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25 STARSThe plotline was promising and the story well developed mostly but it kill me at the end Gladly there is not cliffhanger but there were many loose ends and not a HEA which in this case is worse than a cliffhangers "I Suppose You Have To "suppose you have to the next books in order to et the whole picture but after knowing that he went and Adventures in Fetishland got another sub even though Cole loves Cassandra it just did it for me because doesn t make any sense what I just read Could had been a fabulous book but the last few chapter didn t make sense at allI don t think my reveiw even makes any sense but just don t know what else to said than this is it for meThanks for this ARC to the Publisher and Netgalley Bondage Gone WrongCassandra Marcella is the best criminal defense attorney in New York and she is not afraid to tell you that While she readily admits that many of her clients are no better than pond scum she does have one rule she will not represent anyone accused of a felony against a woman However she is persuaded by a colleague to at least look into the case of Cole Ryder a Dominant accused of murdering his Submissive in his playroom Despite herreat distaste for his lifestyle she is convinced that he is innocent and agrees to represent him The efforts to clear Mr Ryder cause Cass and her team to delve deeper into the BDSM world than they ever wanted to especially CassI would ive Life on Top 35 stars It was a decent read The characters are entertaining Potential readers should be warned that portions of the book are not for the faint of heart While much of the BDSM discussion focuses on descriptions of what is done and why the motivations behind the behavior there are some raphic and disturbing scenes near the end of the bookThere were several things I did not like Cass has undergone a significant trauma in the past and some of the things she is reuired to do in this book trigger recollections of the trauma or responses to the trauma While the book hints at what has happened I would. FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE SMEXY LOL LAYERS SERIES COMES A NEW LLL SERIES LLL Life Law LaugherLAW INC A CASSANDRA MARCELLA CONTINUING MYSTERY SERIESLAW INC LIFE ON TOP Readers let me know what you think about this new series Leave a text review on Goodreads and Thanks TLA Dom is accused of murdering his submissive in his playroom As the evidence begins to stack up against him he has to find an attorney who can save his sorry ass He want the best Cassandra Marcella Unfortunatel. Law Inc A Cassandra Marcella Mystery Life on TopReviewLEFT WANTING FOR SO MUCH MORETL Alexander is one of those authors I didn t knew about two months agoI literally fell in love with her LOL Layers Series for the humor the hot romance and the emotional journey of the characters It was a reat mixBut I have to be honest with this review and yet cautiousWith this first book of the new Series I was left A sound title Life On Top Sep 24 2016 Cassandra Marcella is the lawyer reluctantly hired by Cole Ryder Reluctant because she doesn t accept certain cases "And This Is A "this is a After hearing the story and oing over the crime scene with him she changes her mind These two are sarcastic and snarky to each other in the beginning As evidence ets revealed these two need each other in a big way and respect begins to blossomAlthough the plot may seem familiar TL Alexander lets the story unfold from two very different viewpoints to possibly converge at the endI would definitely recommend this book to fans of snappy characterization and dialogueReading copy supplied via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review Interesting read but I felt the story line had holes I never uite understood what drove the main character Cassandra the author kept hinting at her past but its like I missed a previous book or something I even went to the author s website to see if there was a book in the timeline before this one That said the story was uniue I ve never read about a BDSM murder I m willing to try the next in the seriesGiven a free copy from NetGalleycom in exchange for an honest review Highly recommended This is one of those uniue stories that you find and never forget The story was excellent with a different style from any thing I ve read Every page pulled me into the story and It would be nice to read a seuel to this book Very well written and documentedReview "copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review Beta read this and really enjoyed it can "provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review Beta read this and really enjoyed it can wait for the next one Great lead and supporting characters. Ines That uy was charged with murderLAW INC BOOK TWO BETWEEN A ROCKER A HARD PLACE COMING EARLY 2016DON'T MISS OUT ON THE LOL LAYERS SERIES THE COMPLETE SERIES IS PUBLISHED NOT WAITING FOR THE HEANote to readerLaw Inc is a continuing series Each book will be a new case for Cassandra Marcella and her team As the series develops you'll learn about the main characters and their stories My oal is to write smart LOL stories that take the reader on a fun yet emotional journeyT.

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Have liked her to actually Tell Cole About Her History Cole about her history it affects how they interact and the roles they playThe ADA pursuing the charges against Cole is the ex husband of Cass and is described as a bit of ass However while he is not supposed to be a likeable CHARACTER THE SITUATION HE ENDS UP IN AT THE the situation he ends up in at the of the book does not really make sense It seems really forcedcontrivedWhile I certainly understand why the author ended the book the way she did and why she would not want to continue with the storyline of BDSM taken way too far I kind of wish she had finished it just so I could read about the sick creeps etting punished for their depraved actionsI received a copy of the eBook from Reading Alley in exchange for a review This was just an okay read for me They hint at the past of the female lead but never actually The Phoenix Project give us details This feels like a serial though because theuys were not caught It felt like the possible beginning of a love story but with no HEA In fact even though he loved her they both hated one each other By the end he had a new sub but doesn t seem happy won t introduce her and she is on a new case "There was no love story What little there was to this uick read was ood thoughI received an ARC of this "was no love story What little there was to this uick read was ood thoughI received an ARC of this from a publisher for an honest review The plotline was promising and the story flowed well in the beginning with witty dialogues Then some chapters seemed missing teaching the friends BDSM and the story rushed to the end There were many loose ends but no cliffhanger I suppose you have to read the next books to Finding a Dream (Conquest, get the whole picture The theme of this story is not one I would normally read but for some reason I did not put it down This book was written in a way that it was easy to follow and stay hooked to Ryder and Cass were bothreat characters Every scene was written in a way that it was very easy to visualizeI read this book in exchange for an honest review for Reading Alley ARC kindly provided by Reading Alley in exchange for an honest. Y for him he's accused of the one crime she won't defendMy name is Cassandra Marcella; I’m a criminal law attorney in the state of New York Some might say I’m a badass ball busting controlling bitch And that would be the some whom I’d consider my friends I couldn’t believe it Me Cole Ryder the control freak the uy who sorts his socks by type color texture material pattern You et the picture The uy who from preschool to present day has never painted outside the
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