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The spinners were cursed the land of Kharuf was CURSED AND LITTLE ROSE COULD BREAK IT IN A and Little Rose could break it in a if only if only they would let her have a spindle I only gave out a handful of 5 stars last year and one of them went to this book s predecessor A Thousand Nights It was lush and creative and feminist and I loved everything about it Spindle is well meh The writing seems less somehow the characters not as interesting It s ir Magic is about balance than anything and always has been since the Storyteller ueen made it in the desert 35 stars ounded down because I can t help comparing this book to its predecessor 5 full stars for a story that took me by storm This is a lovely fairytale Where Weaving Is The Main Theme And weaving is the main theme and I use enough sewing vocabular Reviews and athttpsedwardsghostenginewordpressWhen I first finished this I didn t know uite what to think as I absolutely adored the first book in this world the I absolutely adored the first book in this world the wrote A Thousand Nights and was eally looking forward to seeing another story in this world This book is set a long time after the events of A Thousand Nights with new characters and it is told in a way that is a little different from ATN as for starters nearly every present character is named whereas everyone who has ead ATN knows that this was not the style in that book I will also say I found the writing style in the first book a lot immersive and beautiful than in this book which was still written in a lovely way but it was a little disappointment to me to see this difference as the first books was a new favourite particularly for its mysterious air to the story and the stunning writingI will try not to go on too much about ATN or compare them too much but sometimes that isn t possible and I can see many others on Goodreads did the same thing Let me start with the things I liked which were the new setting the interesting characters and how the plot was unpredictable for me The author did a eally good job of developing the elationships with the characters as their adventure and stories unfolded and I eally liked seeing the dynamics changing between the characters when they were faced with different situations This for me was one of the best things about this book where the characters despite being written in a different way to the first novel were easy to connect to easy to envision and had personalities and ualities that made them fun to ead about I can t say I have a favourite character as I liked them all for different easons but I know this author certainly has talent and can totally understand why other eviewers have been calling her the Storyteller ueen tooThe world building for this book was also exuisite like in the first book and as much as I did like exploring the different settings here I must say I did miss the wonderfully described desert setting from ATN as I connected with that setting and thought it was eally well brought to life but that s just my preference You don t have to ead ATN to understand this book and even though there are some spoilers for the first book these stories can or less be ead as standalones So why did I ate ATN so highly and this has been deducted a star It s a number of things eally one being the ending which was intended to be magical and it was in a way but at the same time was uite unsatisfying for this style of writing and in comparison to the first book I won t give it away but I was disappointed the two main characters didn t get the outcome I thought they deserved and I was left wanting to know what would happen to the Little Rose years down the line It was obviously intended to be mysterious and touching but I found this a little on the frustrating sideAlso I will say that there wasn t the same magical uality to this story than there was to the first which completely blew me away to say the least Thinking about it the way this book was told and the outcome despite them both being by the same author and both being fairy tale etellings made this book eally different from everything in ATN and that in this case didn t prove to be the best action in my opinion I can see I m not the only one who thought this and I can also see some people have said they cannot believe this is by the same author of ATN which so many people loved than this second instalment This wan t a bad book at all it had plenty of good likeable ualities but after the splendour of ATN I have to sadly admit this was mildly disappointing as I was hoping to find another favourite I eally wish the author would write books of this type BUT to have books set in this world would be beyond amazing I won t get my hopes up I ll try not to Who I d ecommend this forI would still like to ecommend this to everyone who likes fantasy and if you liked the first book I still think The world is made safe by a woman but it is a very big world It has been generations since the Storyteller ueen saved her country from fire and blood but now the kingdom of Kharuf is threatened by a demon gathering power When a princess is born the demo. Ou should ead this despite the fact that these are told very different ways from one another This book has plenty of edeeming ualities that make for a told in very different ways from one another This book has plenty of edeeming ualities that make for a uick ead that can be enjoyed in a different way to ATN My ecommendation impossible as it may seem is to try not to compare the two books too much try to go into this book like a completely new story and anticipate uniueness from the former book as this is a companion not exactly a seuel to A Thousand Nights There are corners in the world that are too dark to see and there are edges that are sharper than they appear eady to snag the unwary There are those who do not fear the things they should and there are those who would bargain with the devil herself for The Sake Of Their sake of their world is made safe by a woman yes but it is a very big world First of all one and the main eason everyone should try EK Johnston s books the writing It is so very beautiful so fairy tale like every word is filled with magic The ichness of it creates unforgettable images in eaders head the feeling of the world inside the book so vivid so beautiful Spindle is a companion novel to A Thousand Nights The story takes place in the same world in the future with different set of characters but it is important to ead A Thousand Nights first because Spindle is a continuation of book s one story and the characters from the previous part are mentioned here In addition I would highly ecommend to ead a short story The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers it tells a story about the MCs from book one and their lives years after the events of A Thousand Nights EK Jonhston is she s very good at showing love friendship family and all other important topics that play a significant ole in everyone s lives but always she chooses to develop one of these topics deeper than the others In the case of A Thousand Nights it was sisterly love that helped the heroine to fight In Spindle it s friendship And when I say the author explores this theme I mean that she s making such an incredible job of showing us true friendship through trust loyalty deceit sacrifice and suffering in such way that no one can stay unmoved In spite of Spindle being a great continuation of the previous story my main problem with it lies in it being a little bit underdeveloped in the end The final pages felt ushed and the way the story ended felt unfulfilling to me But again some people find this book better than the first one