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I not so liked about itAna is not my favorite heroine I didn t like her but I didn t hate her either Maybe she is overshadowed by Ransom and became a murderer when she was so young and left alone in the dark without nowing how to use her powers and how to relate with people She is so temperamental a little na ve confused lost but also powerful and dangerous I think at the seuels we may witness her changing growing so we can decide about her definite characteristic attributesForeseeable not too surprising turns and twists Yes You may imagine most of them but they are still okayI took several breaks from my reading because my mission was finding what the hell happened to me during the last mercury retrograde in Scorpio At my breaks I resumed my reserachOVERALL Ending is satisfying and I loved Ransom I forgot to tell you right oh silly me and as a couple I loved Ana and his connection This entertaining fast paced story gave me delightful time so yes I want and I m gonna read the other books happily and voluntarily I hope we don t have to wait too long The author has confirmed that Blood Heir will publish November 19 2019 This book was so damn good If a friend has a physical copy of the arc before the author was bullied message me I want the original The book had some major sad parts in it I m looking forward to the next book Mel RANT BELOW ABOUT THE ASSHOLES THAT GOT THOS BOOK SHUT DOWN FOR A BITUPDATE This was not the day to get this email about my pre order being void And don t preach on my post or you will be deleted I ve put up with enough bullshit in my 40 years It will be back to happy days when I read another great book I guess I should have stayed on Netgalley so I could have read this I have been wanting this book sooo bad but some assholes bullied the author into pulling her bookThis is a free fg country people I would like to decide for myself whether I might like a book or not I have read plenty of books with slurs rapes genocide etc etc etc Do you see that shit pulled No As well it shouldn t So thank you to all the bastards that can t get a life and ruin things for other people Oh and you all can A Bird in the House kiss my ass PS If you don t like this post then unfriend me you wouldn t be any different than the dickhead boys and girls that dropped my friendship while I was out battling cancer Yeah you big wigs on GR that I would LOVE to call out for your uncaring asses but I won t I have better things to do I m sorry to the author and I hope you change your mind And I m sorry for anyone out there that might be trying to tell their story and it gets pulled as well PSS I hope I find hundreds of likes on this post to show we don t tolerate bullying in any way shape or form We all had the right to rate this book from dnf to 5 stars Just think about that Glad I don t have Twitter wish that shit would shut down too Signed Royally Pissed Omg Ieep finding beautiful cover They dare to be so pretty I pre ordered it too Mel EDIT Another November 19th 2019 publish What s going on However seeing that the author most likely rewrote parts of the book I m a bit hesitant to read it It almost feels like self censoring I m very conflicted about this My hopes right now I really need a review from someone who had a chance to read the first version EDIT I made the mistake that I went back to Twitter to have a look what s new I should not have done that They are trying to turn this all around and make the two authors who tried to destroy Zhao you now fair competition the victims in this Let me tell you they are not the victims They started this without reading this book Just disclaimer I absolutely disagree if anyone is threatening them That is a wrong thing to do Take the high road in this Say why you disagree with what they did you can get angry I m still angry pledge to never read anything from them DO NOT RATE their books without reading Be better than that but certainly do not attack themOriginal Let me tell you I was excited about this book I still am and I hope it will be published one day Because even if the author did some wrong in the way she wrote about certain things I would like to see it for myself and create my own opinion The only good outcome of this controversy is that I ve spent hours reading about slavery in Asia and slavery in the 21st century And let me tell you we need to talk about this issue I wanted to write a nice summary of why I think that the backlash against this author and her unpublished book but I cannot do it without my emotions running high If you want to read I suggest reading this review From Mary S R I think it s absolutely spot on And I could not do a better jobOr if you would like to watch a video I recommend this one by Francina Simone She did a wonderful job with that videoAnd now I have only one thing to say Only a few people read this book and the majority of the backlash came after people read some outtakes written in a review Let me tell you if you go and take only part from almost any book you can create a controversy You are judging it without seeing the whole picture without reading how the author addressed those scenes You now maybe those scenes were the moment when the MC realised the system was wrong Maybe not But we do not The Last Imaginary Place know And now it seems like we won t find out You focused on the battle and lost sight of the war The first three chapters were a solid 5 stars everything after felt like reading a completely different book This was not it chief Firstly this review is not going to talk about or explain the controversy behind this book If you want tonow why it got pulled and then set to be re published there are so many great reviews and articles out there that explain the situation All this review is going to be is just that a review Sooo it happened again I got excited over something and ended up severely disappointed Honestly a lot of the issues I had with this book are