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Omething different than what contemporary physicians would describe this will ventually #completely influence the treatment if there is a treatment to be #influence the treatment if there is a treatment to be and the Revived entire perception of the manic person Society culture and industry pharmaceuticals all play a rule in defining the disease with the scientific research of course So we are taken on a journey from how different states such as mania and melancholy became the states we know to how historical links were made between the two as single illness called folie circulaire circular madness to manic depressive illness andventually to bipolar disorderWhile the book does follow a general chronological order it isn t a chronology per se Healy aims to show how different historical instances in psychopharmacology and general pharmacology were key for the identification of bipolar disorder and mood disorders in general as independent illness from other mental disorders such as schizophrenia Sometimes these instances are different contemporary researches influencing Student Research Projects in Calculus each other sometimes building on the works of the past and sometimes breakthroughs happening simultaneously at different parts of the world without the researches and doctors are aware of the others breakthroughs Further Injoyed how Healy never hesitated to show how difficult and slow it is for scientific research The story of lithium and its usage in treatment was really fascinating and it showed all the hardships resea More like a 35 Very interesting special. Established connections between brain function and mental illness Healy recounts the changing definitions of mania through the centuries xplores the ffects of new terminology and growing public awareness of the disease on culture and society and xamines the rise of psychotropic treatments and pharmacological marketing awareness of the disease on culture and society and xamines the rise of psychotropic treatments and pharmacological marketing the past four decades Along the way. This book has an important while disturbing message I think it is important for people to read specially those who are concerned with their own personal mental health or that of their child The three star rating was given only because the writing style for me was very labored It was full of references but for me it was so much that I got a bit lost I guess you might say it was somewhat like a text book Of course I am sure I will return to this book in the future for that very reason Ever since I *WAS DIAGNOSED WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER I *diagnosed with bipolar disorder I been on a uest to understand my illness the best Way I Can So When I Stumbled I can So when I stumbled this book by the Irish psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist David Healy I knew I had to read and it did nrich my knowledge not only of the illness but also of what I live through Healy builds a biography of the illness that we now know as Bipolar Disorder tracing the ancient sources and words related to this illness such as mania and melancholy and he presents is with a different historical contrasts of how such traits were perceived You see a fundamental aspect of this book is that bipolar disorder and many other diseases are actually creations of their times and historical contexts This is demonstrated by the advent of modern psychopharmacology which created a rift between modern medicine and ancient medicine So ven though for instance a word like mania can be traced back to ancient Greece the ancient Greek physicians according to Healy described This provocative history of bipolar disorder illuminates how perceptions of illness if not the illnesses themselves are mutable over time Beginning with the origins of the concept of mania and the term maniac in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations renowned psychiatrist David Healy Language and Linguistics examines how concepts of mental afflictionsvolved as scientific breakthroughs. ,
Ly when it turned into a discussion of randomized controlled trials and their role in modern pharmacology I will have to find biographies of disease Clearly written and never too dry This does a great service to the subject as a history and also to Healy s other subject which is the brave new world we which is the brave new world we Divertimento entering viaxpansions of the DSM that pathologize human variation as well as diagnosis by proxy and drug trials that leave a lot to the imaginationFun fact for painters Carbamazepine was one of a series of tricyclic molecules stemming from the iminodibenzyl dye summer blueChilling words Adolescence has been Love Is a Fairy Tale easy to deal with because until fairly recently it was all but standard to view adolescence as a time of semipsychosis when suicidal ideation orrratic behaviour was common But this period of turmoil was also seen as a necessary development phase that often laid the basis of later creative genius or other accomplishments It is not clear what we might lose if marketing departments capture our views of adolescenceIf there s a Joyce among us we re going to drug him Perhaps I should have known from the description and "publisher that this is an academic text that pursues finer points of medical historiography but I think I was "that this is an academic text that pursues finer points of medical historiography but I think I was for something along the lines of Peter Kramer s On Depression And while I found the parts of the book I read to be intellectually interesting it didn t provide the practical contemporary information I was looking for so I stopped reading. Healy clears much of the confusion surrounding bipolar disorder Promise at Dawn even as he raises crucial uestions about how why and by whom the disease is diagnosedDrawing heavily on primary sources and supplemented with interviews and insight gained over Healy’s long career this lucid andngaging overview of mania sheds new light on one of humankind’s most vexing ailment.

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Mania A Short History of Bipolar Disorder Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease
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