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Royal PainsHeir medical school needs to be reported "To Every Board Ever Because Penelope Does "every board ever because Penelope does with patients in her first semester The first week of the first semester as far as I can tell And she s not just tagging along At the end of the semester we get this Today I d be doing nearly all of the triage by myself with Dr Lawson s supervision Case history the physical exam deciding the next steps loc 925 Againthis is her first semester Most medical schools to my nderstanding have clinical rotations in the third and fourth years And then her professor takes the time to sit down with Penelope just to show her an A on the computerand I m wondering what kind of ack school they re studying atbut apparently it s good enough for a free clinic to let them spend the day triaging patients giving exams administering flu shots and other routine vaccinations drawing blood and everything else they could possibly give s to do loc 1166Would you trust a first semester medical student to do anything other than study and sleep Because I would not No way No how I would be yelling at them to get that damn needle away from my "ArmNew York New YorkWe "York New YorkWe that Penelope and Astrid are in medical school in New York right Well Penelope doesn t have a ton of money so she works as a cashier because apparently she s never heard of med school loans Later Astrid works as a cashier too and this is such a non event that I ve almost forgotten already But I guess Penelope s making bank as a cashier because she s able on a whim to either buy or rent who knows a place It is an older place I d got a good deal on it Two bedrooms one bath It has a beautiful fireplace which I d lit before I went to pick her Transcending Taboos up All hardwood floors A nice kitchen with a view of the city through the windows It is certainly not the penthouse but it is or can be ours loc 1199 Do you know how much an older presumably pre war apartment would cost in NYC With two bedrooms and hardwood floors and a fireplace and a good view And Penelope can apparently afford it on her own because when Astrid goes back to Liechtenstein there s no mention of the part where you know Penelope s cashier income is inadeuate and she s evicted or foreclosedpon or whateverMeanwhile not that this really has anything to do with New York it s logical to both characters that if someone doesn t drink then hard cider SHOULD BE REASONABLE A GERMAN PHRASE BOOK DOESN T be reasonable a German phrase book doesn t the word book in it Penelope s mother s wedding ring not engagement ring has a diamondAnd now I m tiredKisses from a LadyOh right There s a romance And it s sweet There s virtually no tension or conflict other than the fact that Astrid is a princess and even once that comes out it s only fluffily a problem Penelope gets over it nobody in the media notices or cares that a member of. She finds herself falling hard for than just her German accentCharming and beautiful Astrid Vogt was well known in the small country of Liechtenstein Pressured by her parents to pursue their hopes of her marriage to a Prince Astrid flees to America with a dream of medicine in mind When she starts to fall for Penelope their instant attraction pro.

summary Royal Pains

I don t know the target audience of this book Probably someone who insists on problem free relationships and has read technical manuals all day and needs to bring it down There are no real problems for the two main characters Penny and Astrid just go go go There is sex in the story tame just so you know The story is written See Jane run kind of simple and the whole thing is just so nice I don t want to write a real critiue of the book Mm I m all for fluff butI prefer it to be good fluff Not to be harsh about it but I m pretty sure Robbins has the shakiest grasp of tenses I ve ever seen in print and the world building is only marginally better Let s take a rapid fire whirl through the book shall weTensesGrammar Where there was once a collection of band t shirts and well loved jeans now contained a few sets of blouses from which I pick through at rapid speed loc 19 I rush to the bathroom to find that my short blonde hair was going in eight different directions loc 19 When we were alone Astrid lets go of my hand and it falls gently to my side loc 642And on it goes On and on Even the disclaimer at the end manages to evade a basic spellcheck The author wishes to acknowledge that she was privelaged to include Liechtenstein in her work to recognize the country and enjoyed learning about it s rich history The royalty in this piece does not reflect the countries true monarchy and is meant only as purely fiction loc 1775It hurtsPrincess FantasiesThis is actually the second book by Robbins that I ve read and I went for it because I figuredwell badly proofread