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Cultural Tourism remains the nly book to bridge the gap between cultural tourism and cultural and heritage management The first edition illustrated how heritage and tourism goals can be integrated in a management and marketing framework to produce sustainable cultural tourism The current edition takes #this further to base the discussion f cultural tourism in The Theory # further to base the discussion f cultural tourism in The Theory Practice Of theory and practice f and heritage management CM and CHM under the understanding that for tourism to thrive a balanced approach to the resource base it uses must be main.

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Tained An 'umbrella approach' to cultural tourism represents a uniue feature f the book proposing solutions to achieve an ptimal utcome for all sectorsReflecting the many important developments in the field this new edition has been completely revised and updated in the following ways New sections Bec (The Demonata, on tangible and intangible cultural heritage and world heritage sites Expanded materialn cultural tourism product development the cultural tourism cultural tourism product development the cultural tourism and consumer behaviour planning and delivery f exceptional experiences New case studies. ,

Cultural TourismThroughout drawn from cultural attractions in developing countries such AS SOUTHEAST ASIA CHINA SOUTH AFRICA AND THE PACIFIC Southeast Asia China South Africa and the Pacific well as from the developed world particularly the United States Britain Japan Singapore Australia and Canada Written by experts in both tourism and cultural heritage management this book will enable professionals and students to gain a better understanding f their wn and each ther's roles in achieving sustainable cultural tourism It provides a blueprint for producing top uality long term cultural tourism produc.

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