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E lawsuits were xplained in a way I could understand Fact based and brilliantly written This book zooms in on aspects of Beatles history that I ve only really seen before in single chapters of comprehensive books and ably relates the many legal issues surrounding the band and its members From marketing of Aristotles Rhetoric early Beatles merchandise to the creation and dissolution of Apple Corps to the many devious maneuverings of Allen Klein to John Yoko s troubles with the FBI and INS to song stealing accusations this book really has it all It may sound like it would all be rather dry and I can tntirely dispute that but it moved rather uickly for me despite a fair amount of legal Blood Runs Green ese and strings of dollar amounts While I didn txactly skim any of these sections I definitely let myself gloss over some of the details in getting through faster than I might normally read but I certainly paid Charting an Empire enough attention to appreciate the stories Not a must readxcept for the absolute Beatles completists but well worth the time to see a side of the behind the scenes goings on that is greatly condensed by your average Beatles bio or historydisclosure free review copy received from librarythingcom Baby You re a Rich Man by Stan Soocher is a very interesting read This volume ties together the various legal and financial battles which surrounded the Beatles as soon as they together the various legal and financial battles which surrounded the Beatles as soon as they to make money I would likely have given 45 stars if available my only issue is something that is difficult to completely avoid when writing about these issues a certain amount of dryness creeps in periodically That said Soocher keeps that to a minimum and never loses sight of the artistic aspect of the groupDefinitely recommended for any Beatles fan as well as those interested in the business side of the music business This would also serve as a nice cautionary tale for any aspiring artists out thereReviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via LibraryThing An interesting niche book about the Beatles all of their lawsuits are rehashed and xplained You get a feeling that our boys had some real slimeballs working for them at various times and stealing their money I think the My Sweet LordHe s So Fine lawsuit was the worst according to this book George stopped listening to the radio for fear of contaminating his composition process Notice This book was given to me free of charge via random drawing on the goodreadscom web siteBaby You re a Rich Man "suing the beatles for fun and profit is "the Beatles for Fun and Profit is of those books that I m suprised I liked Knowing the little bit about the law that I do I fully xpecte. Multiple lawsuits in the United States and the United Kingdom The band’s long breakup period from 1969 to 1971 provides a backdrop to the Machiavellian grasping of new manager Allen Klein who unleashed a blizzard of suits and legal motions to take control of the band their music and Apple Records Unsavory mob associate Morris Levy first sued John Lennon for copyright infringement over “Come Together” then sued him again for not making a record for him Phil Spector hired to record a Lennon solo album walked off with the master tapes and held them for a king’s ransom And from 1972 to 1975 Lennon was the target of a deportation campaign persona. ,

This seemed like a really interesting idea for a bookBut not this bookThis is all about the ins and outs of the many lawsuits the BEATLES FACED IN THEIR BAND YEARS faced in their band years after to an xtentYou start with the millions of *dollars their manager brian pstein left on the *their manager Brian Epstein left on the because of naivety and the attempt to collect it The suits when Allen Klein took over the groupThere are the suits that broke up the BeatlesThe suits over the My Sweet Lord He s So Fine controversyThe suits over the Concert for Bangla DeshThe suits over Come Together You Can t Catch Me If there s here I ve forgottenI thought it would be a romp through the Beatles years and the whirlwind of activity around them But it turns out to be as xciting as a depositionMaybe the genesis for the book was the song title I wish the author had given it thoughtFor of my reviews go to Ralphsbooks According to the contents of this book being a member of the Fab
Four Was Often Less 
was often less fabulous Rephrasing the title of their hit song I Want to Hold Your Hand to I Want to Take Your Money gives the reader an idea of the sorry saga told within these pages Payola back room deals dummy corporations and the ventual splintering of the mop top uartet famously known as The Beatles is carefully outlined in this well researched and fully documented work What may surprise the reader is how much political pressure and governmental meddling here in the United States added to the Dislocating China emotional and financial woes of John Lennon Paul McCarthy George Harrison and Ringo Starr The ugly relationships involving artists record companies managers and hangers on provides a cautionary tale for would bentertainers One can forgive the foursome of bitterness as serial lawsuits tax collectors and immigration officials stripped away copyrights civil liberties and basic common courtesies Long story short just as where there s smoke there s fire so to where there s great wealth there s naked greed I have read several books that mention some of the suits brought by and against The Beatles across the years This book put it all together The book is very well written and goes into detail many times I had read the latest biography of Allen Klein and in my opinion this book provided as much information about his law suits regarding The Beatles both as a group and individuals as the book dedicated to his life did There also instances of law suits Childerley early in The Beatles career involving Brian Epstein and others as wellI recommend this book to any Beatle fan One of the best books about The Beatles I havever read I learned tons and all th. The Beatles the most popular influential and important band of all time have been the subject of countless books of biography photography analysis history and conjecture But this long and winding road has produced nothing like Baby You’re a Rich Man the first book devoted to the cascade of legal actions Cultural Excursions engulfing the band from thearliest days of the loveable mop heads to their present prickly twilight of cultural sainthood Part Beatles history part legal thriller Baby You’re a Rich Man begins in the ra when manager Brian Epstein opened the Pandora’s box of rock ’n’ roll merchandising making a hash of the band’s licensing and inviting. ,

