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Imming themThe hero out for revenge due to a tortured past He sees the heroine and like a warrior from history views her as the spoils of war I liked how one saw his emotional undoing once involved with the heroine She cracked all his barriers and his admission of love was so believableThe heroine she was strong challenged the hero when needed but she wasn t annoying in doing so Her history was one of loss ust like the hero s She built walls to keep people out even to the point of denying herself the romantic relationships Loved loved loved how she meets the hero and is sucker punched by the emotions he creates inside herA very GOOD ROMANCE ABOUT TWO CHARACTERS FINDING LOVE I romance about two damaged characters finding love I hard time warming up to the Hh but Dani Collins won me over by the end The heroine was a naive virgin who didn t mind that everyone in her office thought she was the boss s mistress She didn t have a lot of self esteem and she really did think that the only thing now that her deal with the recently deceased boss was over she had to offer in service of the orphanage was her body Oh and she had the Hots For The Hero for the hero it wasn t too big of a sacrifice The hero bears scars from a traumatic incident from his teens that were caused by the evil business dealings of the heroine s now dead boss The hero has spent all of his days acuiring businesses and making money so he can have his revenge Unfortunately the man is dead and the hero can t get the emotional closure so he decides to target the heroine the last possession of the evil manIt s the heroine s v card which saves them both The hero is horrified that he s taken her virginity and the heroine realizes she can feel something for a man These competing feelings remorse and awakening eventually turn to understanding and love The scenes in Russia were a welcome change of pace from Greek islands Sicilian castles and Italian villas The hero s thirst for revenge was understandable as was his chagrin at the ineffectiveness of revenge on his inner peace Both the Hh had a lot to learn about love and hope and they learned it together I liked them together Aleksy Dmitriev is determined to avenge the lives of his beloved parents He decides to make his enemy s lover his own mistress and make her pay for the sins of her former boss He has scars inside and out Innocent Clair gets under his skin and when he realizes she is not the gold digger he thought she was he falls fast and hard for her Clair realizes Aleksy is not the monster he claims he is but a lonely tortured man and she can t help but love him But will her connection to the man who ruined Aleksy s life be always between them Great read I loved the sweet viginal heroine the alpha dark and vulnerable Russian hero and the chemistry between Aleksy and Clair Not many authors write hard alpha strong heroes any and that s the way I like my heroes Dark and tortured Heroine s love brought him to the light healed his wounds and erased his ugly sad pastMy only complaint is that we didn t get an epilogue with cute little babies I would love to see them with their own family I don t know I decided to abandon the book because I didn t feel the chemistry with the main characters The story started a little slow for me and I didn t feel connected with it I will try to read it later I didn t work for me Why do I even bother any This book really surprised meYou see I am not exactly mad about Russian heroes Yes I admit it hereI so much prefer Greek Italian heroesbut somehow Alesky Dmitriev spun a web in my heartyes trulyhere is this dark and tortured man who has this kind and lovable side to him Never mind that he blackmailed the heroine Clair Danielsto becoming his loverforget the word mistressit s The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library just so pass He did this because he wanted to get back at her bosswhoust by the way had died and gone to heavenor maybe hell Here we have Alesky believing that Clair had been his enemy I have not read a Harleuin Presents in what seems like monthsThe newer books and some of the authors simply held no appeal to me what so everI grew up on these books like so many romance readersBut this book lat. Employer’s loverRevenge may be out the window but that won’t stop Aleksy from enjoying the perks of his purchase But Clair is destined to be than ust this Russian’s acuisition. ,
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The very last One of my favorite scenes was the one where Clair seduced Aleksy at first she believed she couldn t do it especially since she was so inexperienced while he was the complete opposite but he encouraged her to go ahead a seduce him because she very much could I ust loved all the tension and heat in that scene and I could almost hear Aleksy hold his breath every time she touched him and pushed him and to the edge and doing everything to keep his control in order for her to gain confidence with the knowledge that she could do this to him as well as the fact that he wanted Her Not Just Her Body not Dead Boy just her body wasust nice to see him vulnerable and willing to be vulnerable for her It was a hot scene but it was also sweet at the same time One of the highlightsJust I loved all the heightened emotions in this one and really tugged at my heart strings especially for Clair I wanted her to find her prince charming and Aleksy was her prince charming even if in the beginning he was a frog a mean frog but like I said he made up for it and was a sweetheart towards her in the end Understanding her Helping her and Mud and Stars just trying to show her that she was a wantable woman I liked when he finally found out the truth and his attitude immediately changed around I ll admit at first he was harsh and a big olderk and I wanted to punch him sometimes but in he end he came through I like that whole theme in romance I don t know why I guess it ust adds to the emotions and drama of the storyOverall I really liked this book and found it an enjoyable read which I got through pretty uickly Once again Dani Collins created this emotional love story that I immediately got suck into along with characters that I really felt for I liked that Dani Collins ripped out my heart but then put it back together again and gave Aleksy and Clair the happily ever after they both deserved Ever since reading Vow of Revenge I ve been a fan of Ms Collins And with this book she has proven once again how talented she is She can create flawed yet relatable characters with couples that make you want to root for Aleksy and Clair are no exception This story may at first appear a bit clich because of the common mistress o blackmail plot