similar to the issues I had with Wicked Saints I was really just bored out of my mind Blood Heir is Its premise and magic system is really refreshing although it has very similar inklings of the Grishaverse think had the execution been much better this would have been a great new take on YA Fantasy Unfortunately it wasn t My name is Anastacya Mikhailov Except it wasn t Anastacya Mikhailov was the name of the Crown Princess of Cyrilia drowned eleven moons past in her attempt to escape execution for murder and treason against the Cyrilian Crown Anastacya Mikhailov was a ghost and a monster who did not and should not exist I m going to start off with what I enjoyed because I did actually enjoy a couple things The writing in this book was really phenomenal at times and if it weren t highly repetitive in its nature this might have even been a three star read I also really enjoyed the action in this book The main reason I ept reading though was because of the narrative dealing with human trafficking It was the main reason why I picked it up this book I think if anything deserved for this not to be a DNF it was this one fact Okay moving on This isn t a revolution This is a massacre My first issue with this book was the characters I did not like a single character Everyone just felt unpleasant and unkind Ramson started off a jerk and although I could see how the author intended for their to be development in his character he ended up as a jerk too Ana was immature and often made hasty decisions this is a trait that I absolutely cannot stand with main characters I mean give me a powerful female lead that isn t a clutz a damsel in distress or childish and you ll have me hooked Every character that came along irritated me in some way The predictability was at an all time high folks I mean I made notes on my indle on what I think would happen to certain characters or situations or twists just so I could play a game with myself later on to see if I got it right I predicted 90% of the events correctly in one way or another Also the fact that I took that amount of time out just goes to say how bored I was throughout reading I wasn t hooked or reaching for my indle every chance I got The next major aspect that pissed me off was the flashbacks and character history became too much What makes a great Fantasy for me If an author manages to embed the character s backstory and reasons why within the narrative There were entire chapters full of only flashbacks I didn t find this necessary in the world building and although some of them were ey to understanding the motives behind characteristics of the story all of them were drawn out The pacing This was the internet explorer of YA fantasy books that I have read this year Was that a tad harsh Yes Am I going to take it back No Everything in this book felt like it took forever to reach there While the writing in this book was great the dialogue was certainly not There were a lot of cliche statements tropes between characters that have been repeatedly done before Some conversations were so jarring and uncomfortable I visibly cringed
my last issue 
last issue the chemistry or lackthereof between the two main characters I didn t root for them it felt forced to me Overall this book was meant to be amazing to me I was anticipating it for a while and I just could not get passed a couple things It felt like the entire novel was a case yeah this is okay but The images above are taken from an art account and other than the edit credit to this talented person Update So the cover is live Andddd it s time for me to hide and never come on Goodreads again Just idding Sort ofI wanted to share the Dear Reader letter that we included in the ARCs Advanced Reader Copies of BLOOD HEIR It touches upon why I wrote BLOOD HEIR and who I wrote it forDear ReaderFour years ago I began writing a story about a corrupt empire steeped in winter filled with morally gray con men deadly assassins twisted villains and above all a girl named Anastacya who has the power to manipulate blood and who believes she is a monsterIt took me two years to realize that the monster in the story is meI am an immigrant I am a woman of color And I am an Other In my time in the United States I have never experienced the sense of crushing fear about my identity that I have recently Get out of my country communist is only one of the slurs I ve had screamed at me from across the street What I ve experienced personally and seen across social media outlets and national television broadcasts has all amounted to a hyperawareness of my foreignness my Otherness and the possibility that because I am different I am not worthy of belongingBlood Heir explores the demonization of the Other and this experience of not belonging Ana s journey examines how one can internalize hatred and fear how that can warp one s core and turn it into something cruel and twisted But ultimately her story is one of self acceptance and of the realization that we cannot change who we are nor what we are born with but we can choose what we do with what we are given And like me Ana chooses to fight for a better tomorrowSo I gave magic to my girls who were told they were monsters I gave my children of color the ability to fight oppression Because in a world where there is so little I can control I want to put hope and power in their hands for once and in a world where those deemed different are often cast out and made to be monsters I want them to winThank you for readingAm lie Wen Zhao. That threatens the very balance of her world And there is only one person corrupt enough to help Ana get to its core Ramson uicktongueA cunning crime lord of the Cyrilian underworld Ramson has sinister plans though he might have met his match in Ana Because in this story the princess might be the most dangerous player of al. ,

