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Between its ages There is something for every horror fan here #whether you enjoy dark satire straight up gross out horror or sychological terror Beginning with The League of Zeroes which takes #you enjoy dark satire straight up gross out horror or Good Witch, Bad Witch psychological terror Beginning with The League of Zeroes which takes art of body modification to blood curdling extremes and ending with the novella The Sleep Of Judges which was an unsettling tale of the aftermath of a burglary In between is a wild ride of love desperation and how to survive the end of the world just like the cockroaches will This was my first time reading anything by Jeremy Robert Johnson who in my humble opinion is a master story teller This was an incredible collection of dark fictionhorror stories I received an advance copy for review Chaos and entropy are two of my favorite words In a world in which we try to keep ourselves carefully defined and ordered random occurrences and a breakdown of systems euate to freedom of impulse Is this a good thing Probably not but the release ofressure and defiance of natural laws The Tokyo Zodiac Murders provide a measure ofrimal satisfaction The stories in this skillfully written collection confront us with situations that we would never expect to encounter Body modification separates the Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances physical form from the cogitationrocess A sociopath in space observes the apocalypse and decides to Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten put his own spin on things A young man explores what he is made of with a scalpel and horse tranuilizers Aarasite invades a body that fully embraces change A Boneshaker (BA 43-500, pool in the canopy of The Redwoodsrovides ecstatic happiness but at what cost A man designs a living suit to survive the end of the world Straight edge mentality and steroids beget harrowing violence A brother succumbs to immolation to save his young sister These stories are made of the difficult situations that catch us at our most human moments Whether our choices are wise or A Star Is Born primitive there will inevitably be blood and tears shed This collectionut me though a gamut of emotions and high wire tension Most highly recommended I CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition picked this one up because my friend Sadie said that I needed it and when Sadie says I need something she s never wrong Boy was she right about this oneThis is a collection of stories that will seriously be burned into my brain forever They are all so disturbing so unflinching and uniue I ve never read anyone like Jeremy Robert Johnson and I can t believe it took me this long to discover him I owe Sadie a huge thank you and one hell of a favorThese stories are all so different but definitely maintain a voice that is distinctive to Johnson The collection starts of with a bang and offers the reader a dystopian future where body modification is soopular and extreme that a man admires a woman in a coffee shop after she s had her lips removed Yep you read that correctlyThis collection starts of bananas and just keeps upping the grotesue eeriness Dissociative Skills is a story that is seared into my brain forever now There s body horror in this one that will make you sincerely ueasy Snowfall is such an eerie and melancholy story about a deaf boy who wakes up to a very different world than the one he fell asleep in When Susurrus stirs is a story about a arasite that is so disturbing it will make you Never Want To Leave Your want to leave your againI think my favorite story in book is Swimming in the House of the Sea because the ending is so unexpected and shockingly sad The entire time I was reading it I kept trying to figure out where Johnson was taking the story and the end is like a unch in the gut You don t see it coming and it s so heartbreakingThis is a fantastic collection and one that I m sad I didn t discover sooner A big thank you to my friend Mother Horror. Crime with an ever narrowing ath for escape In “When Susurrus Stirs” an unlucky acifist must stop a horrifying Rant parasite from turning his body into a sentient hive Running through all of Johnson’s work is a hallucinatory vision and deeply felt empathy earning the author a reputation as one of today’s most daring and thrilling writersFeaturing the best of hisreviously indepen. I m sitting here staring at this #Empty Review Box Drinking My Coffee Wondering #review box drinking my coffee wondering the hell I m going to review this book without sounding like a ridiculous fangirlOkay So My girlfriend Emily had this book and I kept lusting after the cover every time she osted it on Instagram One day I get my mail and I had a Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons package from Emily it was this bookIut the book on the top of my TBR cover and I swear that blooming skull called to me at night while I read other booksSo finally I couldn t resist it any and I figured I d just read a few of the short stories and go back to my regularly scheduled stack of booksAfter reading the first story League of Zeroes I knew I wouldn t be able to stop until all the stories in this collection were read It was so bizarre the way Johnson was writing startling things in this very normative way where you are just accepting what s happening but at the same time completely horrifiedI explained to one friend that reading Jeremy Johnson s stories is like eating exotic food in a foreign land Every dish is new and exciting The flavor explosions in your mouth engage your whole body in the act of enjoyment all of it strange dangerous horrifying immersive thought rovoking and unpredictable After each story I would turn to the Author s Notes in the back and read the short blurb Jeremy wrote about it I ve never been so captivated I honestly didn t want the experience to end Some of the stand out stories deserve mention Of course the first one I already highlighted and it s the erfect way to hook a reader and make them want Persistence Hunter the second story is a totally different narrative style and voice I found it to be a magnetic sexually charged character studyDissociative Skills was unflinching and upsetting Loved itSnowfall was beautiful magicalMy real time uote after reading a story called When Susurrus Stirs Holy Shit BARF Hahah that wasEWWWWW Loved itBut then the story right after that made me cry At this The Color of a Leader point I m growing addicted to Johnson s style of gutunchy Into the Planet prose that startles you out of your regular flow of reading He ll just throw a line at you that slaps you in the face and you re like WHATAnd then these crazy emotional trips you go on from one story to the next was so fun and entertaining I feel like I m ruined for reading a novel nowTrigger Variation and A Flood of Harriers were the scariest storiesSaturn s Game Swimming in the House of the Sea and States of Glass were the ones that invaded my thoughts the most in fact I couldn t fall asleep for awhile after States of GlassI ve rambled on enough but I think my mainoint here is that there is not one thing I didn t love about this collection I highly recommend it I ll be interviewing Jeremy Johnson for the blog soon and I hope you ll be joining us I have lots of uestions BUY THIS BOOK final words This short story collection is just utter Dusk (Rosales Saga, perfection In fact it s so damn good that I think it might just be my favourite book I ve read all year And that s saying something because I ve read someretty damn good books this year But this one This one is just BEYOND stunning As soon as I read the first story I INSTANTLY knew that I was holding gold in my hands With each story I kept saying to myself okay this one is my favourite because it just can t get better than this But then it did keep getting better with each story and I can t George Washingtons Secret Six pick a favourite because they re all bloody BRILLIANT Seriously if you read only one short story collection this year let it be this one And to think I originally onlyicked this up because I loved the cover never in a million years did I think I would find such treasures. For than a decade Jeremy Robert Johnson has been bubbling under the surface of both literary and genre fiction His short stories resent a brilliantly dark and audaciously weird realm where cosmic nightmares collide with all too human characters and apocalypses of all shapes and sizes loom ominously In “Persistence Hunting” a lonely distance runner is seduced into a brutal life of.

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Entropy in Bloom
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