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Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, gThe book itself isreat for helping beginners I learned a lot myselfIf you use your birth chart it can be useful to have multiple options that use different software so when you re Arabian Nights going through aspects you can see all your options and which ones truly resonate with you Could ve been better 45 starsThis is the first 101 series book that I readThis book is pretty simple in aood way covers the important topics and is uite accurate and true to the signs Some booksauthors don t know what they re talking about when it comes to astrology This book wasn t one of themImportant ConceptsHere are my notes of what I Learned From The Book Nodes from the book Nodes the Moon Astrologer Robert Hand *thinks nodes relate to connections with other people North Node Robert Hand *thinks nodes relate to connections with other people North Node *nodes relate to connections with other people North Node joining Node separating North Node is the area of our most profound rowth in this life The South Node is our deeply embedded patterns of behavior PlanetsDignified Planet in the sign it rules eg Mars in Aries Venus in Libra Mercury in GeminiExalted Its drive and essential ualities are expressed harmoniously Eg Sun in Aries Moon in TaurusDetriment Planet in the opposite sign of dignity eg Mercury in Sagittarius Planets in detriment are watered down also called in fall In a detriment the energy of the planet is considered to be at a disadvantage The Ascendant planet is important because it usually rules the chart Mutual reception When 2 planets are in each other s sign of dignity Eg Sun is in CancerTaurus and Moon is in AriesLeo When a planet is in the natural house eg Mercury in the Third House it s accidentally dignified and strengthened HousesThe division between houses is called the cusp The sign on the asce. Explore the mysteries of the cosmosToo often astrology uides obscure the mystical wonder of the zodiac with overly tedious details about nodes houses angles and aspects that even Ptolemy would reject Astrology 101 cuts out the boring details and lengthy explanations and instead ives you a hands.

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Astrology 101Which is essentialist and unnecessary *This Was So Pervasive That *was so pervasive that really affected my enjoyment in reading this book 5 stars if it had went through the position of the planets within the Houses Way to hetero and endered in their reading of astrology No thanks I d maybe look past some of it if it had a solid foundation but it doesn t Astrology 101 by Kathleen Sears is a book about you Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, guessed it astrology It s filled with fun facts small details and at home remedies for every astrological sign It does an in depth description of each sign andoes on to Always You go through all of their characteristics After that the bookoes into the astrological chart and how it works as well as your sun and moon sign I ave this book five stars because it has valid content that really makes you think about yourself AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU SOME PEOPLE ARE EXACTLY the people around you Some people are exactly their sign and others are very different That s the interesting part of this book you can compare and contrast people to their sign I believe anyone who really enjoys astrology or is simply looking into the subject would definitely love this book It s a ood choice for beginners but I noticed some of the compatibility part was not accurate this book It s a Lucy Carmichael good choice for beginners but I noticed some of the compatibility part was not accurate all and comes againast what I learned according to compatibility but other than that lained some new information Provides ood explanations of the aspects learned so much that i didnt know If you want to start to learn astrology and if you are looking for the basics this is a nice book It has descriptions it uses easy language but it s not your book if you want very detailed information for example it doesn t have a chapter explaining with detail the houses. Harts and illustrations and stories of famous astrologers and their predictions for the futureSo whether you're looking to find how a Mercury retrograde affects you or just want to learn about a specific sun sign Astrology 101 has all the answers even the ones you didn't know you were looking for. ,
Ndant sets up the House cusp structure eg if you have Taurus rising Taurus will be in House 1 Gemini in House 2 etcINTERCEPTIONSInterceptions are when a sign isn t on a cusp but is completely contained within the house Some astrologers think the house that holds the interception is powerful Sometimes with an interception you re attracted to people born under the subsumed sign Or you manifest those *Attributes Strongly Than You Might Otherwise 117 RetrogradeDirect MotionMotion Is *strongly than you might otherwise 117 RetrogradeDirect MotionMotion is Direct d Retrograde r or Stationary sSun and Moon can never be retrograde but all other planets canDuring a retrograde nature of that planet is forced inward where it creates tension and stress The outlet for this tension is usually worked out in relationships with othersStationary planets are ones that are about to turn direct or retrograde They have reater influence in a chart than rdTrue TidbitsThe surest way to One-Click Buy get rid of a Sagittarius is to disrespect his words You must listen to everything he says Sagittarius is very big on authority He is Heed Sagittarius lectures and he ll appreciate you for it 200As another reviewer mentioned I would haveiven this a true Five Stars If It Had stars if it had information on the signs in each house eg Aries in House 1 Taurus in House 2 Aries in House 2 Taurus in House 3Would recommend
to all people 
all people in astrology Beginners or not this book is a Redeeming Claire good one to read I really liked the structure of this book and the order in which the information is presented It s also attractively designed My biggest complaint is the absolute overendering of astrology here everything is presented in terms of the Leo woman or the Scorpio man. On lesson that keeps you engaged as you learn how the movements of the stars and planets affect human behaviorFrom the four elements and twelve houses to astrological personality types and sign compatibility this compact primer is packed with hundreds of fascinating star sign facts informative ,

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