D one of two scenerious to play out upon these pages I was guessing that it would ither be written by a typical lawyer most of whom have their sense I was guessing that it would ither be written by a typical lawyer most of whom have their sense humor surgically removed in law school and would therfore about as interesting as reading a grocery shopping list or alternatively by a non lawyer who would be unable to penetrate the labyrinth like maze of red tape that makes up the US court systemInstead I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Stan Soocher appears to that most rare breeda lawyer who managed to remain human and interesting This book is the obvious product of a massive amount of research into the large number of legal issues that surrounded the Beatles during their combined and individual careers Stan does an xcellent job of combing through the no doubt mountainous amount of paperwork and distilling down to the parts that make it both interesting and human During my limited time in the radio industry 3 years as program director of a college radio station I thought I had learned at least the basics of how much of the music industry worked This book was uite an ye opener in that aspect as well I doubt this book will appear to all readers but for music aficionados it s well worth the time Disclaimer I received this book for free as a Goodreads giveaway winner I learned a few interesting tidbits this book for free as a Goodreads giveaway winner I learned a few interesting tidbits time Disclaimer I received this book for free as a Goodreads giveaway winner I learned a few interesting tidbits about Beatles highly litigation filled history but this book was mainly boring and repetitive The description of the book begins Part Beatles history part legal thriller that is xactly half true As an historical account the book is very strong The author s research is detailed deep and complete in Class and Conformity every way But it is not a legal thriller This is partly due to the stories themselves lots of copyright infringement and label disputes over rights Notxactly a murder mystery But it s also the author s style as good as he is as a legal researcher he is not a great story teller It may be possible to make a copyright infringement lawsuit Descartes and His Contemporaries excitingspecially one involving the Beatles but these aren t presented that way In the High Tide at Midnight end all I can say is that I snoozed my way through an OK history lesson Not terrible but not greatither Not recommended for readers who have not already read piles of books about The Beatles For those who have the legal issues will be somewhat familiar but here there is much detail Includes Education and Equality early fights over merchandising the group sntanglements with one time manager Allen Klein Lennon s Deceptive Beauties entanglements with Morris Levy the octopus of the music business Harrison s plagiarism case and Lennon s battles with the INS. Lly spearheaded by key aides of President Nixon caught on tape with a drug addled Elvis Presley that woundndlessly through the courts In Baby You’re a Rich Man Stan Soocher ties the Beatles’ ongoing legal troubles to some of their most Dangerous Work enduring songs Whatmerges is a stirring portrait of immense creative talent thriving under the pressures of ill will harassment and greedPraise for They Fought the Law Rock Music Goes to Court“Stan Soocher not only ably translates the legalese but makes both the plaintiffs and defendants Flavor and Soul engrossingly human Mandatory reading forvery artist who tends to skip his contract’s fine print” Entertainment Weekl.

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Baby Youre a Rich Man
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