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N writers pillorying a novel few of them had read out of the misplaced conviction that the book was about American slavery and handled that subject inappropriately that therefore it was deeply racist and that further its author was not only an offensive writer but a maniacally screenshotting danger to othersThey spread those claims far and wide to the point where they were echoed and amplified by influential members of the literary community in uestion As a result the book which was intended as a comment on contemporary slavery in a part of the world most Americans now nothing about probably won t be published and won t give American readers a chance to read the perspective of an Asian writer inspired by an issue of urgent importance to many Asian people Now here s the problemThere are different ways to call out a subject you want to speak against like racism in fantasyA You build a world where it s not a problem like it s normal for characters to be bisexual or gay and you show the reader the rightness if it You accustom them to the fact that it s okThis is usually useful for writing for Vintage Games kids whose ideas are just shaping and who you don t want to bring into too much of the fights of the world yetB You build a world where it is a problem but the character is speaking against it and trying to change itThis strategy is the most common one and the most pleasing one for readers It s typical and understandable and straightforward and doesn t reuire so much thought from the lazy readerSo while many would say that in method A the subject was just bandied about and not a firebrand and so pointless or say that in method C it was actually standing for it and not calling it out method B is the easiest way which just satisfies too many YA readersC And here s the most challenging one You build a world where it is a problem but instead of happy merry I m gonna give a speech and change the world you show the harms this belief bringsIn this method you re focusing on the destruction brought by for example racism The scars it leaves So than a revolution or a firebrand it s a personal fight for the character to show how you can survive that hateAnd this strategy of calling out a trope is the most conflicting one but also the one that leads the open minded reader to the most thoughts and understanding Most adult readers across genres understand that representing a morally repugnant position as part of a broader narrative is not the same as endorsing that opinion but this is the sort of obvious to everyone else point YA Twitter tends to confuse or outright reject And that is exactly what happens repeatedly Reading the tweets I feel repulsed by some people and authors alikeWhat they don t understand is that the world is not all like your neighborhood A lot of people don t understand that many of the issues you have perhaps solved with yourself or even ones you ve never had are still cultural issues in a huge percentage of the worldAnd everything is NOT about you If there s slavery it doesn t mean American slavery It s shining light on something in another culture in past or present so would you stop and read if you want to understand or stop and leave if you don t What s the point of all this backlash and hateOr for many people it s like if it s telling a story set in the past or in a world where it s still a patriarchy and there s no revolutionary woman or a understanding man in the story that miraculously disagrees with it all then the story is supporting the idea of women lesser than man instead of maybe realising the fact that it s showing the harms it brings and that not everyone is so fortunate to live in a world where women can do anything for Godnows I don tYes if for example slavery or racism is a sensitive subject for you which reading its effects will only unsettle you and you are uite aware of it then don t pick up the book using method CI understand I share those sensitivities for many things myself and just don t read the book But that doesn t mean it s wrong in its way of calling out the trope It s raising awareness in a different wayAnd another thing is unaware people spreading rumours But while some of the social justice concerns percolating within YA fiction are legitimate the explosive manner in which they re expressed within YA Twitter is another storyPosing as urgent interventions to prevent the circulation of harmful tropes the pile ons are often based on selective excerpts pulled out of context from the advance copies of books most in the community haven t read yet Often they feature critics operating on the basis of idiosyncratic ideas about the very purpose and nature of fiction itself elevating tendentious interpretations of the limited snippets available to pass judgement on books before they have been released And that s one reason it s been a whole year since I ve visited my Twitter or Instagram accounts The social media is just unbelievably ridiculous in its harassments If a confused friend ever asks you to sum up the culture of YA Twitter in one sentence Imagine a white woman explaining that she is spreading unverifiable rumors about a first time author of color in order to protect people of color will do nicely So while I have not read Blood Heir it s pretty clear to me it s using something between methods C and B or perhaps starting from C and leading to B I m not sure but I m sure that IT S NOT SUPPORTING RACISM FOR GOD S SAKEI m so sad to read this letter by the author I feel ashamed shakes headI still want to read this book Without a doubtTo the book communityI want to start by saying that I have the utmost respect for your voices and I am listening l am grateful to those who have raised uestions around representation coding and themes in my bookI emigrated from China when I was 18 Drawing on my own multicultural upbringing and the complex history of my heritage that has incidences of bias and oppression I wrote Blood Heir from my immediate cultural perspective The issues around Affinite indenturement in the story represent a specific critiue of the epidemic of