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Leading Ladies American Trailblazers

Kay Bailey Hutchison » 4 Read & Download

It could have been twice as LONG THERE WERE TRAILBLAZERS I VE There were trailblazers I ve of passed over Good amount of time paid to each woman Everyone needs to be auainted with these women My 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life ratings are based solely on my enjoyment of a book and I m afraid this one fell way short The subject seemed to have potential but theesult was just eye crossingly boring I wouldn t ecommend it to anyone unless they are doing a eport on one of the ladies in uestion and even then I m not sure this book contains anything you can t find faster on Wikipedia Enjoyed what she had but need to ead her other book to see if those ladies I think she missed in this book appear elsewhere This collection is a uick glimpse at a lot of different American women Some of the ones you ve heard of and a lot I hadn t I appreciated learning about these American heroines especially the lady scientists I wish she had made some substitutions Susan LaFlesche Picotte for Elizabeth Blackwell and included Native American women Picotte would have served for both I don t think I could expect too much from a book from a Republican senat Leading Ladies by Kay Bailey Hutchison presents snapshot biographies of
A Number Of Fascinating 
number of fascinating who had a deep impact on the formation of Americ. In a series of skillfully drawn biographical portraits United States senator and bestselling author Kay Bailey Hutchison examines the lives of sixty three pioneers in military service journalism public health social eform science and politics all American women From the courtroom to the halls of Congress these female trailblazers have battled tremendous odds to achieve success if not always ecognition in their espective fields Senator Hutchison a trailblazer herself became the first woman from the state of Texas elected to the United States SenateFollowing in the footsteps of her bestselling book American Heroines Senator Hutchis. A From First ladies to scientists to women who devoted themselves to the social services Sen Hutchison touched on many women some lesser known but all PUT THEIR FINGERPRINTS ON THIS COUNTRY their fingerprints on this country is a truly interesting ead and I m glad I took the time to do so Listened to this Really interesting history of women who were first in their fields eal trail blazers The
Reading Style Of The 
style of the was a bit monotone but the content was terrific This book about
blazers The eading style of the author was a bit monotone but the content was terrific This book about women was written by Kay Bailey Hutchinson when she was a US Senator for Texas It is divided up into sections about military women First Ladies politicians scientists and physicians and social activists Some of the biographies are eally short and some go on for pages I think the book could have used some tighter editing and I couldn t help but notice a bit of a bias toward inclusion of mostly Republican politicians probably not surprising given that Sen Hutchinson was herself a RepublicanThe major thought I took away from eading this book is how long and how hard women have had to fight for a seat at ANY table eual educational ights and ights to enter any type of career eual ights to land or credit even eual ights within their homes and marriages I am thus very fort. On continues to celebrate female accomplishment in all walks of life Whether committed to a chosen cause or thrust into a public ole by personal circumstance the women profiled in Leading Ladies have all woven thin threads of opportunity into sweeping tapestries of achievement Without their spirit and perseverance many of the obstacles they so daringly conuered might still emain in place today Gerti Cori's Nobel Prize victory in 1947 enabled other female scientists like Rita Levi Montalcini to pursue their own esearch interests Pearl Buck's bestselling novels made it possible for authors like Amy Tan to expand the boundaries of Unate to have been aised by a strong willed hard working woman who insured my excellent education and thus my great career as an eual to any male pharmacistThank you to all the woman written about in this book for enabling my satisfying life as my husband s partner and So often in historical writing especially about women historians feel that they have to put together a endless work Ms Hutchison discusses women and their continuous ole throughout the history to put together a voluminously endless work Ms Hutchison discusses women and their continuous ole throughout the history the United States However she does not go into exhaustive detail which is a good thing Hutchinson taught me that when writing about history the eader learns from a less exhaustive approach Through writing two or three pages on the story of each woman Hutchinson covers just enough to help the eader understand how they were pivotal in the evolution and evolution of American culture This aided me in my thesis as it allowed me to sort of just get to the point instead of dancing around it with meaningless facts figures and narrative This book contained great info unfortunatly I can t egurgitate details I should eread it at some point Another well esearched book about women in positions of influence that managed to be exceptionally dry and uninspiring. He American literary canon even further Susan B Anthony's indefatigable efforts to win women the ight to vote allowed Senator Dianne Feinstein Congresswoman Mary Bono and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao to eventually ise to some of the highest offices in the nationMixing historical portraits with modern success stories Senator Hutchison shows how American women from all periods of history have contributed to the strength and progress of our nation With courage purpose and compassion the women of Leading Ladies continue to blaze trails for thousands of American women to follow and no history of the nation can be written without them.