so it s definitely a matter of tasteThe story takes place some years after the events of book one And this one is a etelling of The Sleeping Beauty with an interesting view on the original story There s a curse a demon had cast on the Kingdom of Kharuf It is up to four brave young Spinners to break it and free the princess It is the hardest uest our young heroes ever had On their way they will be tried they will lost and they will find and most importantly their friendship will strengthen like never before It is not a story of a single hero saving everyone It is a story of four young people who aren t heroes at all Saoud who wanted to belong Arwa who wanted her mother Tari who wanted to do his work And mewho wanted than I could name Don t expect epic battles Don t expect dashing heroes and bland villains Heroes are not what they seem in this story and villains are too cunning to be easily slayed Expect to be surprised And expect magic What is a fairy tale without magic ight Honestly I don t think I have the words to convey how wonderful this book is It simply deserves to be ead and enjoyed Yashaa s life changed the night the curse was laid upon the Little Rose It might have been the princess who was cursed but it was Yashaa his mother and their community of spinners who left their home in the castle and were forced into exile Now Yashaa is grown and his mother is dying He has little choice when she euests him to take his friends and attempt to make a better life away from their camp She would never expect him to try and find the cursed princess and could never dream how Yashaa s life threads and those of his friends will become tangled with the princess sThis book is the second book in the A Thousand Nights series It is of a companion novel set many many years after the events of A Thousand Nights It was lovely to from the distance of time see how Lo Melkhiin and the Storyteller ueen s tale continued and sparked the creation of a new story Spindle is part adventure uest part love story You can see the threads of the fairytale wrapped up and expanded in the delicious details of this world and its vibrant characters If the characters in A Thousand Nights emained anonymous those in Spindle become as dear and familiar to you as old friendsI think I loved Spindle than A Thousand Nights Kind of un. N is eady with her final blow a curse that will cost that princess her very soul or force her to destroy her own people to save her lifeThe threads of magic are tightly spun binding princess and exiled spinners into a desperate uest to break the curse.
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Believable I know A Thousand Nights was An Unknown A Shocking Beautiful Surprise I unknown a shocking beautiful surprise I Spindle knowing what kind of story to expect and yet I was still blown away and delighted Something I love about EK Johnston s books are her strong female characters And yes Spindle tells the story of a princess s strength and determination but it is also about the strength of family because it is only by protecting those you love that strength finds its purpose Spindle is narrated
by yashaa i 
Yashaa I seeing the story though his eyes His love for his makeshift family his willingness to sacrifice himself to protect them his humility his ability to laugh at himself and his desire to dream make him a wonderful character The camaraderie of his little band is so delightful young but esilient Arwa dreamer Tari and eliable and protective Saoud It s actually uite lovely to disappear into such a well crafted fantasy again And there is no compare for EK Johnston s evocative writing and incredible story buildingThe love story was just as enjoyable as the adventure I was gleefully ubbing my hands together as I ead Yashaa s initial distaste and condescension for the Little Rose Because this is a fairytale after all and I know how fairytales end And yet I never could have guessed how this story would unfold I think this might be my favourite love story One where a lad escues his princess and yet never dreams of considering himself worthy of loving her until she shows him howStrength love determination sacrifice If you love fairytales love stories fantasy books or just excellently executed novels then Spindle is so very worth eading The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest eview Find eviews on my blog Madison s Library Beautifully written A continuation of A Thousand Nights though this story takes place many years later among the descendants of the Storyteller ueen s sister This is the first etelling of the Sleeping Beauty story that I enjoyed probably because I actually liked the princess in this story ZahrahThough I did not love this story as much as the first in this series I still enjoyed it and the author s lovely characters I liked this even than I did A Thousand Nights But you do not obligatorily have to ead that one to be able to comprehend what is happening in this book In fact the author summarizes the first novel in the beginning Though I m going to admit that there are many eferences to the first bookThat aside God EK Johnston eally knows how to write a novel It s not that her world buildings are incredibly crafted or storylines so beautifully weaved That s not uite it She just writes so WELL Plus she ocks at dialogs Some authors just don t know how to make dialogs sound interesting and not monotonous but this author uses so much of the world she creates and the personalities of her characters in her dialogs that going from eading description to dialog is done so smoothly And also what I mean is that she knows her characters She knows their personalities what they would do and not do what they would think and not think what they would want and not want She espects this about them Never did I stop and think Wait a minute Why would they do THAT Ultimately it s truly Johnston s words that won me over The storyline is good the characters are great but the writing is MAGNIFICENT and I do not use this word uite often as I wish I would Like A Thousand Nights however it s slow paced and eally does not progress very fast I wish this author would write a etelling of Beauty and the Beast or Rapunzel because those are my favouritesOh one last thing The Sleeping Beauty is my LEAST favourite fairytale so my giving this book four stars says a lot about EK Johnston s talentBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin I m putting this aside for now Maybe I ll ead the est at a later date but I doubt it It just hasn t held my interest The prose and the power of friendship is strong but sadly Kingdom of Sleep wasn t as good and enchanting as the first bookThis story is a etelling of Sleeping Beauty with a few elements of Rapunzel thrown into the mix and takes place in a Middle Eastern setting The young princess Zahrah called the Little Rose gets cursed by a demon on her fifth birthday Whenever she spins or creates something a tapestry a meal or even a hair braid she will slowly open her mind to be possessed by the demon who will then use the princess to destroy her kingdom No matter the counterspell the princess will fall into a deep sleep to stall the demon s possession her parents lock Zahrah up in a tower to protect her There she emains until the day four young spinners break her out in the hope to break her curse This book is a companion novel to A Thousand Nigh INEEDTHIS. But the web of power is dangerously tangled and they may not see the true pattern until it is unspooled Kingdom of Sleep by the critically acclaimed E K Johnston is a spellbinding etelling of an enchanting fairy tale with the power of story at its hear. .

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