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Ook lots of topics touched on lots of sweet romance Lucky was not my favorite character in the series I felt he not my favorite character in the series I felt HE ALWAYS PRETTY SELF CENTERED AND always pretty self centered and took him a LONG time to realize that he wasn t meant to be with his old girlfriend after all Maybe just that machismo thing going on He was however a really wonderful single ad to his The Gulag Handbook daughter from the moment he found out about herReceived this as an ARC from NetGalley You can read reviews at 9 years ago Tawny had a one night stand with Lucky The nextay he left town and made it big in the rodeo circuit Lucky idn "t know that his one night stand resulted in a aughter Lucky s "know that his one night stand resulted in a Will in the World daughter Lucky s has leukemia and needs Lucky for a stem cell transplant When Lucky finds out about hisaughter he loves her and becomes an amazing father Tawny has been in love with Lucky forever and now that he s back in town and a part of her and her June Fourth Elegies daughters life she has to watch him love another womanThis book had so many things that I normally hate in a romance novel view spoiler love triangle relationships with other women besides the heroine and a hero whooesn t know who the right woman is for him hide spoiler Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog who have been following me know how much I ve loved this series I read the whole series at the beginning of the year and wanted to make sure that before the year ended I reviewed them all I m not in a big rush because I left it till it s almost too late Up this time we have Lucky and Tawny You ll love Lucky right away even though he Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes doesn t always make good choices in women It will take the right woman for him to see that This is one of the emotional stories in the series for me And that s saying a lot since many of them tug at the heartstrings I think for me it s because poor Lucky isealing with a crazy ex girlfriend wait till you read her storywho knew and finding out he has a The Confabulist daughter he never knew about A sick one to boot See what I mean emotionalI have to say that sometimes I found myself yelling at characters in this book I just love it when that happens I want them to see what was right in front of them Of course if they had the book would have been over to fast so it worked out for the best This is one of those books that throw a ton at you and you ve got to wade through till the end I really got tired of Raylene and her father The man is insane and a bully At times mostly in the beginning Lucky acted a little childish about wanting what couldn t be Iid forgive him because of all he was going through And Der Illusionist deepown he s a great guy I also liked Tawny even though she Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue didn t tell Lucky about his I understood why I think I flip flop on my feelings here It is what it is and no one can go back and change it so everyone has to move on I think out of all the stories the most happened in this one It s a very busy story but that only made the romance part better This book is the perfect reason why I read a series in order for the most part You need to read this before Raylene s story which is at the end It just works better that way Follow me on This may just be the best book in the series so far I love how Ms Finz spices up a sweet story about family hope and love by throwing in some mystery and suspense I really enjoyed this story and I especially loved Tawny Tawny Wade is in need of some good luck in her life Heraugh LOVED this story This entire series has been filled with great stories but I think this might be my favorite so far Lucky Rodriuez thinks he finally has everything he s ever wanted but he has no idea what else life has in store for him and how full his life can really beStacy Finz has written a wonderful story filled with family hope love and people making the tough choices when the time comes I high recommend this book as well as the entire serie. Eeds a transplant she can't provide But if Lucky is a stem cell match all that could change The trouble is Lucky's got a past in Nugget that makes him off limits as anything than a Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, donor for heraughter And yet Tawny's never stopped loving the man who now holds her family's fate in his cowboy callused hand. Getting Lucky Nugget #5Very enjoyable contemporary romance with suspense charming townspeople and a hero and heroine who Ask the Past do not fall in love at first sight Full review to follow on Nov 23rd Review also found at I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publicationate is November 10th 2014 I have not read any work by Finz previously however without Riding Class (Saddle Club, doing any research I think this story may be part of a number of stories taking place in the town of Nugget the characters were close knit with a lot of backstory that seemed to tell of other stories previously told Even so it only added to the charm of this story andidn t impact the enjoyment You can t help but get sucked in when it comes to a young child who is fighting for her life When you have a whole town fighting for it you get Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, drawn in even Ion t want to give much away so I will only choose to give a few key statements 1 Where o guys like Lucky come from Of course he was perfect great looking and a stand up guy His only fault was Raylene 2 If you like your stories steamy this has some although not overwhelming in content The story comes first and then the steam the way it should in my opinion BUT 3 Not all steam is good It felt a little awkward for me reading about Cecilia s steamy bedroom scenes She is the grandmother in this story although she was young 4 I can t get enough of gossipy small towns It reminds me of growing up and takes me to an oh so familiar place 5 Did I mention a sick child The only thing that could pull the hearstrings would have been a sick child with a puppy Now to be honest we o not see the child suffering a whole lot throughout so the story is not all Short Stories by Roald Dahl dark andepressing I enjoyed this story and would not hesitate to read others that take place in the fictional town of Nugget I have only read a few books in this series but this has to be my favorite Lucky left town 9 years ago when he was accused of rape by his girlfriends family Before he left he had a one night STAND WITH TAWNY AND THE NEXT with Tawny and the next he was gone He made