indentured labor and human trafficking prevalent in many industries across Asia including in my owrn home country The Narrative And History narrative and history slavery in the United States is not something I cultural context I am so sorry for the pain this has causedIt was never my intention to bring harm to any reader of this valued community particularly those for whom I seek to write and empower As such I have decided to ask my publisher not to publish Blood Heir at this time and they have agreed I don t wish to clarify defend or have anyone defend me This is not that this is an apologyWith the feedback of the community I feel this is the right decisionThank youSincerelyAm lieThe uoted sections are from the Tablet Magazine article which you need to read Initial reviewLet s all take a moment and raise our glasses to Am lie Wen ZhaoWhy I ll tell you In a world where the princess is the monster oppression is blind to skin color and good and evil exist in shades of grayUm Thank you Grey morality and the exploration of what is evil or monstrous and also euality has always been the strongest point of a book to meSo basically it s already a must read but that s not even the start of it comes a dark Anastasia retelling that explores love loss fear and divisiveness and how ultimately it is our choices that define who we areKeywords to focus on dark Anastasia retelling loss fear choices identityThe best part however is the message she wants to convey with this book I was totally moved after reading her letter to the reader I am an immigrant I am a woman of color And I am an Other In my time in the United States I have never experienced the sense of crushing fear about my identity that I have recently Get out of my country communist is only one of the slurs I ve had screamed at me from across the street What I ve experienced personally and seen across social media outlets and national television broadcasts has all amounted to a hyperawareness of my foreignness my Otherness and the possibility that because I am different I am not worthy of belongingBlood Heir explores the demonization of the Other and this experience of not belonging Ana s journey examines how one can internalize hatred and fear how that can warp one s core and turn it into something cruel and twisted But ultimately her story is one of self acceptance and of the realization that we cannot change who we are nor what we are born with but we can choose what we do with what we are given And like me Ana chooses to fight for a better tomorrowSo I gave magic to my girls who were told they were monsters I gave my children of color the ability to fight oppression Because in a world where there is so little I can control I want to put hope and power in their hands for once and in a world where those deemed different are often cast out and made to be monsters I want them to win I don t think there are any words that could describe how I m feeling right now about this book about the authorI m filled with respect wonder and love and I Zamba know that I will love this book with all my heartCounting the days until June 4th 2019 already added to my calendar Another fast pacing mostly entertaining dual POVed full of action heart throbbing dark debut trilogy s first book is consumed and the first time hero between antiheroind of cunning con man stole the show and I loved everything about Ransom uicktongue I m not sure about his nickname too many times it gave me hard laughs maybe I drank so much Moscato or charmed too much for expecting memorable last name for this character I found myself pray for reading this character s own book reminding me of straight version of Jack Sparrow who doesn t apply eye liner meets OUAT s Captain Killian Hook Irish charm Colin O Donoghue meets Rusty Ryan Brad Pitt s Ocean s Eleven character because both cute boys are blond The story takes place in the "Cyrilian Empire where the Affinities started revealing and are considered as threat because if they don t control their "Empire where the Affinities started revealing and are considered as threat because if they don t control their powers they may bring massacre and bloody death to their land And unfortunately our crown princess Anactacya Mikhailov has the most dangerous Blood Affainity which forces to hide herself behind the palace walls living in the shadows When her father has The Erotic Motive in Literature killed and she was convicted as his murderer entire situation has been changed She runs away from her dungeon and she is determined to find theiller who did this To Her Father And Clear her father and clear name which makes her become a partners in crime with a dangerous con man Ransom uicktongue Yay we met againSo get ready for the adventure and read uniue exciting riveting retelling of AnastasiaWhat I liked about this bookRansom Ransom Ransom Ransom Ransom Ransom Ransom Okay I need to stop it right now But I m so sure I m all set to pay some ransom to read adventures of this flirty con manDisturbing affainity trafficking parts the The Detour kidnapped or forcedly taken people s exhibitions to their buyers as if they re cage animals are one of the heart wrenching parts of the book which is also the reflection the illegal human trafficking industry generates 150 billion in the present timeuick tempo mystery and fast action parts alwayseep your attention alive and you want to read biting year nails and hands and finally entire armHere is my so way too much intrigued photo when I m reading Ransom s partsWhat. Is murdered her world is shattered Framed as his The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd killer Ana must flee the palace to save her life And to clear her name she must find her father’s murderer on her own But the Cyrilia beyond the palace walls is far different from the one she thought shenew Corruption rules the land and a greater conspiracy is at work one. