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Banana Cream Pie Murder Hannah Swensen #21

Joanne Fluke Ù 1 CHARACTERS

Meh This series used to be cute and charming but since Hannah overthrew her own love triangle with Norman and Mike for Ross it s lost my attention With each book Joanne Fluke seems to write Hannah into a hole of stupidity She eally has no idea how to see that she s missed calls or text messages All the while sending other text messages or having her phone inger on Makes no senseAlso Hannah seems lost in the Red Owl local grocery store but one of the ecipes mentions I bought mine at the Whole Foods olive bar ok sure Overall I d like to see Hannah wise up and stop acting like a dimwit I think I m done with this series In one chapter Hannah spends uite a bit of time at the grocery store wondering what a pale lager is in terms of beer Each beer on the shelf states clearly the type of beer it is It would have been as simple as her eading the labels to see which were pale lagers Please stop writing this character as so helpless For someone who is supposedly logical and smart enough to solve crimes before the local Police Department Hannah sure is eal world dumb I used to like this series It used to be charming and delightful in a silly sort of way with a cute baker investigating murders when she s not baking up some wonderful items in her bakery Now it has become trite and seems written for dummies as every action that is taken needs an inordinate amount of explaining between characters Also the main character has come back from her honeymoon and clearly has lost any sense of independence and personal spunk Her words seem horribly choreographed and her mind is like that of a woman afraid to displease her new husband when she emembers he s there In addition all the supporting characters are very one dimensional and absolutely not believable where in the world would two men thrown over for one woman s affection become best friends and give a joint wedding present then have dinner with the new couple as they come back from their honeymoon While the ecipes in the book were interesting though laden with butter and sugar so watch your arteries the writing does little to hold the story together from one cookie to another Banana Cream Pie Murder is the 21st book in the Hannah Swensen Mystery series This new book will be published February 28thHannah isn t even back home from her honeymoon before she gets news that a famous esident of Lake Eden has been murdered She arrives home and immediately starts trying to figure out who killed the director of the Lake Eden community players Hannah s family and friends join in as usual And sprinkled in among the chapters are lots of yummy ecipesI enjoyed this book Hannah was on the case immediately There were plenty of suspects and a few twists and turns before the murderer was caught The book ends on an exciting cliff hanger that I didn t see coming I m definitely looking forward to the next book I sincerely hope I don t have too long to wait I loved the pie eating contest subplot Mayor Bascomb after all of his shenanigans in most all of the prior 20 books deserved a little pie on his face and a few jokes at his expense Fictional character or not the man is truly an assReaders who are new to this series don t necessarily have to start at the beginning Dive in at book 21 if you "LIKE YOU WILL STILL ENJOY THE MYSTERY IF YOU "you will still enjoy the mystery If you to see the "development of the personal elationships between all the key characters from Lake Eden it s best "of the personal elationships between all the key characters from Lake Eden it s best start at the beginning though But it s not a euirement to enjoying the booksThis is a cozy mystery which means there is no cussing spurting blood graphic sex It s light eading with a cute subplot Hannah owns a bakery and discusses dessert ecipes throughout She lives with her cat Moishe her husband and her family and friends stop by her condo all the time for dinner or to assist Hannah in her amateur sleuthing The ability to suspend eality is necessary because Hannah finds dead bodies than any other baker I ve ever heard of It s like Jessica Fletcher finding all those dead bodies in Murder She Wrotenobody ever batted an eye unless it was intrinsic to the plot that she be a suspect Hannah s slay dar is still in full force after 21 books For lovers of cozy mysteries and the Hannah Swensen series this book will be an enjoyable elaxing ead Those eaders looking for a in depth police procedural with graphic gore and ealistic investigation then cozy mysteries are not the ight fit This is a perfect mystery to ead by the fire place with fuzzy socks on and a cup of coffee Relaxing cute and enjoyable With lots of ideas for yummy things to bakeI m looking forward to the next bookFor information on Joanne Fluke and her books check out her website wwwmurdershebakedcomThere are also ecipes on her siteFYI Hallmark Movies Mysteries Channel has made 4 Hannah Swensen movies