it big in the rodeo circuit but now he is home to start a new chapter of his life Tawny has always had a thing for Lucky as far back as she can remember but after her one night with the cowboy she ends up pregnant Now 9 years later Tawny needs Luckys help to save their Goldilocks the Three Bears daughters lifeNormally Ion t like when a hero has another partner in a story other then the heroine but with all the history between these characters it made sense for the author to go own this road I m not saying he slept with them both at the same time but he id hop from one bed to the other Okay now moving on I like the town and how the story Socialist Realism developed from page to page I enjoyed how Lucky started to gain feelings for Tawny even though she was fiercely independent which was an awesome uality she had Some of tworama with lucky and what was happening with his new business and his ex was a little much at times I felt bad for the guy it was one thing after another I really id enjoy this book and I can t wait to see of the sexy tattooed chef Brady I m excited his book is next and I can t wait to hear about his past Already this man has me intrigued Too little too late from imo ARC REVIEW Getting Lucky book 5 in Stacy Finz s Nugget California series This book was funny aggravating sweetly romantic and everything I ve come to expect from Stacy Finz Lucky starts off the book a complete moron Blinded by first love and a fantasy that could never be He has worked hard to be the best and to prove he isn t Tawny is a strong woman she has prove he isn t trash Tawny is a strong woman she has she s been alone for most of her life She has struggled with a sick father and then a sick child she has worked hard to be the best boot maker around Lucky is so oblivious and obn. In Nugget California a tiny town tucked into the Sierra Nevada mountains luck is what you make it and love is never far behind From his humble beginnings in Nugget Lucky Rodriguez has become a champion on the rodeo circuit truly living up to his name in every regard But when he returns home he gets somethin.

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Oxious at the start but halfway through you start to see him change Tawny is a hard sell though when the truth finally oes smack Lucky in the face Tawny is still hesitant once burned twice shyYears ago Lucky left Nugget suddenly to avoid scandal Lucky has been in love with Raylene for just about ever He knows the Doctor Extraño dark truth about the family and even though Rayleneidn t contradict her father when he accused Lucky of raping Raylene when in fact they had been sexually active for years behind her boyfriend s back Lucky was torn up and in a fit of epression and misery he confided in the first person he came across little Thelma who had to rop out of school to take care of her father and unbeknownst to Lucky worshipped him from afar Overly emotional and Never Tell drunk one thing lead to another and Lucky and Thelma had a one night standTen years has past and Lucky is back he has made a name for himself in the rodeo circuit and now he s back home and ready to settleown especially now since Raylene is Feminism is for Everybody divorcing her husband Rayleneidn t waste time pulling Lucky back into her web The only things that could make Lucky happier is his cowboy camp construction finishing and Raylene bringing their relationship out into the open But everything changes when Tawny shows up on his Deterring Democracy doorstep asking him toonate stem cells for the sick Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, daughter he never knew he had Thelma now Tawny found out she was pregnant and never able to get ahold of Lucky and with all the crap he left behind sheidn t want him to come back and ruin everything he worked hard to change she idn t even tell his mother Katie is nine years old and is living with acute myeloid leukemia she has already Gone Through Chemotherapy And Radiation through chemotherapy and radiation only change is to find a stem cell onor that matches her HLA antigens Tawny has Menneskefluene (K2 done the best she can for heraughter and she really Nazi Gold didn t have any other choice but to tell Lucky about hisaughter and hope he is a Mr Majeika and the School Inspector donor match The time Lucky spends with hisaughter the he falls in love with her and with Tawny also Tawny is wary this time around even though she has never stopped loving LuckyLucky isn t so lucky Raylene S Father Is Still s father is still to get him and ruin Lucky s hard work Also Lucky finds out the crew he hired to Selected Poems do the construction work on his cowboy camp isealing rugs and rustling cattle on the side L This is book number five in this series set in Nugget California I ve read and loved them all but you could start here and still enjoy this book I really liked Tawny Wade and her fierceness about her life her job as a custom Western boot maker and mostly about taking care of her little girl Katie Tawny knew Lucky Rodriguez way back when when the father of his high school girlfriend Raylene accused him of rape Tawny who always had a crush on Lucky ran into him that same night and while trying to comfort him one thing led to another and she became pregnant Lucky left that same night to follow the rodeo circuit "and ended up being fabulously successful never really remembering that night as anything special or giving her another thoughtTawny on "ended up being fabulously successful never really remembering that night as anything special or giving her another thoughtTawny on other hand followed Lucky s career and even befriended his mother but never let on that the child she had out of wedlock was his or that his mom Cecelia was a grandma Now she has no choice but to approach him because Katie has been fighting leukemia and her only hope of a normal life is a stem cell transplant Tawny wasn t a match but she s Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 desperately hoping Lucky will beLucky is understandably blindsided by the news that he has aaughter and she s nine years old And since he s again seeing the spoiled Raylene goodness knows why he wants a relationship with his aughter wants her to get to know his mom but he s not interested in a relationship with Tawny At least not at firstThis was an interesting G success can't buy a aughter he never knew he had And the girl's mother an old friend he has hasn't thought about since now touches his heart like no buckle bunny ever could Tawny Wade hasn't always had luck on her side She fell for a boy she couldn't have lost her parents too young and now her aughter
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