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestIt s impossible to discuss this book without addressing the controversy surrounding it Basically publication was delayed and digital ARCs were pulled after some preliminary readers alleged that there were passages in this book that were according to the articles I read summarizing the issue anti black After a small but vocal minority of people decried this book either overtly or subtextually as being racist or problematic the author took it upon herself to remove the book from circulation and make the necessary edits before resubmitting the bookI have a few thoughts on thisA lot of people who were talking about this book being racist hadn t actually read the ARC and were just uoting the statements of the people who had My friend Alice has an original copy that she was comparing against the finished copy at the time of my reading this and the final changes aren t even that different from the original and don t even seem to be describing traits that are obviously black in my opinion Yes people of color are oppressed in this world but it seemed to me that the descriptions in the book were typical of what you might expect to see of someone who was Middle Eastern or maybe Mongolian and not someone who was black which would make sense since this is set in an alternate Russia I m honestly shocked people came at this book so hard when there are other books that are much problematic that get a free pass not saying either is right but why this book specifically Especially when nobody I saw even seemed to be considering that the PoCs might be Asian and not blackSecond people are saying that the decision to edit was the author s choice and while that is true I don t think that she would have pulled her book if she hadn t been at the epicenter of some pretty ugly allegations and hardcore negative feedback It s the right of people to read and interpret the book as they choose as readers but I also think it s foolish to suggest that this was an isolated event influenced solely by the author s agency and the controversy surrounding the book had no influence on her decision Should she have pulled it I personally don t think so There s always going to be controversy and if I as an author pulled one of my books every time someone found something problematic in them I d have no active books available for purchase That said I ve also pulled some of my books from publication because I felt like I couldn t really stand behind their uality as an author so it s possible that the feedback did make Zhao second guess herself and want to do betterAnyway let s get into the book BLOOD HEIR is like many books coming out these days set in a world where magic is suppressed or forbidden with an autocratic The Adventures of Rusty kingdom rife with corruption There s a hint of Avatar The Last Airbender in here in that different Affinites have different abilities and some of them are feared or reviled than others The heroine Ana is one of these she s a blood Affinite and can possess people s bodies and rip them open from the inside out She s hardcoreBLOOD HEIR is also a dark retelling of the Anastasia fairytale I m calling it a fairytale because the story wenow and love has been debunked they found bones that were a DNA match for the princess thus putting an end to the parade of hopefuls Ana s father was murdered and Ana herself was framed for it She s on a uest to unmask the real culprit save her brother and her ingdom and exonerate herself in the process But it isn t that simple as she finds out when the man she visits in jail for information turns out to be a snake of a con artist who is than happy to throw her under the bus Enter Ramson the morally grey hero who has a dubious past of his ownBLOOD HEIR is so dark and has actual stakes There s some truly chilling scenes in here and they re all beautifully written Until about 70% of the story this moves at a break neck pace Then it hits a slow point but recovers in the end which opens the door to a seuel in which I m sure Ana will have to come to terms not just with her powers but also some new and daunting responsibilities BLOOD HEIR is actually a lot like how I had expected books like CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE and THRONE OF GLASS to be only I thought both of those OF GLASS to be only I thought both of those whereas this one was awesomeThis is how you write about oppressed magic and have a morally grey but ick ass main protagonist who gets shit done and also has a bit of romance on the side but doesn t let herself get distracted by it Ana would certainly never look at a bag of candy left for her by a stranger and think OH BOY YUMMERS without stopping to ask herself where it came from stares hard at CelaenaIf you were put off by the controversy don t be This is pretty typical YA fantasy fare maybe a little darker than most but engaging and well written with a heroine who doesn t suck and has to make some pretty miserable choices over the arc of her character development I liked it Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the review copy 35 to 4 stars Update My favorite book of the year has a new release date You have no idea how disappointed I am to hear that this book will not be getting published People need to stop getting offended over things This is a fiction book and it was seriously my favorite so far of 2019 so I m completely heartbroken that the author felt the need to pull her book because of bullyingA dark retelling version of Anastasia I m all in I ve read one other Anastasia retelling Heart of Iron which was totally different than this one but both were awesomeAna was my baby monster she could do some pretty amazing things with other people s blood We get another POV besides her Ramson and oh boy this young gent had a mind full of things betrayals a dark past a dark heart with a hint of light hidden in it I loved him And the scenes with him and Ana own my lifeThe writing was so good and the story was an incredible page turner I was so scared of another book with