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A Texas Hill Country ChristmasAd the book to find out I ll continue to stand by this franchise as great Western writing Let me share a passage that kind of sums up the writing that these authors bring to the table the sort that grips you and makes you want to turn page after pageAlmost before the man hit the ground Matt Jensenhad worked the rifle s lever again and shifted his aim Once the Winchester barked its eadly message This time the target stumbled from the slug s impact but stayed on his feet until Matt rilled him a second time That put the renegade the slug s impact but stayed on his feet until Matt rilled him a second time That put the renegade for goodSome of my learned and respected colleagues may snicker but it is California Living diversion reading at its best A Texas Hill country Christmas by Johnstone William W Johnstone J A Has been a while that I read a book by the Johnstones and have enjoyed the westernsLove this audio book as each character has aifferent voice associated with itI am familiar with the characters and what a great time to catch up with a holiday readCentral TX and it s Christmas time surrounded by the younger crowd of the family Ellen educates the kids on who Sam and Luke Ace and Chance were Story starts back in the So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, dayChance and his twin brother Ace wentown to TX from CO thinking it Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty d be warmeruring the winter monthsJust rain for weeks as the card game wins Chance money Love the humor as they pair up with others in a bar fight Luke Jenssen is the bounty hunter and is used to troubleTwins Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book decide to go with Porter so he can stop the woman from marrying the larger man Sam and his wife Sally have also left CO and will holiday with a family they hope too business withThings A Study in Scandal (Scandalous don t go as smoothly as they all had hoped Lots of action adventure and good family memories rogue Indians bank and stage robberiesI received this book from National Library Service for my BARD Braille Audio Reading Device I typicallyo not read westerns but this was a pretty good little "Story On A Christmas " On a Christmas grandmother is telling her grandchildren a story of their family of many Christmases long ago A story of bounty hunters and gunslingers all on the good side of the law. To be stranded by unrelenting rains and stalked by a crazed Commanche killer And in Austin Ace Jensen falls head over heels in love with a girl he wants to marry Unfortunately she’s engaged to one of the outlaw gang that’s gunning for Luke’s bountyThis year the Jensen family is in for a stormy Christmas they will never forget and one eadly showdown they may never survi.

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Fferent looking roadThe action and adventure really is gripping causing readers to not let own their guard or set the novel aside How the author kept all the etails and multitude of plot lines straight is beyond me but the ending was worth its weight in gold If you like action adventure intrigue old west rugged and unsettled lands that s just part of what Will Keep You Reading The Johnstone Westerns For A Long keep you reading the Johnstone westerns for a long stated above each of the Christmas novels is a standalone but really readers will love each Christmas tale for years to come They would make a really great gift for any western fans or book worms in any family A Texas Hill Country Christmas by Wm JohnstoneI have found this western writer long after his eath but the family continues with a site that honors his writing I love the ones about Christmas and all the men and women in them that have wonderful hearts If you like to read about the old west and especially Christmas tale you will want to stop and relax with this story Christmas is rawing near and the Jensen Clan is planning on meeting up to celebrate Of course none of them have an easy route to the anticipated get togetherAs a bounty hunter Luke is trying to find several bad guys one of which has changed his ways and is now a preacher Smoke and his wife Sally are on a stagecoach that hits really bad weather and a murder or two at various stops along the way Matt is minding his own business until he hears some gun sh The 5th book in the Christmas series is great as are all Johnstone books This one includes several Jensens in the same place at once Naturally the bad guys lose to the Jensens especially when they are all there I always love Johnstone s books An interesting sidenote in this book is that a well known historical author is one of the characters in the book He did live in Texas for a few years of his life live in Texas for a few years of his life remembered his real name from history so recognized the character when he appeared in the book Many of the younger people I am 81 probably will not recognize his real name but would probably know his pen name Re. Ring for Christmas the tightknit Jensen clan can only hope they’ll make it home Luke Jensen is in San Antonio tracking own a angerous outlaw But when he finds the man leading a wholesome life as a charity working Hill Country pastor Luke agrees to wait until after Christmas to bring him to justice Meanwhile Smoke and Sally Jensen head out from Fort Worth by stagecoach only. A fast paced western with ead hombres than I can count Marvelous plot one of the best And the message of Christmas is unmistakable This is the first western I ve read from Grandpa s collection I can t really imagine how the others will be Speer different because this story was chalk full of every clich old western thing ever bar fightsamsels in istress evil outlaws love triangles shootouts Indian fights cold blooded murders church and black coffee It was a pretty entertaining read and I really enjoyed the writing style The characters were fun and I could easily picture them in my mind It would be a fun book to turn into a graphic novel I could picture it all as I read Ace and Chance are cutie pies and I wonder if there s a tv show with these characters Title A Texas Hill Country ChristmasAuthor Willliam W Johnstone with J A JohnstonePages 336Year 2015Publisher PinnacleMy rating is 5 starsEach year a new Christmas novel is released by the Johnstones that includes some of their
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beloved characters Each Christmas stands alone and the previous ones are A Lone Star Christmas Rocky Mountain Christmas A Big Sky Christmas and A Frontier Christmas Now we can add to the Christmas themed novels this year s story A Texas Hill Country ChristmasEach year I have read the newest book enjoyed it and shared my review with you For me this year s novel is my favorite one thus far with the Jenson family members coming together in several ways that really is genius The year is 1975 and a escendant of the Jenson family sits The Ring Of The Dove down to tell yet another story of her ancestors to the youngest generation about the old oldays So Helen Sievers begins to talk about Smoke Matt Ace Chance and other Jenson MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILY ADVENTURES THIS IS A NEW and their family adventures This is a new for readers to learn about the Jenson s adventures and I loved it In my mind I could see the youngsters sitting on the floor at her feet waiting for the tale to begin The tale wove together the main Jenson men and how they eventually run across paths that place them together but each one has traveled a totally i. “This rollicking Western is full of gunfights outlaws and an unforgettable holiday Library JournalTHE GREATEST WESTERN WRITERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY As winter escends on the great state of Texas the Jensen family faces off with renegades rivals and one raging storm in this special yuletide adventure from America’s beloved western storytellersWhile most folks are busy prepa.