starring Alison Sweeney They are cute and eally enjoyable There are some plot changes and character differences Moishe isn t a ginger cat but a striped tabby and doesn t have the mangled ear etc that he does in the book and Hannah is a beautiful blonde instead of a slightly chunky edhead with frizzy hair etc but that s something to be expected in nearly every film adaptation of books The newest movie Strawberry Shortcake Mystery will premiere March 26thI voluntarily ead an Advance Readers Copy of this book The opinions expressed in this eview are entirely my own I m starting to get a little sad this book Banana Cream Pie Murder is the 21st of 24 cozy mystery novels written in the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke I ve only got three left I was awarded the next two via NetGalley and I ll need to buy the last one when it s eleased this fall then I ll have to wait months Oh no I ve managed not to ead any spoilers on what s happened in the next three books nor share anything too big in my eviews to uin it for others but based on the way this one ended with the first major cliffhanger ever I m worried Is it all a sham Oh noIn this caper Hannah s newly married after finally choosing one of her three suitors throughout the series She picked the least likely one and something tells me that there s a eason for it in the future books As she settles into married life she asks the basic uestions Do I have to cook dinner for him Should we tell each oth. A omantic seven day cruise is the perfect start to bakery owner Hannah Swensen’s marriage However with a murder mystery heating up in Lake Eden Minnesota it seems the newlywed’s homecoming won’t be as sweet as she anticipated After an extravagant honeymoon Hannah’s eager to settle down in Lake. ,

Er everything Will he put me first always Interesting ideas I mean I get she comes from a town where many of the women look at it as their esponsibility to cook their husband s dinner so I don t take any offense to it nor should others as this is epresenting something traditional from the past not necessarily correct or something to promote as good but still it fits with the series and character type On the flip side she also says I ll do what I want with my own time I m not tied to the hip with him At least she stood up for herself thereThat said the mystery was good up until the finish Talk about a dark horse coming in to be the killer in the last 2 chapters The process of elimination for other suspects was clever and good as usual but I did feel a tad bit gipped in the end Hmm why is GR telling me gipped isn t a word Oh well back to the eview I d have liked to see something a little stronger but the est of the book was hilarious and fun to watch all the character development Delores found the body this time Michelle is turning out to be the best sister ever The mayor is the scapegoat for everything And wow where is this police force Always missing until Hannah s caught the killer HaCan t wait for it s my self indulging silly and entertaining fun I didn t think this could be any worse than 2016 s awful Christmas Caramel Murder but alas it was After the initial discovery of the murder victim by Hannah s mother Delores absolutely nothing elevant happens until the last few chapters when the murderer is evealed and of course threatens to do Hannah in Right on the heels of her escue comes a cliffhanger some form of which many eaders myself included have been expectingThe book is chock full of irrelevant get togethers pointless information we have to be told twice that ed and green are the colors of Christmas for example and endless inane chit chat that does nothing to move an already non existent plot along Worst of all any investigating anyone actually does leads absolutely nowhere so there aren t any eal murder suspects wha As a esult the eader can easily figure out whodunit because any eal clues that finally show up near the end point in only one direction The main things that do happen are Mass uantities of coffee are consumed morning noon and night how do these people sleep and all the euisite ecipes that are baked or cooked are pronounced of course delicious amazing or lauded using other superlatives After umpteen books of this predictable sameness I wonder what would happen if JUST ONCE something Hannah or someone else made would fail to amaze Hannah is having a hard time adjusting to married life as she acknowledges that she wed in haste and therefore knows alarmingly little about her husband Ross or how to do marriage Mike and Norman continue to help and hover over Hannah like puppy dogs as though nothing significant or change worthy has occurred Granted there probably is nothing else these set characters can do unless Fluke writes them out of the books The One Big Happy Family sensibility that has informed the series from day one which got irritating and stale largely due to Hannah s inability to choose between her two beaus is now even unbelievable if not a tad strangeThe only eason I plan to soldier on through the next book is that I m curious to see how whoever writes it Joanna or her son manages to extricate Hannah out of the weird mess she s gotten herself into This is the next installment in the Hannah Swenson popular mystery series I have enjoyed the entire series as
