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Book Also have you met me You know how I feel about starting a book six deep into a series Alas all my worries were for nothing because this was one of the best books I ve picked up this year I m not sure how I ve missed out on Frieda Klein since 2012 but I m glad I discovered her I was so taken with this book that I immediately went online and placed a hold on the first in the series Blue Monday so that I

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start from the and work my way back up to this book and beyondThe blurb is vague and particular about what it allows you to know and as such I won t be discussing the plot in detail as to not spoil any of the great twists or turns but just WOW It s been uite some time since I have been this taken by a new crime series I find they are ither action packed and lacking in the characters personal growth or vice versa Not so here Nicci French has cultivated not just one but an The Outlaw Jesse James entire group of characters in Klein and her posse to tickle the fancy of readers who crave gruesome dark stories involving complex characters that really draw you in I can t imagine any reader who is a fan of UK crime fiction notnjoying this series Highly HIGHLY recommended to those looking for dark uirky thrillers with abounding mystery and suspense Please do yourself a favor and pick this up regardless of where you liveMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here I Up All Night enjoyed Monday through Thursday Friday though was a thorough miss for me so I was somewhat leary about reading Saturday To my relief this author and this series is back on track Could not turn the pages fastnoughLove series that feature psychiatrists and Frieda Klein is a very interesting character She has often in the past worked with the police this made her many The Spiral Dance enemies and almost cost her her life She however cannot see what she perceives as an injustice and turn away So it is in this case when she visits a womannters n an institution where she has been for many years Her crime killing her The Erotic Mind entire family There are other forces at work her very tension filled and suspenseful I didn t guess the who done it orven the why done it just love when that happens So a series I njoy back on track and now I can look forward to So a series I njoy back on track and now I can look forward to Little things like this can make a readers day The main storyline case is closed but the series arc nds on a cliffhanger here so there bloody better be a seventh book When I was given the chance to read the latest book in the Freida Klein series by thriller writing duo Nicci French I jumped at itIn this latest book Frieda Klein reluctantly faces a case that tests her to her very limitsThirteen years ago ighteen year old Hannah to her very limitsThirteen years ago Here With Me (Together eighteen year old Hannah was arrested for the brutal murder of her family It was an open and shut case and Hannah s been incarcerated in a secure hospitalver since When psychotherapist Frieda Klein is asked to meet Hannah and give her assessment of her she reluctantly agrees What she finds horrifies her Hannah has become a tragic figure old before her time And Frieda is haunted by the thought that Hannah might be as much of a victim as her family that something wasn t right all those years ago And as Hannah s case takes hold of her Frieda soon begins to realise that she s up against someone who ll go to any lengths to protect themselves Another Double Deception (Code Name: Danger excellent novel in this series and I can t wait to read the next oneI would like to thank Net Galley and Penguin UK for supply me with a copy of this book inxchange for a honest revie. Es bourreaux Convaincue de l'innocence de Hannah Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, et malgré les injonctions de la police la psychothérapeute rouvre le dossier de crime sordidet met au jour des incohérences accablantes Cependant chacun de ses pas semble être suivi de près uelu'un cherche à tout prix à cacher ce ui s'est véritablement passé cet après midi du 19 mai 20.

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4 stars for a dark intricate mystery Psychotherapist Frieda Klein is asked to meet with a woman convicted of murdering her family 13 years ago She reluctantly agrees because Walter Levin had done her a very big favor in the past and she owes him She does meet with Hannah Docherty and realizes that there are holes in the case against Hannah Frieda slowly peels back the complexities of the case to find out what really happened The real killer is desperate to keep this buried and kills people to do so This book 6 in the series and the relationship between Frieda and Walter was Grave Tattoo explained sufficiently for me tonjoy this book as a stand alone However it would probably be better to read the series in orderThe author bio Georgia and the Tycoon explains that the author name is a pen name of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French a husband wife teamI won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway Thank You William MorrowHarper Collins and the authors Anotherxcellent book from the Nicci French writing duo I have had issues with the main character Frieda Klein in the course of this series but these have never stood in the way of my njoyment of the Books Frieda Has Such A Frieda has such a detached personality that I am constantly amazed at how many devoted friends she attracts They obviously see something in her that I do not Nevertheless it is her detachment and stubborness which make her so good at her job specially when she is assisting the policeIn Saturday Reuiem book six in the series Frieda is attempting to prove that a young woman has been wrongfully convicted of murder and to discover the true culprit At the same time she has personal issues with Dean Reeve who has been causing her huge problems throughout the series Spooky scary problemsThe pages in this book just turned themselves and I would have read it in one sitting if life had allowed Looking forward now to reading book seven I A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries expect this one to be the Book of Dean with some kind ofxplosive finale Can t wait This series gets darker and the tension in the master story thread builds There is a slight depressing ffect from reading this series in a compressed way but not so as I would want not to read them The characters and world are so want not to read them The
