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Digitized LivesExcellent text for a lower Level Undergraduate Course On Sociology undergraduate course on sociology media It s written in an easy conv. In a remarkably short eriod of time the Internet and associated digital communication technologies have deeply changed the millions of eople Around The Globe Live globe live lives But what is the nature of that impact In chapters examining a broad range of issues including sexuality olitics education race gender relations the environment and social rotest movements Digitized Lives seeks answers to these central ues. .
Ersational style Chapters are osed as uestions How is the digital world made Who are we online Is everyb. Tions What is truly new about so called new media and what is just hype How have our lives been made better or worse by digital communication technologies In what ways can these devices and practices contribute to a richer cultural landscape and a sustainable societyCutting through the contribute to a richer cultural landscape and a sustainable societyCutting through the and often contradictory literature on these topics Reed avoids both techno hype and techno essimism offering instead succinct wit.

Twentieth-Century Music and Politics

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Ody eual online and subsections are freuently osed as uestions or debates Is there a Real Worldvirtual Ty And worldvirtual Ty and discussions of how digital communication is impacting our lives and reshaping the major social issues of our era The book argues that making sense of digitized culture means looking ast the glossy surface of techno gear to ask deeper uestions about how we can utilize technology to create a socially olitically and
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