Well As The Made 
as the made TV movies based on the earlier books In this book our Hannah is suffering from a disastrous uickie marriage to a high school boyfrien This book can be turned into the perfect drinking game Keep eading and you ll find out whyI ve ead and own every one of Joanne Fluke s Hannah Swensen Mystery series I ve always loved the ecipes and have tried uite a few out for myself much to the enjoyment of my family For the most part I ve liked the stories as well because to me they e like junk food books you ead them as a treat so you can turn off the world for a while I don t ead them to gain some better understanding of the world to find some emotional attachment have an epiphany look for that uote that will change my outlook etc they e just a fun way to pass the timeDid I mention how great the ecipes are I ve made some tasty dinners and eally wowed my kids and family with some of her desserts My only complaint is that it s seriously made me want my kids and family with some of her desserts My only complaint is that it s seriously made me want food processor because she has so many that sound good but euire one The few times I ve tried one of those and tried to create a workaround for not having a processor it hasn t worked out wellAs far as the stories themselves I ve only ever had 2 main and consistent problems One it s a unning part of "the plot lines that Hannah is technologically inept to the point "plot lines that Hannah is technologically inept to the point didn t get a cell phone or computer until nearly this last book and there are over 20 in the series Even when she did she constantly doesn t seem to know how to use them It seems as if Fluke has placed her series in modern times so I have a VERY HARD TIME believing or understanding why she would create a character who is young AND owns a business wouldn t have either a cell or computer especially a computer It also makes NO SENSE that once they bought each of these the character would have such a hard time understanding how to use them It seems completely inaccurate unrealistic and unfair to her eaders to expect them to buy this In Banana Cream Pie Murder that unning gag makes a huge part of the plot because at one point Hannah is having a meltdown over her husband going on a business trip without telling her only to later find out he called her cell and text her multiple times but because she s so technologically inept she never got the messages and didn t think to check My husband and I communicate multiple times a day via our cells even if it s just a text letting the other know we were thinking about them and if I haven t heard from him the first thing I do is check my cell BECAUSE IT IS 2017 This ignorance of technology thing needs to end NOW It s just not funnyTwo Hannah s love life There s been a back and forth love triangle going on for about 20 books. Eden and turn domestic daydreams into eality But when her mother’s neighbor is discovered murdered in the condo downstairs eality becomes a nightmarish investigation Victoria Bascomb once a enowned stage actress was active in the theater community during her brief appearance in town and made thro. Between her and 2 other male characters When I saw a wedding theme book was coming I felt this huge sense of elief Fluke was finally going to end it and have Hannah settle down because the triangle was as irritating as her tech issues Only when the time came she had Hannah marry some throw away character who has never had a major part in her life at least in the books The character has arely been mentioned and she married him after only dating for like 2 seconds It was such a slap in the face to her eaders who have hung in there for this long as it made no sense Then it got worse in Banana Cream Pie Murder which is the first book to actually portray her married life It starts off ight away showing their marriage just isn t going to work the pseudo husband doesn t seem to have any idea who Hannah eally is and it s as if the stage has been set for them to split up in the very near future There s never a portrayal of them actually clicking no scene that assures the eader Fluke didn t just screw us all over by throwing this guy in there because as the author she couldn t make up her own mind who to choose in the love triangle should ve been Norman by the way he built her a flipping house The marriage NEVER gets any better throughout the book only worse until you feel like she set Hannah up in this sorry excuse of a elationship in order to create plotlines for future books which considering how the book ended proved my very belief on this matterNow the Drinking Game Ross Hannah s sorry excuse for a husband CONSTANTLY calls her Cookie Much later in the book