but the background and the character are so well developed that it immediately draws you in It has everything that I needed and wanted in my romance novel angst passion sadness ealousy redemption hotness and the list goes on To say that this book hit all the right spot for me would be an understatement Everything ust worked Aleksy was an intense hero I honestly don t like him at first especially the way he treated Clair He s dominant who takes what he wants without any uestions asked or without a care who s going to get hurt He takes bossy and controlling to a next level and he owns it He s also dark and brooding As for Clair she s an amazing heroine I really admired her strength and determination She s already been through so much and she still didn t give up and managed to find a way to cope with all the pain she had to go throughThe chemistry between them was off the charts They might started in a shaky ground but as the story progressed you could see that they were absolutely perfect for each other And once Aleksy admits his feelings the moment was really sweet and sigh worthy A man like me loves for life and this is was really sweet and sigh worthy A man like me loves for life and this is And the way he asked her to marry him was very fitting because of the ay Clair grew up in an orphanage where she spent most of her childhood Clair will you come home with me I always wanted someone to come here and say that to me It was worth the wait No waiting I m here now It was lovely to see them get their much deserved HEA Overall The m here now It was lovely to see them get their much deserved HEA Overall The Acuisition was a well written heart wrenching heartwarming romance This book has something in it for everyone Go pick it up The Russian s Acuistion is my first keeper by Dani Collins I have no complaintsWhat worked The prose was very compelling It was intense The chemistry between the hero and heroine leapt off the page For the first time in awhile with an HP I actually read thru all the smexy scenes instead of sk. D tonight  Aleksy Dmitriev is after the ultimate revenge Yet his plan backfires when he discovers that his new mistress Clair Daniels is a virgin who could not have been her former. Gonna keep these reviews as short and sweet as can be and Just Be Based On be based on notes I kept I probably have others thoughts on this book but have not included them all here being I have five reviews tonight to do So let s get started45 starsOnce again Dani Collins wrote a dark angsty emotional love story that had plenty of drama to spare I love those kinds of books and I love her and her writing With this book being no exceptionThis book ripped out my heart a couple time especially when it came to the character of Clair At times I wanted to give her a big hug and ust comfort her because she didn t deserve what happened to her in her life nor did she deserve how she was treated by Aleksy in the beginning he was a class one Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda jerk but it added to the angst and drama to the novel which I love Besides he than made up for it in the end which is what I like to see the whole I can t stand you angle and think you re a gold digger to I m totally in love with you and you re my angel kind of view I love to see the grovel and how their viewsust get totally turned on their head which was the case with Aleksy then his whole attitude changed toward Clair and head which was the case with Aleksy then his whole attitude changed toward Clair and became a really sweet hero that was totally in love with herThe basic premise of the story was that Aleksy wanted revenge on Victor after destroying his family however before he could carry out his plan of revenge and throw it in Victor s face Victor died leaving Aleksy highly unsatisfied until he learned of the existence of Clair who he thought was Victor s mistress and he vowed to get revenge on her in lieu of Victor not being there So he stripped her of her Mes recettes au baby-robot job which Victor gave her home and basically everything which again Victor gave to her and leave her with nothing and basically homeless Now Clair didn t care about the possession or anything concerning herself but the money she was promised by Victor in order to start her charity to an orphanage so that orphans could get the love and support nothing like she got when she was an orphan which was time she felt worthless So that was her concern and she tried to appeal to Aleksy about the money though she didn t tell him what the money was for which made Aleksy believe she was nothing but a money scheming mooch who was out for everything that she could get without earning a penny herself So he agreed to give her the money as long as she became his mistress and he could have her body and use it whenever he wanted it and he wanted it and her though he resented it because of what believed Knowing what this meant to the children she agreed even though it made her feel like a nothing and nothing but a body to him and not a person that he could grow to care about But her thoughts were with the children firstAnd then the affair began and sparks flew not only with their combustible chemistry but also in learning the truth about one another that weren t always pleasant especially in Aleksy s case when he found out he was all wrong about Clair who was nothing like a gold digger that he thought but a loyal and caring woman who didn t really have a high opinion of herself Having these rich backstories for each character created the drama as well as that emotional angst that I love in romance novels and how this angst translated into a powerful love story where their love for one another healed the old wounds they were facing and able to move on with one another That I really enjoyed and I loved how Dani Collins incorporated all thatAs for the chemistry it was off the charts From the moment they meet spark flew and not only because of the hostility and misunderstandings that occurred between them but hot hot attraction that I could feel ooze off the pages They were electric together and that continued on throughout and didn t stop With the physically attraction went deeper and deeper until emotions took hold of them after every love scene that took place and lead them down the road of love The physical and emotional were very much apart of the scenes with each becoming intense as they went From the first time when Aleksy found out she in fact never had a lover before to. To ClairDanielsBrighterDaysChildrensFundorgFrom AleksyDDmitrievHoldingscomSubject Contractual OfferYou will find 100000 in your charity’s account today provided I find you in my be.

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