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Taken is something she cannot will not do In Revenge both Riley and Juliet were strong characters They were decision makers individuals to look up to In Reckoning I couldn t help but wonder what happen to them Did love really make them this weak Maybe it was that even though the story is told in dual points OF VIEW WE WERE SEEING IT IN REAL TIME view we were seeing it in real time maybe it was that their relationship had hit the honeymoon stage where all they have time for is each ther Regardless for about half f the book they both got n my nerves Half f the angst could have been avoided if nly they had talked to each ther Granted Juliet really couldn t tell Riley about her destiny He still could have avoided a lot f he had told her his planInternally their dialogues were always about how much they love the Death by Inferior Design other person Which would have been nice if peppered throughout the book insteadf being the main portion f the book Umm a war is going n Speaking Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 of the war Ide isne sick dude We already knew he was messed up but seriously after Riley witness the power f the Night f Grief we had no clue Then again the humans were just as sick What they were willing to do no clue Then again the humans were just as sick What they were willing to do win the war was heartbreaking Juliet is strong n the utside She gives A Philosophy of Cinematic Art off the perceptionf being calm cool and collective Internally throughout much The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified of the book she is beating herself up Rileyh how I adored you and then wanted to punch you I mean you ask her to trust you to listen to you The reverse though is not given Reckoning was an enjoyable book in the end all White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of your uestions are answered Normally this would have been enough Revenge was a great book a hardne to follow Now I am kinda feeling ff Kinda like When You Go On you go n date and you want a steak but you get salad instead It is with a heavy heart I am throwing Reckoning into my DNF pile As I received thi. Deal with her human captors But the stakes are raised when she learns the government is holding her sister hostage To rescue her Juliet must become a weapon for humanity fighting against her Scab own kind including Riley West the boy she fell deeply in love with and by whom she was abandonedForced to desert Juliet Riley isn a mission to capture the human’s pres. I loved this book I ve read In a World Created by a Drunken God other books by Sonya Weiss and like her style Her cutesy humor filled romances brighten my day and are in vivid contrast to her edgier The First Last Boy In Reckoning the chemistry between Juliet and Riley along with the intense scenes drew me in I enjoyed the ride and stayed till the end Reckoning begins where the first book in the trilogy Revenge leftff However there was enough back story woven in to enable it to be read as a standalone Reckoning starts with Riley Stone and Juliet s time in the void and ends just after the ensuing war between species The stakes are clear from the beginning and are raised than Indo No Kao once for both the hero and heroine For Juliet the cursef the untold s keeps her from sharing the truth Her destiny is to save humanity her goal to do so without killing Riley while rescuing her little sister from certain death Of course all things conspire to derail her plansFor Riley Saving his people stopping the night f grief rooting ut the chaos and evil attempting to ascend to the throne well it s enough to give a would be King A Royal Headache When a royal headache When hears rumors Giant Peach Yodel of betrayal by Juliet he knows it may come down to his lover his life The HEA is expected but because Sinai and Zion of the suspenseful naturef the writing not guaranteed I held my breath until the very last moment With the mention f the eight left behind I m curious to read the next installment f this series I will be making vague statements as to not spoil the story Reckoning picks up right where Revenge ends and is told in dual point f view Just when their relationship was finally showing signs f trust they get tossed into the Void by Riley s half brother The Great Extinction has been prophesized as well as Juliet saving both races Ide taking ver though has changed her destiny The action that must be. The Great Extinction the prophesied war between the humans and the Supernaturals has begunBorn a Supernatural Juliet Sawyer has the ability to save the world from disaster But after barely escaping the underground power sucking prison known as the Void she finds herself n the brink Iniquity of death and in the middlef a vengeful war To survive she’ll have to make

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ReckoningS book for review before a cover was published I REALLY WAS RELYING SOLELY ON THE BLURB TO really was relying Solely On The Blurb To on the blurb to this book And sold I was The Great Extinction prophesied war Supernaturals Yes there were uite a few elements that lured me in I really expected to settle in to a epic readUnfortunately what I did not know nor was it listed anywhere that this is part f a series Sometimes jumping into a series can work ut fine In this case no I m going to take a wild guess and assume Reckoning actually starts where the previous book ended ff at because the story immediately began with Juliet Riley and Stone being in the Void I don t know how they got there what it is r why they were put there Better yet who Juliet Riley and Stone are There s very little back story to tell me what is going Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) on Things do not get any less confusing from there I checkedut the author s page to find Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook out indeed this is a series I pushed through all my lackf knowledge f the whowhatwhys and made it to about 60% If I managed to just focus n what was currently going Livin' de Life on it was good but with no understandingf humans Guards Supernaturals and everything else I m just spinning my wheels in a world The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter of lost confusionIs it my fault I m not finishing the book Possibly I think if I had known this was a series I could have been a bit prepared maybe read the blurb to the previous bookr at least had chosen whether r not to jump in with both feet blindly At this point I have no desire to go back and start from the beginning I highly recommend to anyone who plans to read this book to make sure to start with the previous title to anyone who plans to read this book to make sure to start with the previous title Without it you may be as lost as I was I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes f an honest review The Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind opinions and ratingf this review are solely mineI am giving this book a neutral rating The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta of 3 star. Ident and bring her to the Supernatural’s king But if he fails there will be no stopping the Nightf Grief which will unleash horrors capable f destroying humans and Supernaturals alike With battle lines drawn amid a flurry f secrets and betrayals can Juliet and Riley rescue their love as well as all life n Earth Or will someone get caught in the crossfir.

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