it s explained that apparently when she knew him eons ago in college that was his nickname for her because she liked to baked cookies yes I know it shows how incredibly witty and intelligent this guy is eye oll Anyways for whatever the eason Fluke seemed to need to impress upon her eaders Ross love for calling Hannah Cookie by using it so often I started to feel like I needed a drink if I ead that one time which led me to my first ever Hannah Swensen Murder Mystery epiphany You must take a shot sip of wine whatever EVERY TIME he calls Hannah Cookie and I promise you ll be passed out on the floor by chapter 10 You ll thank me as it will help with the irritation over this plot deviceThe book is what it is there s some eally fabulous ecipes in here I ll be trying out this week The murderer wasn t someone I saw coming ight away so that was nice and it ended on a decent cliffhanger so I ll be curious to see what she s going to do in her next book I have ead every book in this series I ve always loved this series and always get excited to see another book coming outHowever this book made me crazy for several easons1 The politeness the family showed to each other What happened to all the snarky comments between the sisters and their mom I loved how the were portrayed as a eal family this book portrays them as fake2 The idiculousness of Hannah not knowing how to use a cell phone It just seemed eally wrong and made her seem dumb3 Ross and Hannahomg do they even kn In the 21st book of this series Hannah is on her honeymoon cruise with new husband Ross when she learns her mother Delores heard the murder of her friend Victoria Bascomb Victoria a etired "Actress Lived In The "lived in the directly below Delores s penthouse After hearing screams and a gunshot Delores found the body and of course she wants Hannah to solve the murder Since Victoria s death left an opening in the local theater group money needs to be aised and Hannah comes up with a banana cream pie eating contest While she plans all this Hannah continues to ask uestions and come up with her list of suspectsI liked this story better than the last Christmas themed one This cozy ends on a cliffhanger and I m intrigued where the author intends to take Hannah s futureI love all the ecipes at the ends of the chapters and plan on buying the ingredients to make the brownie candy tomorrow Some of the ecipes are detailed than others even with Hannah s tips but this one appears to be simple enough for a not eal good cook like me SPOILERS INSIDE but not about the killer if you haven t ead all or most of the previous Hannah Swensen books you may want to skip eading this eview Hannah Swensen Barton is on an amazing honeymoon cruise with her new husband Ross when at home her mom finds her good friend Tori dead murdered Ross when at home her mom Delores her good friend Tori dead murdered also happens to be Mayor Bascomb s older sister Of course when Hannah gets home she s determined to investigate like usual but Mike doesn t seem to mind as much as he did when they first met Meanwhile Hannah s sister Michelle is now directing the Lake Eden Players play that will come out around Thanksgiving and staying with Ross and Hannah Hopefully Hannah can figure out what happened to her mom s friend and it s going to take some checking around in Tori s apartment which ends up being kind of a fun scene with Hannah Michelle and Norman doing the snoopingI had only ead the fairly early books but I knew what was coming in this book since I heard that Hannah had gotten married previously One thing that bugged me a little bit was that Hannah couldn t figure out how to etrieve her voice mail which seems a little weird for the Hannah I knew in the earlier books It honestly didn t detract from the story from me though I did enjoy the investigation I always liked the chemistry between Hannah and Mike so I do plan to ead the est to see what happened to drive them apart obviously Ross but apparently that happened uickly if they d ever gotten together to begin with like they have in the TV movies which I ealize have to be different from the books for various easonsI always get such a kick out of Delores and now even so that she is married to the local doctor Andrea and Bill have two little girls now Tracy and Bethie Bethie is pretty adorable The mystery surrounding Tori s death was eally good and Hannah worked her usual magic in finding the killer I hadn t guessed who it was until a couple of clues were given towards the end Just about every chapter has one or two ecipes at the end and boy do they sound scrumptious especially the one for the banana cream pie At the end of this book there is also the first chapter of the next book that you can ea. Ngs of enemies along the way Did a andom intruder murder the woman as police claim or was a deadlier scheme at play As Hannah peels through countless suspects and some new troubles of her own solving this crime and living to tell about it might prove trickier than mixing up the ultimate banana cream .