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and world are dimensional and convincing and the stories overall so xpertly constructed My only gripe aside from the persistent theme of kids kids all the mistreated malfunctioning kids in jeopardy are the two nemeses who seem slightly cartoonishly In Pursuit of a Princess evil and thus less believable than I would like give They are high ranking professionals who ok are as capable of grossly immature and obtusevil as the next guy but I think it s a little flat and overdone These two issues which could rankle in the hands of less capable authors are things I accept in return for unusual uality and sophistication overall for a genre series and for my affection for the complex unusual heroine This book Second Time Loving ended with a big cliffhanger Ack I had to immediately preorder the next in the series which I think is supposed tond after the next one or two The plot for this novel did wrap up in this book But the underlying series kicked into high gear at the nd as a setup for the next title Dark Saturday by Nicci French is a 2017 William Morrow Paperbacks publication I love this series a little with ach installment Frieda is asked to Dark Awakening examine an old open and shut case to satisfy the powers that be that the case was handled properly B This is the first Nicci French I have read and it worked fine as a standalone It is written by two authors Psychotherapist Frieda Klein is Le destin brisé d'une femme bouleverse Frieda ui se lance corpst âme dans une périlleuse uête de justiceLorsu'une ancienne relation de travail lui demande d'établir le bilan psychiatriue de Hannah Docherty Frieda Klein se retrouve dans une situation délicate Elle ne peut refuser de rendre service à ce collègue influent or lle éprouve. N awkward personality the reasons for WHICH BECOME CLEAR IN THE NOVEL become clear in the novel is an intoxicating and gripping story With concerns about an unsafe conviction Frieda reluctantly agrees to meet Hannah Docherty and make an assessment 13 years ago an 18 year old Hannah was arrested for the murder of her family She has been detained in a secure psychiatric hospital ver since Frieda is shocked to see the state of a heavily traumatised and old before her time Hannah Hannah is a shell of a human being Frieda comes to feel that Hannah is innocent and that there is something deeply troubling about
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case against her feels impelled to investigate Frieda faces implacable and ruthless forces determined to impede her progress With death stalking the case Frieda is up against a twisted and determined killer along with malign forces in the psychiatric hospitalFrieda has a great circle of friends who support and aid her like Josef Chloe Jack Family Men etc There are wonderful insights gained through Frieda s use of her psychiatricxpertise with characters to uncover facts There is illuminating social commentary as to the issue of mental health the nature of the role of psychiatric hospitals and the debate about how ffective they are The authors psychiatric hospitals and the debate about how ffective they are The authors create an air of menace which pervades the story throughout A wonderful story and I am so pleased to have finally read a Nicci French book Thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC 45 rounded up Definitely 1 of my favorite series Sabina Spielrein ever Each book is so good in its own right I just LOVE the dysfunctional but supportive clan we ve gotten to know so well I only have 2 left asxcited as I am to read the finale I m already in mourning As far as this story in particular it was 1 of my favorites The mystery aspect was so good My mind was racing I was hanging on Cognitive Radio Networks every wordspecially while in the hospital with Hannah As always Frieda is outstanding continues to impress me I don t know how these authors have come up with such new captivating stories while keeping with the background narrative threats that run throughout the series Truly impressive I d definitely recommend this but please start at the beginning so you can properly get to know Personnel Management in Government everyone watch themvolve It feels so authentic has been such a lovely addition to this crime series Before I get into my review I felt it necessary to give a little background on the series this book is a part of Nicci French is the pseudonym of writing duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French they have penned several books separately but collaborated to bring forth the Frieda Klein series which focuses on said main character in her role as a psychotherapist While Dark Saturdayis technically the sixth book in the series it reads Out of This World easily as a stand alone novel and I didn t feel left out of any pertinent information coming in this late in the series If you are a reader in the UK don t panic This isn t a new book you ve missed you likely have already read this one under it s sister title Saturday Reuiem With all that out of the way I feel a little atase jumping into the review portion of my postWow In the interest of full disclosure I feel the need to inform you of the terrible book slump I ve been in lately While I wasn t hating The Time It Never Rained everything I read I knew I was in an off season since I was picking up great books that just weren t gripping me like they should I was a little hesitant to start Dark Saturday the cover was gorgeous and the blurb had me fully intrigued but I was starting to get a complex by mid grading book after. Un véritable chocn rencontrant la jeune femme Incarcérée depuis treize ans dans une institution douteuse pour avoir assassiné sa famille Hannah n'est plus ue l'ombre d'elle même En dépit des preuves écrasantes pour Frieda la jeune femme traumatisée par des années de maltraitance t d'abus se trouve plutôt du côté des victimes ue .
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