a cliffhanger because I ve started so many dang series that end on them and while it is open ended because of the second book it isn t the death cliffhanger sentence that I loathe And I ll be ready for book two when it comes Can I also just state that the freaking cover artist deserves a metal for the beautiful cover Added to post April 30 2019GOOD NEWS Zhao is publishing Blood Heir AS IS in November Added to post Jan 31 2019Show your support for publication by purchasing a pre sale copy of Blood Heir from your countries primary bookseller Added to post late Jan 30 2019Added since author Amelie pulled her book from publishing Folks this is just mob style bullying The book is fantasy not non fiction or even historical fiction The book might as well be banned burned or censored I cannot believe that some people s opinions have persuaded the writer to pull the novel Not only that bu 30 Apr 2019Ladies and gentlemen it s been confirmed BLOOD HEIR WILL BE PUBLISHED This is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill Blood Heir will be out November 19th 2019To the haters I sayAccording to New York Times this is why and how Zhao finally decided to go ahead with publishing Blood Heir if you want to now why it was cancelled scroll down to the Jan 31 update Zhao reread her book several times examining the plot and characters to see if the critics were right She decided they weren tIn March Zhao called her editor at Delacorte Press and told her that she wanted to move forward with the novel after all She made some revisions and Blood Heir is now scheduled to be released in November Ultimately it s true to my vision she saidZhao s decision to move ahead with publication will likely reignite the fractious ongoing debate about diversity representation and cancel culture in the young adult literary worldWhile some see the discussion about cultural appropriation in fiction as a necessary if painful step toward addressing the lack of diversity in publishing others argue that the online YA community has become too cutthroat even intolerant in its attacks on first time authors who tackle challenging social issues or write outside their immediate cultural experienceAnd here is the author s letter about her decision to publishDear ReadersI m glad to announce that Blood Heir will publish on November 19 2019In writing this novel I researched extensively on the subject of modern day human trafficking and indentured labor throughout the world and specifically from my heritage It is a practice that thrives on societal complicity and complacency and it is my hope that Blood Heir will confront the silence surrounding this epidemic that continues to affect 45 million victims globallyThrough important dialogue that occurred recently it became clear to me that my book was being read in a different cultural context than my own so I decided to take the time to make sure the hallmarks of human trafficking were being incisively drawnI hope to share a new perspective from my Background As A Chinese as a Chinese living in America I am excited for readers to meet my heroine who believes in justice and is ready to fight for it with her wits grit and magic and for them to have a chance to engage in further dialogue about these important social issuesThank you for your supportSincerelyAm lieI am so proud of this community for showing Am lie their support and for speaking out against bullying and I am so so proud of her for staying strong and getting something positive out of the negativity sent her wayIf you re reading this Am lie I just want you to now that your determination to stand by what you believe is right and your strength against the narrow minded bullies is so inspiring and I love you for itWhatever happens now whatever anyone says When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles know that we are there to stand by your side Know that there s those of us who will have your back in whatever comes nextI really wanna hug you right now You and the whole Goodreads community And to all who might read this never forget to have each other s backs And when you want to criticise a matter first fully listen to what someone else might have to say then and only then voice your critiue and opinion of itI hope we all learn a lesson from this to not make assumptions about what someone else might be saying without fullnowledge and attack them for itMic drop 09 Feb 2019I need to say this because we all need a little positivity and unity I m proud of youNo not the bullies who in the name of criticism aggressively attack others No I m proud of you who rallied against such behaviour to show that we don t support the shameful actions of the fewYou I m proud of you I m proud of us Hell I m proud of humanityDon t let the few define or control usHere s an article by two authors who had similar experiences giving their two very different view points on the matter click to read the NY Times articleTo uote author Jonah Winter from the article aboveTo the online mob I say and encourage Am lie Wen Zhao to say as did the Duke of Wellington in response to a threat to expose his extramarital affair Publish and be damned And threat to expose his extramarital affair Publish and be damned And do hope Am lie stays strong and patient against this unacceptable Twitter attack and eventually gives us a chance to enter her beautiful world 31 Jan 2019This reaction by people is RIDICULOUSThe book has been pulled from publication because of a number of nearsighted Twitter reviewersPeople are unbelievableWhat happened in summary With a group of mostly America. In the Cyrilian Empire Affinites are reviled Their varied gifts to control the world around them are unnatural dangerous And Anastacya Mikhailov the crown princess has a terrifying secret Her deadly Affinity to blood is her curse and the reason she has lived her life hidden behind palace walls When Ana’s father the emperor. ,
Blood Heir

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