lesbian princesses are better than no lesbian princesses right Right But there are so many holes in this princess fantasy Like ASTRID S MED SCHOOL PROFESSORS KNOW s med school professors know s a princess from Liechtensteinso one of them says I ve been to that area of the country once for a conference Berlin loc 444 Last time I checked Berlin was not in Liechtenstein Astrid s identity is otherwise a Big Secret because she s trying to throw off the shackles of wealth and power well power anyway she doesn t seem to mind wealth so you Might Think That Would think that would a plot pointbut the only person who cares when she s found out is Penelope And good grief when Astrid goes back to Liechtenstein she just low key gets a job at a pub and moves into the attached studioand although her parents call it a bad decision loc 1460 nobody seems to think this is a weird thing for a princess to do A princess with "a niversity education no less One who was previously studying to be "university education no less One who was previously studying to be doctor And at the end of the book she randomly gets US citizenship With no explanation of how she alified or how her royal parents don t mindI m confusedTell Me Doctor Is It SeriousPenelope and Astrid meet in medical school in New York and if I wasn t already confused enoughumm ASIN B075L1M7F1 moved to the most recent edition here “Es gibt nichts schöneres als dich” There is nothing beautiful than youGeeky wallflower Penelope Waters hadn’t signed p for falling in love with royalty  A new medical school student all she’d ever wanted was to be a doctor When Penny nknowingly meets a young Liechtenstein princess. Royalty has a lesbian lover and everyone lives happily ever after The end Beautifully written Royal Pains is such a sweet romance I was a bit thrown off by all the German AND MEDICAL SPEAK IN THE STORY medical speak in the story I have "To Say Penny Took The News Of "say Penny took the news of s lie by omission much better than I probably would have but it was a good story nonetheless These ladies are ite good together and their love story is a compelling read A very simple and very naive story A weak entry in the apparently growing lesfic subgenre of Princess NovelsIt Started Off Ok And Then novelsIt started off ok and then along the way derailed Errors grew i First of all thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this beautiful novellaI d known all about killing em with kindness but this book kills you with cutenessTo be absolutely frank right now all I want to do is hug the author tightly and thank her for writing such cute novellasIn a world where cold intimidating CEOs are dominating the stories sweet and kind characters like Penelope and Astrid are much neededI had so much fun reading their story and the happy ending left me with a warm fuzzy feeling 3So yeah Royal Pains was sweet as a German Cheesecake and as good as apfelwein Cute and light ick read Both Astrid and Penny are likable I think almost all the secondary characters are likable too Goodness nice chemistry I think Astrid is the most down to earth royal I ve ever read If you re looking for a ick read I recommend this especially if you like Royal themes Now this is the sort of story to read on holiday Excellent made me cry a small cracker of a book love it A Sweet book the writing was good The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book I found the story and characters likeable The characters were well developed and thought out Penelope Waters and Astrid Vogt are the MC s of this book There was humor medical school a cat and dog a rainstorm secrets royalty an aunt and cousin a penthouse and so much in this book This is the second FF book that I have read and I totally enjoyed itHere is a ote from the book Now you re a bit of a mystery Charlotte says when she looks at her I can only assume it s about her stalking You do a very good job of keeping yourself a secret Astrid s face looks about as The New Goddess uncomfortable as mine had when she met me on the side of the street outside We ll have to keep a careful eye on this one Charlotte says and the three ofs laugh There is but you will need to read the book which I can recommend I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review The time in it is the main factorit passes at a very much considerable paceover if looked on a broader prospective it is a sexist novel with not a lot of sex and not clear portrayal of sexnot Firedance (Aubrey Knight, until you are free enough to read almost anything. Ves to be an additional complication to her already crazy life Unable to reveal her true identity Astrid finds herself trapped between her duty to her country and her newfound feelings for PennyWill Astrid tell Penny who she truly is Or will she let her past come between themA steamy lesbian romance novella with an HEA ending you’re sure to lo.