I think it s controversial than porn or V blogs People have opinions on whether or not one should star books that weren t finished whether one can star unread books by authors they don t like or even do like and then there are those that will actually argue a reviewer s rating based on the reviewer s interpretation the infamous you read it wrong offenseHere I am deciding to stretch my reading boundaries a little by giving Miss Maisie Dobbs a try I enjoy mysteries I love a good female lead and hey I m a nurse so why not Well because I am generally bored by historical fiction But you now stretch right I discovered Maisie Dobbs was both better and worse than I expected Better because I generally enjoyed it until the worse part a deep immersion into Maisie s past from ages thirteen to twenty ishRemember how I mentioned recently that there is a shortage of niceness Not in Maisie s world Maisie is Little Women Nancy Drew and the intuition of Claire DeWitt wrapped up into one self assured bottle of plucky industrious indness Maisie has a benefactor who has encouraged her to set up a little detective shop and so she rents a room and makes friends with Billy veteran and odd jobsman A man makes an appointment to ask M Dobbs to discover if his wife is cheating on him and much like Claire DeWitt Maisie tells him that she may not like the answers she finds and so he must trust her to do what s right Maise gets close to the wife discovers the mystery of her visiting the grave of a recently deceased veteran and uses her skills to accidentally encounter the wife and forge a connection She discovers the mystery of the veterans home for the disfigured coincidentally the same place her ben. Alternate cover edition ISBN 0719566223 9780719566226Young feisty Maisie Dobbs has recently set herself up as a private detective Such a move may not seem especially startling But this is 1929 and Maisie is exceptional in many waysHaving started as a maid to the London aristocracy stud.